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6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

BingMag.com 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

Choosing a Popular Season Among the Seasons of the Sopranos Series is like choosing one of our children and saying that we love him more than the others. Each of these chapters has its own enduring and astonishing features and is magnificent and spectacular, and while advancing the overall story of the soprano family, it introduces new sections and new characters to the audience.

  • Critics What do they say about Newark City's Many Forgetful People? The dimensions and quality of its construction increased year by year and evolved. Although the main idea of David Chase and the flawless world he created was clear from the beginning, when we look at the first episodes and the opening chapters of the series, it seems that the unprecedented ambition we saw later has not yet formed. It was as if a lot of things were being pushed forward cautiously in order for the series to take off and establish its position. Your face is also arranged according to taste. Some people like violent gangster stories, some people like complex and serious dramas. In any case, sopranos is suitable for every taste and has various and multi-layered dimensions to offer. From the worst to the best is only in comparison to the sopranos themselves because we all know there is no such thing as the "worst season of the sopranos".

    Sopranos is literally a unique series that never gets old. Years have passed since the last episode aired, and it still fascinates and amazes viewers. Not long ago, when The Many Saints of Newark, which tells the story of Tony Soprano's childhood and adolescence, was released and aired on the HBO MAX platform, the series broke the record again and its weekly viewership peaked. Took. And this shows that the soprano is still a powerful and huge work.

    The soprano was nominated for 111 Emmy Awards during its broadcast years, receiving 21 awards in various disciplines, and critics gave it very high marks. On IMDb, with 338,000 votes, he received a score of 9.2 out of 10, and critics of Raton Tomitoz gave him a score of 92%.

    Warning - there is still a risk of leaking the story of the series

    6. Chapter Five

    BingMag.com 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

    • Broadcast Year: 2004
    • Number of episodes: 13
    • Audience rating in Raton Tomitoz: 92%
    • Critics rating In Raton Tomitosis: 98%

    In the fifth season of The Sopranos, we met a number of extraordinary new characters, many of whom were played by high-ranking actors. But Phil Leotardo, this moody man, was the only character who continued to appear in the series and had a big impact on the story. Steve Buscemi was added to the fifth season as Tony Bay with an engaging storyline. He wanted to return to normal life now. But her stories and adventures came to an end very soon and her presence was more like a guest actor.

    The most famous and influential moment of this season is where Adriana finally faces her inevitable fate and Silvio puts her in a sequence. Shocking kills and thus becomes one of the saddest death scenes in the series. An event that also paved the way for Christopher's downfall and destruction. In this chapter, the importance of the sub-narratives, which continued to play a key role, became clearer than before. The lines of the story that were connected and the terrible and great events took place.

    5. Season Four

    BingMag.com 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

    • Broadcast Year: 2002
    • Number of episodes: 13
    • Audience rating in Raton Tomitoz: 97%
    • Critics rating In Raton Tomitosis: 91%

    Chapter Four Although most of his moments and situations did not reach a climax, he had a deadly tension and suspense that really impressed the audience. There was the annoying threat of getting rid of and killing someone everywhere, but it seldom came true, and that kept us in constant worry and anxiety. Johnny Sack had ordered the murders of Carmine and Ralphie, but despite all the tensions and dangers that had formed and peaked in previous seasons, the fatal event we had been waiting for did not happen.

    Christopher and Adriana's relationship It had also reached complex places. Christopher struggled with addiction, and Adriana secretly sat down with the FBI. But in the end, Ralph was not killed on Johnny's orders, as everyone expected. Instead, Tony killed him over a heated argument over a horse. Christopher's addiction became so dangerous and serious that many rushed to find a way to save him. The sequence that everyone gathered for Christopher to walk home was one of the funniest and best parts of the season, showing all the main actors together, something we saw in The Fourth Season with Nadrit.

    4. Season 3

    BingMag.com 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

    • Broadcast year: 2001
    • Number of episodes: 13
    • Audience rating in Raton Tomitoz: 99%
    • Critics rating In Raton Tomitoz: 100%

    The third season, instead of a general storyline that goes on to tell the whole story of the series, had a lot of great episodes and unique side stories that we will never forget. Will not be erased. The best episode of the season was "Employee of the Month," in which Tony's psychiatrist, Dr. Mulfi, was the victim of a brutal rape and faced a complex and profound moral dilemma; To take advantage of his relationship and acquaintance with Tony Soprano and take revenge on the aggressor, or to do moral and legal work.

