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Reminiscing with the controversial "Spartacus" series; The famous phenomenon of Sam Raimi and Steven DeKnight

BingMag.com <b>Reminiscing</b> with the <b>controversial</b> 'Spartacus' <b>series;</b> The <b>famous</b> <b>phenomenon</b> of <b>Sam</b> <b>Raimi</b> and <b>Steven</b> DeKnight

Spartacus is one of the most popular American television series produced in New Zealand. This series, which aired on Starz network since the beginning of 2010, will end in 2013. However, after the passage of almost ten years, it still has the freshness and freshness of the past.

The creators of the Spartacus series, the famous Sam Raimi and Steven DeKnight, have been introduced, and maybe that is why the series is a work in terms of excitement. The first balance is considered. The story of the "Spartacus" series is based on the real life of a gladiator who was held captive by the Roman army 73 years before Christ and struggled to free himself and his fellow men. With his efforts, Spartacus was able to record a revolution in his name in history.

Although the "Spartacus" series is produced in only three seasons, each season has its own unique title. In this way, the first season of the series "Spartacus" was called "Blood and Sand", the second season was called "Gods of Arena" and the third season was called "War of the Damned". In the meantime, an unfortunate incident occurs and Andy Whitfield, the lead actor of the series, who has been struggling with Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer for a long time, finally dies a year after the series aired due to the return of the disease and the deterioration of his health. This unfortunate event was considered an important crisis for the Starz network; Because they had to find another actor for this role as soon as possible or in the worst possible case, they would cancel the series.

Starz network finally invited Liam McIntyre to play the role of "Spartacus" for the second season. Play Spartacus in front of the network camera. Fortunately, after a few episodes of Liam McIntyre's presence in the story, favorable opinions about this character increased and in the end there was no acute and significant damage to the quality of the series.

Spartacus series with other TV works Violence is used to entertain the viewer. There is a difference between the earth and the sky. Since Starz is considered a premium network, the policies governing its television programs are somewhat different from cable networks. Having said that, the "Spartacus" series went beyond the conventional limits and showed violence and scenes that could not be found in another series until that year. Many critics have criticized the issue of entertainment at what price? However, the audience of the Starz network liked the "Spartacus" series very much, and for the network, this means satisfaction and a green light to show as much violence as possible through the plot of an almost historical story.

Previously In 1960, Stanley Kubrick made a film about the life of Spartacus in which Kirk Douglas played the role of Spartacus. However, Kubrick tried to tell a neat story of revenge and freedom. The interesting point here is that the "Spartacus" series stands exactly opposite to the atmosphere of this film and depicts ancient Rome and the age of gladiators in a way that is a hundred times more violent and corrupt. Another difference between Kubrick's film and the series is that Kubrick's Spartacus is a hero, but this character in the series is a completely mortal and ordinary person who has many negative behaviors and characteristics. In the world of the series, Spartacus is more of a warrior and a fighter than a hero.

The movie "Spartacus" could have been made

If the controversies around the series "Spartacus" had not been formed, the fans of this series could have made the movie Watch a separate movie taken from the events of the serial world. The "Spartacus" movie, which was supposed to narrate the events between the second and third seasons, is easily canceled; Because if the editors and producers of the film tried to remove the adult content and unbridled violence of the script from the final output of the work, there would be nothing left of the story! In reality, many film and TV series producers in the United States of America avoid receiving the NC-17 label on their products. Therefore, the movie "Spartacus" didn't come, it turned its way!

Violence; The desire of the Starz network or the creators?

During the airing of the series, a new trend was formed among the media and the general public of critics that Steven DeNight and Sam Raimi fully support the high violence in this series. Although this seems to be true, Steven DeNight reveals during the action that the network asked them to make the series look like Zack Snyder's "The Three Hundred" and they went to great lengths to prevent it. This way of thinking to resist the serial world. In fact, Denight presents himself as the agent who confronts the network over the need to show more and more violence. Otherwise, Steven DeKnight has defended the show's brutality, saying that every character is killed off for a reason. He believes that if a character is removed from the storyline at the beginning of the story, there was a purpose behind this event, and this character definitely reached this goal that he no longer needs to be in the story.

