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7 riddles and unanswered questions of "Knight of the Moon" series

BingMag.com 7 <b>riddles</b> and <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of 'Knight of the Moon' series

The first season of "Knight of the Moon" is over, but there are still many questions and ambiguities about this series. "Knight of the Moon" generally defined a new character that will probably be used more in Phase 5 and the future of Marvel's cinematic world if Oscar Isaac wants to return to work.

Isaac Beauty plays several characters, including Mark Spector, Steven Grant, and, as we see in the scene after the credits and the end of The Knight of the Moon, the limousine driver, Jake Lockley. In the final episode of "Knight of the Moon" and after the previous episode focused entirely on Mark and Steven in the afterlife, we still see the characters of Leila (May Kalamawi) and the Egyptian god, Khunshu (Murray Abraham). p>

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Warning: In this text, the story of the last episode of the "Knight of the Moon" series is revealed

In this episode, we see Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) finally freeing Amit from prison. The crocodile-shaped goddess, after breaking her spell in the Great Pyramid of Giza, grows to the size of the pyramid itself, capturing the masses of the people of Cairo. The final episode brings together all the essential elements of the series by bringing Mark and Steven back to life and reuniting them with Khoshshu. The season is coming as a surprise, as this series has created many new elements for Marvel's cinematic world. The Knight of the Moon is a relatively independent project compared to other works in Marvel's cinematic world, using more new characters and introducing concepts such as rebellion in Egypt, the magic of the gods, and the afterlife, which provide a better understanding of Thor's next film: Love and thunder help. However, there are many questions about this series that should be considered now and after the end of the story.

1. Are the other gods of Enyad really dead? At the request of Amit, he conquers the other avatars. Four of the five avatars present are defeated immediately after the attack, and the avatar of Osiris, Salim (Khaled Abdala), dies in the sequel. The gods use their bodies to speak and move and control their avatars during the sessions, but it is not clear whether the gods themselves are dead or just their avatars. After the death of the avatars, the gods themselves do not appear at all and leave the bodies of their avatars (the eyes of the avatars turn silver and shine when they die). So they are probably dead. As a result, their avatars also die. This is a good example of the power of justice. We see that even the gods will die, and this series somehow refers to the character of Gore, the butcher god in Thor: love and thunder, and shows that the gods have only conditional immortality.

This introduces some interesting concepts. . One is that the role of the five prominent Egyptian gods depends on their fate. With the presence of Tort (Antonia Salib) in Davaat, we find that the role of the gods is assigned to other gods as soon as they are absent. They will work hard, because these gods now have to learn their new tasks and manage them better than their current role. However, there seem to be several pantheons in Marvel's cinematic world, and this problem may not be so serious. Another concept that comes up with regard to the dead gods of Anyad is the inevitable imbalance of the Egyptian gods. However, we have to see how serious this issue is over time.

2. Where is Anubis? What happens to him?

BingMag.com 7 <b>riddles</b> and <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of 'Knight of the Moon' series

Some believe that Arthur Harrow is actually the Egyptian god Anubis In disguise. In Egyptian mythology, he is in fact the judge, but he swallows the souls of the unworthy. In The Knight of the Moon, Amit appears to be both a judge and an executioner. Amit blames his situation on a servant who judges fairly. In a way, he shows that even if one administers justice, others may not follow that standard of judgment. The roles played by the Egyptian gods of Marvel's cinematic world seem fluid and changeable, and the free gods take on the tasks that the imprisoned gods have. In the absence of Amity and Anubis, the tower played their role, and the unbalanced spirits became sandstones forever, instead of being swallowed.

we will be. They either get caught in a spell or disappear or become mortal through an avatar. It seems to be one of the statues of the gods that Trapped is like Anubis in the Room of the Gods in Part 4, which means that his fate may be the same as before. A god can be released after the destruction of his spell, and it is possible that Anubis will appear in future works of Marvel's cinematic world.

3. Which superhero will Leila become?

BingMag.com 7 <b>riddles</b> and <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of 'Knight of the Moon' series

Leila in the Great Pyramid of Giza by offering a tower for Agree to become his avatar. However, he is adamant that he act as a temporary avatar to the tower, as he has seen the relationship between Khonshu and Mark and Steven, and this has its own ambiguities. The tower does not seem to be as abusive as its own blood, and this relationship is likely to continue for a long time. She has strong golden wings that she uses to protect herself and take off.

In fact, she is officially rooted in the comics and characters of Scarlet Scarab. The name of this character is not mentioned during the series, but considering the current situation, it seems that this is the name of Leila superhero. Leila's father called her "Little Scarab" and made her a special scarf with a Scarab design. At the psychiatric hospital, he also used a band with the Scarab symbol. Leila is one of the strongest and most developed characters in Knight of the Moon, and now that she has been introduced as an official superhero in Marvel's cinematic world, we may see her again in the future. Can they see them?

