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Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

Almost all the characters in the cartoons or fairy tales meet at the end of the film and live together forever in joy and happiness. But if you go back as an adult and see some of the favorite cartoons of your childhood, you will find that the characters no longer look happy to you. If you look at them more realistically, you will find that in reality, not all of these relationships will last, and some may lead to separation after a few years. They have a class, or Bella "demon and darling" can live forever with a man who has spent his life in the appearance of a demon in his home prison, or Cinderella who, although in fact from an important family, has a hard and different life behind her? And did not live like a prince on his white horse; The same is true of Ariel, the "mermaid" who lived underwater.

Of course, we are confronted with a fantasy world addressed to a child who is far removed from the realities of life. The big cartoon companies have also recognized that it is better for children to stay away from these realities. But in fact, many of these cartoons are based on mythological tales whose real endings differ from the endings of their cartoons from earth to sky. Now a psychologist has come and examined the relationship of some of these couples psychologically and predicted whether they are still together after the movie or not. So we have to take a little distance from the fantasy world and take an analytical look at the character and relationship of the twelve pairs of famous animated films and predict their fate in the real world.

1. Anna and Christoph in Frozen

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • 2013, Disney
  • >
  • Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
  • Voice actors: Kristen Bell, Idina Manzel, Jonathan Groof
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 90%
  • Synopsis : A brave and optimistic princess named Anna embarks on a legendary journey through the mountains with a young man named Christoph to find her sister Elsa, whose icy power has trapped the entire kingdom for eternal winter.

Female character: She is a princess from the royal family. Full of passion for life, humorous, responsible and always ready to help others. In the first part of the film, he is inexperienced, so he puts himself and his family in trouble. But gradually he learns to get over this trouble and learn from his mistakes. And although her sister Elsa dies in the second part, her soul does not disintegrate. He is willing to do anything to help others.

Male character: He is simple but kind and loves nature from the bottom of his heart. He may seem a little clumsy, but in fact, he is strong, honest and loyal. Most of his life he has been alone and has not been in contact or interaction with people and therefore has learned to do his own thing. Sometimes he can be a little grumpy, lazy and even selfish, but behind all these heart problems Rauf is hidden.

Together: Christoph will be very dependent on Anna. He can not help her with government affairs, but her emotional support and faith will help her when she needs it. And Anna can manage and motivate Christoph.

Fate prediction: They always stay together.

2. Rapunzel and Eugene at the Tangled Ever After Wedding

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • 2012, Disney
  • Director: Nathan Greno, Bayern Howard
  • Voice actors: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levy, Alan Dale
  • Synopsis: After the events of the first episode and Rapunzel escape from In the tower, he now intends to marry Flynn, but when their horse Maximus is bringing their wedding rings, he gets lost due to the ring incidents.

Female character: She is a princess with magical powers who is possessed by evil sorcery. Although he has not had any contact with the outside world all his life and the only person he has had contact with is his stepmother, he is happy and kind. Rapunzel is a full-fledged legendary character. The average person in this situation is more likely to develop social anxiety disorder or Stockholm Syndrome (a psychological phenomenon in which the hostage feels empathy, sympathy, and loyalty to the hostage-taker).

Male personality : He is a thief, a liar and a charming boy. Eugene has a reason for being like this, he has a dream. And Rapunzel's innocence and simplicity make this charming thief come true. But in the end, Eugene listens to his heart and does the right thing.

Together: The two have proven so far that they are willing to make many sacrifices for each other. . And even the fact that their dreams will come true and they will lead a happy and simple life does not mean that their marriage will end. They find a new dream and goal together and strive to achieve it.

Fate prediction: They always stay together.

3. Tiana and Navin in The Princess and the Frog

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • Product 2009, Disney
  • Director: Ron Clementes, John Musker
  • Voices: Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Capus, Oprah Winfrey
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 85%
  • Synopsis: A prince named Navin, who has been turned into a frog by a witch known as the Shadow Man, must kiss a princess to break the spell. But he mistakenly kisses a waitress named Tiana instead of the princess and the spell does not work and Tiana turns into a frog.

Female character: She is a girl Who lives with a dream in his head. Nothing can destroy his passion. Tiana works tirelessly, because she knows she does all this to advance her life and achieve her goal.

Male character: She is a prince and a lazy man. He does not appreciate life. And even though Tiana opens her eyes to life, she really does not realize that not everything in life can be solved by money, power, or magic alone.

Together: The two are likely to separate. Navin soon gets tired of being with a busy woman. And Tiana is very goal-oriented and involved in where they should go together for the next adventure. The two are different and can not count on each other when their vision fades.

Fate prediction: Divorce is agreed.

