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The rules of time travel in the movie "Adam Project"

BingMag.com The <b>rules</b> of <b>time</b> <b>travel</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Adam Project'

In Netflix's latest science-fiction film, Rayan Reynold travels back in time to 2050 and meets his 12-year-old self. . If you want to know more about the scientific side of travel to the past in AdamThe Adam project, this is for you.

Warning: This The story of the film "Project Adam reveals."

"Project Adam" tells a science fiction story about time travel, but how is such a journey (in the film) possible? <//>

About the film & Collaborations

"The Adam Project," directed by Shawn Levy and starring Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed, a He is a time traveler and travels from 2050 to 2022 to meet his 12-year-old. The young Adam is played by Walker Scobell alongside Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner. Ruffalo and Garner are back together after 18 years (their previous experience in the film was 13 Going on 30) and play the role of Adam's parents.

"Adam Project" Released on Netflix on March 11, 2022, this is Shawn Levy's second collaboration with Ryan Reynolds (after Free Guy). The director and actor are set to work together again on Deadpool 3, which has not yet been released; The film will officially introduce Marvel's Mercenary (referring to Deadpool's exaggerations and breaking the fourth wall).

In "Adam Project", Ryan Reynolds plays the adult Adam Reed Stealing his own jet plane, he intends to return to 2018 and is looking for his wife Laura, played by Zoe Saldaa. After realizing a strange anomaly, Laura travels to 2018 to solve the problem, when a jet explodes and kills her with a high probability.

But Adam believes that Laura is still alive and wants his wife. To find. In an attempt to travel to 2018, Adam accidentally lands in 2022. The adult Adam becomes acquainted with his younger version, and as the discoverer becomes, the two need each other, learn to work together, and become a team; A team to rescue Laura as well as to cope with the injuries they have suffered since their father's death. ) Are prevented from doing so. Soorian uses time travel in a way that can have catastrophic effects on the world.

Since we are talking about a time travel movie, one of the challenges of the movie is to define the rules of time travel. In the world of fairy tales, time travel is done in very different ways, depending on the world of the story and its rules. For example, in Avengers: End game, we see a version of time travel that deals with different branches of time, branches that are created by time travelers with changes in the past. A way that reminds of time travel in the movie Back to the Future. However, in Avengers, as they change the past, they are changing the future. has it. But what method does Project Adam use to travel through time, and what is its philosophy? Let's take a look at the function of time travel in a movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Adam's father's magnetic particle accelerator 18181-2.jpg ">

Adam's father, Louis (Mark Ruffalo), is a professor and quantum physicist who also works for Maya Soorian. Surian funds Lewis's research to make the Lewis massive particle accelerator a theory and into the company's facilities. There are particle accelerators in real life, and if you have been following the news of the world of science, you know that they have been very newsworthy in the last decade. The most famous particle accelerator is currently the Large Hadron at CERN. Accelerators use energy to accelerate particle beams and powerful magnets to guide and focus particles. Since 1930, particle accelerators have been used to study various aspects of physics. Is it possible to create useful wormholes in space by using enough energy or not? Useful wormholes talk about gates that can actually be used to travel in space and time, and it's the way we travel in the time we talked about earlier.

There really is a hypothesis in physics. Black holes can be used to travel back in time, but in this hypothesis, the journey is one-way and potentially deadly. Black holes can destroy any person or spacecraft he tries to pass through. But the type of wormholes we see in "Project Adam" is different. The Adam Project Accelerator creates wormholes that use a stabilization algorithm called the ISPCA (Infinitesimal Plasma Content Algorithm). The same algorithm prevents the time traveler from disintegrating and makes time travel possible.

Can wormholes be used for time travel?

BingMag.com The <b>rules</b> of <b>time</b> <b>travel</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Adam Project'

In the world of hypotheses and theories, yes it is possible. In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen used the theory of general relativity to suggest the existence of steps over time that could be used to connect two different points in space-time. This is the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, which is also very famous. Popular culture has used this theory to explain everything from intergalactic travel to time travel, and it will continue to do so. In Thor, Jane Foster calls Bifrost Paul Einstein-Rosen, something the Asgardians use to travel between nine realms, and we've seen it many times in Thor and Avengers.

