Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

As soon as the Coen brothers (Joel and Ethan) entered the filmmaking profession and established themselves as auteur directors, they reached a position that other filmmakers from all over the world They were inspired by them. Reaching the position of a professor went so fast that from the very beginning of their career, cinema audiences were waiting for their new film. Over time and getting older, they made works that are known today as a symbol of a bygone era and can be used to understand postmodernist cinema. In this list, we have reviewed all 19 movies they have made so far.

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

As soon as the Coen brothers (Joel and Ethan) entered the filmmaking profession and established themselves as auteur directors, they reached a position that other filmmakers from all over the world They were inspired by them. Reaching the position of a professor went so fast that from the very beginning of their career, cinema audiences were waiting for their new film. Over time and getting older, they made works that are known today as a symbol of a bygone era and can be used to understand postmodernist cinema. In this list, we have reviewed all 19 movies they have made so far.

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The theme of most of their movies includes the lives of people who They have existentialist concerns in a bitter way. These people are hurt by something that cannot be put into words, and in the end, the same inner hurt makes them unusual people who engage in unusual behavior. Now this person can be a gangster in a city full of criminals or a musician who wants to become another Bob Delaney in the music field. Of course, the Coen brothers put these stories in the context of black comedies, which gives the bitter taste of the work. This is the reason why the general and special audience is always associated with the artistic achievements of these two brothers.

Over the decades, these two brothers have worked with great actors. From Holly Hunter to Nicolas Cage, from Jeff Bridges to Denzel Washington and finally Frances McDormandy, who was the life partner of one of them for many years. Wherever you look at their films, there is a great actor who has finally become one of his honors to play in a film by the Coen brothers. In particular, the film characters of these two brothers have clear differences from the usual film characters of American cinema, and this can be a new challenge for any actor. Just remember characters like Jeff Bridges' character in "The Big Lebowski" or Frances McDormand's "Fargo" or Javier Bardem's "No Place for Old Men" to understand the difference.

The Coen brothers. During these years, they have achieved all possible cinematic honors. From winning the Cannes Palme d'Or to winning the Oscar. But no one doubts that the reasons for their importance do not come from their awards; Rather, it comes from something that all the greats in the history of American cinema have benefited from, that is, making a deep and entertaining movie and a magnificent structure that can satisfy both the general audience and the critics.

It was just a few years ago that the news came for the first time that one of the brothers plans to make a film without the presence of the other. Joel broke up with Ethan and made the movie "The Tragedy of Macbeth" himself. No one knows if this will become a regular practice in the work of the two or not, but this new experience also made for an acceptable film. So, one can sit down and watch their films with a relaxed imagination of the beginning of a new era in the career of the two brothers and be sure of the quality of their individual works. Finally, going to this portfolio and examining each and every film shows that they have never come below the standards and have always made films that at least entertain their audience.

19. Hail to Caesar! (Hail, Caesar!)

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Starring: George Clooney , Josh Brolin, Chinning Tatum, Scarlett Johansson and Tilda Swinton
  • Product: 2016, USA and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.3 out of 10
  • Rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 86%

That postmodernist filmmakers like the Coen brothers It is not so strange to look into the history of cinema and criticize a part of it or to pay homage to an era in their own way. Quentin Tarantino has done this many times and, for example, in "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) he went to the point where his characters only move from one side to the other during a certain period in the history of cinema; That's it.

Now the Coen brothers have visited the heart of Hollywood in the late 1940s and early 1950s in the classic era of cinema; When Senator McCarthy was hunting communists all over the country with the beginning of the Cold War, and Hollywood was considered one of the strongholds of these leftist ideas. We know what happened in America and its cinema at that time, and the Coens have no intention of recreating history. Their goal is to capture an era that changed the face of cinema forever.

At the heart of the drama is a man who looks like an agent. But he has a difficult job; He should be aware of the behavior of stars who constantly create trouble and are constantly present in places that cause damage to the image of companies. To understand this issue, we must be aware that at that time the movie stars in They were hired by different companies and it was not like now that every actor signed a contract with a producer for only one film. Therefore, the actors were considered the symbols of these studios and if they did something wrong, it would be blamed on the employer and their reputation would be lost. does not have. But he must do it in such a way that no one can smell the nature of his research, otherwise he will lose the reputation of his employers. It is in such a frame that this man's wanderings give the Coen brothers an opportunity to take a spin in Hollywood at that time and portray different angles of life at that time; From messing with reporters, to the way studios work, to closed-door meetings held by leftist organizations. Of course, all of this is depicted with the same special humor of the Coen brothers.

But the problem of the film lies in these wanderings. Coen brothers know what happened in that era and they plan to play a little with the history of that time and satirize it. But unfortunately, this teasing did not lead to the creation of the necessary feeling and the characters don't seem very empathetic. Their concern does not become our concern, and that is why "Hail Caesar!" to be in such a position.

"The film is a fictitious story of the real life of a person named Eddie Menkis. During the classic cinema era, he was responsible for taking care of the interests of the studios in Hollywood. One day, one of the movie stars goes missing and the studio looks for him to continue filming. They want Eddy to find him and at the same time make sure that no one gets a whiff of his absence and if he is in trouble, fix it so the media won't find out. Eddie follows the actor and follows various clues. This is while, on the one hand, a journalist has lost his nose hair, and on the other hand, some people are planning for something to happen..."

18. The Hudsucker Proxy

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Tim Robbins, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sam Raimi
  • Product: 1994, USA and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie: strong> 7.2 out of 10
  • Film score on Rotten Tomatoes site: 60%

The capitalist world and its relationships can also cause The Coen brothers took their cameras and sat down to criticize these relationships. A world whose job is to sell false dreams to every person and if someone is not careful, it can cause its destruction. Since the Coens are not looking to make a realistic film criticizing this world and their spirit does not suit directors like Oliver Stone, everything is held in a symbolic way and the story of the film has a fantasy atmosphere.

