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Raton Tomitoz's score "Reddening" animation created a rift between critics and Pixar audiences

BingMag.com <b>Raton</b> <b>Tomitoz's</b> <b>score</b> 'Reddening' <b>animation</b> <b>created</b> a <b>rift</b> <b>between</b> <b>critics</b> and <b>Pixar</b> audiences

"Reddening", Pixar's latest film, has received 95% of the positive reviews from Ratan Tomito, but it seems that the audience rating is based on the reviews of the critics. it is different. Since the release of Toy Story in 1995, Pixar has made a total of 25 animated films, almost all of which have grossed Raton Tomito.

In fact, Pixar has produced many fun and creative animations. Has been able to take root in the hearts of children and adults and continue to work for about three decades, without a significant loss of quality in his animations. Pixar has improved the quality of its filmmaking through its two popular franchises, "Toy Story" and "The Amazing," as well as animations such as "Wall E" and "Inside and Out."

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"Reddening" is the last case in which Pixar after From "Toy Story 4", "Ghost" and "Luca", it focuses on the main film. Of course, "Light Yar", although not part of the "Toy Story", still represents a return to the original film and its adaptation. Since "Red" managed to score 95% in Raton Tomito, it has certainly aroused the envy of any other studio, but the audience gave the film a lower rating than the critics. Compared to the studio's 24 other films, this has created a rift between the ratings of critics and viewers. Raton Tomito is ranked 14th Pixar

BingMag.com <b>Raton</b> <b>Tomitoz's</b> <b>score</b> 'Reddening' <b>animation</b> <b>created</b> a <b>rift</b> <b>between</b> <b>critics</b> and <b>Pixar</b> audiences

Raton Tomato Average Rating Pixar is 89% for each of the feature films released by the studio, which means that 95% of the "Reddening" score is above the company average, but nevertheless, the film is even in the middle of the line. Pixar production is also not included. Pixar has 14 films with ratings of Tomato 95% and above. "Reddening" is one of the three films that are next to "Ghost" and "Wall E" with 95% score, but this film is ranked with an average score of 8 out of 10, which is the lowest score among these three films. It ranks fourteenth out of 25 Pixar films.

Of course, it ranks fourteenth for "Reddening" compared to other Pixar films, and given that there is fierce competition among these animations, it's not that bad. But the reason why the score of this movie is higher than average, but it has a very low rating, is that 18 Pixar movies have a rating of Raton Tomito above 90%, but the average score of Pixar animations has been reduced by "Cars 2" animation, that is, only Pixar anime, which has a 39 out of 100 rating of Raton Tomito. Scored

BingMag.com <b>Raton</b> <b>Tomitoz's</b> <b>score</b> 'Reddening' <b>animation</b> <b>created</b> a <b>rift</b> <b>between</b> <b>critics</b> and <b>Pixar</b> audiences

Raton Tomito's 95% rating given to the film by critics May put it in the middle of other Pixar films, but the audience rating makes it lower. The film currently has only 73% of the 2,500 viewers watching the film, which is 9 points lower than the average of 82% of other Pixar animations. Of course, "Redness" did not receive the worst Pixar audience ratings, but there are only three lower-scoring films on Pixar's list: "Cars 3" with 69%, "Good Dinosaur" with 65%, and "Cars 2". With 49%. "Machines 2" is the only Pixar film that has lowered the average ratings, so while all the other films are below the Pixar average, they were still well received by the audience.

The combination of Raton Tomito's critics' high score and the audience's low rating, "Reddening" with 23 points difference, has the highest gap between the points of critics and viewers of Pixar films and has surpassed "Amazing" which has a difference of 22 points. The average difference between the critics and the audience for Pixar films is only eight points, and 19 out of 25 Pixar films differ by less than 10 points, which means that this is not common for Pixar films .

It is not yet clear why Raton Tomito's "Reddening" ratings are much lower than other Pixar films, but given that the film focuses on a young girl who has reached puberty, and perhaps because of the image. Drawing the most awkward features of this stage of life, this Pixar movie Not much to the liking of the audience.

While Pixar is known for portraying the complex emotional realities of life, the company is not far from making an animation like "Reddening", but most people seem to watch it. Explicit scenes related to puberty are upsetting and they do not like to sit and watch a family drama with sadness and these things are boring for them and they are looking for newer topics. The film exposes everything quite clearly, but there are some issues that people try to avoid talking about in their daily lives, and "blushing" aside the embarrassment that is arguably the most important. This is the purpose of the film.

How to compare the "Reddening" point of view of critics and audiences with Marvel's cinematic world

BingMag.com <b>Raton</b> <b>Tomitoz's</b> <b>score</b> 'Reddening' <b>animation</b> <b>created</b> a <b>rift</b> <b>between</b> <b>critics</b> and <b>Pixar</b> audiences

Of course, compared to any franchise except Pixar, Raton Tomito's "red" ratings are much better. . For example, compared to Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is the only other franchise comparable to Pixar in Raton Tomito, the 95% "red" score is 11 points higher than Marvel's average of 84%. Raton Tomito's "red" rating is higher than all Marvel films except for "Black Panther", which tops the list with 97%.

In addition, there is a difference of about 11 points in the rating of critics and audiences of the company's films, however, it can be said that "Reddening" is in a slightly higher rank compared to some Marvel films.

The film ranks next to "Ant and the Bee Man" and "Thor: The Dark World" with 75% Raton Tomito, but four other films, including "Captain America: The First Avenger" with 74%, "Iron Man". "2" with a score of 71%, "Amazing Hulk" with a score of 70% and "Captain Marvel" with a score of 45% are in the lower ranks. The average score difference between Marvel World critics and viewers is only 6 points, but "Reddening" does not show a bigger score gap than many Marvel movies, for example, Captain Marvel's 34-point and 31-point gaps. "Immortals" pointed out that they are much more than "reddening". And the next biggest gap in Marvel's world is the "Black Panther" by 17 points. Of course, it should be noted that 23 Marvel movies have a gap of less than 10 points and 18 films have a gap of less than 5 points.

Finally, it should be said that "Reddening" received a lot of excellent reviews. It has received rave reviews from critics and some audiences alike, making the Disney Plus movie the first major success of the two companies. While the gap between critics and viewers's Raton Tomito scores is significant, especially compared to other Pixar films, it can only be considered as a strange point and nothing more. audiences may be less enthusiastic about the film than other Pixar films, but Raton Tomito's critical acclaim is a testament to how high the animation is. Therefore, the gap between Raton Tomitoi and critics' ratings should never affect our opinion of this film, because "Red" is a film that has received high marks from both critics and audiences, and the only issue about it is the gap between These are the privileges.

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