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9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

The anti-utopian drama series The Emmy Network, The Walking Dead, based on the Robert Kirkman comic book series, will enter its final season. Since its inception on Halloween in 2010, the series has gained a loyal following of fans who have proven their love over and over again, standing in groups for hours in comic corners across the country to watch their favorite stars up close. .

This post-apocalyptic show has created several spin-offs, including Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: The Walking Dead: World Beyond), a series (recently announced) starring Carol Peltier (Melissa McBride) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Redus) and the tales of the Walking Dead. In addition to these, various video games, board games and various action figures have been prepared from this series. Arguably the most anticipated spin-off is a series of three upcoming films about the series that are set to hit theaters, showing the past and present of popular characters such as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

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    During the 11 years of the series, dozens of characters we loved (or hated) succumbed to the devastating zombie virus that is central to the series. Before returning to the world of the series in the final season and facing a lot of sadness, it is not bad to take a look at the most shocking deaths of the moving dead.

    In this text , The story of the main episodes of the series is going away

    1. Laurie Grimes

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    Laurie Grimes, Rick's wife and Carol's mother, The title of inner killer had a painful farewell to his loved ones. At the beginning of the series, Lowry was a trusted member of the community. She supported her husband's actions but was not afraid to comment personally. It was clear to everyone who knew him that his family was his first priority. Laurie, who was popular with fans, got into a relationship with Rick's friend Shane when Rick was not with him (and was considered dead by some), and thus gradually fell out of favor with fans. She became pregnant with Sheen very soon, and this not only caused a rift between her and Rick, but also led to her own death. The remaining people are left behind the walls of the prison and are preparing a escape plan. When the group is surrounded by walkers, the situation changes rapidly and they are forced to disperse and seek refuge separately. In those circumstances, the beloved character Tidag (Iron Singleton) was dying and Laurie was about to give birth. Maggie (Lauren Cohen) stayed with Laurie but Laurie started bleeding. The only way to save her child (Judith)'s life was for Laurie to risk her life with an emergency cesarean (which she does bravely). As we feared, the blood loss from the surgery was far greater than Laurie could bear. Carroll knew it was her duty to free her mother from pain and suffering, and shot her in the head before the Walkers caught her. Seeing Rick's reaction to his wife's death will surely bring tears to the eyes of many in the audience.

    Herschel Green

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    In the last part of Season 4, very complicated, the remaining members were forced to die Wickedly and brutally watch Herschel Green (Maggie and Beth's loving father) at the governor's hands. In fact, the group lost the soothing pillar and voice of its darkest days. Although Herschel's beliefs and practices were a bit unusual (his initial refusal to kill walkers and keep them in his barn in the hope of curing them), he provided a home for Rick on his farm and always used wise words and phrases from his own experiences. Inspired. He even survived a bite to the leg but was eventually killed by the governor.

    Herschel's death was truly shocking because he was a passive and calm person. In a desperate attempt to appease the governor (also known as Philip), Rick asked him to release the prisoners, saying that both groups could be amicably imprisoned and that no one would be harmed. Herschel even tried to persuade Philip to reconsider his deadly plans for Rick, but there was certainly no hope of a change of heart after the events of Woodbury and Andrea. Mishon and Herschel's lives were in Philip's hands, and they knelt before him as prisoners. The governor was tired of everyone's comments and decided to show Rick who the real boss was. He took their famous catana and placed it right next to Herschel's neck. Herschel looked at his daughters, Beth and Maggie, who were screaming in fear. Philip beheaded Herschel after calling Rick a liar, and an armed conflict ensued. Glenn and Maggie named their children Herschel in honor of their father, in the sequel.

    3. Sophia Peltier

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    In Season 7 And Episode 7, Titled Almost Already Dead, At home, the characters of the series, when their worst fears came true, exploded from within. Carol, daughter of Carol, had not been seen since the release of the second season, but after her disappearance along the river, the characters in the series never stopped searching for her.

