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Sahar Dolatshahi; Smart choices on the line of luck (actor's portrait)

BingMag.com <b>Sahar</b> <b>Dolatshahi;</b> <b>Smart</b> <b>choices</b> on the <b>line</b> of <b>luck</b> <b>(actor's</b> portrait)

Which role is the most vivid image you remember of him? You will face the same problem when talking about Sahar Dolatshahi's career. He has been seen in all his roles, even his short role in the movie "When We Are Sleeping" directed by Bahram Baizai.

Dolatshahi has been in the center of attention in all these years, even if he had a supporting and short role. We will get to his performance style and acting power, but perhaps this prominence of his presence in most works is the main feature of Sahar Dolatshahi, which of course should be added to some luck in his acting career. Last year, Dolatshahi became one of the important and controversial figures by appearing in the two series "I want to live" and "Qurbageh" on the home show network. For a few days now, the news of a new theater that will soon be staged with the presence of this actor has been heard. Now he has been continuously active in the world of acting for more than 20 years and has a remarkable record that cannot be easily overlooked.

  • The home network and all its stars; From the song "Shabahangi" to the ezzati "Zakham Kari" But Dolatshahi started acting 5 years before that at the age of 20, playing in experimental theaters. His experiences in the theater stage made him able to attract the opinion of critics and audiences in the first two projects he was chosen to play in front of the camera. Farhadi chose Sahar Dolatshahi for a short role of three scenes in the movie "Chershanbe Suri". He had a hard job and had to act emotionally and controlled in front of the main actress of this film, Hedida Tehrani. If you have seen this movie, it is impossible for you to forget the scene where Hedida Tehrani and Sahar Dolatshahi are sitting on the edge of the bathtub and Tehrani tells his wife about his doubts. Hedayat Asghar Farhadi and the perfect acting of Hedah Tehrani came to the aid of Sahar Dolatshahi to show in the same scene that he knows how to act.

    BingMag.com <b>Sahar</b> <b>Dolatshahi;</b> <b>Smart</b> <b>choices</b> on the <b>line</b> of <b>luck</b> <b>(actor's</b> portrait)

    A year after that, for Dolatshahi, it was accompanied by a situation that made his face more and more known to the public. He was invited by Marzieh Broumand to play in the series "Hodhead Bookstore". Although the series was criticized for its flowery social messages, it was still successful and was watched by a wide audience. Dolatshahi had a longer and more emotional role in this series, and because she was married to the main character at the end, she was more memorable. But in any case, he was in the beginning of his film career and if you compare his performances in recent years with this series and Farhadi's film, you will easily notice his gradual maturity in these years.

    And the TV that he had, he was still active in the theater and went on stage with directors like Hamid Amjad, Attila Pesiani and Amirreza Kohestani. This made his physical preparation and expression help him more in visual works. Although he was seen more after playing in the movie "Mime Like Mother" as a supporting role alongside Golshifteh Farahani, but in 1987 he preferred to use the actor Bahram Bayzaei and played a marginal and short role in the movie "When We Are Sleeping". He attended. At first we talked about luck in his acting career. If we look at the first few works of his career, we will understand the impact of this category on his acting process. Which actor do you know who has worked with three big and prominent directors and a talented figure like Farhadi in the first three years of his career in cinema? ?

    A fateful year

    Dolatshahi's magic did not have much room to play in "When we are all asleep" and was only a factor in the service of the scene and the progress of the story. He played the role of the stage secretary of a director who wanted to make a film but all the factors were against him. He even had a few dialogues, but in any case, all of these helped him to improve his acting ability.

    Besides appearing in the last production of Bahram Bayzaei, Sahar Dolatshahi had several strange and fateful events in 2007. also experienced His first appearance was in the unfinished project "Morning Child" by Behrooz Afkhami, which has remained unfulfilled until today. The second important event was his marriage with young Rambad. A marriage that on the surface may be thought to have nothing to do with his career, but the fact is that this marriage changed his professional path to a great extent. But two other special things happened to him. The first was to be in front of Abbas Kiarostami's camera to act in the movie "Shirin", exactly in the same year that he had collaborated with Baizai. Another surprise that we find in the career of a few Iranian actors. Of course, the movie "Shirin" did not require a lot of acting due to its features and coordinates.