One day a man throws himself from a tall building. This causes the people present in that building to worry; Because that man is the head of a big company that owns the building. At the same time as he commits suicide, another man tries to reach the top of the building and actually progress. The suicide of the director of this organization gives him an opportunity that he doesn't believe. On the one hand, a man tries his best to have more income, and on the other hand, a man does not want all the income in the world. In fact, although the status of these two is different and the rich person is happier in appearance, but in reality it is not so. Another point is the simplicity and distance of this man from the world full of capitalist lies.

In the world of rich company owners, everything is governed by lies and hypocrisy. They plan to take advantage of the company's shares after the suicide of the head of the organization. But the simplicity of this man ruins their plan. This is where the Coen brothers go beyond the simplistic criticism of the capitalist world and reach the human being. In their world, human beings and their concerns are more valuable than anything else.

But the problem of this film, like the previous film on the list, stems from characters that the audience has no feelings for. Although great people like Paul Newman with that multifaceted charisma or Tim Robbins with that innocent face are present in the work and play the place of these characters, the audience has no understanding of their behavior and keeps distancing themselves from them. One of the reasons for this weakness is that the film does not use the potential of the fantasy world. The Coen brothers refer so much to the real components of the capitalist world and limit themselves to its framework, that they forget to take advantage of the potential hidden in their fantasy story.

"New York in 1958. A man named Neville Barnes plans to introduce his new idea to the head of a large company. He walks from the lower floors of the big building where he works to reach the office on the upper floor. While he is climbing, the founder of this organization throws himself out of the window and dies. Among the members of the board of directors of this large organization They have to use a naive manager to cause the company's stock to fall. They consider Neuville suitable to undertake this task, but

17. Intolerable Cruelty

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: George Clooney , Catherine Zeta Jones, Billy Bob Thornton and Geoffrey Rush
  • Product: 2003, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.3 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Rotten Tomatoes site: 75%

Films on this list are marked with an exclamation mark. . It's as if the Coen brothers have tried their hand at every type of cinema and every genre and have been successful in all of them; This one is a movie belonging to the romantic comedy cinema.

The romantic comedy genre is one of those genres that has never gone away and has always had its fans. Since the time of Charlie Chaplin, the audience has bought tickets for movies like this; So we are on the side of a genre that has always adapted to the specific conditions of the time. Now, if the Coen brothers go for a movie with the coordinates of the genre and its familiar stereotypes, the audience expects to see a lot of handshakes and jokes with these stereotypes. But from the very beginning and the casting of the film, it is clear that these two brothers have a different intention, and by the way, this time they want to make a simple and restrained film about the romantic life of a man and a woman, which uses the same stereotypes, and who said that every film has to be deconstructive. And leave the stereotypes so that we consider it a good work? As soon as a work can use clichs well, it is half way to success.

The Coen brothers have made a fundamental account of the charm and charisma of the two main actors in their film. On the one hand, we have George Clooney, who can play the role of smart and attractive men who can make a woman fall in love with him, and on the other hand, there is Catherine Zeta-Jonesi, who is both mischievous and a housewrecker. It is brilliant. The inherent charm of these two actors justifies the strange story of the film so that we never ask ourselves how a woman can continuously fool rich and intelligent men. And on the other hand, how can this same woman, who seems to have a heart of stone, fall in love with a man who has just betrayed her and defeated her in court? Romantic comedy has a fantasy logic. The directors use this logic of fantasy to create unbelievable narratives of love and the audience pays to enjoy this idealistic and unrealistic world that eventually moves in the direction of happiness despite all the problems.

In short, the reason for placing this movie in this place in the list is that the movie "Unbearable Hardness" has nothing more to show other than the correct use of clichs and its actors. This movie is an entertaining work that can both make you laugh and make time pass by. Maybe this is a huge achievement for other directors and such a film can be at the top of their career, but for these two brothers it is not such a big achievement and the other epic films on the list do not allow "unbearable callousness" to show off more.

"Marilyn is a beautiful woman who marries rich people and takes part of their wealth after they divorce. Miles, who is the lawyer of the last husband of this con woman. He turns away the woman's hand and wins the court and does not allow Merlin to get what he wants. But Miles himself falls in love with Merlin...

16. The Ladykillers

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Tom Hanks , Irma Hall and JK Simmons
  • Product: 2004, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.2 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 54%

Years ago, in the 1950s, Alexander Mackendrick made an epic movie called "The Killers". She was an old woman. The story of the film was the story of some thieves and criminals who rent a room in the heart of London to plan their plan. The owner of the house was a cute petite old woman whose kindness had no limits and she thought that some musicians were living in her house and kept them in her eyes. But this good heart and kindness caused these criminals to close the door every time and not go anywhere. The contrast and encounter between these two different types of life and the opposition of good and evil also created funny situations that, due to the existence of a bitter situation in the background, made the movie "Old Woman Killers" a black comedy; That is, the same thing that Coens are good at.

Years passed. Now everyone knew that the Coens loved this Alexander McKendrick movie so much that they couldn't resist and went ahead and remade that classic. In the new film, the atmosphere of the film has become more stylized and the fantasy logic of the work has increased. The Coen brothers have tried to measure the comedy as well increase to contrast more with the cold and foggy atmosphere of their work. They have also provided a team of actors that is obviously different from the team of actors of the previous film. In addition, they have reduced the animal nature and crimes of the men in the story. All of these decisions have worked to some extent, but they have caused the audience who is familiar with the older version to watch the work with a distance.

Certainly, the film of these two brothers cannot follow that great masterpiece. There is definitely a gap between these two films, which goes back to the decisions of the Coen brothers, but perhaps the main reason for this difference is the presence of Kathy Johnson in the role of the old woman in the story and the role written for her in the first film. The changes made by the Coen brothers in the role of the old woman in the story have made the confrontation between these two completely different worlds to be different, and the thing that is supposed to make the film dark and funny at the same time has been lost. The old woman in this film does not have the fun and freshness of the older version, nor is she so influential in the drama process that the conflict between the two worlds of good and evil can be seen.

In any case, the Coens have created a happy world that is completely He distances himself from the familiar surroundings. The movie "Old Woman Killers" is a good movie and it will surprise you. The only problem is that everything he does is compared to one of the best comedies in the history of cinema; Because after all, its reconstruction is the same.