    The question of whether they should abandon their search or not. , Had angered a part of the group, especially Shin Walsh. However, it was actually Sheen's actions that led the group to find Sophia. During this time of the series, the group resided on Herschel Green Farm. Herschel was an old man of faith and strength who could not bear to kill the walkers that stood in his way. Instead, he locked them in his barn. Shane was tired of the group and the walkers inside the warehouse, and it was his duty to take the road to the warehouse to kill them. Large groups of walkers left the warehouse to face their final death, among which the faint sound of a walker could be heard. Suddenly, members of the group saw Sophia coming out of the barn with a clear bite mark on her shoulder. Seeing this scene, Carol screamed in horror (and Daryl stopped her from moving forward) and the whole group fell silent, leaving Shin dumbfounded. Rick did what everyone knew was right and shot Sophia in the head with his pistol. Sophia's death made Carroll's situation difficult in the years to come, and she was forced to adjust to her new world. This sequence was the foundation of a strong friendship between Daryl and Carol in the coming seasons.

    Shin Walsh

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    In Chapter 2 and Episode 12, entitled Better Angels, Rick's Right-Handed Fans Sheriff Shane Walsh said goodbye. We first met Shane on the navigator, where he and his friend Rick were eating cheeseburgers and French fries, and his soul was unaware of the chaos and violence ahead. Shane soon became the group's biggest enemy in Season 2 because his plans for the group were so dangerous, violent, and even sensitive to Rick's wife, Laurie (who had a child named Judith). People who were once best friends with each other became bloody enemies with Shin's greed for power. The inscription on the wall of the group's residence said it all: Shane must leave here to keep the group alive. After trying to overthrow the group, he was imprisoned by them, he did not agree. Rick wanted to release her, which upset Shane. Shane opposed Rick's leadership and decided to take matters into his own hands. Shane lied to the group, claiming that Randall had fled during a fight with him, and that members of the group should look for Randall. After that, Shane immediately killed Randall and set up a complex mission to kill Rick. However, Rick was not deceived and found out the main reason for Shane's search. The two, who had become each other's main enemies, exchanged honest but harsh words. With a gun in his hand, Shane showed his confidence to Rick and shouted, "I'm a better father than you, Rick. "I am a better man for Laurie." Rick tricked Shane into pretending to put his gun on the floor, but attacked Shane in the chest with a knife at the last minute. Surprisingly, after the attack, Carol went over Shane's head and shot him several times in the head to make sure he was dead.

    5. Andrea

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    Audience In the last episode of the third season of The Walking Dead, Welcome to Tombs, in one Farewell to Andrea, one of the saddest deaths in the series. Andrea never felt safe at home or with the group, and she had no idea that other people were taking steps to protect her. He saw people's caregivers as a direct threat to his own safety, and often felt that others were constantly trying to control him. After the death of his sister Amy, he never returned to his former state, no longer trusting Rick, and constantly shooting at him. Andrea had a suicidal tendency and constantly expressed her dissatisfaction with the group leader, preferring to be led by Shin Kolashq. Andrea's persistent and unpredictable misbehavior worried the group, and he became a threat to them and to himself. Welcome to the Tombs is one of the most tense parts of the series. During the season, Andrea lived in Woodbury and had an affair with the governor, who was one of Rick and his group's fiercest enemies. He distanced himself from the group that initially welcomed him, but when Philip's colleague Milton Memmett informed him of Philip's plans to torture Andra's friend and savior, Mishon Hawthorne (a Guerrero sage), Andra changed his mind. He was so impressed that he decided to turn his back on Philip and join Rick. Unfortunately, Philip grabbed him, locked him in a dentist's chair, and left him in the room where he had beaten Milton to death. Andrea almost managed to free himself with a pair of pliers, but suddenly Milton found new life and bit Andrea's neck. His death was a great shock to everyone, especially to them, who were holding the bloody corpse of their friend in their hands. Although we do not see this scene, we hear the sound of Andrea shooting as he shot himself to prevent him from becoming a walker. He was not the most loyal to Rick, but he became a hero and saved the woman who helped him at the end of Season 2.

    Sasha Williams

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    In the final episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, fans of one of the toughest and strongest The characters of the series separated. Audiences first meet Sasha Williams in Season 3, where she and her band, including her brother Tyrese, are rescued by Carol from a host of Walkers. From that moment on, he proved to be not only an effective member of the team, but also a reliable leader. He was one of the most determined members of the group, but he was not spared grief and was constantly tortured by the loss of loved ones such as Tyrese, Bob and Abraham. He never hesitated to express his views, whether criticizing Alexandria or commenting on Terminus. In the end, Sasha left it as it was added to the series' story: like a warrior. . Before his death, Negan and his army prepared to attack Alexandria. As the story progresses, we learn that Sasha secretly collaborated with Eugene Porter (who worked under Negan) to launch an attack from within. At Sasha's request, Eugene gave her a cyanide pill to use when needed. Negan thought that Sasha had become a walker inside the coffin in which he was trapped, but when he opened the coffin with confidence and pride to show Sasha to Rick, everyone was surprised to see Sasha's body. Cyanide had done its job.

