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The second season of "Witcher" series; How important is the difference between a book and a series?

BingMag.com The <b>second</b> <b>season</b> of 'Witcher' <b>series;</b> <b>How</b> <b>important</b> is the <b>difference</b> <b>between</b> a <b>book</b> and a series?

Like most literary series and films adapted from the successful Netflix series, "The Witcher" is an accurate adaptation of the original source. It is not itself and it has changed. This issue became clear from the very first season, with the series trying to combine the short stories of the first two books of the series, namely, "The Last Wish" and "Sword of Destiny". The stories were intertwined in a single, long narrative that gave the audience the impression that the series had an ultimate goal and was trying to achieve it, not something like what is portrayed in the books, only the story of Witcher's life. The same trend continued until the second season of the series, which was adapted from the book "Blood of the Elves" and excerpts from the book "Time to Eat". Unlike the first two books, "Blood of the Elves" and "Eating Time" are both single and much longer stories, with Witcher's core collection consisting of five books (excluding short story collections or spin-offs) and a collection of short stories. They are not short. That's why these changes, while very logical and enjoyable for the first season of the series, were too much for the second season, which included another short story from "The Last Wish."

BingMag.com The <b>second</b> <b>season</b> of 'Witcher' <b>series;</b> <b>How</b> <b>important</b> is the <b>difference</b> <b>between</b> a <b>book</b> and a series?

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Adding sub-stories instead of changing the story

As mentioned above, the first season of the Netflix Witcher series is based on The first two books in the series, The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny, are both collections of short stories. The total number of pages of the two books in the English version is approximately 672 pages. In contrast, The Blood of the Elves, on which most of the second chapter is based, is approximately 320 pages long. So even if we judge only by the number of pages, it is obvious that a direct adaptation of this book will not be able to complete a full eight-part chapter; With the duration of each episode being one hour, which the creators of the series were looking for. So to deal with this, the producers of the series decided to add completely new scenes instead of changing the story of the book so that they could make the story longer. If we want to compare the book "Blood of the Elves" with the second season of the Witcher series, we find that most of the main events of the book took place exactly as described, but with the necessary changes to fit the specific narrative of the series.

important in the continuation of the story, in fact, their presence in the series more than the book and depicting their story is a positive point. Therefore, as mentioned, Witcher's story in the series has remained largely intact, and the changes that have been made further include the addition of sections and sub-stories to the books.

BingMag.com The <b>second</b> <b>season</b> of 'Witcher' <b>series;</b> <b>How</b> <b>important</b> is the <b>difference</b> <b>between</b> a <b>book</b> and a series?

The adventure is the same but in a different direction

Given that all the main characters of the book (at least those who have been present so far in the story) are also in the series and the motivations They and what leads them to pursue their goals have remained largely intact, it can be said that any other change that will be applied in future chapters of Witcher will follow the story of the books. As long as the ultimate goal remains the same and all the vital events that take place in the books take place as narrated, the changes that will take place will not worry the fans so much.

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Despite the flaws in these two seasons of Witcher, the series has excelled in its fidelity to book stories. If this trend continues until the end of the series, fans of Andrei Sapkovsky's original book and CD Projekt Red video games will both be satisfied.


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