"Ms. Marwa is an old woman who plans to rent out one of her rooms to earn a little more income. A polite man who introduces himself as a professor wants that room, and Mrs. Marwa, attracted by this man's politeness, rents the room to him. The professor has only one request from the owner of his new house, and that is to be able to use the basement of the house to practice music together with his band members. The poor old woman also agrees and does not know that these are actually some thieves and criminals who intend to use that basement to reach a certain place by digging a tunnel. But...

15. Burn After Reading

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Richard Jenkins and Tilda Swinton
  • Product: 2008, USA, France and UK
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating: 78%

The Coen brothers sometimes After making a painstaking film like No Place for Old Men, they move on to more compact films that are both less work and tap into a more personal world. These films may not seem very attractive to many audiences who are not familiar with the elements of the cinema of these two brothers, but if you have spent a lifetime thinking about their works and have seen each of their films several times, you will definitely like these compact and smaller works. Now, the potential reader of this list may think that the writer made a mistake and that a film that includes Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tilda Swinton and others cannot be a small film. But believe me that any filmmaker who reaches the position of the Coen brothers can entice stars to appear in any role, and the actors will break their heads to appear in their works.

The story of the film is the familiar situation of the brothers Koen is Again, a mistake in all the plans destroys a person and kills some people who have no knowledge of each other. In order to make things more exciting and also to poke fun at the ruling system, the subject of the film is linked to the leaking of security information, so that these two brothers can attack the ruling system of their country and criticize the life of modern man. It is in such a framework that the story of the film turns into complete chaos that no one can stop.

So it is clear that we are dealing with a funny movie. Although, as always, this comedy has a dark side, but it can be claimed that none of the films of the Coen brothers are as much comedy. It is enough to pay attention to the presence of Brad Pitt in the film and to carefully watch the game that the Coens play with his image in the cinema to understand what I am talking about. This game with the characteristics of Brad Pitt is not limited to the film's acting team, and the directors touch the clichs of spy movies as much as possible. Frances McDormand and John Malkovich are perfect in their comedic roles, but Tilda Swinton is not so successful. With his strange image and persona, he could potentially be a suitable actor for the Coens' cinematic world, but he has never been successful in their works and has not been able to meet expectations; What in "Hail Caesar!" And he is not a very successful actor here, and he disturbs part of the rhythm of the film. The rest of the actors are more or less good, but none of them can match John Malkovich and Frances McDormand. He loses his job due to alcoholism. His wife, who plans to divorce him, all the information at the suggestion of his lawyer The computer dumps Osborne on a CD to make the divorce process easier for him. In the meantime, the draft of Osborne's memoirs is mistakenly copied on a CD. Mr. Vakil's secretary leaves the CD by mistake in a sports locker room and one of the gym staff finds it. Now, the members of the sports club, who think they have obtained sensitive information, are planning to ask Osborne for the silence of the contents of the CD..."

14. The Tragedy Of Macbeth

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Director: Joel Coen
  • Stars: Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand
  • Product: 2021, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.2 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 93%

Joel Coen deliberately did not want the audience to forget that they are facing a theatrical work while watching his film. It may be a bit confusing to express this issue; Because we have generally seen and heard that films with intense theatrical aspects are not taken seriously by critics. Whether we accept this statement or not, the filmmaker has deliberately tried to make the audience remember the source of the adaptation; Because it seems that any attempt to distract the attention of the audience from such a well-known source of adaptation is something extremely wrong. But there is one point in the middle that shows the genius of the filmmaker.

Joel Coen made all the sets of his film similar to theater sets, and of course he added lighting and effects similar to Expressionism cinema; In such a way that if you start reading the script after watching the movie, it is impossible to imagine the lighting of the different scenes of the show in a way other than expressionist lighting. But this is not the whole story; The movie "The Tragedy of Macbeth" uses a kind of completely cinematic camera, which makes the audience, while watching those extremely minimalist sets, not to forget that they are facing a movie by a great director. Putting these two worlds together in a different appearance (world of cinema and theater) is one of the main strengths of the film.

But the strengths of the film "The Tragedy of Macbeth" do not end there. The film has two great actors in the form of its main characters. Denzel Washington plays the role of Macbeth and he is able to handle a role that has disgraced many actors and defined them. Because of this good performance, his name was among the Oscar nominees of the same year. On the other hand, we have Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is one of those roles that every actress dreams of playing one day. This issue with those long monologues of Lady Macbeth and also the camera that constantly placed the big view of the actress in its frame, gave Frances McDormand more opportunity to show off. In addition, Mr. Joel Coen has presented us with one of the most memorable witches in the history of cinema with this film. beat scotland While returning from the battlefield, three witches appear to him and promise him that he will soon become the king of Scotland. The king of Scotland is waiting for his arrival to celebrate his victory, but Macbeth has another idea in his mind and he wants to become the king of his country anyway...

13. Raising Arizona (Raising Arizona)

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Starring: Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, Han Goodman and Frances McDormand
  • Production: 1987, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.3 out of 10
  • Film score on Rotten Tomatoes site: 90%

If the Coen brothers in their first film, "Terrified", turned to crime and noir cinema In the past, they paid homage and made a film in which one could see signs of their interest in cold and soulless spaces and the presence of a dark and bitter humor in the background. They were pulled out from the background and brought to the front of the frame. Instead, the crime and the cold and soulless atmosphere went to the background, and in fact, the place of these two changed. Until today, the Coen brothers have fluctuated between these two types of films, and sometimes they have emphasized more on crime and sometimes on black humor.

Of course, "Raising Arizona" has other elements that, unfortunately, after the movie " Barton Fink" can be seen in less works of these two brothers; The presence of dreams and dreams as an influencing factor and driving the drama that may even mix with reality and influence the decisions of the people in front of the camera. Unfortunately, this factor disappeared little by little from their films and the work reached a point where it no longer existed.