    7. Glenn Ray

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    Glenn Ray is a popular fan character and one of the most enduring characters in the series, which is why , His death makes him even more sad. We first meet him in episode 2, where he rescues Rick (who he jokingly calls Clint Eastwood) from the Walkers on all sides. From the beginning, Glenn not only established himself as a strong member of the group, but also risked his life over and over again to get food to show his loyalty more than ever. Her kindness and big heart caught Maggie's eye and she later married him and had a child. However, Glenn is unforgivably killed in Season 7. The worst villain in the series, Negan, is killed.

    Which of the characters gets Angry Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Negan was stirring up tensions among the terrified prisoners. He chose his first victim, Abraham Ford, and shot him, but that was just the beginning, and Negan repeatedly moved his bat on Glenn's skull to eat the flesh of his face. Maggie watched in agony as her beloved man was torn to pieces in front of her. Glenn uttered his last words before Negan turned him into a bloody dough and said to Maggie, "Maggie, I will find you." Negan was right when he said that the initial effects are important, because immediately after the incident, it became clear that Rick would no longer be in charge of the group.

    8. Lizzie Samuels

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    It was clear from the start that Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Charbino) was different from the rest. Is. Unlike the rest of the band, he has no problem with walkers and goes so far as to make friends with them. He goes to Carol very quickly to name the walkers he has encountered so that the group members can treat them as beings worthy of salvation. Lizzie interacted with the Walkers and her view of death (she often believed that they talked to her and therefore fed the Walkers) was troubling to the group, especially Carol, who, like her mother and younger sister Mika Samuels. Carroll was aware of Lizzie's erratic behavior (she shamelessly tortured an animal) and her interest in flowers for peace. Flowers were Lizzie's last tool of peace of mind.

    In Season 4 and Episode 14, entitled The Grove, viewers witnessed one of the series' most heartbreaking and astonishing deaths. At this point in the series, Lizzie's behavior had become much worse. He blamed his sister for killing a walker and also shouted at Carol for killing her walker friend. He was angry that Carol, Tires, and Mika had completely different approaches to the dead, and was determined to persuade them to think like him. When Carol and Tyrese returned from their travels, they were horrified by the sight before them: Lizzie was standing right next to her sister's body with a bloody knife in her hand. He told the others to wait for Mika to return (as a walker) until they finally understood what he meant. Judith was next on Lizzie's list. This was very difficult for Carol because she knew she had to kill the little girl she was taking care of. "Just look at the flowers," Carol says with tears in her eyes as she takes Lizzie to the forest. He then pulls out his gun, shoots her in the head, and waits for Amy to arrive.

    9. Beth Green

    BingMag.com 9 shocking deaths of the Walking Dead series

    Beth Green, Herschel's favorite girl and Maggie's younger sister, topped the list contract. We first see Beth when she greets Rick, who is terrified, and takes him to her father's barn, where she takes care of her son, who is accidentally shot and limped. From that moment on, exactly in Season 2, her warm and motherly demeanor quickly becomes an essential element for Rick and his band. We see that over several seasons, Beth transforms from a young, naive and shy girl into a worthy, dedicated and independent fighter and maintains her free spirit. However, his accidental death in the final episode of Season 5 was shocking and broke the hearts of the fans. He lost his other loved ones. He felt close to Daryl Dixon because the two had come out of prison alive. In this episode, he finally confronts Down, the leader of Grady Memorial Hospital, who held him and Noah (Tyler James Williams) captive. In this episode, Beth hid a small pair of scissors in the plaster of her arm. Down deals with Rick and agrees to release Beth and Carol (who were originally there as patients) in exchange for the release of their officers. Noah, with whom Beth had befriended, was forced to stay with Down. What happens next is one of the most heartbreaking moments of this series. A few seconds after his release, Beth confronts Down, pulls out her scissors, dips her in Down's shoulder, and tells Down her last words. Down scares him in the head and kills Beth (although he swears he did not intend to kill her). Daryl, on the other hand, does the same with Down, and finally carries Beth's lifeless body in her arms to take to her sister.

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