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From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

Time can change anything at a strange speed, and in the meantime the characters of movies and series to They change over time. If we consider films and serials to reflect the realities of society, then it must be said that filmmakers, by being influenced by social events, write their stories and make their films. Movies and TV series are children of their time who take advantage of social developments.

This representation of realities is much more colorful in Iran than in other countries. Because Iranian films and series are made in accordance with reality, and directors use the events of society to make their films. Precisely because of this issue, social cinema in Iran has always been of interest and has led directors to make films with social themes and themes.

In a few years Recently, filmmakers' views on the role of women in society and the family have changed. Over the years, as women have become more active and influential in society, directors have given them more fundamental roles in their films and series. The best example of this is the role of women in TV series. In the past few years and in TV series, women have usually had weak, passive, and ineffective roles, and their characters have been neutral and without much action or reaction. It was the men who made the final decisions, and the women had no choice but to obey. Demonstrate a change in women's plans. If until two decades ago, women had weak and passive characters in TV series, now women have strong, strong and powerful roles in home show network series. In these series, women have emerged from the shadow of men and have found a strong and independent identity and personality for themselves.

They have not designed their series exaggerated and unbelievable, and on the contrary, the audience believes in these characters well and communicates with them. In some movies, female protagonists are portrayed as exaggerated and far from the mind and do not create much special attraction for the audience, but in home theater network series, this character design is formed correctly and regularly.

Other directors know that women are an important part of society who figure out important events and are no longer as weak as they used to be. Now this change of look can be well seen in the series of the home show network. In the following, we will deal with the characters of strong and powerful women in the series of the home theater network and examine the personality of these women.

1. Shahrzad

BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

  • Serial: Shahrzad
  • Actor: Taraneh Alidosti

Shahrzad was one of the first series on the home theater network to revolve around a powerful woman. Although Shahrzad's story was not about the present and his events were about the recent past, his main character, Shahrzad, stood in front of all the men and fought as hard as he could for his rights.

Shahrzad in Hassan Fathi's series is an independent, educated and aware woman who does not give in to fate. In this series, Shahrzad stubbornly seeks to build his world by himself and does not want anyone else to decide for his life. Shahrzad's character comes from a traditional and patriarchal society, but he himself is not intimidated by this society and goes to fight against this society alone.

Being emotional and in love is not far off, however, he has tried not to distance himself from the events of society and to fight for the love of his life. Shahrzad does not see himself far from political events and is not afraid to participate in social and political events. In this series, Shahrzad has stubborn and fat enemies on his way who want to silence him, but he does not give up easily and does not want to allow them to be extradited.

Although Shahrzad At times in the series, after a lot of stubbornness, he finally surrenders to the decisions of powerful men, but again, he does not give up trying and achieving his goal until the last moment. Shahrzad has no choice but to surrender because of the men's decision, but he accepts the same surrender after a lot of resistance and stubbornness.


BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

  • Serial: Wound
  • Actor: Rana Azadi

Samira in the Wound of Work is one of the most powerful and multidimensional characters in the home theater network series. If we want to talk about strong characters, we must also add the cruel and ruthless adjective for Samira. The character of Samira in the work wound is one of the most special characters that the directors have portrayed in their series. Samira's plans and decisions were the driving force behind the wounding and she had a strong presence behind the scenes of all the events.

Give Samira objectivity. Samira has a negative and ugly personality in her work wound, but her motherly love and love for her family cannot be ignored. Like Shahrzad, Samira does not have a positive and constructive personality, but she is much stronger and more independent than Shahrzad.

Samira does not wait for others to decide for her, and she is at the center Decisions are there. This iron will distinguishes Samira's character from other women. He is not a loser and wants to make his own way in life. Despite all the ugly plans of Samira, the solidity of her image makes her pleasant in the minds of the audience.

He did not go to the heart of darkness, and in the end he drowned in the same darkness. Samira's craving for money and wealth was not complete and she will do anything to achieve this goal. However, these goals eventually drove him crazy.


BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

  • Actor: Negar Javaherian
  • Serial: Khatoon

As soon as the name of the series is removed from the name of the main character of the series, it shows that the story of the series revolves around its main character. Khatoon series is narrated by the Allies during the years of occupation of Iran, and Khatoon is a hero who has to fight domestic traitors and foreign enemies.

Khatoon's character may be somewhat close to Shahrzad And in terms of positive personality traits, it reminds the viewer of Shahrzad's personality, but the scope of Khatoon's activity and actions is more than Shahrzad. In this series, Khatoon goes to war with internal and external forces and wants to save herself from them in any way she can.

We do not see a strong and determined personality from Khatoon, and as the story goes on and the influence and occupation of strangers increases, Khatoon becomes more pragmatic and throws herself in the middle of death. The woman peels off the wounds in her life and goes to war with her enemies on the battlefield.

