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Ryan Gosling's 16 Best Movies (Portrait of an Actor)

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

Ryan Gosling (full name Ryan Thomas Gosling, born in 1980 in Canada) as a teenager and with a brief appearance in the movie "Mickey Mouse Club" (The Mickey Mouse Club) produced in 1995-1993 by Disney Company, he entered the field of acting. From there, Gosling continued to work at a steady pace, before landing roles in his first feature films such as 2001's The Believer and 2002's Murder by Numbers. , played in series like "Goosebumps" and "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes".

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However, Ryan Gosling's first notable and memorable role was playing Noah Calhoun in the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook opposite Rachel McAdams. After the massive and surprising success of the film, Gosling began his path to becoming a successful A-list actor in Hollywood. He went on to take on more roles in a range of genres, from drama to action, romance to comedy, and is now a well-known actor.

Unlike many of Gosling's temporary stars of his era, he always used his talent. and has used his star status to produce a large number of high-quality, critically-acclaimed and critically-acclaimed films, many of which have stood the test of time with no expiration date. .

Ryan Gosling, who is currently starring in the movie "Barbie" (Barbie), which is scheduled for 2023, has already won a Golden Globe Award (for his role in the movie "LaLand") and three Barr has been nominated for this award (for the films "Crazy, Stupid, Love", "Half of March" and "Lars and the Real Girl"), and has the honor of being nominated for an Oscar twice (for the films "La LaLand" and "Lily Half") in He has recorded his professional record.

Next, we named the top 16 roles of this talented actor.

16. Fracture

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Gregory Hoblitt
  • Produced: 2007

Ryan Gosling, who proved early in his career that he can confidently appear alongside the greats, In 2008, he starred opposite Anthony Hopkins in the film "Failure" directed by Gregory Hublit.

Gosling played Willie Beachum, a talented prosecutor who wanted to leave his current job to join a private law firm. . Before leaving, he accepts a seemingly easy case; A man named Ted Crawford (played by Hopkins) shot his wife in an attempt to kill her and now appears in court as his own lawyer. When it turns out that Ted is much smarter and more cunning than expected, the trial turns from a simple case into a long and complicated court battle. Gosling has made a career move in the years since The Diary. Critics liked her performance in the film and MovieWeb called it "shocking". Although "Failure" is by no means Gosling's Best film, it is still a good performance and a notable work in his career.

15. Remember the Titans

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Boaz Yakin
  • Product: 2000

Gosling in one of his first film experiences in 2000 and in a movie called "Titans" Remember" and based on a true story, he co-starred with Denzel Washington as Alan Basley, a young football player.

The film, directed by Boaz Yakin, is set in Virginia in 1971 and focuses on Washington's Herman Boone. is coaching a football team at TC Williams High School, a school that used to be exclusively for whites. They say it was very minor. Looking back now, it's fascinating to watch the actor's early work, and we know what a star he'll soon become. "Remember the Titans" is an inspiring film with an engaging script that depicts real-world events.

14. The Slaughter Rule

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Alex Smith>
  • Production: 2003

In 2002, Gosling was still completely unknown, playing another high school football player in "The Killing Act". Directed and written by Alex Smith and Andrew J. Smith.

Gosling plays Roy Chutney, a teenager who quit his high school football team just days before his father died. on which Seeing football as an escape, he accepts the offer of a newcomer to town named Gideon (played by David Morse), who recruits him for a six-man football team called the Renegades. The drama examines the relationship between player and coach on and off the field.

"The Killing Act" may have similarities in content and message to "Remember the Titans," but the former is something gave it to Gosling, which he was deprived of in the latter; The lead role.

New York magazine wrote in its review: "After making a name for himself as a violent, self-hating Jewish fanatic in 'The Believer', 22-year-old Ryan Gosling delivers another memorable performance. presented as a lonely orphan character who hates the world in the movie "The Killing Rule".

13. The Place Beyond the Pines

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Derek Sainfers
  • Product: 2013

"A place beyond the pines" directed by Derek Sainfers (who also participated in writing the screenplay Hades) tells three interconnected stories that include a motorcycle bank robber (played by Gosling), a rookie cop (played by Bradley Cooper) and the impact of their actions on their sons fifteen years later.

Entering 2012, Gosling had proven his dramatic abilities several times with memorable performances in films such as Blue Valentine and Drive. He did it again with A Place Beyond the Pines, showing once again that he can play a complex and nuanced character.

Most critics of the film agreed that The performance of Gosling and his co-stars was good. But some paid more attention to Gosling. They wrote: "Gosling creates a ruckus in every wonderful second he's in the film. The first half of the movie is really mesmerizing."

12. Crazy Stupid Love

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Glenn Ficarra , John Rico
  • Production: 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love, which marks his first collaboration with his longtime co-star. But Stone is recognized, showing how much their chemistry makes a movie's romance worthwhile, and it's no wonder they've gone on to star in romantic Movies two more times (so far). But Stone isn't the only person Gosling has good chemistry with in "Crazy, Stupid, Love," she and Steve Carell, whose characters act like two poles of a magnet, also had remarkable chemistry.

