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"Prophecy"; The biggest questions the film never answered

BingMag.com 'Prophecy'; The <b>biggest</b> <b>questions</b> the <b>film</b> <b>never</b> answered

The 2009 prediction movie had an unforgettable ending, and today we are going to answer some of the questions that have arisen for the audience regarding the story of this movie.

After John Koestler (Nicholas Cage), MIT professor and renowned astrophysicist, the numbers written on a piece of paper that predict various natural disasters disappear, trying to prevent List the occurrence of subsequent events. But, after discovering the secret of numbers, he realizes that not only can he not stop the next events on the list, but that the same piece of paper will destroy human life. At the shocking end of the film, he entrusts the task of caring for his son to a strange creature and sends him somewhere among the stars before the earth is destroyed by a deadly solar explosion.

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  • Despite the sci-fi story of the prophecy, it can be considered a horror film starring Nicholas Cage, who tried to protect his son, Caleb (Chandler Canterbury) from the imminent extinction of humanity. Suddenly, in one part of the film, it becomes clear that the evil men (the same whispering men) who follow Caleb throughout the film are the same aliens. In addition, they provide John with numbers that predict certain future events, which ultimately enable them to take Caleb with them. In this film, John must remain on earth and die, while Caleb is taken into space with his friend Abby (Lara Robinson), along with seemingly well-meaning aliens. Of course, there are many points throughout the film that are not without merit. So we're going to point out and answer some of them.

    Why did the whispering men save Caleb and his friend?

    BingMag.com 'Prophecy'; The <b>biggest</b> <b>questions</b> the <b>film</b> <b>never</b> answered

    It may seem strange at first glance that an alien race has decided to save Kalb and Abi and two children from Raise the human race. The obvious answer to this question is that they are probably doing this for the survival of the human race. In fact, in general, the story of this film mentions that they only transfer selected people with suitable characteristics to their intra-galactic refuge. Other spaceships leave Earth at the end of the film, but the aliens' refusal to accept life shows that they only need children to continue the human race.

    They probably choose children because of their age. is low. Children in the age of Caleb and Abi have grown up to be able to survive away from their parents and have enough time to rebuild human society. In addition, they can adapt to the destruction of the earth and build the first post-extinction human society.

    Why did the whispering people give rabbits to Caleb and Abi?

    BingMag.com 'Prophecy'; The <b>biggest</b> <b>questions</b> the <b>film</b> <b>never</b> answered

    One of the most confusing final scenes in the film is the prediction that Caleb and Abi are from spaceships embracing rabbits. they're going out. The film does not address this issue at all, but in the last moments of the film, the rabbits enter the new planet with the children. Of course, the use of rabbits can be quite symbolic because the animal reproduces rapidly and is used in many scientific experiments, but there may be a more logical explanation for showing rabbits.

    In fact, survival Surviving in space and on new planets is not an easy task, and perhaps the aliens intended to help these children by putting rabbits in their food cycle and not starve to death. Because the aliens selected the children from several different parts of the earth, they probably took different species of animals with them to ensure that the children would have reliable food sources. Or they may, like Noah's ark, aim to save certain species.

    Religious themes in the prophecy hh> /31/15512-4.jpg ">

    In the prophecy film, biblical themes are frequently cited, especially themes such as the idea of prophecy and the apocalypse. While this is certainly not the first sci-fi film to cover the Bible, it is arguably one of the most widely cited in the Bible. One of the most prominent themes cited is the theme of prophecy, which is conveyed to the viewer through the character of John Koestler. A character who tries to warn the earth about the coming of the apocalypse, and is in fact a metaphor for the character of St. John. The author who wrote the book of Revelation is the last Christian book to give details about the end times. Is. In the Bible, Caleb is one of two Israelites who survive on their way to the Promised Land. This story bears a striking resemblance to the story of Caleb's prophecy and survival. The events of the prophecy also show the faith of John. As we see in one of the scenes, he meets his father again before he dies. In addition, themes from the book of Genesis are shown at the end of the film in a sequence in which Caleb (Adam) and Abi (Eve) live in a paradise world (Aden) and move towards a large tree (tree of knowledge). .

    The true meaning of divination

    BingMag.com 'Prophecy'; The <b>biggest</b> <b>questions</b> the <b>film</b> <b>never</b> answered

    It is not far-fetched to conclude that the film seeks to convince the viewer that the saviors of humanity are angels, but from another perspective, aliens who take children to another planet to start a new civilization could theoretically conclude the final part of the film. Related to ancient aliens, according to which aliens were associated with early humans and led to the development of culture and technology.

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