Real physicists about The potential for wormholes has been hypothesized that wormholes have the potential to one day be used and moved faster than the speed of light around the universe. These are the mechanisms that may make time travel possible one day, but it is likely that this journey is only one-way. Because the wormhole must be passable, that is, the space-time traveler must pass through it and reach its destination without being harmed. One theory is that for such a possibility, there must be a substance with negative energy, and of course it must be available to us. Physicists believe that the creation of such matter is possible and that time travel is finally possible; But all of this still remains in the world of hypotheses and theories, and no real-world attempt has been made to travel through time using wormholes, at least not one that has reached the public.


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Why doesn't Project Adam use multi-world or different timelines? </</h2>

BingMag.com The <b>rules</b> of <b>time</b> <b>travel</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Adam Project'

When Adam Komson asks his older self if meeting them creates another timeline Or not, the adult responds immediately to the idea. In the world of Project Adam, time travel is very much like going back to the future; Everything that changes in the past changes the future. This calls into question the existence of a multiverse, and the adult adamantly rejects this issue. The reason that intermittent, multi-world timelines cannot exist in this film is that if they did, the story would be totally ruined and not work.

It does not change and instead creates a new timeline (which, of course, no longer exists and is deleted, like the memory of time travelers). The story of "Adam Project" emphasizes the change of the past; That is, if the Syrian had not gone back in time and changed his life, the future from which the adult Adam came would never have existed. Since this theory of time travel also uses "fixed points", only one timeline can exist and characters only exist in that one line. Even if there were several worlds in this world, that is why whatever these travelers did at the time, the parallel worlds would have no effect and would not change.

What are the "fixed points" in this film? ?

BingMag.com The <b>rules</b> of <b>time</b> <b>travel</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Adam Project'

In most time travel stories, meeting your past is a big no. ; A forbidden and sometimes dangerous event that can cause a lot of trouble (including the phenomenon of contradiction). For example, meeting a younger version of the time traveler should create new memories that flow into his mind as soon as he does something different than he remembers in 2022; The same way old Joe recalls all of Joe's work in the Looper sci-fi movie. , Or where a person is from the flow of time. The adult Adam tells his younger self that the reason he does not remember any of their encounters or subsequent adventures is that he is not yet at his right time (fixed point). He explains that everyone has only one point in time to which they belong, and that his new memories will not be encrypted until 2050. Of course, when two people help their father destroy time travel by destroying the accelerator, all the experiences they had together are erased from their memory.

Also in the first action scene of the film, we see that after the strange disintegration of one of the adult Syrian agents, Adam says that death is like this outside the fixed point. Of course, the reason for this is more commercial than scientific and logical (fictional logic). The writers of Project Adam have been creative in making sure that the film does not step into a valley of violence and scenes full of blood and broken bones, and that bad people disintegrate like a mass of dust and light.

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How does the "Adam Project" of the past affect the future?

BingMag.com The <b>rules</b> of <b>time</b> <b>travel</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Adam Project'

Changes in the past change the future, but remnants of experience remain in the memory of time travelers. Adam can not remember what he and his younger version are doing at the moment because he is not at his fixed point, but there is another way that the past affects the future. When Adam and his younger self finally meet his wife Laura in 2022, he tells them that Surian has already traveled in time to change the past and build the future that Adam came from; A future where, according to the adult Adam, his good days are like The Terminator movies.

In this future, Surian has become the master of time travel and no one can travel to the past and change anything without his permission. Laura tells Adam to go to 2018 and not let his father invent the time travel accelerator. The problem is that if Adam goes to 2018, he may never see his wife again; This has made Adam a hesitant adult and he will not go to 2018. However, Laura is not worried about losing their experience and says that everything they have done together so far has existed and been real. They may even keep a trace of these memories in their minds and thus find each other again. This is Laura's belief, and neither Adam nor the audience knows whether this will happen or not. Laura was right. When both men go to 2018 to help their father and steal an algorithm that makes time travel possible and make time travel impossible again, the memory of both people is erased from the adventures they had together and goes to "points Fixed "they return themselves. Strangely enough, however, both men keep their promises. Young Adam suddenly remembers that he has to hug his mother tightly on behalf of the adult Adam, and the adult Adam finds Laura at the university again.

This shows that there is time in the "Adam Project" on a ring. And some remnants of the ring still exist, even when the ring changes. As a result, time travelers can change the passage of time, but can not completely erase all traces of the original timeline.

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