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Semantic comedies; 3 comedy series that talk about the meaning of life and death

BingMag.com Semantic comedies; 3 comedy series that talk about the meaning of life and death

The 2021 Emmy Awards were held and the comedy "Ted Lasso" was able to reap the rewards with power. The situation-based comedy is about an American football coach who is brought to England for various reasons to coach an English football club. There were a number of competitors, from the "Kaminsky method" to the "mercenary writers" (Hacks), who, of course, were very different from Ted Lasso in terms of comedy approach.

Since the mid-1990s, comedy series and sitcoms are more serious than Were taken before. Especially after the "Seinfield" series and with the luck that people all over the world showed to the "Friends" series, the wave of making sitcoms increased and they made significant progress in terms of directing and screenplay in details and generalities.>

The term semantic films is a not-so-pleasant combination that was once used in Iranian cinema and was used for films that dealt with spirituality and were generally weak works and slogans that forcibly called themselves semantic films. Shape the audience and critics. But for some of the most brilliant comedy series of all these years, I do not find a better title than semantic. In recent years, they seem to make us think more than they make us laugh, and even bring us sad meanings of life. Remember the "inside out" animation. Puberty only occurs when joy and sorrow are balanced. The meaning of each event is deduced from the description of both of these feelings. This is my personal list of three comedy series that I even shed tears when I saw them, and yet I think they are first-rate comedies. Comedies that I can call semantic because they describe in a profound way human life and relationships.

After Life

BingMag.com Semantic comedies; 3 comedy series that talk about the meaning of life and death

  • Creator >: Ricky Jarvis
  • Actors : Ricky Jarvis, Diane Morgan, Tom Besden
  • Product : 2019 and 2020
  • Network : Netflix

Ricky Jarvis is one of my favorite stand-up comedians. I really like his performances at the Golden Globes. That famous joke two years ago that told actors and directors that when you work for Amazon and Apple and the rest of the companies that exploit weaker countries, you have no right to protest, and I laughed at the anger of many. His stand-up comedy is just as sharp at the Golden Globes. He has no mercy and jokes about everything.

"Life After Death" is a black English comedy about a man named Tony, played by Jarvis himself. A man who works for a local newspaper and has lost his wife to illness. The departure of his wife has made him, who has always been a bitter atheist, more bitter than ever. He even wanted to kill himself, but because of their hungry dog, he thinks of committing suicide, but he seems to have sworn that he will not have fun for the rest of his life and will not let the good water flow down the throats of those around him.

This is the sharpness of Jarvis 'usual jokes, but this time the flashbacks to Tony and his wife's relationship are so emotional that even the sharpness of Jarvis' jokes can not alleviate their bitterness. In fact, the series goes so far that the same idea of "life is not very valuable, but it is still the most valuable thing a person has" wins. But most of the time, it's not just Tony's life that the people he reports to are deliberately superficial and ridiculous that you share with Tony's pessimism. Tony's friendship with a mischievous woman is one of the most human points in the series. "After Death" jokes may not be as funny as the rest of Jarvis' work, but it is certainly one of the good comedies of recent years in terms of human perspective and understanding of the situation of loss and its impact on survivors.

2. The Kominsky Method

BingMag.com Semantic comedies; 3 comedy series that talk about the meaning of life and death

  • Creator : Chuck Lowry
  • Actors : Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin
  • Product : 2018, 2019 and 2021
  • Network : Netflix

has been following the pattern of two male comrades in cinema and television since the 1960s and 1970s. One of the best is George Roy Hill on "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Interestingly, most men's duets also have a sense of humor. The "Kaminski Method" series is more about the relationship between two friends named Sandy and Norman than about a former actor who now teaches acting or the ups and downs of aging. For this reason, the third season of the series, which is based only on Sandy's character, could not repeat the success of the previous two seasons. The first season is the culmination of the series and its best season. Jokes are also top notch in emotional climaxes and situations. Sandy, a former actress who now has an acting class, has many women in her life and does not have a successful family life. In his acting class, he meets a woman who is closer to him this time in terms of age. Norman, on the other hand, is his program manager and a close friend who recently lost his wife. Cindy wants to be with Norman, but she's not very emotional, and Norman is a stubborn person. After the death of his wife, he became a bitter man who is not easy to associate with, but like Tony, he does not intend to torture himself. In fact, Norman is looking for consolation to continue living. However, he is inherently pessimistic about life, but he expresses his views with great artistry and humor. In addition, his two-person relationship with Sandy and part of the series, which is related to Sandy's life and his presence in his classes and his relationship with his students, softens the bitter part of the series. This bitterness is not just about death. The passage of life and old age, and consequently illness and disability in some cases, is what affects our main characters even more than death. The "Kaminski Method" series is extremely emotional and sweet without falling into the trap of sentimentality.

The old people get bored and the heroes of the "Kaminski Method" series are no exception. They are harsh and immoral and do not like to grow old. In the "Kaminski method" real life flows and for this reason it often becomes difficult or even tearful. What makes the series sweet is that its characters are hard-working and have a sense of humor that helps them in difficult times, and of course a friend who is always by their side.

3. Hacks Writers

BingMag.com Semantic comedies; 3 comedy series that talk about the meaning of life and death

  • Creators : Lucia Anilo, Paul W. Downes, Jen Statski
  • Actors : Jane Smart, Hannah Inbinder
  • Product : 2021
  • Network : HBO Max

All three comedies we mentioned in this article are based on the characters and have deep, multi-faceted and attractive characters. And have created lovable. "Mercenary writers" have an old pattern. An old woman who is forced to accompany a younger woman and neither of them is satisfied with being together, but in the end they give each other many things that are a way to improve their personality and form a friendship between them.

Here Jane Smart plays a major role. Deborah is a well-known stand-up comedian who performs every night at Vegas Best Hall of Fame but is informed that they want to cut her performances for two nights unless she agrees to bring in new writers to write new jokes for her. Eva, on the other hand, is the author of comedy screenplays in Los Angeles and cannot imagine being in a small town like Las Vegas. In addition, he does not value stand-up comedy, but his career has deteriorated and he has to accept Deborah's writing career.

This is not about death. What makes "Hex" an emotional comedy is the fragility in the psyche of the two main female characters in the story. Contrary to many people's beliefs, Deborah is very emotional. He loves his daughter and his job and he can not cope with this new era of comedy. Eva also longs for someone to love and support her. He has little in front of his friends and he feels he has failed in life. Nothing could be more effective than portraying human flaws in the form of humor. You do not laugh when you watch them, but in the end they make you feel good. These comedies show that life, despite its shortness and even its sufferings and pains, including the loss of loved ones, is still a blessing and what makes life valuable is human relationships.

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