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The film, written by Dan Fogelman and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Recqua, stars Steve Carell as Cal Weaver, a man who He has an identity crisis after his wife Emily (played by Julianne Moore) filed for divorce. Relaxing in a pub, Cal meets Jacob (played by Gosling), and Jacob begins to teach him how to get back into a relationship.

Critics have nothing but praise for the Gosling couple and They didn't have Carl and wrote that: "Seeing these two together is very interesting and these two have their own brand of chemistry that takes the film to good places" and of course they believed about Gosling: "It is Gosling who steals the scene. the thief The young star proves with his performance that his comedic skills are as good as his dramatic skills.

11. Lars and the Real Girl

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Craig Gillespie
  • Product: 2007

In the same year that "Failure" was released, another of Gosling's main roles took place. , though a very different role.

Lars and the Real Girl, written by Nancy Oliver and directed by Craig Gillespie, cast Gosling as a shy young man who has trouble making friends. did Announcing to his brother Gus (Paul Schneider) and his wife Karin (Emily Mortimer) that he met a woman on the Internet, he presents them with a life-size doll that she says is real. After a doctor's advice, the family decides to go with him.

In this comedy-drama, Gosling showed aspects of his ability that we had seen less of him until then. Gosling's performance as a man without confidence and charm is spectacular and a little disturbing. Critics wrote of his performance: "All the actors in this film are top-notch, especially Gosling, who never strays far from his character." . Empire magazine wrote: "A strange and touching romance and another sign that Gosling is one of the Best young actors out there today."

10. The Ides of March

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: George Clooney
  • Product: 2011

The year 2011 was a good year for Gosling with the films "Crazy, Stupid, Love", "Driving" and "Mid-March" as he received three acclaimed films. further cemented his status as a movie star.

In Mid March, he co-starred with George Clooney in a political drama directed by Clooney (who also wrote the screenplay with Grant Hesloff and Brian Oliver). . Focusing on Governor Mike Morris (played by Clooney), a presidential candidate in the days leading up to Ohio's crucial primary, he and his young campaign manager Steven Myers (played by Gosling) become suspicious of political betrayal by those around them.

Gosling's performance "excellent". They noted Gosling's frequent appearances in this year's films and gave it a positive review, writing: "Another great performance from Ryan Gosling, in a year where he's proven to be a popular actor and top of his class."

9. The Believer

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Henry Bean
  • Production: 2002

The film that put Gosling on the radar of directors, 2002's "Momen", also scored the highest score of His films precede "The Diary".

The Believer, written and directed by Henry Bain, revolves around Danny Balint (played by Gosling), a young Jewish man who believes in neo-Nazi philosophy. Portraying this complex and nuanced subject was no easy task, and his ability to tackle such a complex role drew critical acclaim. His portrayal of maddened hatred as he gradually confronts his inner doubts is terrifyingly believable". he does. His performance is brilliant and really scary."

8. Blue Valentine

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Derek Cianfrance
  • Production: 2010

Gosling's stunning co-starring with Michelle Williams brings "Sad Valentine" to life. A work with a seemingly ridiculous script that needed considerable charm to turn into a worthwhile story.

This film depicts an evolving relationship, from a promising courtship to the collapse of a marriage. Directed by Derek Cianfrance (with whom Gosling collaborated on "A Place Beyond the Pines"), the story is told in a non-linear fashion, following the early days of Dean (Gosling's) and Cindy's (Williams) relationship and the cold days of their marriage.

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As we have seen Gosling in several different situations before, He is great at connecting with his co-stars, both romantically and non-romantically. She and her equally talented co-star Williams come together to create a magnetic pull between their characters, both positive and negative.

A rave review of the film reads: Gosling's fragile performance is well coordinated, offering a timeless picture of love, passion, agony, and despair.

The film is difficult to watch at times, but the performances are compelling enough to keep your eyes peeled. keep on the screen all the time.

7. First Man

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Damien Chazel
  • Production: 2019

Gosling's latest film, released in 2018, stars him as legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong in his early days. At NASA, it shows the years of intense training and test flight that led to the Apollo 11 mission alongside Buzz Aldrin (played by Corey Stoll) and Mike Collins (played by Lucas Haas).

The film shows Written by Josh Singer and directed by Damien Chazelle (who had a successful collaboration with Gosling in "La LaLand"), it was hardly a success at the box office. But Gosling's performance was one of the positive points of this movie. Playing a real-life character is always a gamble for actors, at Best it leads to an Oscar win, or at worst, it seems like a missed opportunity.

It seemed. That puts Gosling's performance somewhere in the middle, closer to the best-case scenario. Although the role didn't earn her an Oscar nomination, her honest performance was just what the film needed. Praising Gosling's performance as Armstrong, critics wrote, "Gosling holds his character exceptionally well, because if all you know about Armstrong is that he was fiercely introverted (but not reclusive), it's Gosling who makes you feel for him. This truth is well convinced does."