    The last important event of 2007 for Sahar Dolatshahi, his name was placed among the candidates for the statue of the best supporting actress from the movie critics festival for acting. It was in the movie "Gold and Copper". In this movie, he plays the role of a hospital superintendent who The wife of a cleric is hospitalized there due to MS. The supporting role was exactly what Dolatshahi had become an expert in in the first few years of his acting in front of the camera. After marrying Sahar Dolatshahi, he directed the series "Passengers" with a script directed by Peyman Ghasemkhani for Channel Three TV. Dolatshahi, who had worked mostly in the drama and social genres, was chosen as the female lead actress in the "Passengers" series. This series is one of the popular satirical series of the 80s, which introduced an experienced figure in the theater like Hassan Majouni to the TV audience. But working with Javan and with a text by Ghasemkhani, Sahar Daulatshahi created the opportunity to cope well with the role of a space creature in the form of an earthly woman. After a few years, Dolatshahi returned to television with a comedy work, which multiplied his fame.

    But after the "Passengers" series, it was as if the luck and intelligence that was always seen in choosing his roles suddenly disappeared. He appeared in two other comedy series, "Nabarde Ranj" directed by Alireza Bazarafshan and "Family Conspiracy" directed by Rambad Javan. But as seen in his first comedy work, these two serials did not create an opportunity for Dolatshahi to play differently. Neither the comedy of these two series was right, nor was Sahar Dolatshahi a suitable actor for the characters he played. In the cinema, despite working with Kamal Tabrizi in the movie "Runner of the Earth", "Shallow Yellow Sky" directed by Bahram Tawakli, "Delam Mei Khudad" directed by Bahman Farmanara and "Metropol" directed by Masoud Kimiaei, but it seems that Sahar Dolatshahi was in a situation where He could not make the right choice, nor were there different offers coming his way. He could not even use the presence in the works of people like Farmanara and Kimiaei to improve his career path.

    During this period of recession, Sahar Dolatshahi only once in a short role in the third season of "Icey Heart" in the year 91, appeared drastically different. Of course, in those years, the home television network had not yet been popular with the general audience, and his role in this series remained far from the eyes of many. Dolatshahi appeared for the first time in this series in the role of a femme fatale and the leader of the gang of criminals, with a different make-up. The role that helped him reach his first Simorgh role three years later, and also ten years later, he used some of its features in reaching the character he played in the series "Frog".

    Prolific and first Simorgh

    The years 1993 and 1994 are the most productive years of Sahar Dolatshahi's artistic career. In these two years, he acted in a total of 8 films, of course, two of them, including "Aradatmand, Nazanin Bahare Tina" directed by Abdolreza Kahani, have not been released yet. In addition, he left television forever since 1993, and in his busy path, he staged two important and widely seen theaters, "Drought of Lies" by Mohammad Yaqoubi and "Shakespeare's Women's Gathering" by Bahare Rahnama. In addition to being productive in these two years, which made her a permanent face on the screen, the news of her breakup with young Rambad had also put Sahar Dolatshahi in the center of media attention. The news that many consider to have no effect on his excessive work in those years.

    But the most important event of 2013 for Sahar Dolatshahi was acting in the movie "Ice Age" directed by Mustafa Kiaei. He was in this movie in a supporting role named Asal. Asal was the owner of a women's hair salon, who in reality also worked as a drug butler and taking women to night parties. Using the experience of the series "Icy Heart", Dolatshahi got out of his usual innocence and proved himself more to the audience and critics with an extroverted sensual game. The same game brought him the first Simorgh best supporting actress. After this Samirgh, he experienced an even more important event and made his way to the Cannes Film Festival with the film "Varungi" directed by Behnam Behzadi. A different experience that brought him closer to world cinema. The Smart choice of roles made him trust Mustafa Kiaei again in 1994 and prove himself once again in the comedy genre by playing in the movie "Barcode". This movie was one of the best sellers of its time and after 6 years of the "Passengers" series, it again proved Dolatshahi's acting power in different genres to the audience. Sahar Dolatshahi had the opportunity to appear in the most different role in his career. The role that brought her the Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actress for the second time. She, who was always in the role of non-religious women in her films, series and theaters, showed a different image of strict government women by appearing in the movie "Cold Sweat". Wearing a chador and using the tone that helped him create this role the most, he shined in the movie Sohail Biraqi. Dolatshahi has decided to avoid repetitive roles and new experiences achieved Acting in "Istanbul Crossroads" as a pregnant woman with a Gilani accent and also accepting a schizophrenic character in Nima Iglima's first work called "Amir" exposed Sahar Dolatshahi to very different roles from what she had seen up to that day. Contract. "Istanbul Crossroads" was not a good movie overall and there were many negative reviews about it, but Sahar Dolatshahi played her role properly. In "Amir" he was able to test his capacity to play exaggerated and unnatural roles. But his last character in 1996 was the experience of being in a historical role on the theater stage with "Concert Show 3". In this theater, she played the role of Rudabah, Rostam's mother, a Shahnameh character. Although this show had technical flaws and had many supporters and opponents, Dolatshahi, with his long experience on the theater stage, was considered one of the important actors of this show.