This dream is present in the movie "Raising Arizona" in the form of a man riding a motorcycle. This man, who seems to be driven directly from hell and takes orders from the devil, causes fear in the main character and thus affects the cause and effect process of the drama. So, we are on the side of a movie that has no qualms about mixing dreams and dreams, and its logic leans towards fantasy cinema. In addition, the shape and image of this motorcyclist also came out of the heart of the history of cinema and there is a clear homage to the cinema of the past. are not. Romantic cinema is touched by them here and there, but the case becomes interesting when they go to robbery cinema. Stealing a baby with good intentions complicates the moral world of the film, and of course, showing the face of the baby's father and his behavior also stings the capitalist system. All of these elements are present in the next films of the Coen brothers, and they are more or less expanded in each of them, but in very few films, the presence of all of them can be found in one place.

Nicolas Cage years before To reach this situation and to play in bad movies one after another, he was a respectable actor and had a great role in his career. If you take a look at his career in the 1980s and 1990s, you will realize that he has more than 10 epic and lasting films with great directors. One of his great roles in the same era is playing in the movie "Raising Arizona". On the other hand, Holly Hunter, who previously shone in the movie "Terrified", shows how much she likes Coen brothers' cinema.

Hai McDonagh marries Edwina, the daughter of one of the prison guards, after being released from prison. . After some time, the life of these two will fall apart due to not having children. Hay and Edwina are unable to have children, so they decide to steal one of the quintuplets of a rich local named Nathan Arizona. After carrying out this robbery, the heads and heads of two people from the prison era are found and the life of this couple becomes more difficult. Meanwhile, Hai suffers from nightmares and cannot sleep well. until..."

12. True Grit

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Jeff Bridges , Hailee Stanfield, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin
  • Product: 2010, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7. 6 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 95%

In 1968, a book called "True Courage" by Charles Portis was released, which caused quite a stir. The story of the book revolved around the life of a retired, old and alcoholic sheriff who helps a girl to take revenge. The scenario of the book was based on the scenario of revenge, but the author had so valued the character of the sheriff and had drawn him in such complete detail with the lines of the paper, that the story should actually be considered the story of that sheriff rather than the story of the girl; The story of an old and aimless man who tries to stand on his feet again and do something right for the last time. This story was immediately bought by Hollywood for Henry Hathaway to make a brilliant movie.

Henry Hathaway made that movie so that its hero, Rooster Cogburn, became one of the symbols of Western cinema during the transition and revisionism. to draw a new face of John Wayne that has not appeared on the screen before. This role-playing finally got him an Oscar award and brought the right to the rightful one. Years passed and the Coen brothers decided to present an adaptation of the book. Jeff Bridges was cast in the role of Rooster Cogburn and the movie took off. But there is a difference between these two films had With the change of times, the Coen brothers were less interested in criticizing the classic western hero and continued their work without paying attention to the anti-western cinema represented by Henry Hathaway's film. The most famous characters in the history of western cinema. A one-eyed man who can't even stand and must first face his inner demons in the odyssey-like journey ahead and overcome them in order to be worthy of avenging the death of the girl's father and then regaining his reputation. The Coen brothers have also focused more on the acquisition of honor than anything else, while the old version focused on the hero's disability and the end of the era of the classic Western hero.

Of all things, the Coens directed one of the last epic Westerns of the modern era with True Courage. For years, the breath of western cinema has been limited and unfortunately only a few good westerns have been made here and there. The benevolent men of this cinema, who represent special moral principles, have left superhero cinema by maintaining the same patterns, and for example, some of the moral characteristics of Rooster Cogburn can be seen in a superhero like Hulk. This type of transfer of values from one movie to another shows that the style and shape of the movies may have changed, but the cinema still presents the same image of benevolent and helpful men as it did decades ago.

" A teenage girl named Mattie Ross has just lost her father. His father was killed by a gunman named Tom Cheney and he plans to avenge his blood. Matty suggests the old and drunk former sheriff to accompany him in this way. The sheriff does not accept at first, but after the repeated insistence of the girl, he is tamed. Together, they start a dangerous journey, while another sniper is added to their group..."

11. The Man Who Wasn't There

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Billy Bob Thornton, Richard Jenkins, Frances McDormand, Scarlett Johansson and James Gandolfini
  • Product: 2001, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.5 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating: 81%

It is the familiar world of the Coen brothers; The same world that existed from the movie "Terrified" and the Coens know better than any other world; The world of misunderstandings and mistakes in the course of crimes, a world where some people make big plans and because they don't have the ability to do it, they mess up and get themselves into trouble. Just a few years ago, they made a masterpiece for Tom "The Big Lebowski" in this familiar playground, which is now their best film, and a few years later, with the same idea, they released their best film of the 21st century, "No Place for Old Men". They closed the cinemas.

Here we are dealing with a man who is on his way, who thinks that he has failed in his life and that his wife is cheating on him with another man. The opposite party is also his boss, and this makes the man even more angry, so that he eventually breaks down and rebels. But this rebellion does not lead anywhere and creates an absurd situation that was neither the man's desire nor anyone planned for it. " has it. There, too, we were faced with the story of men and women who have a criminal plan in their heads, but in the end, everything falls apart due to their own recklessness. These films consciously pay homage to classic cinema and noirs, but they also have differences that originate from the world of Coens; There is a kind of black and bitter comedy going on in them, which informs about the futility of the film's events.

Of course, there is another difference: the main character of this film is not one of those clever and intelligent characters of cinema noir, for example, someone like Humphrey Bogart played them; Here, Billy Bob Thornton appeared in the role of a slow-witted man who constantly makes stupid plans and constantly does shit. This also makes the film the story of a man who slowly and continuously digs his own grave with his follies, otherwise there are many similarities between this film and the works of classic cinema and Hollywood noir in the mood and the cause and effect process of the stories.

The tone of the film is cold and gloomy. The directors are in no rush to tell the story. The stone face of Billy Bob Thornton also increases this cold atmosphere. The soundtrack of the film is almost silent and quiet, and Roger Dickens' bright shadow photography is another factor that makes the film cold and gloomy. So if you like watching movies that try to achieve a certain mood and then make the audience share in that mood, this one is the right movie.

"Ed is a hairdresser who imagines that his wife He cheats. Ed's idea is that the man with his wife is his boss. One day a person enters the city who claims to have a plan in his head. He says that investing in laundry business can make a lot of money. This man's idea caused It is possible that Ed will come up with a plan that can help him take revenge on his wife and his boss and make him pocket a lot of money. But...

