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7 Referral of "Batman 2022" to Hitchcock Cinema

BingMag.com 7 <b>Referral</b> of 'Batman 2022' to <b>Hitchcock</b> Cinema

In order to make a Batman Hitchcock film, Reeves has suspended his film full of master's cinema references. Reeves has used a variety of classic Batman films from Year One to The Long Halloween to provide a true portrait of Bruce Wayne.

Batman has the most impact from previous Batman films has taken. The love story between Batman and Katowman is a reference to Klute, the narrator's voice on the film is a reference to Scorsese's Taxi Driver, and the whole film seems to be a comic book version of Seven Fincher. Most of Reeves' references come from the controversial and experimental New Wave films of the 1970s in Hollywood, but Hitchcock's style and processing of the film push the audience back into the history of cinema. Reeves decided to make a Hitchcock Batman movie, and to achieve this goal, he included many special characters specific to Hitchcock's cinema in his film.

7. McGuffin

BingMag.com 7 <b>Referral</b> of 'Batman 2022' to <b>Hitchcock</b> Cinema

Today, in the world of blockbusters, the word McGuffin is not usually used in its proper place; From the unique ring to the gems of eternity and other things that are key elements in films and have great thematic value.

The main definition of McGuffin in Hitchcock's works is different; The basic external element of the story, which shapes the external actions and gradually becomes insignificant after the internal conflicts take over the core of the film. Batman's three-hour Reeves has several McGuffins.

Riddle leaves behind a number of puzzles and puzzles, all of which act as small McGuffins in the film; Batman and Gordon spend much of the film finding rats. Eventually, however, just like Hitchcock's classic McGuffins, these milestones become less important than the relationships they have formed along the way, such as Batman's Cursed Emotional Relationship with Katooman.

Detective Story

BingMag.com 7 <b>Referral</b> of 'Batman 2022' to <b>Hitchcock</b> Cinema

In comic books, Batman is so talented in detective work that he is sometimes called the world's greatest detective. He is given, but movies often ignore his talent, with more action scenes and street fights.

In Batman Reeves, we see both sides of this superhero. The film's three-hour run has allowed Reeves to include the story of an extraordinary detective in addition to action scenes and street fights. This is the first time this has happened in a Batman movie.

Batman forms a detective team with James Gordon as they try to track down Riddle and solve his riddles and puzzles. . From Vertigo to The Lady Vanishes to Psycho, Hitchcock's best works are his detective works.

5. Psychological Trailers

BingMag.com 7 <b>Referral</b> of 'Batman 2022' to <b>Hitchcock</b> Cinema

Given the presence of an insane serial killer as a negative role, Batman is as much a movie He is a superhero, he has also become a psychological trailer. This aspect of Batman can be compared to the films Seven and the Taxi Driver, but we must not forget that those films are also due to Hitchcock's works.

From Strangers on a Trrain and Shadows One Shadow of a Doubt Many Hitchcock films have been able to surprise audiences by paying close attention to the behavior of their annoying negative characters and delving into why they acted.

In a comic book, Katowoman is literally a femme fatale. Originally from the heart of the noir genre, Katowoman Reeves, brought to life by Zoe Kravitz, takes a more subtle and emotional look at the character. He is not an instinctual traitor who beheads a hero. She is a vulnerable man who has made a firm decision to avenge the death of her mother and roommate from her crazy and sick father.

This charming woman is more like the female characters in Hitchcock movies; A character similar to Lisa Carroll Grace Kelly in the back window (Rear Window) and Madeleine Alistair Kim Novak in dizziness. These characters are not one-dimensional characters like Katowerman Kravitz.

Under the Bomb

BingMag.com 7 <b>Referral</b> of 'Batman 2022' to <b>Hitchcock</b> Cinema

One of Hitchcock's favorite suspending techniques was the under bomb. The main idea of this technique is based on the fact that the audience is aware of the existence of a bomb exploding under a table around which the main characters are sitting, without the characters knowing anything about it.

Tarantino uses this technique in Inauguration of Inglourious Basterds, where a rural Frenchman hides Jews under a house Kiriye. Reeves uses two time bombs on Batman, but they are not hidden under a table. N. To save his life, Gil Kelson had to solve three of Riddle's puzzles while the ticking of a time bomb.

Unexpected story twists

BingMag.com 7 <b>Referral</b> of 'Batman 2022' to <b>Hitchcock</b> Cinema

From revealing the identity of Norman Bates to revealing the mystery of Madeline Alistair, Hitchcock has always loved twists It was a shocking story. In this regard, Reeves has included some unexpected twists in his film.

Batman realizes that his father was a secret collaborator of Carmine Falconi. According to the data, Selena reveals that Falcone is her illegitimate father, and this last twist is the reconstruction of a milder version of the Chinatown.

1. Dynamic Imaging

BingMag.com 7 <b>Referral</b> of 'Batman 2022' to <b>Hitchcock</b> Cinema

Hitchcock's main signature was his unique way of engaging the audience in the film. He turned audiences into travelers within his films, and he did so by dynamically shooting his films. When Norman Bates secretly looks at Marion Crane undressing, Hitchcock brings the audience to his senses. , Is, enters his film. He also uses the same techback when Riddle is secretly pursuing his victims and intimidating them.

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