    BingMag.com <b>Sahar</b> <b>Dolatshahi;</b> <b>Smart</b> <b>choices</b> on the <b>line</b> of <b>luck</b> <b>(actor's</b> portrait)

    The case of 1996 for Sahr Daulatshahi was closed with a new and remarkable experience. He was invited to attend the Dubai Film Festival as a judge. The young and fledgling festival, which despite the fact that the official Iranian media did not pay attention to the news of Dolshtahi's presence in it, made the name of this actor popular again.

    The years of moderation; Trial and error in new media

    From 1997 to today, Sahar Dolatshahi is no longer so prolific as in the mid-90s that his name and work can be seen in every media and every movie that is released. It is as if he has decided to focus more on choosing roles and avoid being seen at all costs. In the cinema, he has appeared in only two works, "Atabai" directed by Niki Karimi and "Khat Fadzi" directed by Farnoosh Samadi. The works that are placed in the middle of his career compared to his choices in the past years in the cinema. Of course, "Atabay" had a successful release and attracted the opinion of critics and audiences, but "The Hypothetical Line" has not yet reached the general release. On the other hand, Dolatshahi had a gap of 4 years from the theater until just a few months ago, which of course was not affected by the spread of Corona during this period. Warm and calm among the nervous world of this year's films

But one of Sahar Dolatshahi's big turns in the last 3 years has been towards the home show network, a medium where most artists are active these days. Since the middle of 2018, with a stubborn competition between the two big platforms, Filmo and Namava, the home show has attracted the attention of the audience more than before. With the spread of Corona and the closing of cinemas, the popularity of this media reached its maximum and Sahar Dolatshahi, like many of his colleagues, did not lag behind the mass migration to the home television network.

But the fact is that Dolatshahi, like many figures He was not new to this media. He had tried appearing in this media since 1991, and before the widespread popularity of the home television network, he experienced presence in this media once again with the series "Alijnab" produced by Sam Harukan. Of course, the unsuccessful experiment was prevented from being broadcast for various reasons, and Dolatshahi's game was not seen at all. "Made in Iran 2" was Sahar Dolatshahi's third appearance on the home show network. The series, whose first season was written by Peyman Ghasemkhani and directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi, was noticed, and new creators insisted on producing its sequel. This pointless insistence on making sequels not only reduces the popularity of "Made in Iran", which also created an almost dark point in Sahar Dolatshahi's career. Playing in the series "Frog" directed by Human Sidi, once again showed that luck and intelligence of choosing the right one, if they are together, will have a very successful result. According to statistics and polls, "Qurbageh" has been one of the most watched and different works of this field since the beginning of the widespread serialization wave in home shows. The role of Frank was a character with craziness and sometimes antics that allowed Dolatshahi to show his acting ability well.

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the frog; A series that did not want to be easy and simple

The good experience of "Frog" encouraged him to accept the offer to play the lead role in the series "I want to survive". An offer that just came to him after two decades had passed since he started acting. Dolatshahi was a specialist in supporting roles, and now she had to play more than 20 episodes in the role of a young girl, with the same characteristics of the characters she played in the eighties; Innocent, desperate and in love. On the other hand, she had to play the role of a girl who is 15 or 16 years younger than herself. Makeup came to his aid, but he himself did not allow the audience to notice the age difference between Sahar Dolatshahi and Homa Haqhi's character with a correct and controlled acting. His confrontation with the different Hamed Behdad that we saw in this series was one of the positive points that helped him play better.

BingMag.com <b>Sahar</b> <b>Dolatshahi;</b> <b>Smart</b> <b>choices</b> on the <b>line</b> of <b>luck</b> <b>(actor's</b> portrait)

  • Why should we watch the series "I want to stay alive"?

Now Sahar Dolatshahi is ending her acting career at the age of 20, which has experienced ups and downs. experienced But except in some special cases, usually intelligence and luck have helped him in choosing roles. He is in the works Even though he was unsuccessful, he did his work and committed to the project, and provided what he could. Maybe this is the secret of always being seen and being in the center of attention.

Source: screenrant

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