Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

Audiences are always interested in watching humans confront monsters in the cinema, from early silent monster movies like "Golem" and "The Lost World" to works like "Godzilla" and "King Kong" follow their stories. Even Leonardo DiCaprio had to fight a grizzly bear to win an Oscar. Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

Audiences are always interested in watching humans confront monsters in the cinema, from early silent monster movies like "Golem" and "The Lost World" to works like "Godzilla" and "King Kong" follow their stories. Even Leonardo DiCaprio had to fight a grizzly bear to win an Oscar.

Watching a human fight with an animal and waiting to see who will win in the end is interesting for us and it's like watching these movies. They remind us of our aggressive nature. Balthazar Kormakor, the director of works such as "Drift" and "Everest", also tries to present such an exciting theme in his latest film "Monster", but his characters are so simple and stupid that the viewer doubts how humans can survive in the cycle of nature until this point in history.

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In Monster, Idris Elba plays Nate Samuels, a doctor who has just lost his wife and his two daughters, Meredith (Yana Hawley) and Nora ( brings Leah Sava Jeffries to South Africa, where he first met his wife. The three go to a sanctuary set up by their old family friend Martin (Charlotte Copley), who deals with the poachers who kill the lions. The behavior of hunters and the death of a lion made one of them angry and ready to take revenge on humans. According to the plot, Nate and Martin's family crosses the path of this angry lion and must do everything they can to survive this vengeful lion. Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

Kormakor primarily with long sequences, not only during the lion attack, but also in the quieter moments when the Samuels and Martin family explore the reserve, Martin's house and the nearby village. Starts the movie. It's almost as if he's trying to make an action-focused story with as few impressions as possible, and often repeats this process. This lulls the viewer into a false sense of security in the first act, before using this technique in the family's longer fight with the lion.

However, toning down this style also leaves the script lacking. Any surprises are real and the characters are simply put in terrible situations. The script for "Monster" by Ryan Engel is very predictable, as Engel spends the first act setting up the devices he uses to surprise the audience in the third act. There's nothing wrong with providing a series of plot points that will pay off at the end, but it makes this adventure very clear at every stage. They act in a distressing situation. The long cuts give the characters a quieter mood that feels awkward. The decisions these characters make in this story are not very logical. If a bloodthirsty lion has terrorized your family and you are stuck in a car, it may be better to stay away from the broken window of the car, and it may not be a good idea to use a walkie-talkie in the middle of the night in a quiet and protected space. Especially where there is a giant and seemingly unstoppable lion. Maybe sometimes it prevents the quality of the performances, but the actors do their best in this nightmarish situation. In the beginning of the film, we find out that Nate lost his wife a year ago and this issue is the point of difference between these three people even in the most frightening situations. Holly and Jeffries are very disappointed in their father and show it well. Holly follows in her mother's footsteps and we see her anger towards her father in her performance as Nate doesn't support her like he used to, but Nora, as the younger member of the family, is the centerpiece of some of the film's quietest and most emotional moments.

Alba should be the hero of the story and in some moments, he conducts his battles with the lion in such an attractive and terrifying way that the audience actually likes and enjoys watching him. Copley is also really good, but the monster's story is focused on this family and Copley's character unfortunately becomes more of a narrative tool than a complete character.

"Monster" deals with the human versus animal struggle at its peak. . This effect is more relaxed than the usual action movies. However, its horror and violence actually come to life when the beast of the story chases its prey and attacks it with anger, and it puts the characters and the audience in an exciting and, of course, scary situation. Kormakor's game with quiet and calm moments and maddened and rushed attacks and fights is an element of excitement in the film. It is often effective throughout the work. To be fair, people watch "Monster" to see Idris Elba fight a lion, and with that in mind, this movie gives him exactly what the audience wants.

