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Quentin Tarantino's favorite movie by Stephen King

Quentin Tarantino has always paid tribute to his favorite bloody horror movies, but what is his favorite Stephen King movie? King's most famous novels, such as Shine, Misery, and others, have been adapted over the years and have become the most beloved films of all time. Tarantino, a master of a particular style of violence, has. Should not star in these films)
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    King is generally known as a writer, but his influence on Tarantino's works is clearly palpable Is an observation. He gives Tarantino a foundation in the horror genre, and Tarantino promotes it with his symbolic twists and turns. Warehouse Dogs is a tribute to his favorite thriller and thriller films, and the chained warrior is reminiscent of Western spaghetti movies, and Kill Bill also comes from classic kung fu movies such as Dragon. Tarantino revives the classic action genres and gives them a modern spirit, and there is always a fundamental factor in his films that his viewers like to see: blood, heart and gut. Not surprisingly, Tarantino's most popular film is Stephen King, one of the bloodiest films in the history of cinema. Kerry's classic 1976 film, directed by Brian De Palma, is an adaptation of King's novel of the same name. Although Stanley Kubrick spills blood out of the elevator in The Shining, and may seem like a better option as Tarantino's favorite movie, Kerry's horror scenes are far more numerous. In addition, the scene in which Kerry sets the gym on fire and traps his bullies and high school teachers seems to have had a significant impact on the climax of the damn bastard movie.

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    In this 2009 Tarantino film, Shushana, in revenge for the Nazi regime, shares her cinema with all the high-ranking Nazis Trapped inside, he burns and at the same time shows a video of himself laughing on a movie screen. This scene is terribly similar to the time when Kerry finally spontaneously spills pig's blood on his head and instinctively locks all the doors, setting the gym on fire and turning the party into a massacre scene. . The Kerry celebration scene is one of the most terrifying and at the same time the most influential scenes in the history of the horror genre, and such a perception is significantly more evident in Tarantino's more violent works, especially Kill Bill.

    It seems that Kerry was so influential in killing Bill that Tarantino even used Kerry's two-piece screen technique to show two perspectives on the attack: one of the victim and the other of the criminal. Comparisons have also been made between Kerry and Beatrix Kido or Kill Bill. Both seek bloody revenge from those who ruined their lives and ultimately take their revenge. Kill the Door 2 Even when Beatrix comes out of her grave, there is a clear hint of Kerry, and Beatrix, just like him, first pulls one of his hands out of the ground and out of the grave. In Kerry's film, in a nightmarish sequence, the character, when awakened, scared, first pulls one hand out of the ground and gets up. Kill Bill has the most to do with Kerry, but Quentin Tarantino had long since shown his love for Stephen King, where John Travolta plays Billy the Bully in the popular film. Interestingly, Kerry is not Tarantino's favorite film from Di Palma, and the honor goes to the 1981 film The Collapse, in which Travolta also happened to star.

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