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Quentin Tarantino's 17 Unprocessed Projects, which could be his latest film

BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" (2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) was released and met with a good response from audiences and critics, but this bitter reality He also reminded that the era of Quentin Tarantino as one of the prominent Hollywood filmmakers is coming to an end. Tarantino has long claimed in various media outlets that he will retire after making 10 feature films. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his ninth film (if we kill Bill 1 and 2, of course, as a single movie); With that said, we are just one film away from the end of Tarantino's magical world. After his tenth feature film, he is quite determined: "I think I're done when it comes to movies. I find myself writing a movie book or a play; So I will continue to be creative. "I just think I gave my films everything they needed."

This interview raises an important question in the minds of the audience; What will be Quentin Tarantino's latest film? To answer this question, many possibilities can be considered. Tarantino has spoken over the years about many film projects that were either never started or were abandoned in the early stages of production; So it is possible that he will go to one of them to make the last feature film of his artistic career. If that happened then we would all be in big trouble. The killer crow was one of the projects that Tarantino began in the early stages of building. But half and half remained. The film was supposed to be a spin-off of the hit "Inglourious Basterds," which both garnered critical acclaim and critical acclaim. And was supposed to tell a separate story. In some of the bastards, Captain Aldo Rin (Brad Pitt) is confronted by a group of black soldiers seeking revenge and personal revenge. , Take revenge.

But the main reason for the cancellation of this film project was the incompleteness of its script. Tarantino later said that in order for the killer raven to reach the production stage, it had to pay for the script again. I'm killing people!

2- Double V Vega ( Double V Vega )

BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

Quentin Tarantino has been developing the idea of making a Pulp Fiction premise for many years, and nothing There was no time to fantasize about it. As you know, almost all of Tarantino's films are somehow related to each other, and we can say that they take place in a single cinematic world. The same is true of pulp fiction and "Reservoir Dogs"; Apparently, Vincent Vega (John Travolta) was a strange pulp fiction gangster, the brother of Vic Vega (Michael Madsen) or Mr. Blonde. With this in mind, Tarantino was always interested in making an introduction to the Vega brothers and their strange relationship. "All I knew about the story was a presupposition," he said in an interview with CinemaBlend. According to him, the story took place in Amsterdam. Vincent runs a club for Marcelos Wallace and lives there for several years. "During his two years at the club, Wake comes to see him, and this meeting could take place on their weekends." And play dogs in the barn, but since the Vega Brothers story is actually a prequel to previous films, they must be younger, and now that more than two decades have passed since the release of the films, it is a little unlikely that Travolta and Madsen are in middle age. However, since Tarantino says the tenth film is the end of his career, if he takes the story of the Vega brothers in front of the camera, it will somehow go back to his first feature film, and what of this? Is it more interesting?

3- Kill Bill Part 3 ( Kill Bill Vol. 3 )

BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

The story of the bride is not over in Tarantino's mind yet, but whether the audience can see the third part of Beatrice Kido's bloody adventures in cinemas Or Not yet in an aura of ambiguity has it. Tarantino has been thinking about killing Bill for a long time, and it's going to be a confrontation between Beatrice and the vengeful daughter of Joey Vanita Green (Vivica E. Fox), who was previously murdered by the bride. There were talks with the young Amandella Stanberg for the role, but the fate of the film has not yet been decided. It is negotiation, he noted. "To be honest, Uma and I talked about it recently," he told MTV. I thought a little more, and last week we talked about it literally. If any of my films were to be based on previous works; That movie was "Kill Bill 3"

However, in an interview with the Sirius XM podcast, Oma Thurman said "Kill Bill 3" is not being made anytime soon, despite fans' interest. "I really can not tell you anything about it, I mean it has been discussed over the years and there have been thoughts about it but a long time ago. I hate to disappoint people, everyone wants this to happen but I think it will not be made any time soon. "

4- An anonymous horror film

BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

Tarantino has a special interest in directing bloody scenes, but has not yet shot a full-fledged horror film. Many believe that the famous and violent sequence in Hollywood was once somewhat close to horror movies, and shows Tarantino's interest in the genre. For this reason, he is likely to pursue a new genre of experience for the last time. I will choose it for my tenth feature film. I love horror movies and I like to make a horror movie. "

2203/18131-6.jpg ">

There is a screenplay for one of Tarantino's potential works, which is in fact a new R-rated space star, by Mark Revenant. . Smith wrote. Tarantino has said he intends to re-examine the script to reinforce it, then will decide whether or not this space adventure will be the end of his cinematic career.