4. Astrid and Hiccup on How to Train Your Dragon

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • 2010 production, DreamWorks
  • Director: Chris Sanders, Dean W.
  • Voice actors: Jay Barochel, Gerard Butler, Ferrara USA, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill
  • Synopsis: In the mythical world of the Wakings in a land called Burke, which is constantly attacked by dragons, a teenage Viking named Hiccup aspires, according to the tradition of his tribe, to Become a Dragon Slayer.

Female Character: She is a brave and intelligent warrior, responsible and very committed to her goal. But when dragons become a part of their daily lives, they are still able to change. Astrid is the most loyal supporter of Hiccup. In fact, Hiccup's mother even thinks that the only person who can influence Hiccup is Astrid.

Male Character: He is a child who has always sought his father's approval. But his father never showed interest in his son's dreams and goals. Throughout the story, Hiccup tries to solve his problems in any way he can. Thinking outside the box is neither understood nor appreciated by anyone. But not only does he not have a problem with this, but in fact this characteristic leads him to pragmatism. He is successful as a member of the tribe.

Together: The two discover a world of dragons and new dangers. Hiccup is a dreamer and knows how to achieve his dreams. Astrid is a humble girl, and her support and faith in her husband helps them overcome all challenges.

Predicting fate: They always stay together.

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5. Cinderella and the ruling son of Cinderella

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • Product 1950, Disney
  • Director: Clyde Jerome, Hamilton Lask, Wilfred Jackson
  • Voices: Line Woods, Eleanor Adele, Verna Felton, William Advar Phipps, Roda Williams, Lucille Bliss
  • Score Raton Tomitoz: 97%
  • Synopsis: A girl named Cinderella, after the death of her parents, lives with her stepmother and half-sisters, under their cruel and evil behavior, and in fact, for them, until one night in a Jashan meets the young princes who are the son of the ruler of the city.

Female character: He is hardworking and patient. He thinks to himself that all his misfortunes and problems will one day disappear on their own, which is probably not a very clever thought. But this is a fairy tale, so thanks to magic and luck, everything goes according to Cinderella's dream.

Male character: She is lazy and confused. If Cinderella had not left her shoes in the palace, it is not clear how she could have found him. But he tries hard to find it anyway. Al-Haq who is a prince; He wants everything in the moment.

Together: These two are definitely not a good pair. Many princes are thoughtless and probably ignore them instead of solving their problems. Cinderella is very shy and can't talk about everyday things, so she still hopes that everything will work out one day. It arises later in their relationship. Cinderella locks herself in the house and no one gets her. And the prince will soon find a mistress or maybe even divorce Cinderella.

6. Alva and Jasper in Klaus

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • Product of 2019, Netflix
  • >
  • Director: Sergio Pablos
  • Voice actors: Jason Schwartzman, J. . Simmons, Rashida Jones
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 94%
  • Synopsis: Jasper Johansson is an irresponsible and comfortable son who owns a postal company that is forced by his father and threatened with deprivation of family inheritance. The Smirnberg Islands Post Office will go near the North Pole and record a record 6,000 mailings a year. There, he meets a former fishmonger and realizes that the situation is more difficult than it seems.

Female character: At first, he is a little unkind and bitter. And his only wish is to leave the island as soon as possible. Because his dream, to educate children, has been dashed by the island's indigenous mentality. After meeting Jasper, he hopes for his goal again and learns to enjoy life again.

Male character: He is greedy, market-oriented and selfish. But as the story progresses, we can see that he has the ability to empathize, he is even smart, and he is very adventurous. He is not afraid to express his true feelings. Of course, in real life this form of transformation is almost impossible.

Together: The two change each other and become their own best. Of course, in real life, it is rare for two desperate people to meet and fall in love for no reason.

Predicting fate: They always stay together.

7. Ariel and Eric in The Little Mermaid

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • 1989, Disney
  • Director: Ron Clementes, John Musker
  • Voices: Judy Benson, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Pat Carroll, Kenneth March
  • Score Raton Tomitosis: 93%
  • Synopsis: Ariel is a charming mermaid who wants to see life out of the water. At the request of her father, who rules the underwater realm, she comes to the surface, rescues a young shipwrecked prince named Eric, and falls in love with him.

Female character: He is honest and simple and does not think about the consequences of his actions. He does his work out of lust. He becomes interested in the prince, so he has to get him and does not care what happens to his father, his belongings and himself on land on which he has no knowledge. In real life, such a character does not live long.

Male character: He loves adventure. He is not very smart and he is not responsible for his reign. He hears the voice of an unknown girl who rescued him and is willing to marry him on the spot. They come. Eric goes on a journey and Ariel follows him. But you can't be sure if their relationship will last forever.

