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"Reddening" animation critique; Love the panda inside you

BingMag.com 'Reddening' <b>animation</b> <b>critique;</b> <b>Love</b> the <b>panda</b> <b>inside</b> you

Before you decide to show the "Turning Red" animation to your young child, keep in mind that this animated film is about She is a thirteen-year-old girl and is morally and traditionally suitable for children, naturally girls over thirteen. This warning is necessary because the screening of the film in the Canadian and American communities has provoked protests from mothers; Mothers who believe that the subject matter in the film is not metaphorically appropriate for children. But the target audience for "reddening" is precisely the children and, of course, the strict mothers of the girls. For the family, most patriarchal mothers do not see enough and desirable, and this feeling of lack takes him to the bottom of the dark well. The film, based on the life experiences of its second director as an immigrant in Canadian society as a teenager, is Pixar's first film made by a female director, a Chinese-Canadian woman, and Pixar's second, after " Up ", whose protagonist is an Asian.

So Pixar has gone through many taboos with this film. Shows children that heroes can be of other nationalities; Their knots and crises, though accompanied by spells and magic, are among the problems of ordinary girls who have a normal appearance and do not have much power, and if they do, they are not going to do extraordinary things, and most importantly, touch on something that animation has to date. He has dealt with it cautiously and still faces many obstacles.

It was a smart choice that the language of the time could make easy for children and, of course, parents, especially mothers. A well-educated 13-year-old girl from a Chinese immigrant family who carries an inherited spell, which in modern parlance is the eternal cycle of femininity for women, is a simple and familiar character for identification. She can be like any simple teenage girl who does well in school and wishes to keep her family, especially her mother, happy. Just as innocent and just as sensitive.

BingMag.com 'Reddening' <b>animation</b> <b>critique;</b> <b>Love</b> the <b>panda</b> <b>inside</b> you

Apart from the character design that is intended for this character to make her look like a normal teenage girl, not that image A barber and model who is traditionally portrayed as a young girl in animation, her natural moods and desires as a girl are just entering puberty in modern society. He has a circle of friends like himself who, unlike his family, are a source of comfort to him. Along with his friends, he has a popular boy band that's their biggest dream is to go to their concerts, and that's the knot of the story. And confronts a mother who is committed to inherited and difficult traditions, which is true under the pretext of knowing the spell in May, but in fact, like all hard-working mothers, asks her daughter for another version of herself, which is in fact another version of a strict and perfectionist mother. And for this important thing does not spare any effort and of course harassment. Because he has a big problem, and that is that he can not accept that his daughter will eventually grow up one day and is not supposed to be like her at all.

And in general, they know little about the menstrual cycle and its belongings, and may be right, because the mind of a thirteen-year-old girl to discern what is right for her and what is wrong has not yet fully developed. But the concern of "reddening" is the critique of maternal perfectionism, and the acceptance of the simple fact that human beings, all human beings, have bright and dark faces, positive and negative, good and evil. And if the traditional man, as his mother, grandmother and aunts spell, imprison their red panda somewhere, the modern man no longer sees any reason to imprison the panda or the monster inside him, but accepts it and lives with it and even uses it, because Modern psychology says so.

Therefore, it is better for mothers in the modern world to know in the first place their strictures, obsessive care, and constant interventions, which can create feelings of inferiority, shame, anger, and hatred within the child. Especially in the critical period of puberty, from the baby of a monster, in the "reddening" to make a big panda. The first time he notices a panda inside, he is actually humiliated by his mother in front of all his schools. Yes, for the fascination of the story and the Disney-centric aspect of the film, a mythical narrative from Chinese culture that sees the red moon as a sign of death and misery, for this The red panda spell is considered. But the truth is that the red panda is the same as puberty, which is sometimes sweet and sometimes becomes violent or dark due to the excitement of the monster.

The whole message of the story to mothers is to accept your child's red panda; Do not provoke; Love him and leave the space open for him. And, of course, giving up on the psychological fact that this pattern of behavior is a repetitive cycle that must finally stop somewhere. In the skirt of an idealistic strict mother, an idealistic strict daughter grows up. The reflection and critique of this pattern has been portrayed many times in recent years in various films and serials; From Mirabel "charm" and his patriarchal grandmother who can not accept Mirabel without magic to the magic of "Wonderful Mrs. Mizel" whose traditional mother can not accept her being single and comedian.

BingMag.com 'Reddening' <b>animation</b> <b>critique;</b> <b>Love</b> the <b>panda</b> <b>inside</b> you

Mothers protesting the story of May and her mother, who had a mother much harder than herself and a panda much older than May, believe that this film is lying, defiance, gossiping, stubbornness and It reinforces abnormalities in children. Reviewing the storyline of the film, we see that after the spell is revealed, the family decides to pull the spell out of their midst like a mother, grandmother, and aunts, as usual, in an old ceremony on the night of the red moon. But May and the three friends, knowing him very quickly - the distance between revealing the secret of the spell and finding a way to cope with the crisis that arises with the stimulation of every emotion - find a way to control the inner panda. They find that May feels safe in their safe circle of friends and can control the appearance of the panda.

However, the mother not only does not have this quality but also stimulates the panda. This is exactly the message for mothers and families to know that the child's freedom of action in a friendly environment and the belonging that he feels in order to show his true self with all its pros and cons, panda and non-panda, makes the child a member of the family. Get away and get close to his friends. If the family does not provide this feeling of peace and a safe environment for the child, which is about insisting on doing temple work with the mother and encouraging her to always be the good daughter of the family, she will never be able to have an intimate relationship with her. This emotional distance is devastating during adolescence and manifests itself in various ways in adulthood. It goes from mother to Jim from home, not everything happens if the family is not strict and backward. If a lie is told, it is because of a restriction imposed on the child. If disobedience occurs it is because of the freedom of action that is never given to the child; Thirteen years may be really early, of course, but the puberty of girls in modern societies seems premature. In addition, girls' puberty actually begins at age nine.

"Redness" has a whole message; Simple and big messages. From the importance of healthy friendships during puberty to generational differences and the fact that Love eventually turns into thorns, and growing up does not necessarily mean turning away from the dark aspects of the inside and glorifying it; Which happens to be embracing and playing and loving; That the new generation, although against your will, has its own interests and its own formula for life, and it is not necessary for it to act exactly like it in order to reconcile with tradition, and it does not accept that it does so. It is possible to choose a more compromising and peaceful way, which is reconciliation and acceptance. It is possible that in the "redness" when the mother accepts the panda, in the same way that the children used the panda to raise money for their concert tickets (it would be a surprise if it were otherwise), her family was able to become a panda. And the production of panda-centered accessories in the temple, and this tourist place becomes more popular. The moments when the kids are making money from the panda together are a lot of fun, as well as the concert season and the confrontation between the mother and daughter pandas. The film has a sharp rhythm and in this sense, does not leave the audience a comfortable moment. Everything goes very fast and without delay, in simple language, until we finally reach the important message that perfectionism is the scourge of a happy and peaceful life. Love the pandas within yourself and others, and make the most of it as much as possible. The Second Voice> Synopsis: May is a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian student who is terrified after discovering her new ability to become a giant red panda.
Tomitoz to film: 94 out of 100
Metacritic score to film: 83 out of 100
Author rating:
4 out of 5

Criticism of the animation "Redness" reflects the author's personal views and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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