"Monster" certainly has some cruel moments at times and these characters may make stupid and unbelievable decisions, but the idea of putting a human against a lion is what makes the story grow and interesting. "Monster" has its flaws and is a clich, but if you enjoy watching Idris Elba fight a lion, then this is your favorite movie. Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

As mentioned, actors like Idris Elba, Charlotte Copley, Leah Jeffries and Yana Holly are present in this movie. Monster has been shown in theaters since August 19 (28 August) and critics who have seen the film have published their opinions in various publications, and it is good to read an excerpt from them together.

A selection of critics' opinions about The movie "Monster"

Peter Debruge of Variety

Score: 80 out of 100

If you can convince yourself that this two-toned lion that Idris Elba and his family threatens in the movie, it's made by computer special effects (and not a real, bloody killer) then you'll enjoy "Monster".

Jake Coyle of the Associated Press

Score: 75 out of 100

This film entertains the audience away from the sadness of the end of summer in late August, and Balthazar Kormamore keeps the story on the same path as the films with the theme of man against nature.

Lee Munson from AV Club

Score: 75 out of 100

With its unique and strange plot, this movie allows the audience to feel the fear along with the characters. Experience on screen. This cinematic story leads directly to spiritual and emotional cleansing. Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

William Bibiani of rap

Score: 73 out of 100

"Monster" is an exciting, survival-oriented and well-made movie. The audience can devote this 93-minute duration to any other work they like, but watching this movie is not without pleasure. Of course, "Monster" may not be satisfying for viewers who are looking for a more original story.

Bileg Abiri from Vulture

Score: 70 out of 100

Everything is illogical and Stupid. Lions don't behave this way, and humans are better at protecting themselves than meets the eye, but if all goes as usual, there will be no more movies like "Monster."

Justin Cheng of the Los Angeles Times

Score: 70 out of 100

Cormamore's camera moves in rough terrain with precise movements, and this director and the production crew do a good job of making this computerized and digital hunter look completely realistic.


Jesse Hessinger from Polygon

Score: 68 out of 100

This film lives up to the traditions of other summer blockbusters like Spielberg's Jaws. "Monster" turns the primal fears of a sharp-toothed predator into an impossible story, somehow ridiculous and yet strangely acceptable to most people.

Ethan Westby from The Stage

Score: 67 out of 100

"Monster" doesn't do very well in stage design. Elba's effective and under the skin defense of his family is undeniable, but the lack of proper representation of the vast landscapes of southern Africa is a missed opportunity. Out of 100

Cormamore's directorial insight and vision elevates "Monster" to something beyond superficial entertainment. Maybe one day, he will direct a blockbuster studio film with a story worthy of his talents. Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

Odie Henderson from Roger Ebert

Score: 63 out of 100

People want to watch a movie that excites them and distracts them from everyday life. "Monster" fulfills this category well enough.

Brian Truitt of USA Today

Score: 63 out of 100

This exciting and wonderful film with Survival certainly meets the standards of a summer movie, and of course, Elba's skill and art and his fight with a giant lion are among the fascinating elements.

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune

Score: 63 Out of 100

This film is considered an average work, like many of this director's works. Of course, its short and effective duration puts "Monster" one step above the rest of the movies. This film also takes advantage of the audience's passing interest in watching people under extreme pressure, and of course it has weaknesses that are more technical than artistic.

Mark Finney from Boston Globe

Score: 63 out of 100

The film tries to balance action and excitement with character conflicts, and the family elements are heavily dependent on the horror elements. "Monster" deals with the tension between father and daughter and humans as prey is another different storyline.

David Fair of Rolling Stone

Score: 60 out of 100

If If you're interested in watching a man fight against the king of the jungle, "Monster" is your dream movie, but if you logically ignore that particular desire, what you're left with is just a modernized version of a 70s animal-hunting movie. .

David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter

Score: 60 out of 100

"Monster" creates a lot of stress and terror and is interesting for fans of action and horror.