6. Blade Runner 2049 (Blade Runner 2049)

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Danny Villeneuve
  • Production: 2017

Gosling seems to enjoy acting in films that no one dares to do, and this The sequel, which was made decades after Ridley Scott's 1982 masterpiece of the same name, was one of those projects that old fans seemed hesitant to accept and new generation viewers had a hard time getting their heads around.

Blade Runner 2049, directed by Danny Villeneuve and written by Hampton Ventures and Michael Greene, follows Officer K (Gosling), a Blade Runner who discovers a buried secret that leads him to Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is lost. Decades have passed since the events of the first film. Much like the original flick, the philosophical ruminations on the nature of man, machine and what it means to be alive leave a bitter taste in the proceedings, as Kay struggles to make sense of the futuristic world that's taking shape around her. p>

In reviewing the film, Welcher praised Gosling in his lead role, writing, "Gosling's varied film roles add emotional weight to the film's aesthetic pleasures. Sometimes he appears in a more complicated film that really struggles with philosophical disciplines"

5. The Big Short

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Adam McKay>
  • Product: 2015

Adam McKay's 2015 film "The Great Recession" takes place in the wild days of the 2000s.

With the attention of banker Jared Vent (played by Ryan Gosling), hedge fund specialist Mark Baum (played by Steve Carell) and former and retired businessman Ben Rickert (played by Brad Pitt), these four men They begin to work together to take advantage of the financial crisis of 2007-2008 to make big bucks. was also placed The actors play their roles with skill and accuracy. It was a story well suited to its ensemble cast, and Gosling's contributions strengthened that dynamic alongside other talented actors.

4. Half Nelson

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Ryan Fleck
  • Product: 2006

Gosling was nominated for an Oscar for the first time with his role in "Half of a Lily" in 2006. p>

Directed by Ryan Fleck (who co-wrote the screenplay with Anna Boden), The Lily Half revolves around Dan Dunn (Ryan Gosling), a young middle school teacher working in Brooklyn. After developing a friendship with his student Derry, he finds out about Dan's drug addiction. This summary of the story makes it clear that Dan has a complex personality. Caring for his students but not himself, this role presents an inherent conflict that becomes more apparent as Dan's friendship with Derry evolves. Gosling embraces these contradictions admirably, resulting in a performance that's still worth watching even after all these years. Total Film announced in its review that this game shows Gosling's potential to become "the most talented actor of his generation".

3. The Nice Guys

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Shane Black>
  • Product: 2016

Another important success of Gosling's recent years is the comedy-action film "Good Men" directed by Shane Black. is who wrote it together with Anthony Bagarozzi. Set in 1977 Los Angeles, Gosling stars as private detective Holland March alongside Jackson Haley (Russell Crowe), a man who when a young woman named Amelia (played by Margaret Qualley) mysteriously disappears to Getting people to talk gets hired.

With a score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, "Good Men" is one of only three Gosling films to score above 90%. The film was generally well received by critics, who called it "a big bang". Of course, much of the film's success can be attributed to Gosling and Crowe making a unique combination.

Gosling in particular was popular with critics. NME wrote that he "appears as a sleazy, timid private detective in a comedy full of great wit and energy."

2. La La Land

BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Damien Chazelle Product: 2016 The second rank of this list stabilizes. "Lalaland" was an undeniable victory for viewers, critics and the box office by giving Gosling his second Oscar nomination.

    "Lalaland" was written and Directed by Damien Chazelle, the film revolves around high-flying actress Mia (played by Stone) and aspiring jazz club owner Sebastian (played by Gosling), who are quickly drawn to each other and bond over their ambitious dreams. However, as their careers progress, their relationship sours and they drift apart.

    Once again, Gosling and Stone shine together. In fact, the two were so good as a pair that it seems easy to overlook the superiority of each individually. Milly Sunday wrote of the leading man: "Gosling's smooth performance is quiet, dialogue-less and utterly convincing thanks to months of piano training." Thanks to the brilliant picture, it's likely that Gosling's performance as Sebastian will forever be one of the defining roles of his career.

    1. Drive

    BingMag.com <b>Ryan</b> <b>Gosling's</b> 16 <b>Best</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

    • Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
    • Production: 2011

    Another performance that could be a defining role for Gosling was his deadly and different performance in "Driving".

    This film, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn and written by Hossein Amini, tells the story of a skilled stunt driver who is hired as a driver to escape criminals. After developing feelings for his neighbor Irene (played by Carey Mulligan) and her young son Benicio (played by Caden Leos), the driver learns that he has been hired to work with Irene's husband (played by Oscar Isaac) on a million dollar heist.

    While the praises of the film were mainly focused on the director and cinematography, the hero of the story is the one who still remains in the minds of moviegoers after many years. Gosling found himself being compared to some of Hollywood's greatest bigwigs, as many critics wrote, "It's a play with little dialogue, but Gosling commands your attention, bringing to mind memories of James Dean or Marlon Brando in this film. It evokes."

    Supporta Report summarizes not only Gosling's role in this film, but his career in general as follows: "Gosling is completely committed to his role, and immensely talented."


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