Paramount from Chris Payne and Zachary Quinto to Zoe Saldana and.. However, some speculate that Tarantino's retirement plan after 10 films is only for major Projects, and that the new Star Trek franchise could be a way out, but in an interview with CinemaBlend he emphasized that this would not happen:

"I actually think I have to commit to it if I's going to be the leader in space. This is my last film and it should not have any shortcomings. "I do not know if I'm going to do it or not, but it may happen." (WandaVision); So the chances of Tarantino making a new episode are very, very low right now, unless he waits a few more years to make the final film.

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    6- A gangster movie in the 30s

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    his latest film and tell the story of the violent gangsters? Who is interested in directing a Warner Bros.-style gangster film set in the 1930s. The director mentioned that he would like to make a gangster film one day, and considering that only one film is far from the end of his cinematic career, it seems that the promised day has come.

    7- Biography John Brown

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    Tarantino before directing and releasing "Django Unchained Warrior" He talked about making another slavery drama centered on the life of John Brown, the legendary advocate of the abolition of slavery. The filmmaker said that if he was going to make a film about John Brown, it would definitely be the end of his work.

    Tarantino said on the Charlie Rose show in 2009: Be one of the last films I make. John Brown is my favorite hero in American history Is. He is my favorite American. He basically started the way to end the slavery system and killed people to implement it. "He believed that if he started shedding white blood, they would start thinking." He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place. He was one of the most influential political figures in the abolition of the slavery law. 2203/18131-9.jpg ">

    Tarantino revealed in an interview with Martin Scorsese that he is working on a novel about World War II; A war veteran gets bored of Hollywood movies about World War II. Tarantino said of the character: "He thinks that Hollywood works are just films, rather than hearing about foreign films by Kurosawa and Fellini; "So he thinks to himself that maybe they have more than just Hollywood fiction." ? This possibility is not too far-fetched, as Tarantino has used a variety of works in his film projects over the years, such as The Hateful Eight from Django's sequel to Tarantino's own works. The film was being written. Of course, this novel, like many of Tarantino's Projects, was cut in half, and perhaps after his retirement we can hope to publish it.

    9- Psychological strong> )

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    Tarantino after making puppies, pulp fiction and Jackie Brown expressed interest in remaking a psychological horror film. Seven notes in black was made in 1977 by Italian filmmaker Lucio Folchi and released in the United States as The Psychic. The film follows the story of a woman with supernatural powers who finds a skeleton behind the wall of her husband's house. Accompany in this movie. Of course, he had not been able to buy the rights to Folchi's film until then: "This film is one of those things that if someone buys the right to make it, I will not make it again. "In any case, if it's going to happen, it will happen." So psyche is still on the table as one of the options for Tarantino's latest film, and since this veteran director has repeatedly expressed his interest in making a horror film, one can be very hopeful about it.

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    10. Luke Cage: Hero For Hire )

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    Tarantino as a staunch fan of black commercial cinema tablets (Blaxploitation ) And this interest was one of the main reasons for making Jackie Brown. Films that fall into this category are made to appeal to black audiences, and usually have a black protagonist who captivates the audience with his mind-boggling work. Not surprisingly, Tarantino is interested in making a film based on Luke Cage. Luke Cage is one of the black superheroes of Marvel Comics who first appeared in 1972 in the first issue of Luke Cage: Recruitment hero found. He is, in fact, an ordinary human being who, in an experiment that triggers cell proliferation in the body, acquires supernatural powers, including high strength and endurance, invulnerable skin and muscle tissue, and the ability to heal wounds.

    11- The Berlin Game >

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    One of Quentin Tarantino's unbuilt projects that has been mentioned over and over again over the last few years Is an adaptation of Len Dayton's spy trilogy called The Berlin-Mexico Game and the London Competition. In addition to any which of these books could independently be the story of Tarantino's latest film is likely to have a fate similar to that of Bill; Because Tarantino technically considers the first and second parts of Bill Kill to be a movie. However, if Tarantino turned to Len Dayton's espionage novels, he would probably end his career with three feature films.

