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5 reasons why we should see the movie "Toman"

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> <b>see</b> the <b>movie</b> 'Toman'

"Toman" is Morteza Farshbaf's fourth film - if we do not count the documentary "White Tree". The film was screened for the first time in the Simorgh Soda section of the 38th Fajr Film Festival (2009) and won the Best Cinematography Award for Morteza Najafi. Before making "Tuman", Farshbaf attracted attention with his short film "The Wind Blows Wherever He Wants" (which was made for Abbas Kiarostami's filmmaking workshop) and two feature films, "Mourning" and "Bahman". He became a young and promising director. "Tuman", as his latest composition, started its release last month and is currently making its way to the silver screen at the end of its presence. Written and directed by Morteza Farshbaf and starring actors such as Mir Saeed Molavian, Mojtaba Pirzadeh, Pardis Ahmadieh and Iman Sayad Borhani, this film is one of the most important and spectacular works of the last decade of Iranian cinema. A lively and dynamic film with actors who, fortunately, are not yet involved in the Iranian cinema celebrity jirga and are mostly theatrical figures or have little cinematic experience - except for Ahmadiyya Campus. At a time when the likes of "Guidance Patrol 3" and "Dynamite" are boasting about their billion-dollar sales and taking over theaters one after another, the reasons for watching a movie like "Toman" (especially on screen) are becoming more and more important. Will be definite.

1. Screenplay idea; A gambler who is not Alexei Ivanovich!

Iranian cinema is no stranger to the issue of betting and gambling, but due to various constraints, producers' conservatism and the lack of creativity and audacity of some different filmmakers, the number of works made with this theme over the past decades Have been severely limited. If we want to return to the pre-revolutionary cinema, we can refer to films such as "Gambler" directed by Abbas Kasaei, "Lilaj" directed by Iraj Ghaderi and "Sahqap" which are the works of Zakaria Hashemi. But after the revolution and even in recent years, only two short films, "Gambler" by Karim Lakzadeh and "Baby Eater" by Mohammad Kart, have used such themes in their work.

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> <b>see</b> the <b>movie</b> 'Toman'

" Toman "is highly innovative and current in this respect. The film deals with the story of a young man named Davood (Mir Saeed Molavian) who, after realizing his strange and special skill in predicting the results of football matches, leaves a worker and takes betting in a serious way. The first reason to watch "Tuman" and one of its early winners in order to attract tasteful moviegoers who welcome new and non-stereotypical themes is the idea of the script and the issue of gambling and betting. For an audience that is tired of people without a social class and does not communicate with job-free pseudo-characters who constantly chant slogans to arouse the pity of their viewers through criminal intelligence, the concept of "Tuman" screenplay is a jewel.> Dracula; A comedy series that is not easy to watch

This fascinating idea gradually deepens and dissolves in the heart of the film. With successful predictions of football results, David suddenly becomes a professional gambler, sometimes reminiscent of Alexei Ivanovich (the protagonist and narrator of Dostoevsky's The Gambler); But he is neither a teacher nor lives in Roltenburg! The problem of changing social class from the heart of the main character's profession and stepping on the path of great wealth, is well reflected in "Tuman". In fact, this is a heavy, bold and effective shadow of the script idea that exists in most moments of the film and continues until the end.

2. Characterization and narration chapter by chapter; Strange taste of ambition

In "Tuman" we are watching a year of David's life; Spring, summer, autumn, winter and finally another spring that is the end of the adventure. Seasons in which Davood, along with his close friends Aziz (Mojtaba Pirzadeh) and Younes (Iman Sayadbarhani) and others, form a local and powerful union over time. A small but influential group that, from the predictions of the winning teams of the Island League, Serie A and T on Tutu cards, reach the interior of the house and the huge telephone bets. In addition to her huge and vital football bets, she also develops an emotional relationship with her fianc Eileen (Ahmadiyya Campus). The screenplay's ability to characterize is not limited to absolute individualism or mere mass communication. David is transforming, changing the previous shell and changing the social class, and with the arrival of millions of figures in his life, he is slowly undergoing a kind of transformation. His interest in Eileen diminishes, and there is no longer any talk of those romances, albeit short, but very special and unique in the early part of the film.

, In most cases, puts Aziz next to Eileen and David in order to create a seemingly simple triangle in addition to escaping from sentimentalism and extremist ideologies, and to create an important fragment. But despite the presence of Eileen's actor and Younes's indirect influence in this regard, the main focus of the screenplay is still on David. The catchy and unpredictable tone of "Tuman" also stems from this issue, and due to the clever focus of the story on the protagonist (hero), the changes of other characters and the tone of the film also take place according to David's metamorphoses.

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> <b>see</b> the <b>movie</b> 'Toman'

Davood gradually becomes the mastermind of this group and he is the one who makes the final decision to choose the winning team in the critical football matches; Just like an informal, indigenous godfather who makes a lot of money betting on football matches. Chapter-by-chapter narration is one of the best ways to portray the rise and fall of movie characters, and Morteza Farshbaf has done it well in "Tuman".

