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6 reasons that show that Hassan Fathi's "neighbor" is not a successful series

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>that</b> <b>Hassan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> 'neighbor' is not a <b>successful</b> series

Hassan Fathi had a strange time after the series "Shahrzad". After the success of "Shahrzad", he decided to work again in the same style and context of historical serials; So, in the first step, he went to make the movie "Drunk of Love" with the theme of Rumi's life, which finally found a lot of margins due to a dispute with the Turkish producer, and it is not clear when it will be released.

After this failure, Fathi again turned to historical subjects and decided to make the love story of Naser al-Din Shah in the form of a series. But this series was not far from the margins either. The series "Jeeran" was accused of copying the series "My Deer Maral" before it aired, and after many struggles, it finally reached the home theater network.

It was expected that" Jeeran "with his well-known actors would start a wave on the home theater network and gain a lot of viewers for himself, but the weaknesses of the series in the very first episodes touched the hearts of many and made them laugh. The viewers did not like it. Contrary to expectations, "Jeeran" is a series with excessive weaknesses in script and directing. From now on, this series should be considered a failure in Fathi's career, which is much lower than the level of his previous works. We have put the reasons for the weakness of the "Neighbors" series under a magnifying glass in order to better understand the flaws and weaknesses of the series.

1. The strange case of Bahram Radan in the role of Nasreddin Shah!

It is not clear by what criteria Hassan Fathi chose Bahram Radan to play the role of Nasreddin Shah Is. We have all seen Radan in the role of a handsome young man for many years because of his physique and face, and the appearance of this actor really responds very well to these roles. The sound, tone and mimicry of Radan's face are not useful in playing the role of characters like the Qajar kings, and such choices affect the whole of a work.

Believing Radan in the role of Nasser al-Din The king is more like a joke. Fathi should be asked the reason for this choice. Radan, with all the makeup on his face, still does not look much like Nasser al-Din Shah. Even the genre of his play can not convey such a feeling to the viewer that he is now seeing Nasser al-Din Shah.

Radan's expression and physics have nothing to do with the grandeur of kings. To better understand this issue, compare Nasser al-Din Shah "Jeeran" with "Nasser al-Din Shah Actor of Cinema" to better understand the flaws and shortcomings of Radan in the role of Shah. Although "Nasser al-Din Shah is a cinema actor" is a comedy and fantasy film, the portrayal of the Shah's character and the catchy acting of Ezzatullah Entezami attract us to Nasser al-Din Shah.

Probably the creators The series has thought that by choosing an actor the size of Bahram Radan, they can count on attracting the audience, but this time, unlike "Shahrzad", the use of movie stars has not worked. The choice of Radan for such a role and character is fundamentally wrong, and the creators of the series had to think of other options. However, in the logic of two or four of the series' creators, choosing another actor might not be profitable for them!

2. A series that does not have a historical atmosphere

Many of us remember historical series such as "A Thousand Hands", "One Day" or "Tenth Night" We remember Fathi and we are familiar with good and strong historical serials. Certainly, making a historical series is a very difficult task, and anyone who struggles to make such a series should do a good job so that his and his group's efforts are not wasted.

One of the main weaknesses of "Jeeran" goes back to the fact that it can not evoke the atmosphere and mood of a historical series for its viewers. "Neighbors" is more like a rural series that can happen at any time and place. Unfortunately, the whole series about building a historical space and trying to make it believable has failed.

To make a historical series, many elements must be included in the story and characters. And great care must be taken in the design of the details so that the overall atmosphere of the story resembles the relevant historical period. You can not expect to make a quality historical series just by playing in the palace and riding a horse.

And he researched to make a worthy work, it must be understood that to make historical serials, it is not enough to write a screenplay in a few months. Another obvious example of this style of serialization is Davood Mirbagheri, who does a lot of research for his works. But the Jeeran writers' team has only shown the palace, the village, and the horse, summarizing their entire history in these things and a few other dialogues. To build Historical series should go beyond these appearances and spend a lot of time researching, researching and writing.

3. The absence of Naghmeh Samini and having a flat screenplay

One of the reasons for Shahrzad's success was the presence of a successful writer named Naghmeh Samini alongside Fathi. Samini is one of the prominent playwrights in the country who has many abilities in writing romantic situations. Part of Shahrzad's love stories and dialogues were the product of Samini's abilities, and he carried an important part of the burden of the series with his magic pen.

