Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

The anime "Naruto" is one of the most popular anime based on the manga internationally, which has attracted many fans. One of the reasons why this anime is so popular is the large number of characters in its story that almost anyone can relate to and love. Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

The anime "Naruto" is one of the most popular anime based on the manga internationally, which has attracted many fans. One of the reasons why this anime is so popular is the large number of characters in its story that almost anyone can relate to and love.

The popularity of a character. With the audience, it does not mean that the character is necessarily a positive and moral person. In the "Naruto" anime, there are powerful and evil characters whose movements and behaviors we are delighted to watch. The characters of Itachi and Gaara are two negative and evil characters of the story, which have gradually entered the hearts and souls of the fans, and almost many of the audiences of this anime love these two characters very much. In this article, we will go to the most evil enemies of the anime "Naruto" and for this reason, we will review the important events of the anime "Naruto".

Warning: In the following, there is a risk of revealing the story of the anime.

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15- Mizuki Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

In terms of appearance, Mizuki was a kind and calm person in the eyes of many residents of Berg village. However, the character Mizuki was extremely jealous and struggled to hide her true feelings from others. He tried very hard to rank higher than Iruka and get promoted somehow. Mizuki proved that he is willing to kill even one of his colleagues to prove his superiority.

Mizuki's character is miles away from other villains in the story, but he was able to prove to be a critical challenge for Naruto in his teenage years. Is. However, it's good to see how Naruto is able to uncover Mizuki's scheming. On the other hand, it is really scary how far Mizuki was able to go under Orochimaru's command.

14- Deidara Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Deidara is not one of those evil characters who constantly tries to deceive and make sinister plans. However, he does not reduce his malice at all. Deidara's perfectionist line of thinking caused many people to lose their lives. Perhaps the only thing that prevented Deidara from reaching the end of the line is the presence of a member of Akatsuki named Itachi in his story line. After a failed operation to defeat his older Uchiha brother in battle, Deidara tries to find a way to counter the Sharingan. In any case, Deidara managed to kill many people before his death.

13- Nagato/Pain Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

The story of three friends named Nagato, Yahiko and Konan in the middle of the war is one of the most painful sub-stories of the anime "Naruto". Addressing himself by the nickname Pain, Nagato officially became the second member of Akatsuki. This event, which occurs with Conan joining the group, actually takes place after Yahiko's death. Nagato evolves with this mindset that the world must be ruled by fear in order to achieve eternal peace.

Although Nagato eventually regrets this and reverts to his original form, he is still a He is one of the most ruthless and evil enemies of Naruto in the entire series. He alone managed to kill Jirai sensei and many other innocent people. Also, he was determined to kill Hinata. Much of Nagato's motive for killing him was to kill people who were connected to Hanzo, the ninja responsible for Yahiko's murder. For this reason, a large part of Nagato's line of thought is tied to personal motives.

12- Sasori Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Sasuri, as the puppeteer of the Akatoski group, has been able to be among the top assassins in this anime. This character, also known as "Sasori of the Red Sand", is one of the scariest and most evil monsters that Naruto encounters in the story. He was able to develop his special abilities to control his puppets during the Third Shinobi War.

Later in the story, Sasori is able to successfully kill the Third Kazekage; One of the most powerful ninjas in the history of the hidden village of Shen. Sasori will do anything horrible to have an eternal life. For example, he can make animated human dolls from his dead enemies that attack Sasori's enemies. However, apart from the scary face of Sasori on the outside, he has a character with different desires on the inside, which in the anime "Naruto" we get to know the main face of this scary character to some extent.

11- Kakuzu ) Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Kakuzu is another member of the evil Akatosky group that collects human hearts. Kakuzu, who is almost immortal, has a relationship with Hidan's almost immortal personality. Before communicating with Hidan, Kakuzu kills several of his colleagues to prevent more deaths.

Although he has been very active in Akatsuki's group to find all the tailed monsters, Kakuzu is more He is a mercenary whose actions are mostly motivated by anger and the money he receives. Although Naruto defeats Kakuzu in the end, the character's misplaced pride along with his intellectual ideology makes us happy to see him die. The feeling that usually comes after Naruto's enemies are killed.

10- Hidan Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

One of the most challenging battles in the Naruto anime is against Hidan, another member of Akatsuki. Hidan was an extremely narcissistic and mysterious character who had the characteristics of almost immortality. Hidan usually fights his enemies by transforming himself into a human voodoo doll. Hidan's relationship with Kakuzu seemed to be extremely unstable but for better or worse, Hidan and Kakuzu have been good partners for each other.

Hidan's signature jutsu work is summed up in a sadistic behavior. By harming his own body, he actually harms his enemies. However, Hidan's mental instability causes him to make wrong decisions in his last battle scene. He has proven many times that he loves violence and shows great interest in killing Shikamaru in the story.

9- Danzo Shimura

After Pin attacks Konohagakure and Tsunade falls into a coma, Danzo Shimura is appointed as the village's interim leader. He is also a candidate for the title of 6th Hokage. Although he can be placed in the hero faction, Danzo is more of a villain than a hero; Because he is extremely proud and immoral.

