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Samira in the series "Zakhm Kari"; A role for the rebirth of Rana Azadivar

BingMag.com Samira in the series 'Zakhm Kari'; A role for the rebirth of Rana Azadivar

Lady Macbeth has a complex and multidimensional personality in Shakespeare's Macbeth play. Lady Macbeth is a mysterious, ambitious and cunning character who does everything to achieve her goal. We see this woman as more ambitious and power-hungry than her husband, and in a way, Lady Macbeth behind the scenes arranges everything, and Macbeth is her toy. In Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth lays the foundation stone for the destruction of her family and a dynasty, and eventually drowns herself in this vortex.

Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian According to the characteristics of this character , Chose Rana Azadivar for one of the most important and sensitive roles in her series. Mahdavian, who made the series "Work Wound" with a look at Macbeth's tragedy, took a big risk to choose the role of Samira, who is basically the play's Lady Macbeth. He gave the role of Samira to Rana Azadivar, who did not have a memorable film and acting during these years, in order to have a lot of courage in doing so. Samira is one of the main characters in the series "Wound of Work" and if this choice of role failed, the whole series would be questioned.

Good start strong>

But why do we say that Mahdavian took the risk and dared to give this role to Azadi? The reason goes back to Azadivar's acting record. The actor has not played a prominent role in cinema in recent years, and there is not much left in the minds of the people about his plays except a series of ordinary roles. He started with important films and famous directors, and at the beginning of his career, many thought that she would become one of the female stars of Iranian cinema in the future, but choosing the wrong roles turned Azadiour into a second-rate actor.

In his first experience of acting in cinema, this actor played one of the supporting roles in the movie "Lizard" and he was able to play the role well and his acting became one of the strengths of the movie. . His flirtations with Reza Marmolak were very good and right, and this actor did not underestimate himself in the face of a famous actor like Parviz Parastavi and played a very good role.

He had found these directors and was selected by Asghar Farhadi for the film "About Eli". This film was one of the most important films in Iranian cinema in the eighties and was screened and praised in many foreign festivals.

BingMag.com Samira in the series 'Zakhm Kari'; A role for the rebirth of Rana Azadivar

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From playing the role of Nazi in " About Ellie "We no longer know of the lasting role that remains in the minds of the audience, and everything he has played has been ordinary and low-quality roles. These wrong choices dealt the biggest blow to the actress' career and caused her to stay away from the circle of female stars of Iranian cinema.

Revive the name and show Restoring abilities in cinema is hard work. Sometimes the missed opportunities are not returned and there is no opportunity to make up for it. But this time it was a chance with Azadi Yar to show his abilities once again in a popular work. By giving the role of Samira to Azadivar, Mahdavian gave the actor a great chance to show that his taste and talent in acting is not over yet and he can still shine in important and sensitive roles.

Sometimes actors, by choosing trivial roles, forget what abilities and talents they have in acting, and when a director discovers that inner element and the actor realizes his abilities, he only realizes that he should not be present in anything and for Money should not be given a positive answer to any role.

Mahdavian is very good at playing his actors. He has shown well in his films what a great ability he has to lead his actors to create a character as best he can. He has shown that he is not afraid to take risks since he chose Hadi Hejazifar for the important and sensitive role of "Standing in the Dust". He later did the same with Javad Ezzati and gave him one of the most serious roles in his film to show that he has a great ability in choosing and recognizing the actor.

Director's Risk

The director of "Wound Work" with the same ability chose Rana Azadivar for one of the main roles in her new series and Someone took a big risk by doing this. Of course, this risk paid off very quickly, and Azadivar has so far been able to play the role of Samira in the best way so far, and it has become one of the charms of the series. She is more in the role of Samira than before and has been overshadowed and now the series revolves around her character and decisions.

