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Serial "Lady"; Mixing history with a lot of feeling and emotion

BingMag.com <b>Serial</b> 'Lady'; <b>Mixing</b> <b>history</b> with a <b>lot</b> of <b>feeling</b> and emotion

For several years, historical subjects have been the heart of the creators of serials and movies. A trip to the sixties, going to the coup d'etat against Mossadegh and the transition in Iran during the Qajar period are all historical periods in which directors are interested in telling the story of their series at that time.

Following this trend, Tina Pakravan also made the series "Khatoon" in a historical context, and now her series has found its viewers on the home theater network. In the days when the home theater network is empty of popular series, the popular series "Khatoon" is seen well.

"Khatoon" benefits from many famous actors and It can be said that it has been one of the most played series on the home theater network. Along with these famous actors, a group of anonymous actors also play roles in the series and have turned "Khatoon" into a big and huge series.

This series of fans And has its own critics. Her fans praise the high quality of the series and her critics have many reasons to criticize "Khatoon". In the following, by dealing with the positive and negative points of "Khatoon", we have taken an overview of the series in order to examine in more detail the reasons for the audience's popularity and lack of interest in the series.

Positive points of Khatoon Serial

1. Less historical narrative

The Allied occupation of Iran and the turbulent situation in the country in the 1920s are among the periods that filmmakers have paid less attention to. Iranian directors have usually passed this important historical period with indifference, and without addressing the events of September 1931, they have either come to the 1930s and talked about the time of Mossadegh as prime minister or the events of Reza Shah's rule. While the occupation of Iran by Russia and Britain is one of the most important historical events in Iran, which is less talked about.

Pakravan uses the importance of this period to tell the story of his series. Narrated in 1320 and has represented the events and happenings of that period. One of the positive points of the series in the historical narrative is that it has tried to proceed according to the historical documents and not keep the historical facts out of sight.

"Khatoon" in It starts in the north of the country and in the very first parts it deals with the influence and interference of foreigners, especially the Russians, in the northern cities. The turbulent state of the army, the betrayal of the internal elements and the cruelty of the occupiers show how difficult and deplorable the situation of the people was in those days. Soldiers and forces who fought against the foreigners in those years They are the most anonymous and oppressed people to prevent their penetration into the country. Iranian forces with few facilities and personnel in the north and south defended the country and in the same difficult conditions carried out fierce resistance. We see the resistance of Iranian soldiers under the command of General Iranpour in Bandar Anzali in the series "Khatoon". Pakravan's ingenuity in dealing with less narrated moments in history is one of the interesting points of the series. Add to the richness of his story. The story of that year is so long that a series and a movie can be made for any event, and there is still a whole lot of unspoken stories and events from those days.

2. Good Director

Those who have seen Pakravan's movies in the early episodes of the series were amazed by his good and strong director. The quality of Pakravan's directing in this series is very different from his movies, and many audiences of "Khatoon" did not expect such directing from Pakravan before the series aired.

Pakravan Se Made a movie that all three are not good movies. His films do not have important characteristics and are ordinary films. Until "Khatoon", we did not consider this female director a good filmmaker and her filmmaking style had many critics, but making this series showed part of Pakravan's abilities.

Directing the series It is eye-catching in the very beginning. Capturing war scenes and filming with a handheld camera works very well. The series also has good and well-calculated framing and shows that Pakravan has made a lot of progress in technical discussions. . During these years, Behmanesh has gained good experiences from working in cinema and has gained a lot of insight and understanding in his work. Behmanesh's presence alongside Pakravan has helped a lot in the form of the series, and it is clear that a large part of the quality of the framing goes back to the presence of this cameraman.

3. Proper use of location

It is rare for home theater series to be made in a city outside of Tehran. Most filmmakers have a special interest in Tehran and prefer to have their film and series in the same city and avoid traveling to other cities. But Pakravan traveled to the north of the country with a correct understanding of historical events and made the first season of "Khatoon" in Gilan province. Rural houses, forest space and the presence of a river along with the historical sites of the city have greatly contributed to the Serial charm.

The northern cities of the country due to their proximity to Russia during World War II Second, they were very important and Gilan province has gone through many adventures in those years. Also, the rural and urban context of places like Anzali and Rasht has a lot of potential to make the story more interesting and better directed.

Iranian patriots are there to confront them. The battle of the Iranians with the foreign occupiers shows what bitter and dark days this land has gone through and how the Russian soldiers used to force the people in the streets of Iran.

4. Careful design of the scene

One of the difficulties of making historical serials in Iran is the lack of attention to detail and carelessness in simulating issues related to the past. So far, we have seen several examples of gross mistakes in historical series that have been the subject of social media. But the creators of "Khatoon" have tried very carefully and obsessively to simulate urban and rural buildings and spaces and make everything look like the past.

In the chapter The first series, whose story takes place in the north of the country, the general atmosphere of "Khatoon" is believable and correctly designed, and the creators have done their best not to miss anything. This accuracy and attention is one of the most important principles in making historical serials. Maybe a little carelessness will ruin the whole team. In "Khatoon", both the interior of houses and offices and the city space and clothing design are done properly and take the audience well to the difficult years of the 20s.

5. The presence of a professional group

The presence of Kayhan Kalhor as the composer of the series is enough to notice the attention of the creators of "Khatoon" to an important element such as music in the series. Kalhor is a well-known musician in Iran and the world, and his presence in any project gives weight to that collection. Seeing Kalhor's name exactly in the opening credits of the film delights the viewer that such a great artist is responsible for composing the series. In many important scenes of the series, Kalhor's art is exciting in composing and is one of the strong points of the series.