About Liam McIntyre, the artist who got lucky

BingMag.com <b>Reminiscing</b> with the <b>controversial</b> 'Spartacus' <b>series;</b> The <b>famous</b> <b>phenomenon</b> of <b>Sam</b> <b>Raimi</b> and <b>Steven</b> DeKnight

Maybe if Andy Whitfield was still around, Liam McIntyre was not well known. In most of the biographies of this actor in the virtual space, in the very first lines, his role in the "Spartacus" series is mentioned. Officially, McIntyre's performance in "Spartacus" is considered the launching pad of this artist to the world of fame.

It is interesting to know that before accepting the role of Spartacus, McIntyre was in fact considered a fan of the two stars of the series. For this reason, attracting this person to the series was not such a difficult task for the agents of Starz network. However, there were other more attractive options such as Stephen Amell (who played Green Arrow in the series The Arrow) on the table of the network's agents. Filming for the second season is coming to an end, and he says that he continues this process in his daily life to ensure his health. McIntyre does some physical activity himself. Sliding down the wall, jumping down from the horse and fighting and many physical activities and tactics of hand-to-hand combat are also performed by McIntyre himself without the involvement of a stuntman. With all these interpretations, a large part of the filming scene is done using the green screen technique and in this field, although McIntyre does not have much experience in this field, he adapts well to the conditions. Finally, the Spartacus that the viewer watches in the last sequence of the third season will be one of the most lovable characters in the world of television, and a large part of this feeling is due to McIntyre's efforts. Sal has been in the spotlight and even a few years after this project, he was able to appear in the teen-friendly series "The Flash". However, from one point of the actor's professional path onwards, he shows less activities in the field of acting. In much simpler language, it should be admitted that he was officially forgotten. His daily living seems to be by speaking and voice acting in television projects.

How historically accurate is the story of "Spartacus" series?

Television series try as much as possible. they do to reach their first goal, which is to entertain the viewer. Informing the audience about a historical moment in the past and providing accurate and documented information about historical figures are often considered as secondary goals of television networks. The Starz network has definitely acted according to this unwritten rule in those years. For this reason, a large part of the events and events are completely fictional and some parts of the story are completely historically accurate. In the following, we introduce five completely fictional events and five completely accurate events from the historical aspect.

The events of the "Spartacus" series at the beginning of the path is a historical fact

The first season of the "Spartacus" series From the historical aspect, it is an acceptable work from the point of view of historians. Of course, nothing so strange happens with so many details that the expectation of changes and changes in the cinema goes away. Spartacus is captured in the first chapter and must serve under the Roman army. Finally, Spartacus enters the gladiatorial path and gradually dreams of freedom. However, historians are not exactly aware of the finer details. Only in the captivity section, it can be asserted with certainty that the series follows the right path and is historically correct. watched him practice at Batiatus' house. Just like in the series, the mentioned house is located in Capua and was a training place for gladiators. While many of the events and behaviors about Quintus Batiatus may not make sense, this person really did exist in ancient Rome. p>BingMag.com <b>Reminiscing</b> with the <b>controversial</b> 'Spartacus' <b>series;</b> The <b>famous</b> <b>phenomenon</b> of <b>Sam</b> <b>Raimi</b> and <b>Steven</b> DeKnight

Much of the audience's enjoyment actually comes from experiencing the gladiator lifestyle. When the series beautifully shows the difference between the slaves and the rich of that period, the experience of watching "Spartacus" becomes more enjoyable. Different relationships between the characters are created in the series to show the lifestyle of gladiators more to the viewer. If they behave well, they will become free men and on the other hand get precious prizes and even women as slaves. Also, the behavioral policies about slaves in the series are true.

Friends of Spartacus really existed historically

In terms of acting, a large number of artists appear in front of the camera in the role of friends of Spartacus. For example, Krikos with the beautiful performance of Manu Bennett, whose behavior is similar to the character according to many It was real. Other people like Ganicus and Castus have a real nature and have played a major role in Spartacus' revolution.