Fate prediction: There are two ways. Either they live happily ever after, because neither of them is smart, or they break up very quickly, because they do not know each other very well. And Eric is likely to get tired of Ariel.

Bell and the Prince in Beauty and the Beast

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • Product 1991 , Disney
  • Director: Gary Truzdale, Kirk Weiss
  • Voices: Page O'Hara, Robbie Benson, Richard White
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 71%
  • Synopsis: Proud princes become demons with the spell of an old woman. He must experience mutual love in order to break the spell. She and Bell, who is a kind and book-reading girl who has left the prince's palace after her father, fall in love with each other and the spell disappears.

Female character:

Male character: He is grumpy and very outspoken and thoughtless. He has no scent of love and judges people by their appearance, and that is exactly why he has become a monster. In order for her charm to be removed, she must find a girl who loves her character, not her appearance. There is no change in his life until he sees Bell.

Together: This is the spell that connects the two. Bell seems to have been more influenced by the prince's library than by his quest to become human. The prince will still love her, but Bell will probably soon get tired of him and pursue the adventures he has always dreamed of.

Fate prediction: has two modes. Or the prince pursues his love everywhere and the two live together forever. Or Bell concludes that he wants more adventure than love and leaves the prince. 9. Fiona and Shrek in Shrek

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • 2001, DreamWorks li>
  • Director: Andrew Adamson, Wiki Jenson
  • Voice actors: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 88%
  • Summary Story: Shirk is a lonely giant who lives in a swamp. One day he realizes that all the cartoon characters that the evil ruler has expelled from their house have invaded his house. To regain the silence and solitude of his home, the polytheist decides to rescue the princess who is enchanted and imprisoned in a tower and bring her to the ruler. Shrek, along with their newly assed donkey, manages to reach the tower and rescue the princess. But instead of handing him over to the ruler of the city, he falls in love with her.

Female character: It is on a white horse. He knows nothing about the real world. It has a spell that turns nights into giants. He is very active and strong, but because of his appearance, he has low self-esteem. It is only thanks to another giant that he realizes that appearance is not everything.

Male character: He is a lonely and tired giant. He is a little sensitive and hides under the mask of "I do not need anyone" and seems stubborn and selfish. He was not interested in anything other than his home and did not intend to change anything in his life. He went after Fiona only because he wanted to get his house back, but then he fell in love with her and realized that home was not the most important thing in life.

Together: This couple Pairs are great for each other. Their relationship keeps both parties happy and they accept each other as they are. The two, despite their doubts, solve all their problems successfully.

Fate prediction: They always stay together.

10. Jasmine and Aladdin in Aladdin

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • 1992, Disney
  • >
  • Director: Ron Clementes, John Musker
  • Voice actors: Scott Winger, Robin Williams, Linda Larkin
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 95%
  • Synopsis Aladdin is a poor boy who has fallen in love with Princess Jasmine. He first pretends to be a prince with the help of a magic lamp, but soon realizes that telling the truth is more important. Finally, Aladdin can marry a princess with his honesty and kindness.

Female character: She is a princess who looks like a bird in a cage made of gold. He has wealth, but he has no freedom and he wants to live on his own and make his own decisions. He is arrogant and does not want to obey anyone. This is partly his father's fault; He has been so supportive that it is never good for the child. He only knows life in the palace, and his father does not even realize the problems that the palace parrot causes. But in the end, he takes control of his life and changes his life.

Male character: He is a thief, because he has no other choice. He grew up on the streets and has to fight to survive. Aladdin, however, has not lost his kindness in this difficult life, which is to his advantage in the long run. He is not very confident and that is why he can not believe that a girl like Jasmine will like him, because he has nothing to give to this girl.

Together: These two pairs are very good for each other. Aladdin opens Jasmine's eyes to a life she has never seen before, and Jasmine reminds her that there are better things in life than money.

Predicting fate: Always with They stay together.

11. Hercules and Megara in Hercules

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • Product: 1997, Disney
  • Director: Ron Clementes, John Musker
  • Voices: Tate Danavan, Danny DeVito, Susan Egan
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 84%
  • Synopsis: Zeus, the king of the gods, celebrates the birth of his son Hercules among the gods. Hades, the brother of Zeus, the god of the underworld, envies Zeus and steals his son during the plot, almost destroying his divine power. .

: . . . . .

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12. (Howls Moving Castle)

BingMag.com Relationship analysis of 12 cartoon couples from a psychological point of view; Will they really be happy?

  • 2004
  • :
  • :
  • : 87 %
  • : . . .

: . . .

: . . . .

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: .

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