We have already mentioned the presence of Hooman Behmanesh and his impact on quality We described the direction of the series. Pakravan has also acted openly in using professional actors and has given important roles in his series to well-known actors as much as he could. Although there are criticisms about the acting of some actors, the presence of this number of famous actors in a series is an important event.

Mehran Modiri, Babak Hamidian, Negar Javaherian, Shabnam Moghaddami , Ashkan Khatibi, Mehran Ghafourian and several other names are the total number of actors who have played roles in "Khatoon". Previously, the presence of this number of famous actors in the home theater network was unprecedented, and now Pakravan series can make fun of other series in this regard.

BingMag.com <b>Serial</b> 'Lady'; <b>Mixing</b> <b>history</b> with a <b>lot</b> of <b>feeling</b> and emotion

Positive points of the series

1. The melting of the story and the falling of the rhythm of the story

The decrease of the attractiveness of the serials in the middle and final episodes is one of the great weaknesses in the Iranian serials. Iranian serials, whether on the home theater network or on television, usually start well and attractively, but then their appeal diminishes and their story fades.

This happens in "Khatoon" has also fallen and this series has suffered the same chronic disaster. "Lady" starts very well. It engages the viewer well and in the first three or four positions, the audience is thirsty to follow the story and the story of the characters. But as time goes by, the rhythm of the story slows down and the number of events in each episode decreases.

It shows the story well. In the first episodes, we faced many incidents, and the Iranians' confrontation with the foreign occupiers and Khatoon's personal concerns add to the richness of the story. But as the Iranians became more and more defeated and their struggle did not yield results, and the woman's personal concerns diminished, the story of the series suffered a stroke.

For If you consider the example of the last part of the first season, you will understand this weakness well. In this episode, Khatoon wants to go to Tehran and find out about her family. Part of this series is about the violence and reconciliation of the woman with the driver and her artificial and cold dialogues with her. Eventually, when the lady reaches her uncle, we notice that some scenes are stretched by accident and the whole episode can be narrated in a much shorter time.

Part of the series' charm is The Iranians' confrontation with the foreign occupiers came back, and the historical events of "Khatoon" were fascinating to the viewer. But in the middle episodes, the director distanced himself from these events and became more involved in the lady's personal stories. He has not benefited from it. Pakravan has to admit that he is not a good writer to write an attractive screenplay, and he has to use professional writers like a professional cinematographer to direct for him. Weakness in storytelling is evident in the series, and the more it goes on, the more it tastes.

2. Weak games and artificial characterizations

Unfortunately, Iranian directors have become so fascinated with form in recent years that they neglect characterization and the formation of a relationship between characters. This formalism causes many flaws and weaknesses in the series and affects the whole work. While form and content should go hand in hand, directors should not devote all their time and energy to creating beautiful, natural scenes and skipping important discussions such as characterization.

The games in "Khatoon" are not uniform and some of the map choices have not been made correctly. Negar Javaherian in the role of a hard-working woman who is challenged and escapes is not good at all. Javaherian's play has declined over the years, and we no longer see that former brilliance in his play. She eats special maps and in no way should she be given maps such as a tough woman and a warrior. Javaherian plays well in "Khatoon" as long as she is a beautiful and rich woman, and after that, when misfortune befalls her, her play becomes artificial and bad.

Ashkan Khatibi's character does not have depth despite all his efforts And it is not believable. Khatibi plays a confused army colonel and we can not believe his romantic or nervous states. Also, the combination of Javaherian and Khatibi has become an unbelievable couple. Worse, the couple's separation and subsequent chases seem more ridiculous than ridiculous.

Babak Hamidian is also a The Russian officer, with his exaggerated and exaggerated acts, tries to show his passion and power to the audience, which has taken the opposite result. Hamidian's play in "Khatoon" is one of the weakest plays we have seen from him; In "Khatoon", Hamidian is full of extra movements in the body and face and forces himself to play his role. Also, Mir Saeed Molavian's bad and amateurish game should be added to this collection.

Along with these bad games, we see good characters from other characters such as Shabnam Moghaddami. The lesser-known actors in the series have good games in the first season, and the quality of their acting is superior to that of movie stars.

3. Falling into the Trap of Emotionalism

Dealing with historical narratives that go back to defending the homeland always runs the risk of falling into the trap of extremist sentimentality and nationalism. In the first episodes, "Khatoon" tries very well not to fall into the trap of this story, but as time goes by, this patriotism shows itself more like a slogan, and the director wants to attract his audience by moving towards sentimentality.

Another negative point of this case is paying too much attention to emotional scenes that take on an annoying state. Remember the part where the funeral of the "lady"'s son is. The colonel arrives at the house, sees the black cloths, and enters the courtyard. From this moment on, we see the scenes in slow motion, and with the combination of music and crying and tears and sighs, we are going to see emotional moments. But these emotional aspects become so tense that they become extreme and deviate from their natural form.

Or in another scene when the Russian forces notice the plan of the forces They become Iranian nationalists. Again, the camera slowly tries to convey the emotional burden of the scene to the viewer. These efforts occur when there is no need to slow down the scene and combine it with the music to show the emotional scenes, and if the mezzanine is arranged correctly, it will have an impact on the audience.

Pakravan, instead of using the scene properly, has tried to create emotional scenes by moving the camera, music, tears, sighs and blood, and in this regard, he has gone astray. The world's great series do not go into slow motion to show emotional scenes, but create emotional sequences by paying the right amount to the characters and the scene.

Pakravan even in The issue of Polish immigrants taking refuge in the country is also drawn to extremist nationalism and wants to show that sequence to the audience in an emotional way. It was possible to open new aspects of this important historical event to the audience in more detail, and it was not enough just to show the emotional burden of the incident, which also happens to be superficial.

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