10. A Serious Man

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Michael Stahlberg, Richard Kind
  • Product: 2009, USA, France and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 89%

The Coen brothers created the movie "A Serious Man" in the same mood More personal movies are back. The story of the film is directly inspired from their own childhood and the characters, although they originated from their imagination, but they have an external value. Even though the world of the film is bitter and dark, you can see signs of the favorite humor of these two brothers throughout it. The story, which on the surface resembles the story of Prophet Job, and the updated version of it is an old story; This has caused the film to give way to various metatextual interpretations.

The picture that the Coen brothers make of life in the 1960s is a different picture from other directors; Signs of the changing situation and the beginning of a new era can be seen here and there, but by placing the father of a family in the center of their frame and standing on his side, these two brothers show the changing times through the eyes of a person of the old generation. It can be assumed that by choosing an old man as the main character, they are trying to portray the damage of the old people from this change of values; This is exactly what post-modern directors like the Coen brothers do.

Of course, as mentioned, this is a modern day story of the life of Prophet Job. So, like the same story, the main issue is the issue of choice. The main character is placed on a path that he must choose after enduring many abuses; To rebel or to be satisfied with what he has.

Like many films of the Coen brothers, here you can see their sting and sharp allusions to the ruling system of their country. All the pillars of the society, from the university to the monastery, have nothing but to despise Larry, or the hero of the drama, but he stands firm like a man and instead of constantly nagging, he is looking for a way to solve his problems. In the film, it is mentioned about his helplessness, that he can solve the most complex math problems on the board and explain them to his students, but he does not know where he went wrong in life or how to solve his life problems. But Larry keeps coming back to find a cure.

It must be said that the movie "A Serious Man" relies on its main character and the story is of secondary importance. The Coen brothers have focused more than anything else on correctly depicting the behavior and movements of their central character, and they have gotten the answer. Of course, Michael Stahlberg's brilliant performance also played a role in getting this character right. His game can definitely be considered one of the best games in the career of these two brothers.

"1967. Larry is a university professor and the father of a middle-class Jewish family. Little by little, he gets into many problems; His wife leaves him and plans to marry Larry's best friend, his son constantly disobeys his orders and likes rock music contrary to Larry's beliefs, his teenage daughter does not fit in and steals from his wallet, his displaced brother-in-law is anchored in his house. And in the university, he is on the verge of being expelled and... he does not know for what sin all this calamity has befallen him. For this reason, he goes to the monastery, but...

9. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Kane Daly, James Franco and Liam Neeson
  • Production: 2019, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7 3 out of 10
  • Film rating on Rotten Tomatoes site: 89%

Episode narrative, joyful and of course full of elegance by the Coen brothers The era that is generally remembered with hardships and bitterness and thick skin is truly unparalleled in the history of cinema. Stories about the emergence of the wild west, the formation of civilization in that part of the world and the emergence of law in a time that is mathematically a little more than a century different from ours today, but it seems that it is closer to the way of life of primitive people than today. We. The Coen brothers have divided their narrative of this strange era into six episodes to depict the slow movement of the West towards civilization. The first episode is a strange and musical story about a musician who is a vengeful gunfighter. In this episode, the Coen brothers fully declare their different view of Western cinema. Here, the classic western, like films such as "Shane" by George Stevens starring Alan Ladd or "Veracruz" by Robert Aldrich starring Gary Cooper, wears a white dress to show that he stands on the good side of the story. , in the hands of Hefit Tiraksh Siah Poshi is killed so that the happiness of that past world will not be repeated here. In fact, there is no news of the classic hero and no news of the savior.

In the next episodes, the familiar narratives of Western cinema are confiscated in favor of the postmodernist thoughts and of course the euphoria of the Coen brothers until we reach that episode. With a glorious ending where people go to an imaginary place and signs of fear and of course hope can be seen on everyone's faces. In the meantime, the Coen brothers visit every manifestation of the formation of a civilization and even in an episode they criticize the abandonment of a high art in favor of a ridiculous form of entertainment in order to attack today's American art with a sharp sting and by showing the source of This deviation should be blamed on the organizers of art shows as much as the people and the system itself deserve to be blamed. The existence of law. The gold rush is tied to today's issue, which is saving nature and the earth from human hands, and the formation of the law in the framework of a funny show of setting up the execution platform. All this makes the experience of watching the movie "Buster Scruggs" an experience in the history of cinema.

"Episode 1: The story of a man named Buster Scruggs who claims that no one has the ability to face him in a duel. But... Episode 2: Someone tries to rob a bank in the middle of the desert but is caught by an old man. Now he is being taken to be executed, but... Episode 3: The owner of a traveling show takes care of a man without arms and legs who has a beautiful way of speaking. The only actor in his theater is this man. One day, he realizes that people pay more attention to the show and pawing of a chicken than to his show, that's why he decides to get rid of the man without legs... Episode 4: An old man is looking for gold in a vast plain, but because of the presence No one else in that environment knows... Episode 5: A boy plans to travel to Oregon to get his sister married to a rich man, but... Episode 6: Five people in a car go to a city, while two of them have stories. They have a horror to define...

8. where are you brother (O Brother Where Art Thou?)

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson and John Goodman
  • Production: 2000, USA, France and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie : 7.7 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 79%

Coen brothers adaptation of Homer's Odyssey It is not like any of the adaptations made from this book. The story takes place in the state of Mississippi in 1937 and during the great economic depression of the United States, and covers a few days in the lives of prisoners escaping from prison who are planning to reach a land where a treasure is buried. They only have a few days to reach that piece of land, because that place will soon be under water for exploitation and there will be no more time left. throughout which the folk music of the American South can be heard. In fact, it seems that the film of these two brothers was made to pay tribute to the culture of the South American people and their music. The main characters sing and everywhere they go someone is performing a piece. From this point of view, the film is close to the musical genre, but its story is not dependent on the music and singing of the characters. In the background of the story, an election competition is going on. One group is a symbol of the same ideals that led to this tragic situation, and the other group is people who brag about reforms and claim to be intellectuals, but inside they are profiteers and racists who have no qualms about hanging an innocent person for the crime of their skin color. Of course, more than anything, it is the background of the events that reveals this dark atmosphere of the Depression era, an atmosphere that clearly recalls the film "Sullivan's Travel" (Sullivan's Travel) by Preston Sturgess from 1941.