    Tony Soprano's own conscience and morality also face a serious challenge in the third chapter. Ralphie crossed a major red line by killing Tracy, and Tony was the only one to react like the audience and take a stand against this horrific crime. The side story about Jackie Jr. was also fascinating and engaging. His father, a high-ranking member of the Mafia, did not want his son to get involved in this bloody business, but the process was not solved so easily. Barrens) in which Christopher and Pauli got stuck in snowy areas and were forced to finish the unfinished work in the most ridiculous way possible, while creating some of the funniest and funniest moments of the whole series.

    3. Chapter 6

    BingMag.com 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

    • Broadcast year: 2006 and 2007
    • Number of episodes: 21 (played in two separate episodes)
    • Audience rating in Raton Tomitoz: 97%
    • Critics' rating in Raton Tomitosis: 89%

    In the sixth and final chapter of The Sopranos, Tony stopped pretending to be a good man and He became a brutal mafia boss. He also proved to everyone how special appearances are when you are a high-ranking member of the Mafia. John Tony's assassination attempt this season will take him two steps away from realizing that if he falls short and looks weak, he will be fired soon.

    Tony takes action after recovery To re-establish his position, but faced a major obstacle like Phil Leotardo, who was now the big negative character of the sixth season. Something that made Tony work harder and tastier than before.

    But we all know the last chapter of The Sopranos with its ambitious and controversial ending, which caused a great deal of controversy. At the end of the series, we do not see a clear end for Tony Soprano and his family. Everything ends at once and the image goes black. As we entered a part of the lives of these people in the first part of the first chapter, we were separated from them so that we could guess the fate of each of them. This unusual ending has caused a great deal of controversy among the series' fans ever since, and has increased our fascination with the world of the sopranos and their characters.

    2. Season One

    BingMag.com 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

    • Broadcast Year: 1999
    • Number of episodes: 13
    • Audience rating in Raton Tomitoz: 97%
    • Critics rating In Raton Tomitosis: 98%

    The first season of The Sopranos laid the foundations of one of the most popular, successful, and streamlined series in television history in the best possible way. All the scenes of this season are important, every dialogue that is exchanged and every look between the characters, later plays a central role in the story.

    In this season, we also have one of the best episodes of the whole series. The "College" episode in which Tony takes his daughter Medo to a variety of universities to choose from, while accidentally encountering a former FBI spy. An event that eventually leads Tony to commit one of his most brutal murders.

    Each episode of this season heralds an amazing phenomenon that is set to change television and serialization forever. When we watched the final episode of the first season, we knew we were witnessing a historic event, and more shocking adventures were to follow.

    Season 2

    BingMag.com 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best

    • Broadcast year: 2000
    • Number of episodes: 13
    • Audience rating in Raton Tomitoz: 99%
    • Critics rating In Raton Tomitosis: 94%

    What made us choose the second season of The Sopranos as the best season of the series on this list is the presence of Ritchie April. Ritchie April was a former high-profile member of the Dimeo Mafia family and is now back to hell for Tony Soprano. Tony always has a lot of enemies, but probably no one got on his nerves as much as Ritchie April. In The Sopranos, he plays the same role that Lalo plays in "Better Call Saul." Before him, it was a good and spectacular series, but since it comes, everything goes a few steps further and becomes extraordinary. Throw well. Interestingly, he is not ultimately killed by Tony, but Tony's sister and Ritchie's fiance, Janice, get the job done. . Possi now has to spy on Tony, and that's why he fights with himself every day. When his betrayal is finally revealed and Tony ends his life in the boat, one of the saddest moments of the series takes place, and Tony Soprano says goodbye with a broken heart and teary eyes to someone who was once his friend and friend, and plunges his body into the water. We all knew this was going to happen, but we were still shocked and surprised.

Source: Screen Rant , WhatCulture

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