Even before the news of becoming Hokage, Danzo shows his true form by sending Sai to assassinate Sasuke. He advises a village member about being loyal, but Danzo's true goals are far different from his appearance. This character, who is extremely afraid of death, finally faces a heroic death against Sasuke and Obito.

8- Kisame Hoshigaki Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Kisame is the one who is known as the "Hidden Mist Monster" and you should really be afraid of someone who is addressed by this name; Because he has the ability to do any terrible thing. However, before entering Akatsuki, Kisame has proven that he can accomplish anything by killing Kirigakure.

In the continuation of the story, we see Kisame involved in several political assassinations and doing a lot of work to overthrow the government. It shows itself. Kisame is famous among the killers and criminals of the Naruto anime world. That's why he was one of the most ideal people who could join Akatovsky. Finally, we see what trouble Kisame creates for Naruto and the hidden village of leaves.

7- Kabuto Yakushi Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

In the first part of the Naruto anime, which is defined during the childhood of this character, Kabuto is an antagonist and a small negative character. However, he becomes one of the strongest and most frightening negative characters in the second part. We see at the beginning of the story that Kabuto is actually an elite spy who is assigned by Orochimaru to find out about the secret village of Berg and Naruto. However, in the end, Kabuto uses his medical powers to try to incorporate Orochimaru's DNA.

By doing this, Kabuto tries to become a complete and perfect being. Kabuto's god complex has a huge impact on his power. Kabuto's excessive strength, along with his motivations, causes other ninjas to fight alongside him to revive Madara Uchiha. Finally, we see what happens to Kabuto; Although this character was able to cause a lot of pain and suffering to the people of the Naruto anime world.

6- Zabuza Momochi Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Zabuza is actually the first serious threat Naruto faces as a child. This character is almost liked by the fans; Because despite the fact that Zabuza shows violence and many annoying behaviors, he is kind towards Haku, his colleague and friend.

Almost similar to Kisame, Zabuza also has a nickname. Known as the "Hidden Mist Demon", he is considered one of Kirigakure's famous swordsmen. Zabuza destroys more than 100 students of the academy to join the seven best swordsmen of the mist village. If Team 7 didn't block Zabuza's path, he could have brought more pain and suffering to other people.

5- Orochimaru Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Orochimaru, a legendary member of the ages and a villain It is considered the main part of the first part of the "Naruto" anime. He, who was a former member of Akatosky's group, shows a great thirst for immortality. In the story, we can see that Orochimaru really likes Sasuke and his skills. That's why he left the Akatsuki group to pursue his personal goal.

Although Orochimaru transforms into a different form and image in the anime "Baruto", he makes very sinister plans in the past and also It conducts numerous unethical experiments on humans. He is extremely ruthless in killing and shows no remorse. He publicly has no respect for human life and completely uses humans for his sinister purposes.

4- Obito Uchiha Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Obito is the secret leader of the Akatsuki, who has been in hiding for much of the story, even pretending to be Madara Uchiha. Obito is one of the important and at the same time suffering characters in the story. Although he ultimately sacrifices his life to save the world, his activities caused the world to fall into chaos in the first place. . Obito eventually becomes more familiar with Madara's line of thinking as his mentor and accepts it. In order to achieve the true goals of the group, Obito indulges in any evil work and also tries hard not to be recognized as the leader of the Akatsuki group. 3- Madara Uchiha (Madara Uchiha) Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Madara Uchiha is actually known as one of the founders of Konoha and perhaps the most famous member of the Uchiha clan. He tried to use the Tsukuyomi technique to imprison the human race and create a free and peaceful world. He saves Obito's life and trusts this character to reveal his plans. However, Madara Uchiha has even made him a plaything in his hands and uses his friend Rin's death for his own purposes.

Although Madara actually dies before the main events of the anime, he uses his fighting skills His high level and unique strategies have inspired many ninjas and characters in the "Naruto" anime world. After his death, Madara tried to achieve his goal by using black zetsu and Obito. In the end, we see that Kabuto can summon Madara, but in the end it is Naruto and his friends who prevent worse things from happening.

2- Black Zetsu Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Black Zetsu is one of the mysterious characters in the story, and fans of this anime have tried hard to discover the true nature of this character. Finally, we understand that this character actually consists of two existential natures, i.e. white zetsu and black zetsu. This character is one of Kaguya Otsutsuki's underlings who helps revive Kaguya. Black Zetsu's behaviors are mostly aimed at the end of the world.

Black Zetsu, by deceiving others, causes the murder of many people in the world of the story. This character, who openly hates the human race, takes action to kill when necessary; A character who shows no mercy in killing.

1- Kaguya Otsutsuki Review of 15 evil enemies of “Naruto” anime

Naruto's last villain appears in the final moments of the anime. Although Kaguya had a very short presence in the story, the impact of this character on the world of the story cannot be ignored. Kaguya was trapped on the moon but is freed again after Black Zetsu's plan; Because the infinite Tsukuyomi technique with the reflection of the moon was supposed to create a world full of peace and tranquility.

Apart from all these issues, Kaguya was desperately looking for power, and he, like many villains in the story, thought that Only he can give peace to the world. Kaguya was extremely powerful due to her ancient nature. Kaguya's terrible and very important plan made her to be on the list of Naruto's most evil enemy.

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