Benjamin Lee from The Guardian

Score: 60 out of 100

August is a booming month for the movie industry and the best opportunity for the release of "Monster", but this work Relatively exciting, not very interesting and ultimately a second-rate movie at best.

Lee Greenblatt of Entertainment

Score: 58 out of 100

To Anyway, we are in the month of August and it is the summer release time, and it seems that there is no better movie than "Monster" starring Idris Elba and we have to watch it. Do you really have any other suggestions?

Stephanie Zakrak of Time

Score: 50 out of 100

"Monster" is kind of dumb and stupid.

Rex Reed from the Observer

Score: 50 out of 100

This movie is an action movie with a ridiculous atmosphere and minimal excitement. Every scene in "Monster" directed by Balthazar Kormakur is built on tension but the script is so silly and one-dimensional that you laugh to yourself. Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

Peter Travers of ABC News

Score: 50 out of 100

It's easier to think of this movie as a weak, if ridiculous, version of Jaws. You will deal with it. But we mustn't miss the fact that Idris Elba looks great in the battle with this digital lion.

John Olsinski of the New York Post

Score: 50 out of 100

After a few interesting initial scenes, the Cormamore movie stops being exciting because there is nothing new about this wild creature. He just attacks humans from the window and repeats this over and over.

Richard Roper of the Chicago Sun-Times

Score: 50 out of 100

" Only 93 minutes long, and a bit boring at the same time, "Monster" has a great cast and a charming location in South Africa, but everyone in the story behaves like stupid characters from second-rate horror movies.

Tim Grierson of ScreenDaily

Score: 50 out of 100

"Everest" director Balthazar Kormakur makes his new man-versus-a-wild-beast drama with exciting and tense sequences, but "Monster" with The poor use of special effects and threadbare character development is disappointingly little more than a throwaway action flick.

Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post

Score : 50 out of 100

The horror scenes of this work are really shocking, but the movie is more like the atmosphere of an amusement park than a family drama. In other words, "Monster" is good in terms of creating excitement and tension, but it's not compelling as a narrative, despite the actors' earnest efforts to enliven their personal storylines.

David Lewis of the San Francisco Chronicle

David Lewis of the San Francisco Chronicle


Score: 50 out of 100

The film's middle section is by far its most effective and has its most interesting moments.

Keith Erbland of IndieWire

Score: 50 out of 100

You don't need to have spatial intelligence to know how the story of the movie ends, but anyway, the director shouldn't make the movie so boring and a watery ending. to close Idris Elba's fight with the lion is a clever and potential theme, but "Monster" doesn't use it. Selection of reviews of the movie “Monster”; Idris Elba’s fight with a lion in a stereotypical movie

Roger Moore of Movie Nation

Score: 50 out of 100

"Monster" is a frightening and sometimes silly work about a wild animal. The film is artfully paranoid and claustrophobic, but in a humorous way and, to a large extent, begs the audience to be scared and scream at these scenes.

Sara Jane of Austin Chronicle

Score: 40 out of 100

The "monster" does whatever he wants. The movie stars an actor who is loved by everyone and he is pitted against a huge angry lion. I mean, everyone likes to see Idris Elba punching a lion, but the whole story is full of problems.

Soren Andersen of The Seattle Times

Score: 38 out of 100

Alba, always a strong performer in any role she takes on, gives her all in "Monster," but the film's threadbare nature and dialogue ultimately let her down.

Kyle Smith of the Wall Street Journal

Score: 30 out of 100

Kormakur somehow plays the worst possible role from this seasoned English actor (whom I've never seen him play like this). .

Biography of the movie "Monster"

Writer and director:JJ Perry
Stars: Jamie Foxx, Snoop Doug, Dave Franco
Synopsis:Bud Ba's life revolves around the little money he earns through these fangs, and his ex-wife, Jocelyn informs her that if Bud can't come up with $10,000 for their daughter's tuition and living expenses within the next week, she and their daughter will be moving out. To fulfill this desire, Bud returns to the Vampire Hunter League. 100

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