Samira's character is like the character of Lady Macbeth. And it is multidimensional. By playing this role, Azadivar has shown that he has gained an understanding of Lady Macbeth's character and can correctly play different dimensions of Samira's personality. Playing the role of Samira reminded us of the ability and talent of a free actor. Playing in "Wounding" made this actress' potential abilities real.

If we want to go back to the first episodes of the series and analyze Samira's character, she is a strong woman and We see strong that she wants her husband to have a strong personality and not show weakness. After the very first parts, it becomes clear that the character of the owner of Samira's influence is under the influence of Samira, and in fact, it is Samira who pulls him this way and that.

Samira She is behind all the owner's ambitions and she is the one who incites her husband to make evil decisions. The owner is defenseless against Samira, stupid and humble, and it is Samira who has the upper hand. Samira does not hesitate to kill people to achieve her goals and easily eliminates everything in her path.

BingMag.com Samira in the series 'Zakhm Kari'; A role for the rebirth of Rana Azadivar

ambitious and vindictive

despite Samira's evil plans We do not see completely black. His character in the series is not so black that we do not like him, nor is he white enough that we fall in love with him. He may have a cold personality and a hard heart, but inwardly we know that he does not do all this for himself and what love he has for his children. She does everything to protect her children and this motherly love makes us not hate her.

Now we all understand Samira's intentions and actions, but again from We do not hate him. Because we know what deep wounds he has suffered and we understand that he is doing all this for a bigger purpose, which is his children. Samira was not inherently filthy and naughty, and her circumstances made her such a person. This is probably the most important reason not to hate him. Sometimes traces of remorse can be found in the depths of Samira. Like all wounded sailors, he has a sense of revenge, ambition, cruelty, remorse, and remorse, and he constantly struggles with these feelings.

She does not like to have a weakness while He knows he is not that strong. Samira only pretends to be strong and is very vulnerable in difficult situations. He does everything to look strong, but he is disarmed in front of his children and sinks into a defensive lock. Like everyone else, he has weaknesses and becomes fragile against his weaknesses. He knows this, but he does not want to accept and believe it. Samira is stubborn with herself and stubbornly does not want to accept the truth for herself.

Playing with the face

Samira is thirsty for revenge along with her ambitions. Inside, many wild and hungry wolves are thirsty for revenge, but he does not allow this sense of revenge to show on his face. Most of the time, his face is calm and emotionless and does not show any headaches. Sometimes his face becomes so empty of emotion and anger that nothing in this world can shake him, and sometimes he becomes so weak and fragile that it seems to disappear with a breeze.

She may have to go through her husband to achieve her goals, but she still feels sorry for him. Samira both wants to drown her husband in misery and misery, and her plans for her husband cause her annoyance. She knows that the owner is betraying her, but she needs her betrayal to achieve her goal, but her husband still suffers from this and sheds tears.

One of the best moments of a freelancer game is when he plays these dual modes. When he is breaking from within but does not want to show his feelings with his face and it is only his eyes that show his inner turmoil with their tears. He sheds tears without feeling eyes and these tears show the inner pain of this person to the viewer.

BingMag.com Samira in the series 'Zakhm Kari'; A role for the rebirth of Rana Azadivar


Azadi has one of his best roles as Samira and Good can play the states of a loving, insane, hard-hearted, filthy and sometimes even innocent character. This multi-faceted character has made Samira's character difficult and complicated. Samira has the most complex character in the series "Wound of Work" and Azadivar has done this role in the best way.

This is the main art of Azadiour in the series. He plays well and his game is not exaggerated. Laughing, getting angry, crying, and all of Samira's character states are right. Azadi 's acting has made Samira's character believable and transformed her from a clichd type into a multidimensional character.

He showed that he has the necessary abilities to accept big plans. He introduced the audience to a new aspect of his play, and perhaps playing the role of Samira would be a rebirth for freedom. Now he and we know what ability and talent he has in acting, and if he makes the right choices this time, we will have to wait for him to shine in cinema as well. It is as if he has taken a new path on the eve of his fortieth birthday. ul>

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