The ocean of ambition and success under the shadow of the summer sun until the season of stillness and delicacy fades away in the soulless autumn and finally, the frozen winter in which nothing goes anymore; Unless spring arrives. These metaphorical interpretations all exist in the heart of "Tuman" and go so far as to remind the audience of this famous and audible verse of Rumi:

3. Geography and environment; The bone-burning sun of the Turkmen Sahara

Morteza Farshbaf in the press conference of "Toman" film, the departure from the usual routine of apartment and city films as the reason for choosing Kavous dome as the main environment and location of his work; He also stressed that he was originally from the Turkmen Sahara and knew the geography of those areas and its people well. After watching "Tuman", you will realize that Farshbaf's words were completely true, and instead of a passive tourist camera with an exotic look, he has uniquely adopted the climate and native texture of Gonbad Kavous to solve the characters in the heart of the environment. p>

Davood, after a shocking personality change and consolidation of his position to local and non-native people, decides to take his gambling route to equestrian competitions due to Younes being a rider and to expand his loyal group money. This is where the director uses the requirements of the environment (equestrian track), the geography of those areas in particular, and his clever mezzanines to capture David's power.

The atmosphere in the environment is not limited to crowded spaces, even when witnessing To be alone with David and Eileen, to see the gambling loneliness of the story, or to be a spectator of the stressful situation and insane joys of the band members, denying the prominent role of the environment, seems to be an unfair act. Even if we leave all these features aside, Morteza Farshbaf's courage to move beyond the closed environments of beautiful offices or apartments and create a living and dynamic native world is very commendable and attractive; Because "Toman" production (production and production) has a good and calculated.

4. Behnam Actor, winner; The birth of a hero from the heart of a high-level role-playing

Another important reason to watch the movie "Toman" is the extraordinary role-playing of the actors. Mir Saeed Molavian's first-rate performance as Davood is so spectacular that it can hardly be ignored. Rumi started his career with theater and in addition to "Tuman", which is considered to be his first film role, he also appeared in the series "Khatoon" directed by Tina Pakravan.

Other actors are also acceptable and good Have provided. From the humor and silence of Mojtaba Pirzadeh (Aziz) and the highly impressive dynamics of Iman Sayad Borhani (Younes) through his physical physique to the satisfying looks and mimicry of Ahmadiyya Campus in the role of Eileen. Relying on his individual abilities (given the great confidence he had in his game) has also illustrated all the requirements and characteristics of such a character. David paves the way when he has to show the power of his homeland and his ambitious group to the non-natives, with frightening and bold cries, when he wants to lean on his throne and consolidate his undisputed rule with meaningful glances. When he is about to reach the peak of degeneration, stillness and destruction are evident in his face and movements; All of these are formed by the extraordinary play of Mir Saeed Molavian. In other words, he recreates the perfect image of a hero with all the ups and downs of his gray personality.

Professional camera and camcorder; The pursuit of the peak and the bottom

"Toman" is very spectacular in terms of visual effects and due to its mezzanine-centric form. Morteza Farshbaf does not make naturalistic use of the vast Turkmen environment of the Sahara, but instead, with a lively and dynamic camera, follows horses and keeps the issue of gambling and betting alive most of the time.

    Let's seethe series "I want to stay alive"?

Morteza Najafi's professional and attractive filming can be seen in most of the "Toman" scenes. The climax of the filming goes back to the first hour of the film; When the ascendancy of the career of David and his friends is increasing with a dynamic and crazy rhythm.

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> <b>see</b> the <b>movie</b> 'Toman'

In one of the key and spectacular scenes of the film, in which the long shot is used quite correctly, we have to wait for the result of a very important and vital football match. David's close friends with their phones are constantly going up and down the stairs of the house and trying to settle in a place where there is an antenna. Younes, Aziz and Davood himself feel in different places of the house and transfer the stressful stress to the spectator. In these important moments, there is no news of cuts and cuts, and the camera follows the characters in a unique way so that the audience joins this stressful and ambitious feast and does not miss even the smallest things. We see such a moment in the final parts of the film; Although in a different and more shocking way.

But the camera in "Tuman" does not always observe the crowd and intoxication caused by the victory of the characters, and at different moments, it becomes completely static and fixed to observe the stillness of David and other characters. Be; People who are not as active as they used to be in part of this one-year journey, and who no longer care about the victory of Serbia or Denmark. But even in these situations, one can clearly see and touch the importance of filming, directing and the storyteller's mezzanines.


Found in recent years (and even decades) Iranian cinema. A different film that by no means considers itself to belong to a specific, cultured, and necessarily intellectual audience, does not chant slogans, and knows the ambiguity of storytelling with characterization; Even with all its not-so-annoying flaws and weaknesses. Watching "Tuman" on the screen, due to its catchy tone and exemplary filming, has another grace and may be able to reduce a particle (even very small) of the heavy and disgusting burden of the mentioned garbage and the so-called current entertainment.

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