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A report on the strange attitude of the cinema organization towards the screening of films; Hatred for the release of "La Minor"

BingMag.com A <b>report</b> on the <b>strange</b> <b>attitude</b> of the <b>cinema</b> <b>organization</b> <b>towards</b> the <b>screening</b> of <b>films;</b> <b>Hatred</b> for the <b>release</b> of 'La Minor'

Iranian cinema has become something like Wonderland. Every day a strange and unbelievable event is heard in it and no one is willing to answer in the commotion of the news and the margins. It seems that the officials of the 13th government cinema organization bleed the liver of the country's artists every time with their tasteful decisions.

. The 40th Fajr Film Festival, which was supposed to be a beautiful showcase of the festival's 40 seasons, became an irregular, crowded and full of annoyance and grievances.

It was on the sidelines of the Fajr Film Festival. The events for which the officials of the festival and the cinema organization did not have a clear answer and tried to get past it by covering it up.

Now, less than a month after the Fajr Film Festival, another bitter story of the most intense protests Weak management has left in the cinema organization. While the composition of the Nowruz films was announced by the spokesman of the screening Guild Council on March 2, and cinema enthusiasts were preparing for a sensational release, it was suddenly announced that the list had changed.

Initially, the union council screened seven films, including "Laminor" by Dariush Mehrjoui and "Alfazar" by Kazem Daneshi. The list announced for Nowruz release was a combination of several films in different genres that seemed to be able to give new life to the half-hearted situation of Iranian cinema.

Despite the final announcement of the films, there have been rumors for several days that two "Laminor" and "Grassland" were heard for no apparent reason until it was announced that these two films had been removed from the list of Nowruz films and replaced by two more.

Repetition of margins Shom Santouri

This news was a big shock to Dariush Mehrjoui and his fans. The first question was, is it possible to play with personal decisions and tastes with the work of an artist who has followed his life? Mehrjoui was injured several years ago due to unwise decisions made during the screening of the film "Santouri", and it seems that the cycle of such decisions is not going to be interrupted.

The 5th Fajr Film Festival and receiving two awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Simorgh for the film selected by the audience and receiving a screening license. The film was scheduled to be screened in the early summer of 2007. But at the last minute, the screening of the film was postponed and the officials of the cinema organization promised that "Santouri" would be released as soon as the conditions were right.

Eliminate film production. Mehrjui in those days, referring to the role of the then Minister of Guidance in the non-release of his film, had said that "the film was minced and burned." Faramarz Farazmand also had a previous stop at home and died three years after the games he played on the screen and the damage he suffered as a result of this tasteful decision.

Mehrjoui after The death of the producer of "Santouri" expressed his regret by publishing a text about the sufferings he suffered and wrote: "It is very unfortunate that I see my dear friend and colleague lost in this way. He has suffered a lot in the last few years and no door has been opened. "Due to the fall of Santouri over the past four or five years and the numerous debts that resulted from it, the indifference and irresponsibility of the lenders became so narrow that he had to knock."

New game for Mehrjoui

Now history is repeating itself in a different way. "Laminor" was licensed for screening two years ago, but was not screened due to the country's coronary conditions. Now there are arguments that with the change of government and the arrival of new faces in the cinema organization, Mehrjoui's film should be screened again. If true, this would be a new innovation in Iranian cinema. "There is no obstacle for the cinema organization to obtain a screening license. This film received its screening license two years ago, and now its validity has expired."

And the monitoring of the cinema organization said something else in a new comment: "I emphasize that there was no reason such as the issue of auditing for the non-screening of these films on Nowruz. "These are films that have been licensed and have no problem being screened." In response to the question that is heard, since "Laminor" is about music, it has been opposed to its release in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month of happiness, these words are not true. The cinema organization considers various parameters for Nowruz screening, which are selected based on the existing parameters of the desired list. "Undoubtedly, the variety of films has been considered during the Nowruz screening, as well as children's films, sacred defense, comedy and social films." h2>

This lack of transparency in the cinema organization and the lack of accountability of the officials has made everyone's voices heard. Jafar Goodarzi, as the president of the Iranian cinema Critics and Writers Association, criticized the current practice in the cinema organization and wrote: Is. But the more fundamental issue is that the latest film "Laminor" made by Dariush Mehrjoui, despite having a screening license, has been reviewed for re-issuance licenses and has encountered a new problem, which is interesting and new in its kind. Unfortunately, the main problem is that our cinema, and especially its officials, are far from dialogue and dialogue, which is one of the pillars of cinema, and they do not even know the way of dialogue and dialogue, and that is why they bring cinema into a new crisis in every issue. "What can I do, what can I do, they hold their hands and just watch."

"Laminor" and his exclusion from the Nowruz 1401 screening, in a shocking video, says that he will sit down with his assistant in the Ministry of Guidance and get his right.

In this clip, Mehrjui says angrily: "I protest , This is the license to show my film "Laminor", my recent film. My film is not milk, it is not meat to say that history is over. You have shown me a butterfly, why do you keep your word ?! You are not a man, behave like a man, you have banned all my films, you have lost one of my films at all, you have thrown it in the trash. "Mr. Jafari's film" Santouri "inadvertently stopped me and did not let me go." Mehrjoui has started a new wave among artists. Many artists and art lovers have criticized the chaotic state of the cinema organization by sharing a video of the veteran director. The young Rambod wrote in a comment on his personal page: "We looked at Mr. Dariush Mehrjoui for years and maybe decades. We learned from his films and himself. He is the great of our cinema. However, he is the general sorrow of Iranian cinematographers. However, he means injecting despair into the artists and all those who have a heart in their hearts and are saddened by the unhappiness of the unique director of our cinema. What should we do with your wounds, Master Mehrjoui? We are sorry for you. Officials who speak only about the honor of the artist and the protection of their works, and in practice ax the root of their work. What a pity that a filmmaker in the stature of Mehrjoui has to sit in front of the camera like this and speak with Hatred and greed about getting his right. Mehrjoui, at the age of 82 and after making more than 20 films, should not worry about the film being screened and his rights not being violated.

. Experience has shown that the decisions of cultural directors are not only not constructive but also cause a lot of damage. In this case, I wish the officials of the cinema organization sat in a corner and saw that nothing special would happen with the release of the film and there was no need to confuse the people and artists.

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