BingMag.com 7 <b>riddles</b> and <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of 'Knight of the Moon' series

They damage the surrounding areas and even damage the Great Pyramid of Giza, and bloodthirsty people throw vehicles on the road near them. These gods have a covenant according to which they should not interfere in human events. The devastation of the Battle of Bloodthirsty and Amit is clearly at odds with the Covenant of Non-Interference, but they are not in danger of being punished at this moment by the gods of Enyad, who are now apparently dead.

However, the two are probably They are not visible to the people because of the gods' reliance on avatars, especially since no one reacts to these gods fighting in Cairo. Of course, the group inside the van may have actually been fleeing for fear of the consequences of this battle (instead of the Moon Knight and Arthur).

4. Why does Jake Lockley speak Spanish? It manifests itself as the third mysterious identity, after Mark Spector and Steven Grant. In his brief presence, he sings a Guatemalan anthem and speaks only Spanish, taking Arthur Harrow out of the psychiatric hospital where he is being held. Jake is now the bloodthirsty new avatar, and everything from Jake Lockley's new Knight of the Moon costume to his future presence in the Marvel movie world is now unknown.

In the comics, Jake is a New York taxi driver. And it was rough. So his fighting skills and limousine are not surprising, but Jake's speaking Spanish certainly seems strange. "The Knight of the Moon" director Mohammad Diab said in an interview that it was Oscar Isaac's decision to make Jake speak Spanish, thereby distinguishing him from other identities. That's why Isaac decided to portray Steven Grant as a British man. Isaac, originally from Guatemala, is fluent in Spanish and decided to act instinctively when creating Jake's character.

5. Is Amit dead?

BingMag.com 7 <b>riddles</b> and <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of 'Knight of the Moon' series

Amit penetrated Arthur's body through a spell to It will be easier to kill him. However, even in the mortal state, the dynamism of Amit and Arthur makes them a strong team. In the scene after the credits, Jake Lockley returns to the back seat of the limousine and shoots Arthur, but Arthur's death is not depicted. This seemingly simple scene is actually very confusing.

He was introduced as the Amethyst Avatar because of that spell, but the spell may not work and they both survive. Amit, because of his great powers, killed the gods of Anyad in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and it turned out that the gods were not completely immortal. Of course, one bullet may not be enough to kill an avatar, and perhaps this spell ignores the powers of the avatar, and Amit and Arthur are officially dead.

6. Why is Mark not aware of Jake Lockley's identity?

BingMag.com 7 <b>riddles</b> and <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of 'Knight of the Moon' series

No, Steven is not aware of Jake's existence, and this shows that Jake has secretly entered their lives. This issue is mentioned throughout the series and even Mark does not know why Khonshu chose him. It is not clear whether the bloodthirsty had already felt Jake inside Mark or whether Jake was subconsciously created by Mark himself to carry out his violent bloody orders, but in any case, the bloodthirsty from Mark and Steven did something. He wants it to be against their morals.

These two characters (Mark and Steven) protect each other and are aware of their own characteristics. Of course, Steven did not know about Mark's difficult childhood. Neither Mark nor Steven pay much attention to their constant anesthesia. However, Khonshu may have been aware of this third identity before and instructed Jake not to reveal himself to Mark and Steven because he felt that they were ruining his plans. He initially asked Mark never to show himself to Steven.

7. The second season of "Knight of the Moon"?

BingMag.com 7 <b>riddles</b> and <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of 'Knight of the Moon' series

It is not clear that the second season of "Knight of the Moon" Whether it will be built or not, but the final part allows such a thing. Oscar Isaac's contract with Marvel's cinematic world is clearly only valid for the first season of "Knight of the Moon" and he is not required to play the role again. However, Isaac has expressed an interest in returning and playing the character. Marvel movie series have been aired continuously on DisneyPlus, and the "Knight of the Moon" series has recorded more than 400 million minutes of streaming, surpassing series such as Boba Fat. However, there is no news about the production of the second season of this series.

The second season can examine Mark and Steven's relationship with Khonshu. Also, Jake Lockley could spend more time in the story, referring to Bushman's character in episode 5 could lead to a specific conclusion, and finally Leila's connection to the tower could be further explored. "Knight of the Moon" was originally made as a short series. However, the remaining questions of the series leave this story free and open. Marvel's cinematic world can always change the status of the "Knight of the Moon" short series, and given the number of elements the series introduced, there are good reasons to do so.

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