The current comedy in the film is not similar to the usual comedies, a fantasy logic governs the events of the story as if it came out of the same ancient stories, but instead of ruling over a mythical world, this logic rules over the world and ordinary people who just want to escape. escape the calamity in which they are caught. It's as if these lucky returnees are the heroes that the world needs today, not heroes from a legendary world. George Clooney here is nothing like George Clooney in his other films. He is a homeless man who just wants to be with his wife and children. Clooney has been able to play the role of this fat man who has no benefit of the inherent charisma of Clooney's persona and actually makes us forget which actor is playing the lead role. Like John Turturro It always shines and is great in a Coen Brothers movie. Add Blake Nelson's team to this to make the cast of the film complete. It is a bitter story told with sweetness. The audience may burst out laughing and be gutted by the craziness of the three main characters in the film. The Coen brothers have gone out of their way to announce that any misfortune can be endured and overcome with the help of music.

"1937. Mississippi. Three prisoners, Everett, Pete and Delmar, escape from prison while chained together during forced labor. Everett claims he hid more than $1 million on family land after stealing a cash machine. They only have a few days to reach this land, otherwise the whole area will be flooded due to the construction of the dam. Meanwhile, the police are looking for them door to door. Now these first three men should think about their situation and the chain that is attached to their feet..."

7. Miller's Crossing

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Gabriel Byrne , Marcia Gay Harden, John Turturro and Albert Finney
  • Product: 1990, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7 7 out of 10
  • Film rating on Rotten Tomatoes site: 93%

This time, the Coen brothers have not only touched the mental world of Hardboiled writers. ; Rather, they have made a film that is completely in the same mood. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, a literary school emerged in America, which became known as hardboiled literature or black literature. Dark stories rooted in the historical events of the time such as the formation of organized crime and the Prohibition Act, and expanded the mysterious world of mystery stories in late 19th century England. In this new type of literature, the author emphasized the main character's condition and atmosphere, placing the solution of the mystery as the next priority, and the audience read for the pleasure of drowning in this dark atmosphere.

Adapted from this It was the type of novels that became known as noir cinema and turned the world of gangsters from one direction to another. Now the Coen brothers have been inspired by two of the most famous books of that time to make the movie "Miller's Crossing"; The books Kharman Soh and Kelid Shihrai, both written by Dasheel Hammett. In these two books, like all the good works of black literature, the author's focus is on the main character and atmosphere creation, and for this reason, the audience along with the main character notices the changes that happened in the city.

This The film has an obvious difference from other gangster films: there is no news of the police and the city is completely at the hands of the gangsters. In fact, the city created by the Coen brothers is a utopia for criminals and an anti-utopia for ordinary people, and of course, no ordinary person can be found during the film; All of them are either members of criminal gangs or one of their victims.

But among them there is a character who is most aware of the happenings in the city. He, who consciously made his way to this film from Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo, is a man who travels between two rival groups and likes to please both. His cat-and-mouse game with two rival sides makes the movie attractive and makes the audience follow the story step by step. The design of this character is so unique that you only have to watch the movie once to observe his behavior.

The acting team of the movie is excellent. Albert Finney played a great role and Gabriel Byrne shines as the main character of the film, but the best performance of the film is definitely John Turturro. He is exactly what he should be, he arouses the audience's compassion and sometimes appears so stubborn that the audience wishes for his character's death.

"Johnny wants to finish the job of a small-time criminal named Bernie." slow But Bernie's sister has a relationship with the leader of the city's criminals, Liv, and that's why Liv protects Bernie. On the other hand, Liu's rival group is gaining power and since they have Italian origins, they benefit from the smuggling of goods from abroad. This has made this group of competitors stronger day by day. Liv asks Johnny to help him solve this problem, but Johnny finds Bernie's footprints wherever he goes...

6. Inside Llewyn Davis

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and John Goodman
  • Production: 2013, USA, France and UK
  • IMDb rating for the film: 7.4 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 92%

The Coen brothers this time one of their most bitter movies. have made. If most of their films include the lives of people who are caught in a dangerous situation and there is an allusion to the system behind the story, here this allusion to The background has been transferred and become the main reason for making the film. Here, in order to succeed, a man must forget his individuality and blend in with the simplistic crowd around him; A subject that makes him a victim in any case. If he succeeds in his career and matches with the crowd, he has trampled his individuality with money, and if he is unsuccessful in earning money, he has no money to support himself. So, we are on the side of a story that leaves no hope for the audience in the end.

But the reason for the film's bitterness is not this issue and criticism of the system. The Coen brothers consciously point their camera towards people and criticize them the most; People who are willing to listen to any kind of crap music but not sit at the feet of the deep work of a man who refuses to deviate from the standards. The ignorance of the music industry managers about this taste also causes the man to be constantly rejected, or maybe these managers themselves behind the scenes are not interested in raising the public taste. This story is very tangible and understandable for you and me in today's world; Because such events can be seen in this virtual space on a daily basis.

But apart from these, the movie "Inside Llewyn Davis" is one of the best movies of the Coen brothers' career in this century. Here they have created an empathetic character that will definitely bring the audience with them. On the other hand, they have created an environment that seems to have nothing to do but devour its surroundings. New York in this film is a city that can be both giving and receiving, Bob Dylan once came out of it, but now it destroys all the chances of the hero of this drama and leaves him in his dirty corner at the end.

The soundtrack of the movie is amazing. There are some amazing songs here and there and Oscar Isaac shows that he can sing and surprise us. This issue is very important in the heart of such a drama; Because the main character is the singer and if the role is not performed correctly, the film will be lost. In addition, you can find the Coen brothers' bitter humor here and there in the film. In the heart of this black drama, they can make me and you at least smile, and this speaks of the ability of these two brothers.

