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Reality Show, Hamed Ahangi and others; Why is the Nowruz Joker successful in laughing?

BingMag.com <b>Reality</b> <b>Show,</b> <b>Hamed</b> <b>Ahangi</b> and <b>others;</b> Why is the <b>Nowruz</b> <b>Joker</b> <b>successful</b> in laughing?

It took a long time for a Reality show or a Reality show to take root among the Iranian audience and find a wide audience. The extent to which the Kuwait virus epidemic has been so influential requires separate research. But there is no denying that the proliferation of Reality TV shows on home networks and online streaming platforms during this period and the forced home entertainment of the entertainment audience influenced the popularity of these programs.

It was at this time that "Mafia Nights" became a reality. The show made by Saeed Aboutaleb was based on the Mafia game, while other programs based on the same game were previously produced and broadcast simultaneously on the official channels of the Radio and Television, but were not so popular. And "Mafia Nights" was not the first Reality show about Aboutaleb ("Iranian Rally" and "Iranian Dinner" are also among the works of this director, which were not as successful, at least not as much as his last work, "Mafia Nights"), but without a doubt the most successful work. He is a successful Iranian Reality show.

It is not unreasonable to say that the success and widespread acceptance of "Mafia Nights", which continued to be produced due to high demand, has paved the way for the production of such programs. . "Joker" is one of these products. Of course, ideas do not form overnight, nor does production happen overnight, but in any case, when an idea succeeds in attracting an audience in a short period of time, the next task will be easier. The factor of widespread publicity should not be overlooked, of course, which applies to all current productions of the home network. "New Age" has also been on the official network. He, who is experienced in this field, was able to find his audience from "Mafia Nights" much earlier, with only four seasons, with an idea that is not new but has been Iranianized. Of course, the presence of similar actors and the presence of well-known and popular actors in the series and sometimes in the cinema (focusing on comedians) in this program is not ineffective in attracting the audience quickly.

If "Mafia Nights" is an attractive and exciting game. The Mafia has been playing the game of family and friendship groups for almost the last ten years to attract the audience, the "Joker" has something that not only always and at all times, but especially at this critical time for the audience thirsts for happiness; Produce laughter. Of course, laughing at the Iranian audience in recent years, at least in the cinema, has not been so difficult. It is enough for a few positive jokes and a few jokes from Telegram and Instagram to spark out endless stories, so that the audience both laughs in cinemas and paradoxically drives the rusty engine of the Iranian cinema economy.

It is no secret that the creators of these films have both underestimated and diminished the taste of the audience; The interesting thing is that in the first place, some serial producers, especially and then the producers of home network programs, especially these programs, have actually taken the opposite direction of the deviant current towards the vulgarity of cinema. Of course, this has an important reason, and for the serial producers, it is the stricter audits of the radio and television, which ironically closes their hands to produce vulgarity, and the sober and compassionate producer in creating comedy, because he no longer has the dark privacy of the cinema hall, turns to creativity.

This is an event that many of our comedy series makers have figured out. In recent years, people like Mohsen Tanabandeh, Saeed Agakhani and the like have had very successful experiences in this field, and in the past someone like Mehran Ghafourian was the guest of the Nowruz Joker. Is. The home network, of course, is currently more open-minded than the broadcasting industry, and it is a good thing that those who have worked in this field so far, some more and better, have made the most of it. A good example is the use of live instruments and music in Reality shows and tacos. Basically, the platform is provided in such a way that the characters are a little more and more comfortable with their real selves in front of the camera and the audience and share their familiar face with them. And this is especially needed in Reality shows, and is probably one of the reasons why these programs are so popular. The audience is attractive. If in "Mafia Nights" the placement of the faces of some more well-known, some lesser-known in the game of thief and Mafia police and their ability to play the role live and in the moment that accompanies the audience, in "Joker" this is the opportunity to create comedy. It comes alive and instantaneous, but the factor of trying not to laugh at the fact that it is a condition of the game is supposed to make the situation funny to the audience from the outside.

The participants of each season depended.

Creative actors, the reason for the attractiveness and popularity of the Reality show The Joker

BingMag.com <b>Reality</b> <b>Show,</b> <b>Hamed</b> <b>Ahangi</b> and <b>others;</b> Why is the <b>Nowruz</b> <b>Joker</b> <b>successful</b> in laughing?

The star of cinema and television, up to Soheil Mostajabian, a newcomer to cinema who owes his popularity to social networks (of course, the start of this modernization was made in other programs such as "Khandvaneh" and more specifically and in the same "Mafia Nights"). Stimulating the curiosity of the audience interested in cinema and entertainment has been constantly engaged in successful social networks. It is true that these figures, the product of social networks, could not appear in practice to the extent of their virtual presence, in any case, they have brought an audience with them.

He may not have attracted much attention as a comedian before. A kind of balance and justice has been tried to be observed in the selection of the guests of the program, which is also a respectable and intelligent move. The presence of white beards, exposing young people and figures on social media, and inviting old comedians and the resulting nostalgic love bar, figures who were once known and are now almost forgotten, are defensible decisions of the Joker creators. Of course, the vacancy of women is still felt strongly.

In this way, at the end of the second season, "The Joker" managed to find a regular audience. He did not have a successful third season and spent the fourth season entirely on the occasional mischievous mischief of Yousef Teymouri and of course his friendly but funny jokes with Yousef Sayadi. But for the fifth season, which was dedicated to Norzo, he put the finishing touches and turned over his winning cards. He invited guests, at least three of whom, each at different levels, are, as they say, giants of laughter, and the main factor in the charm of the special Nowruz season is the "Joker".

