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Review of the movie "Black Phone"; The best horror movie of 2022?

BingMag.com <b>Review</b> of the <b>movie</b> 'Black Phone'; The <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movie</b> of 2022?

The movie "The Black Phone" is one of the most anticipated works of horror cinema in 2022; Directed by Scott Derrickson. The person we know before by directing the movies "Doctor Strange" and "Sinister". The question is, can the movie "Black Phone" meet the expectations of the horror genre audience or is it just a normal and forgettable movie?

The story of the movie "Black Phone" is not an original and original story. This film is based on a short story of the same name, written by Joe Hill; A writer who is actually known as the son of Stephen King, a famous American writer and novelist. Scott Derrickson, along with another person, developed a screenplay based on this story, which is significantly different from the original story.

"The Black Phone" tells a different story than the short story. Some aspects of the story have developed and some other parts are removed for some reasons; For example, we can mention the character of Bruce Yamada who, in general, has a completely different character than the original story and plays a very vital role in saving Finny's life. However, other victims are also trying to connect with Finny to save him. In general, Derrickson has tried to instill more emotion into this mysterious story by making use of small and large changes. For example, Sister Finney is blessed with supernatural powers only in the movie version, and there is no news of this story in the original version of the story. This minor character only has a good sixth sense, and Joe Hill refuses to elaborate on his powers. Scott Derrickson, on the other hand, values this character too much in the story of the film; That too without explaining at all why the little girl, and therefore her mother, have powers that others are unable to understand. Atmospheric creation, Ethan Hawke's role playing and, of course, the appropriate settings to create a sense of suspense, are all considered useful in the service of such an approach. However, the film does not succeed in inducing a sense of horror; Because this work has no other element to scare the audience except for a few short scenes using the "jump scare" technique and a few violent scenes.

BingMag.com <b>Review</b> of the <b>movie</b> 'Black Phone'; The <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movie</b> of 2022?

Basically, movies classified in the horror genre do not need to expand the story and events that much. The viewer doesn't expect to see a rich world from a terrible work, but in such films, especially works about kidnapping, the goals of the characters should be defined. This is at least what the audience expects from the story. Ethan Hawke has been able to play an acceptable role as a kidnapper, but the motivation and goals of his character are never clear to the viewer. By the way, Derrickson forces the viewer to analyze the character of the kidnapper himself. Did the kidnapper turn to stealing and killing children because he was beaten by his father when he was a child? Such questions are likely to arise in the minds of the viewers while watching the film, and this work does not make any effort to answer these questions. p>The direction of the film "Black Phone" is not so innovative that it is a source of inspiration for other filmmakers, nor is it so weak that you can find fault with each plan. Much of the story takes place in the basement of the house where Finney is imprisoned. For this reason, the environment of the basement should be adequate in terms of stage design and lighting, so that the feeling of suffocation and isolation can be experienced from watching this area. The filmmaker has managed to convey such a feeling to the viewer, and on the other hand, the editing of the film is more visible at the end of the story, when the level of anxiety increases greatly. The viewer constantly follows the story from inside and outside the kidnapper's house. It must be admitted that from a technical and directorial point of view, we are dealing with a neat work.

The movie "Black Phone" behaves extremely shallow in giving depth to its events. Many of the important events of the film take place in the past tense and therefore the viewer is unaware of these events. Information, however minor, is gradually given to the audience during the narration of the story, but the method of informing the audience is extremely simple. What happened to the other victims is explained in the simplest possible way and with a few lines of dialogue many times. Except for the last victim who is considered a brave bully in the story, the other victims are not given any value, and even Bruce, who is introduced as Finny's close friend, his characterization does not find proper foliage.

In general, the film "Black Phone" has an exciting and mysterious story on paper, which unfortunately faces minor and major flaws in its execution. This work is nothing except for a few short scenes Money cannot scare the audience; Whether an audience who is in love with the horror genre or a viewer who is willing to sit at the foot of this movie out of curiosity. Among the strong points of this film, we can point out Ethan Hawke's acceptable role, suitable atmosphere and also the correct use of technical elements. If you can deal with the many story holes in the script and of course the superficial narration of the story, you will probably enjoy watching the movie "Black Phone".>

Director: Scott Derrickson
Screenwriter: Joe Hill, Scott Derrickson, Robert Kergill
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Madeleine McGrew, Mason Thames
Metacritic Score: 65 out of 100
Summary of the story: A thirteen-year-old boy named Finny is stolen by a kidnapper and serial killer and taken to the basement of a house. From a disconnected phone, Finney receives calls from the killer's previous victims who are trying to help him.
Author Rating: Three out of five

The Review of the movie "Black Phone" is the author's personal opinion and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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