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7 reasons why children are very interested in the animation "Guard Dogs"

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

Each of us had a favorite cartoon or program in our childhood that we couldn't get enough of watching. Like the cartoon "Footballists" which, despite its endless plot and arcs, we would forget lessons or even games and parties with enthusiasm to watch every episode. The world has not changed as much as we imagine and all children in every generation have the same common experience.

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Perhaps you have also wondered why the animation "PAW Patrol" is so popular with today's children? It is safe to say that there are few children in the world who do not love "Watch Dogs" animations. This Canadian animation is a staple of today's toys, party themes, educational materials and even snacks.

This 2013 cartoon was created and distributed by Keith Chapman and is still going strong. Due to its popularity, "Watchdogs" has two feature films in addition to a series. According to the statistics provided by the producers and producers of this animation, children usually become interested in "Guard Dogs" from the age of 3. After that, the love for this show never really fades away and there is a claim that even younger children who can sit still will be hooked and enjoy watching this cartoon as soon as they notice it for more than two seconds.

A media activist reached out to fellow parents on social media to ask them why they think their children are obsessed with "Guard dogs". He also interviewed Dr. Tova Klein, director of Barnard College's Toddler Development Center and author of the book "How Toddlers Thrive" (How Toddlers Thrive) and obtained interesting results that you can read below.

1. Lovely Creatures Called Dogs

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

One common conclusion that many parents agreed upon was that the popularity The series deals with the fact that the characters are dogs, an animal that many children are introduced to at a young age and even live with as pets. "There's something about puppies that appeals to little kids," says Alicia, 37, mother of a 3-year-old son. I wonder if this cartoon would have had the same effect if it had bears, birds or something else as its main characters?

2. Good group act with good music

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

However, Watchdogs is more than just a cartoon. It's about animated dogs, it's about dogs that work as a team to save people, while using fun rhymes and songs along the way. Some parents believed that this could play a role in why children were drawn to the anime. 37-year-old Jennifer says about her 2-year-old son's interest in this series: "He really likes the songs of this cartoon. He keeps repeating them."

3. Superhero Characters

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

Others, meanwhile, think the interest stems from their child's admiration for Watching these dogs creates and somehow turns them into superheroes. Sarah, 35, says of her 4-year-old daughter's interest in the series: "I think [my daughter] likes to see them helping and saving people. When he takes on the role of a guard dog in his games, this issue is more visible.

4. Using music to teach

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

Usually in schools, songs are used to help children to memorize and learn things. Important is used. Take the alphabet for example. Who can forget the alphabet poem that was recited aloud and in groups? This approach makes learning more fun and memorable for years, so it makes sense that Watchdog songs would have a similar effect. However, another question arises that many serials and movies include happy songs and songs in their stories. So what sets Watch Dogs apart from the rest?

Dr. Tuva Klein has an idea why the series is so popular with kids that it's more than just enjoying a few catchy songs. "We see in this animation that there is always a problem to be solved and young children like to understand things and help solve problems," he says. Helping adults and engaging in an adult world is exciting for young children, and that's what's happening here.

In other words, while adults may sometimes prefer after a day's work. Long, watch something that No need to think, kids want the exact opposite. Their minds are still developing at this age, so they want something that challenges them and seeks to solve a problem.

5. Indirect Training

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

Dr. Klein goes on to explain how dogs specifically in "Guard Dogs" The title serves as a metaphor for children, even if they are not directly aware of it:

The main character is a child, but he is a big child, and this represents a bigger and bigger world. Puppies form a small world and are given the responsibility to solve a problem, which is usually at the bottom of a big problem. This is where the excitement comes in. children may be small, but they can do big things, just like puppies.

This could explain another reason why children relate more to animated dogs, not just because they They are familiar with this particular animal or have them as pets, but also because they see themselves as characters. They may be small, but that doesn't mean they can't do great things.

6. Repeat and repeat and repeat again

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

Maybe some parents like when the Moana animations ) or "Coco" with their kids, not watching "Watchdogs" with them, two films that adults and children alike love. Dr. Klein believes this is because children enjoy the repetition that occurs in movies like Watch Dogs, while adults prefer overarching stories that connect one episode to the next. "The format of each episode is similar and somewhat repetitive, and the smallest characters, the puppies, who represent the children, do great things," he explains. It's interesting for children, but not for adults."

7. Mistakes Kids Don't See

BingMag.com 7 <b>reasons</b> why <b>children</b> are <b>very</b> <b>interested</b> in the <b>animation</b> 'Guard Dogs'

Perhaps we, as adults, are more concerned with the flaws or inaccuracies that animations such as "Dogs "Guardian" show themselves to be familiar. For example, there is only one female dog in the main role, Skye, who is dressed in pink and flies a mostly pink or purple plane. As a parent, you can't help but notice such a big mistake in anime, especially since both girls and boys watch it.

Sarah, 35, says her 4-year-old daughter is also very interested. It's similar to Watchdogs, but it's not ideal for Sara because the gender imbalance in this anime is terrible. And when you look at animation from that perspective, it's hard to love it as much as your child does. This is exactly what children do not care about and do not understand.

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To be fair However, your child could be interested in far worse things than a seemingly simple cartoon, even if it does make progress on gender equality. "Watchdogs" allows kids to live vicariously through these heroes and believe that they too can do anything. This is a good life lesson that can be learned from a children's animation.

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