, Previously introduced in Khondavaneh, but the comedy and the superhero character in front of the camera did not like the taste of the TV audience; In the Reality show "Iranian Dinner", because he was not yet known, he could not show himself and was overshadowed by the laughter of Ali Ansarian. Until "Mafia Nights", whose great intelligence and lovely humor attracted more attention than any other participant in this program. Khodadad Azizi, Hossein Mehri, Majid Vashghani, whose popularity in "Mafia Nights" has not been ineffective in choosing him as the Nowruz guest of "Joker", also fell on deaf ears with their natural intelligence to play Mafia, but Hamed Ahangi was only a comedian a few steps above the others. He shone in this Reality show.

It was the result of producing a solo show of his own name that is still airing, and short and long clips of his public appearances on social media. Hamed Ahangi's satire is nothing special, it is a slightly improved version of Behzad Mohammadi and Mohammad Mahi Sefat in the distant years, both of whom have been marginalized in recent years and live their professional lives away from the attention of cameras and social media audiences. Neither Behzad Mohammadi, who was the guest of "Joker" in the third season, was able to appear on the scale of his distant years, nor Mahsafat, who was the guest of Hamed Ahangi's program "Shab Ahangi".

The "Joker" has neither the limitations of playing the Mafia nor the role of host and host, approaching his stage character and freeing up everything he has experienced in creating comedy scenes and situations in his circle, he does not lose his breath. A set of skills that he uses to play the guitar, sing, dance and play the body, imitate the voice and dialect and accent, jokes and patches of the head, and although he may at some point have the so-called "Overwatch" cinema, he also succeeds his teammates. Laugh and the audience. Perhaps it can be argued that in the latter case much more than all the phenomena of the previous chapters. Joker Time He was both more creative, more engaging, and more funny than the other participants. He sinks into all the types he creates in such a way that he becomes completely believable. Imitating his voice and body without insulting the original sound source, he was both meticulous and created good comedy situations. The rhythm falls, takes over everything and creates a new humorous situation. This is a sense of responsibility and of course an ability that not everyone and no doubt the other guests of this season do not have together. Mohammad Reza Alimardani, who has been working in the field of dubbing and voice acting and narration training for many years, has been present in the cinema in recent years, especially after his successful appearance in the fourth season of "Paytakht" series and the popularity of several animated comedy programs on social networks. , Has participated in Reality shows, released songs, directed "Mafia Nights", and has continued his own dubbing work; He is not necessarily a comedian, but he has abilities that can be humorous and create comedy. Of course, not as much as Hamed Ahangi. And he does not make any effort in this direction, because the serious aspect of his personality is also prominent.

Alimardani is still in The actor in the picture has not been able to take full advantage of the capabilities of his voice character and his improvisational power, but he is also the popular host of "Mafia Nights" and now in "The Joker" he can use his comedic abilities to create scenes. Like Hamed Ahangi, of course, he has the ability to play the guitar, sing, imitate the voice and accent and dialect (the two compete to imitate the Japanese language and accent and Korean is interesting), dance and dance in the field of sound production and more experienced than him. Apart from these, he also knows a kind of comedy musical improvisation, which he used in the third part, and aroused the admiration, surprise and laughter of his audience. He does not have the humor of Hamed, but he is creative and by using familiar sounds for his audience, he has succeeded in making Nowruz one of the strengths and charms of "Joker".

This is one of the good events of this special season of "Joker". Ability to make proper use of the music (and music of the districts) and the musical intelligence of its participants. Ali Oji also plays percussion instruments, is a joust, and has good performance ability. He also makes good use of this ability, and with his own sarcasm and funny definition of not-so-funny jokes, he is one of the other guests of this season, who carries the burden of humor of the program and even makes Hamed laugh at the song. In his Joker Time, Majid Vashghani has played his part in creating humor as much as he can by imitating the voice and singing. The presence of a white-bearded man like Sirus Meymant, whose name has become famous with Saeed Agakhani's "Noon Kh" series, and the use of which is made of his white-beardedness, does not create extraordinary comedy situations, but it is sweet. Like Amir Hossein Siddiq, whose kindness, friendliness and cooking can be accepted instead of creating creative and comedic moments. Ali Mashhadi, who, like the previous seasons of "Joker", is the character of "Nakhand" and, of course, hated.

And Mehran Ghafourian, who has returned to people's homes. The one-year-old TV star, the creator of the unusual characters and the popular series "Under the City Sky", is one of the most beloved comedians among the audience and of course his colleagues, according to his friends in "The Joker", "The Last Stage Giant", is a veteran comedian whose heart It hurts and it can no longer have the vibrancy of the past, but it's humorous to open that mouth.

Mehran Ghafourian does not do any special work to create improvised comedy. As he says, he defines the real memories of his life. His stand-up comedians have done the same thing before. The Joker uses the same technique. Of course, he is a veteran and with the character and face of his director, he is mostly a spectator of his friends' mockery and, in his own words, he knows what the others are doing. He knows the tricks. But where it comes into play and defines memory, it can appear powerful. Of course, perhaps if censorship allowed, the audience could also witness his performance. That did not happen and the young people of the arena succeeded in finally laughing at Ghafourian with respect and against their inner desire and removing him from the competition scene. Of course, he is not a contestant and is satisfied with the elimination. In "Mafia Nights", he also preferred everyone to shake hands and kiss each other. The atmosphere that the other "Joker" guests created for Ghafourian was full of love and respect at every moment. Hamed Ahangi even imitated an excerpt from the popular title song of the final subtitle "Under the Sky City" sung by Amir Tajik.

Source: screenrant

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