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The role and place of music in the world of "Lord of the Rings"

BingMag.com The <b>role</b> and <b>place</b> of <b>music</b> in the <b>world</b> of 'Lord of the Rings'

For the past seventy years, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien has repeatedly proved to be a golden standard for fantasy literature that has no precedent. The world of Middle-earth has been created with such precision and detail, and its history and past are so deep and rich that it obliterates everyone and in the face of it, nothing but admiration can come from anyone. If seventy years of presence and popularity were not enough to prove this claim, Peter Jackson, by creating his great trilogy, made this work stand out more, find a place beyond ever, and its popularity will continue for decades to come.

Of course, making a cinematic adaptation of a great novel is always difficult, but Peter Jackson did it best. However, some aspects of The Lord of the Rings remain unsaid, and the role and place of music and poetry is one of them.

  • How did The Lord of the Rings change the battles of cinema forever?
  • It is not fair to say that musicplays a vital rolein the worldof the Lord of the Rings. All three volumes of the book have a total of seventy-nine poems and songs, and those who have read the books know that almost every few pages, a character begins to sing a local song or an old song.

    Although the pages Too much poetry in the middle of the story may take the reader away from the story, but many of these poems show the high potential of the Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth world and deepen the myths that Tolkien created in parallel with his story. As you know, the history of Middle-earth is much richer and richer than what we read in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and these poems are an excuse to understand more about this detailed history.

    As much as the verses in these poems tell us about past adventures, Tolkien's approach to presenting the history of his world through the story gives a great deal of information about Middle-earth itself. Tolkien was inspired to create his world from the many and varied components of our real world, but a closer look reveals that Middle-earth's world is like a crossroads between passing tribal life and the Industrial Revolution. A world familiar to Western audiences and comparable to medieval Europe.

    BingMag.com The <b>role</b> and <b>place</b> of <b>music</b> in the <b>world</b> of 'Lord of the Rings'

    There is a "Lord of the Rings" world of literature and art, but no way has yet been developed for the widespread publication of writings. They have built big roads and small crossings, but they do not have a transportation system. The concept of "travel" is equivalent to "adventure", something that rarely happens and not everyone goes to it and is always used to create myths and anecdotes. music in this world is more than just fun, it is a way to keep history and events alive so that they can be passed on from generation to generation.

    This is why it is logical that almost everyone in this world they are singing. Tolkien experimented with different literary styles in writing these verses and poems, creating a unique model for each race and genre. The poems and songs that the hobbits sing are more about fun and drinking, while the elves sing more influential and epic poems. Humans are epic poets, and their style is similar to that of the Old English. This story has made Tolkien's world seem deeper and more believable and has a stronger structure. By reading books, the audience not only follows the story, but also gets to know the culture and customs of the various races of this world and learns about the adventurous history of Middle-earth.

    BingMag.com The <b>role</b> and <b>place</b> of <b>music</b> in the <b>world</b> of 'Lord of the Rings'

    Of course, it was impossible to put all these seventy-nine poems and songs in" Lord of the Rings "movies (they had to put one song in the movie every ten minutes). But if we want to compare, the Hobbit trilogy had some improvements on the Lord of the Rings. Instead of listening to music and poetry only at parties and bars, it became part of the main story, defining the mood of the scene and the situation for the audience. In The Hobbit trilogy, Middle Eastern music and poetry came from the background to the background and had more to do with books.

    The role of music in Tolkien's creature goes even further. Those who have read "Silmarillion" know that the creator of Middle-earth, Illuvatar, first composed a picture of the world, drawing a picture of the world in the mind of Ainur (something like angels), and then they are so eager to see this world and presence. It was there that Illuvatar began to create it. Then a number of Anwar were sent to decorate this world (named Valar) to create the conditions for the presence of the children of Illuvatar. So it is not unreasonable that Middle-earth characters are so interested in singing. Poetry, music and song are institutionalized in the fabric of this world.


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