The woman loses her child and friends in order to become active. She sees her husband's double and contradictory behaviors. It's hard for a warrior character like a woman to digest all of this. He can not sit idle and lay his hands on his hands and watch his friends lose their lives on the way home and he can do nothing. The woman enters the battle and finds herself on a path of no return. He gives up his past life and prepares himself for anything. Instead of being passive and isolated, the woman comes to the middle of the square and decides to be the hero of her life and no one else.

4. beautiful

BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

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The beautiful character in the series Homogeneh is very different from characters like Shahrzad, Khatoon and Samira. The beautiful character is of another gender and he is not looking for heroism and creating great epics and wonderful deeds; He only wants to build and protect his world with his claws and teeth.

It turns hard and masculine. Ziba, like the other characters mentioned, has no heroic deeds or devilish plots to make money, but she only seeks to protect her privacy by driving a van.

Hedyeh Tehrani's believable play has also helped a lot to bring the audience closer to the beautiful character and understand his concerns. Ziba has a respectable and independent personality and despite the unkindness that life has presented to her, she does not give up and leads her life with self-reliance.


BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

  • Actor: Azadeh Samadi
  • Serial: I want to stay alive

The character of Venus in the series I Want to Live is one of those strong, powerful and independent characters that a person can decide for his own life and the lives of others and arrange everything himself without the need for anyone. Venus does not wait for anyone to achieve her goals and proceeds according to her own decisions.

She has the courage to propose to the man she loves And do not hesitate to say his love and affection. Venus with her strong personality is even able to influence others. She is a literate and studious woman and wants her future husband to have these qualities as well, so she is very elegant and feminine, which leads her to books and reading.

Character The dominator of Venus completely influences those around her, and Venus is able to do anything with her innate power and passion. Of course, this attraction and power eventually leads to Amir Shayegan having no choice but to physically remove him, played by Hamed Behdad. Shaygan was afraid of Zohreh's power and influence and surrendered to him.

In the relationship between Zohreh and Amir Shaygan, Zohreh had the upper hand and Amir had no choice but to surrender and He did not obey. It was Zohreh who first fell in love, then proposed marriage and expanded their relationship, and it was Amir who could not fall in love with a person like Zohreh and wanted her only to achieve his personal interests. Amir was weak against Zohreh and in the end, this weakness and humiliation destroyed their relationship.

6. Frank

BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

  • Actor: Sahar Dolatshahi
  • Serial: Frog

Frank's character in the Frog series was found in the middle of his story, and as time passed, his influence increased. His character was not very strong in the beginning of the series, but as time passed, we saw him as effective and willing. Frank had a wounded personality, and when he realized that his love for Ramin was one-sided, he collected himself and decided to enter the game himself.

Frank's character in the frog We saw a time when he had a troubled life and came out of a toxic and broken relationship. Frank was collecting his own pieces from the same parts, and when he realized the hypnotic substance, he decided to have a share of it anyway.

Although still love He talks to Ramin about Frank, but he wants to mess up his life with that intoxicating substance. In the final episodes, he plays an important role in making plans and helps Ramin a lot. Ramin would not go anywhere in the frog without Frank's help, and it was Frank who played the role of supporter and helper for Ramin.

Frank from the middle of the series onwards, He becomes an influential figure, and if it were not for his help to Ramin, they would not have been able to reach Thailand. Frank transforms from the first emotional and broken girl of the series into a strong and stubborn woman who puts herself in danger and is not afraid of being in the most difficult situations.


BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

  • Actor: Anahita Dargahi
  • Serial: I Want to Stay Alive

We had rarely seen the female characters of Asheghpisheh and Bamram in Iranian serials, and the character of Shiva in I Want to Live was well portrayed as such an attractive character. Shiva's personality charms were very visible in this series and it was also attractive for the audience. ay. He did not hesitate to accept Kaveh's love and was not a passive and influential person in his relationship, but his relationship proceeded according to his words and plans. Shiva, as he had Kaveh's love in his heart, was very knowledgeable in this regard and wanted to put everything in order.

Shiva in life And his relationship played a major role, and his plans pushed for action. Shiva's personality had both feminine charms and elegance and masculine charms, and it was precisely this combination of masculine and feminine elements that gave Shiva dimension and depth. He was bold, he was not afraid to take risks and he was in danger. As he put it, he was like a racehorse that just looked ahead and did everything to achieve his life goals.


BingMag.com From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

  • Actor: Haniyeh Tavassoli
  • Serial: Zakhm Kari

In the Wound series, men were versatile in appearance, but inwardly it was women who plotted and destroyed lives. Mansoura was also one of the women who had a stronger and more powerful personality than her brother, and after the bad things that happened to her family, she was able to stand up and not let her family enemies achieve all their plans.

From the injuries he had suffered, he turned into a passive and isolated character, but now Mansoura, despite all the wounds he has on his soul and psyche, does not sit down and enters the pit himself and changes the game plan.

  • Why is "Wounding" a good choice for serialization?

The power of Samira's role in Wounding Mansoura's character was less visible. But the good characterization of this character, along with the good acting of Hanieh Tavassoli, turned Mansoureh's character into one of the charms of the series. A character who took over an important part of what was happening and he was plotting in the shadows.

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