"1960s. New York. Llewyn Davis is an unknown singer who is trying to make it in her career. He believes in principles in his work and is not willing to go for any kind of music. This belief in art has made him unable to meet the expectations of the common people, and for this reason, he is becoming more lonely and penniless day by day. Meanwhile, a job offer is given to him to collaborate with others in recording an album. But..."

5. Blood Simple

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: John Ganz, Frances McDormand, Holly Hunter and Dan Hadaya
  • Production: 1984, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.6 Out of 10
  • Rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 93%

Sometimes some directors go a hundred years with their first film. Sometimes the very first film makes the director sit on top from the very beginning and the audience counts the moments for his next film. Many times, such directors stop at the second step so that the audience thinks that his first film was just an accident and everything came together to make a great film. But this did not happen to the Coen brothers, and after making their first film, they continued to create masterpieces. But this first film still remains at the top of their works.

"Terrified" is a complete first film. It's obvious that the film was made on a limited budget, it's obvious that the directors had a thousand great ideas but decided to save it for another time, it's obvious that these directors are blackheads. In their work, they have a kind of raw hand that is unique to the first films, which is compensated by a brilliant genius, and this genius has made the film so brilliant. But most importantly, it is evident from the work that the creators have a certain idea about cinema and have come to filmmaking with a consistent worldview. All of this makes the film such a battle.

Many of the cinematic elements of the Coen brothers can be seen in this very first film; Post-modernist world, playing with different genres, playing with the audience's expectations, creating interesting characters, planning a big crime and finally not executing it properly, using violence and many other events. Many of the same ideas were present in the subsequent films of these two brothers and only expanded.

But the interesting point in this film is to reach a special mood of a bitter, black and cold atmosphere that It can be seen in detailed sequences of violence. The whole story of the film is based on the development of a misunderstanding. Instead of coming back and facing the problems, the characters in the drama fuel this manufactured misunderstanding so that everyone ends up being a victim of the status quo. A betrayal is connected to a criminal story and finally drowns everyone like its own swamp. Was. Now she was going to the cinema to own one of the best actresses in history, not because of her physical characteristics, but only because of her abilities. kill him along with his companion. The killer goes to Ray's house and sees Abby, Julie's wife there. When they are both asleep, he takes a picture of them and leaves without killing anyone. He goes to Julie and shows the photo and claims that he killed them both. He takes his fee and shoots Julie with a blue gun that he took from Ray's house. Ray comes to the cafe and seeing Julie's dead body and Abby's gun, assumes that the two had a fight and that Abby killed Julie. So he tries to take the body out of the cafe and bury it in a remote area, but...

4. Barton Fink

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: John Turturro , John Goodman
  • Product:1991, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.6 out of 10
  • >
  • Film rating on Rotten Tomatoes site: 91%

The movie "Barton Fink" is about an idealistic writer who has a hard time on the East Coast of America. spends He discovers that there is a good job opportunity in Hollywood that can help him with his expenses. These few seemingly simple lines make the Coen brothers create a work about the hardships of creating a work of art, the effort of an intellectual artist to align himself with the market and lower his expectations, the hypocritical and money-loving system of Hollywood and finally a consumerist society that only They think more about consuming and making money. The same idea was expanded years later in the other film of the Coen brothers, "Inside Llewyn Davis" and led to the creation of another masterpiece in the career of these two brothers. In addition, the difference between life and the view of art in New York and America is also one of the film's substrata, and the Coen brothers, like filmmakers like Woody Allen, here attack the superficiality of Los Angeles residents.

John Turturro's performance in The format of the main role of the film is one of the high points of his artistic career; A great actor who, unfortunately, has been seen less than he deserved due to his special face, but he has been able to shine in many works, including several films by the Coen brothers and of course "the batman" made this year by Matt Reeves and in the role of Carmine Falcone. And show what a gem Hollywood has lost over the years.

After making the film "Terrified", the Coen brothers went through the peaks of success in America one by one. They depicted their mental world with more courage and created films that only the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema could match. But still something was missing; They still needed a film that would dazzle the eyes of the world and make them known in the world of cinema and their fame would go beyond the borders of America. They got what they deserved. With this film, the Coen brothers became the favorite American directors at the Cannes Film Festival. During the years that have passed since the Cannes Film Festival, American cinema has been the proudest participating country in the festival, and in addition to shining in the competition section, it has always released blockbusters to warm up the event, of course, outside of the Cannes competition section. So, the relationship between American cinema and Cannes is a very good one, which helps both its artistic side and the media and financial side of Cannes.

But the Coen brothers are outside of this media framework. And with their works, they show another aspect of American cinema. Although they became known in America a few years ago with a film like "Terrified", but this film "Barton Fink" and the award it brought to them made them stand out as directors and receive special and public attention. , because "Barton Fink" managed to win the Palme d'Or when the movie giants had sent great works to Cannes.

"Year 1941. Barton Fink is an intellectual playwright in New York who is having a hard time financially. He goes to Hollywood in Los Angeles to write a screenplay about the life of a wrestler. The hotel where this man is staying is not a suitable place and he is constantly dissatisfied with that place. Meanwhile, a half-crazy insurance salesman moves into the next room. The proximity of these two creates many problems for the author; And this is while Barton Fink should prepare his writing as soon as possible..."

3. No Country For Old Men

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones
  • Product: 2007, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: strong> 8.1 out of 10
  • Rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 93%

The Coen brothers bring this century back in an epic way. have left Making a number of personal films that are also from Their worldview originates and is suitable for wide release, it only comes from directors whose name has become a well-known title and draws the audience to the cinema hall. Here and in the movie "No Place for Old Men", the story of the conflict between some smugglers and their death is tied to the finding of money, which involves three parties. First, a man who found the money at the scene of the accident, second, a professional killer who is looking for money and is chasing the first man moment by moment, and third, a police officer from the old world who does not know this new world and therefore does not want to watch it. He is terrified.

On the other hand, the Coen brothers have a great ability to combine different genres. It was just a few years ago that in the movie "Buster Scruggs" they mixed the elements of western cinema with genres such as musicals and comedy and made a great movie that showed the formation of the wild west step by step and finally the emergence of civilization. Here, the elements of western cinema are mixed with the elements of crime and horror cinema, and the movie "No Place for Old Men" is a work that can surprise its audience.