Samini is not present with Fathi, and here one can better understand the influence of a brilliant and capable writer. Although Fathi has tried to fill Samini's vacuum with the presence of Ehsan Javanmard, Samini's level of work is very different from Javanmard. Samini used magic with his pen and knew the power of the word effect in different situations and with his work he drew dialogues and interesting situations.

Suffers from it, the lack of a strong plot for the series. "Neighbors" is weak in terms of the course of events and knotting and untying in each episode, and the script does not have the necessary mortar to increase the appeal. It seems that the creators of the series, knowing such a weakness, have tried to fill this gap by writing beautiful dialogues, but still the dialogues do not have much absorbing power. The creators of "Jeeran" have tried to design the same romantic atmosphere by creating dialogue by imitating Shahrzad's romantic atmosphere, but this time the power of the dialogues is so weak that it is more like a romantic game than anything else.

Most two-part dialogue scenes have weak and boring expressions. Whether the romantic dialogues of Khadijeh and Siavash or the dialogues of the king and her mother lack the necessary charm and attraction. These catchy scenes are one of the main weaknesses of the series in every episode that passes with time.

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>that</b> <b>Hassan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> 'neighbor' is not a <b>successful</b> series

4. Medium and weak games

Fathi's insistence on playing his son and giving him the lead roles in such cases does its job and hits the series. . Amir Hossein Fathi is not a high level actor and he should not be given any role with that way of dialogue, but he is the director's son and he should take the main roles!

We hope that Fathi and his son, after seeing "Jeeran" again, will realize that they should not give each other any role because of family ties. Fathi's son's role in "Shahrzad" is somewhat acceptable, and this time he has tried to implement the same brigade here again.

Amir Hossein Fathi has a long way to go He has maturity in acting, and this way of playing in his father's serials and using his rent does not make his father a professional actor. To advance his acting career, he must work with other directors and try out other roles, otherwise he will remain an amateur and mediocre actor.

If out of acting Excuse the weak Amir Hossein Fathi and Radan, we do not see another good game from the other actors. Prinaz Izdiar has not been able to show her acting abilities in any way, and Merila Zarei, who has experience shining in many films, is quite ordinary and mediocre in this film. The rest of the actors are in this category and the play does not surprise any of our actors. They were the winners of the series, we do not see any special and eye-catching game in "Jeeran". Everyone is mediocre and has nothing special to offer.

5. Slogans, superficial historical facts

The creators of the series thought that not all episodes could be filled with the love story of Nasreddin Shah, Khadijeh and Siavash, so they tried. Bring historical facts and say dialogues about governance and the state of the country, add subplots to the story.

More precisely, history was not enough to say just a few historical dialogues and facts that we all know. The historical parts of the series seem to have been written from the school history book and most of the dialogues have taken on a slogan.

Paying too much attention to Amir Kabir Killing Amir, as we all know, what fascinates the viewer is to see and hear the unspoken historical. For example, one of the characters who had a lot of work to do and people were definitely interested in knowing about him is Mirza Aga Khan Nouri.

But the screenwriters of "Jeeran" only They have shown the childish quarrels of the Shah's prime minister and his whole head with other people connected with the court. that historical period was full of big and small events to pay for And if someone with a history was on the side of the team of writers, he could take the necessary advantage of these events.

There were many interesting events for the narration, but the creators of the series simply ignored them and only the story of the assassination of Amir Kabir and the stubbornness of Aga Khan Nouri.

6. A weak love triangle

Fathi used the same "Shahrzad" tactic to enhance the story, which did not work well here. Creating love triangles and competing romantic designs between lovers is one of the clich techniques of film and serialization in the world. The Turks are the masters of making these love triangles and most of the time they base their stories on these love competitions.

The director of "Jeiran" also tries to create situations by creating a love triangle It's romantic, but it's important to keep in mind that these love triangles do not always work. If Fathi's preparation is answered in "Shahrzad", the same technique is not supposed to work in another series.

Returns. The characters in the series are so crude and superficially processed that they are difficult to relate to. If in "Shahrzad" we were faced with mature and tangible characters, in "Jeeran" we are faced with Alken characters who do not allow the viewer to approach them.

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