    . Having an excuse to work here for six or nine months would be a wonderful experience. One of the things I think about is the Len Dayton trilogy. The story takes place in the Cold War and follows a spy named Bernard Samson. "What 's fascinating about this work is the really great characters and the tremendous opportunities of the British and German actors." strong>)

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    "No Time to Die" Kerry Fukunaga's last appearance was Daniel Craig as the legendary James Bond. The 26-episode franchise will begin exploring new exciting realms, and who better than Tarantino to revive Agent 007? "Casino Royale" said and went so far as to nominate Eva Green for one of the roles, concluding that she would like Pierce Brosnan to play Agent 007 again. In the end, Tarantino, the producer of James Bond, did not agree on his views, and he himself claims that they were afraid that his James Bond would come out of nowhere and curse the audience of the previous episodes!

    Daniel Craig for the role of James Bond. Martin Campbell was chosen to direct the Casino Royale, and Tarantino was sidelined, but the 26th band seems to be a good opportunity to present the director, and there will no doubt be a big cinematic event (imagine a Tarantino who can make a drama. To sell for $ 400 million. What will he do with Officer 007 at the box office?)

    40-40 lashes, one less )

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    Quentin Tarantino formerly named "Jackie Brown" It was based on Leonard Leonard's novel Almoor, which was well received. In the mid-2000s, he announced that he intended to bring another cinematic adaptation of another of Leonard's novels, 40 Whips, to less than one. The story of this Western book is about an Apache and a black soldier who escapes the death penalty but must work together to hunt down five of the most dangerous outlaws in the West.

    Tarantino became so interested in the novel that He bought the rights and announced in a 2007 interview that he had also written part of the script. In any case, since he always prioritizes major projects over cinematic adaptations, 40 lashes, one less in favor of Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds, but maybe it's time. To be seriously produced as the director's latest film.

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    14- / ( Django/Zorro )

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> filmhis own comics collaboration with writer and comedian jaroud carmichael. the comic called django>

    After the murder of Kelvin Kennedy (Leonardo DiCaprio) on the farm of Django (Jimmy Foxx) who is wanted in the East and won an award The designee is forced to flee to the West. In this forced exile, he still works as a reward recipient until he meets Don Diego della Vega or the famous Zorro and is hired as his personal bodyguard. He decides to help Zorro free the local slaves. As Django is one of his most beloved characters, it is unlikely that he will leave the continuation of his exciting adventures to another director.

    15. Bounty Law > )

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    If "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" (Once Upon a Watch Time in Hollywood) You must remember that Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) starred in the Western mini-series "The Law of Award" before entering the Depression, about the adventures of an award-winning Jake Cahill in the Wild West. Followed. Rick rose to fame for his role in the film and became known as a popular actor until he was gradually forgotten and had to star in several spaghetti westerns.

    Tarantino after his release One day in Hollywood, he expressed his interest in making the award law into a five-part mini-series that is entirely made by himself. This mini-series of Rick Dalton's story is not playing the role of Jake Cahill, but is directly about Jake's character. "After watching the old Western show, I decided to take the award rule in front of the camera," he told Deadline. Finally, I liked Jake Cahill's idea as a movie character. I was really interested in the half-hour western script of the fifties; You can write a 24-minute screenplay and have many stories with a real beginning, a middle and an end in the same time. It's also a lot of fun because you can keep exploring and eventually you have to collect the story at one point. "I really liked the idea, and I wrote five half-hour episodes of this black-and-white western." This is whether a mini-series can be his last work because it is not technically a movie!

    16. Hassan Khatam with an original screenplay

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

    Perhaps the best view of Tarantino's latest feature film during the Once Upon a Time press tour of Hollywood (Once Upon a Time in) Hollywood) was announced. The director spoke at a press conference in Moscow about his ideas for making his latest film. "If you think all my films follow the same story and are connected like a train car, I have to say that the last film will be a kind of culmination of them all," he said.


    However, in the last film, we will most likely see Tarantino summarize his cinematic world, which also has an original script and is not an adaptation. However, since he has left a lot of plans half-finished, it is still unclear whether he will bring a new script to the camera or stick to a popular franchise like Star Trek and implement his favorite designs in it./p>

    17- A spaghetti western comedy

    BingMag.com <b>Quentin</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> 17 <b>Unprocessed</b> <b>Projects,</b> <b>which</b> <b>could</b> be <b>his</b> <b>latest</b> film

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