In addition, the Coen brothers have been able to tell their story tie to an increasing suspense. The negative character of the story, played by Javier Bardem, increases the tension in every step, and the sheriff's inability to arrest him makes the story even more complicated. Meanwhile, the man who took the money is getting closer to a painful death every moment. What if it wasn't there? This theme that everything starts suddenly and then like a snowball that rolls down from a great height gets bigger and bigger until finally a bloodbath starts in various works of the Coen brothers like "Fargo" but here It becomes the main axis of the drama and the driving engine of the drama, and unlike that film, there is no longer a savior to fix everything in the end. So maybe the Coen brothers' view of life has become more bitter during these years. It is in such a frame that the film becomes a moral drama about the changing of the world and its rules. The same places, the same events and the same troubles. There is only one difference here, in the movie "No Place for Old Men" no one is good enough to be considered a classic hero of western cinema, and even the sheriff in the story is so old and worn out that he is more involved It is the end of his period and time rather than pushing his place of residence towards redemption.

Part of the film's charm comes from Javier Bardem's good acting and, of course, the precise design of his character. He plays the role of a man who kills people in a strange way; He has a capsule full of compressed air in his hand and puts it on the victim's forehead and kills him by releasing the air. His presence in the film adds effects of slasher cinema to the work, and at the same time, the character design is very similar to the award-winners of Western cinema. The old man presents, although it is somewhat symbolic, but this does not mean that they forget their ability to tell stories. This ability goes so far that the film can be called one of the most interesting works of the 21st century.

Tommy Lee Jones plays the role of a sheriff who is happy with his life and Josh Brolin plays the role of someone who tries. He plays the path of the American dream upside down and goes a hundred years overnight, but both the characters played by them do not know that the person who controls everything is a person who kills people with an oxygen capsule.

"No Place for Old Men" won many awards, but definitely the most important one was the Oscar for the best film of 2007.

"Llewellyn Moss is looking for prey in the desert. By chance, he witnesses the killing of some smugglers and is heartbroken and goes to the scene of the crime. He finds a bag full of money at the place and decides to keep it for himself, but he doesn't know that an experienced policeman and a dangerous killer are looking for him in two different ways. He takes his friend's hand and travels one way to be safe, and he himself goes another way, but...

2. Fargo (Fargo)

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Starring: Frances McDormand, William H Macy and Steve Buchmi
  • Production: 1996, USA and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 8.1 out of 10
  • Film score on Rotten Tomatoes site: 94%

When "Fargo" was released, all the critics and moviegoers were amazed. They were surprised in this movie. It is as if the Coen brothers had insisted on repeated ideas for years to achieve the desired perfection of this film. The story is the familiar story of Coens cinema; Again someone hires others to do wrong for him. He thinks that his plan has no words And in this way all his problems are solved. But again, the gathering of Pashmeh people together will spoil everything.

This story can also be seen in the movie "Terrified". Years later, the same idea is repeated in another movie like "The Man Who Wasn't There", but none of them are as good as this one. This issue has various reasons, but one of them is the absurdity of the film's atmosphere. Not that there is no such nonsense in those movies. By the way, "Terrified" is a successful movie in depicting this absurdity, but the problem is with the perfection that this movie has achieved.

Another issue is the presence of a police officer in the heart of the drama. The role of this policeman is played by Frances McDormand, and he is nothing like those all-round and clever detectives who solve every mystery. She is an ordinary woman who lives an ordinary life, and that is what makes her work go forward in this upside-down world; After all, his opposite side are not some smart people who have a plan for their every job and design each plan carefully. In the plot and plot of the drama, it is the unexpected events or the mistakes of the characters that play a fundamental role, not the intelligence of one side and predetermined plans. These events have also found their place in the story so that the result becomes one of the best films of the 90s.

Frances McDormand's acting is one of the main strengths of the film. The same game brought him an Oscar award, and of course, the precise script of the film made the Coen brothers not leave the Oscar night empty-handed that year. This movie was so successful that years later, based on its original idea, a multi-season series with the same name was made, and the Coen brothers, in the role of producers, were able to return to the same atmosphere again.

Some sequences of Today's films have become well-known sequences that many refer to in this not so long time; including the sequence of killing a person with a wood chipper, which both surprises and scares the audience.

"Year 1987. Jerry is having financial problems. He plans to hire two men to steal his wife. Jerry thinks his father-in-law will pay all the money without getting a whiff of his plan. Jerry's repairman introduces two people to him, and Jerry asks them to steal his wife. Meanwhile, Jerry manages to make a big deal and solve his problems. He quickly decides to cancel the plan to kidnap his wife but it is too late...

1. The Big Lebowski

BingMag.com Rating of all Coen Brothers movies; From worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, John Turturro, Julianne Moore, Steve Buchmi, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Sam Elliott
  • Production: 1998, USA and UK
  • But if you think that this will make this man rebel, you are delusional. In fact, the Coens have invested here in a character that perhaps no other director would dare to make a film with him. But like the Coen brothers' previous and subsequent films, the heroes are not tall and tall people who only want the good of others. They are careless men and women who just want to live their own lives. In the end, the same ideal makes them an unsung hero, who are chased away by the magical voice of Sam Elliott.

    If Jeff Bridges had played just this one role, he would have remained in the history of cinema. The carelessness of his character, as well as his simple and unplanned life, made "The Big Lebowski" gain many fans all over the world and become a full-fledged cult film.

    "Smoke or Jeff" Lebowski is a lazy and unemployed man who spends his life in vain. One day, some people rush into his house thinking that he is a millionaire. In fact, these criminals have confused him with another person who has the same name as him. Rich Jeff Lebowski, also known as Dodd, has a wife who owes a lot of money to a man named Terry, so Terry hires some people to scare Lebowski. Jeff goes to his namesake's house to get compensation, but he blows the smoke out of his house. A little later, Lebowski asks Dodd to help him, because someone has kidnapped his wife and has demands for her freedom...

    • Top 15 Alfred Hitchcock movies from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

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