Although the events of the series from one point of the story onwards enter a new channel that is not very historically accurate, the characters are real and are real, and for this reason, the "Spartacus" series has been able to successfully complete its task of introducing these people. It ends with the Third Servile War. Exactly the war where Marcus Crassus makes his last resistance against Spartacus with a large number of soldiers. From the point of view of historians, the narration of the war in this part of the series is completely similar to the historical events and there are differences only in some details. The movement that takes place against Spartacus on Mount Vesuvius at the end is similar to real events.

Spartacus' relationship with Glaber is not real

Spartacus series actually has two main negative characters. which Spartacus interacts with from time to time. One of them is Claudius Glaber, who actually betrayed Spartacus and is considered the cause of his captivity. Part of the revenge path of Spartacus is summed up in revenge against Glaber. However, it is interesting to know that Glaber of the Spartacus series is more than fictional.

Although in the end in the story of the "Spartacus" series he is killed in the most humiliating way possible by the hands of Spartacus, very little is known about Glaber's real life. There is. This character exists in the real world, but there is no documentation that Glaber will go on an adventure with Spartacus. Based on the review of the texts, Glaber's relationship with Spartacus is more of a distant political relationship in which revenge is not seen. In any case, despite the fact that Glaber played a huge role in the story of the series, he played a small role in the history of the real world. "Spartacus" series, Todd Lassance plays the role of Julius Caesar. In the world of the series, Caesar cooperated with the general Marcus Crassus to destroy Spartacus and his army. Caesar's role to confront Spartacus in this story grows too much.

Although Caesar was alive in the real world at the time of Spartacus' revolution and really knew Crassus closely, Caesar was involved in the surrounding events. Spartacus does not intervene at all. Accordingly, Caesar's infiltration into Spartacus's army was a completely imaginary event and such incidents never happened in the real world.

Death of Spartacus; Still in an aura of ambiguity

BingMag.com <b>Reminiscing</b> with the <b>controversial</b> 'Spartacus' <b>series;</b> The <b>famous</b> <b>phenomenon</b> of <b>Sam</b> <b>Raimi</b> and <b>Steven</b> DeKnight

The "Spartacus" series finally ends with the death of this character. At the end of the Third Servile War, this warrior character is finally defeated by the army of Marcus Crassus. However, the death of Spartacus in the real world is still a closed mystery.

It is interesting to know that the body of Spartacus has not been discovered to this day, and although the series succeeds in making the viewer tear up in the end, it is probably adult. Ninety-nine percent of the final scenes of the series are all the result of the scriptwriter's imagination.

Spartacus's wife is not what it was in reality

Apart from the story of Julius Caesar, Spartacus's wife is another point. It has no historical value. In the story of the series, it can be seen that Spartacus' wife is separated from him and finally killed. After the death of his wife in Batiatus' mansion, Spartacus enters into a romantic relationship with a slave named Myra.

According to historical evidence, Spartacus's wife spends a lot of time with him in the real world. Even after he escapes with Spartacus and the other slaves. Even though there is still no solid document found about the name of Spartacus' wife, her role in Spartacus' motives cannot be ignored.

"I am Spartacus"; An attractive but imaginative slogan!

If you have seen the movie "Spartacus" directed by Stanley Kubrick, you are probably familiar with this famous dialogue that Spartacus utters the sentence "I am Spartacus" at a point in the story. At one point, Spartacus shouts "I am Spartacus" in order to save the lives of his comrades. However, his other followers also shout this sentence and fight to the death. The creators of the "Spartacus" series take this part, which is completely fictional but effective, and perform it in a completely different way. During the last battle and looting of Spartacus and his companions in the world of the series, some members say " They say "I am Spartacus". This case was able to pay homage to Kubrick's enduring film and show how Spartacus became an important symbol for his people. In any case, both versions, whether the movie or the series, are completely fictional and there is no evidence of this story recorded in the real world. Even though many fans wanted this catchy slogan to be true, unfortunately it must be said that it is entirely a product of the author's imagination. After nearly ten years, there is still another product The world of television and even cinema was not built around this character. In fact, no matter how much a huge budget is spent on a new project, it will not be able to compete with this series and Stanley Kubrick's lasting film; Because these two products are engraved in the memory of viewers forever and cannot be forgotten so easily.

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