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Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

Marvel Studios has seven mysterious films ahead by 2024, but which Marvel movies will be released by that date? The incredible success of the Marvel movie world has given Marvel and Disney the confidence to plan ahead for their coming years.

Their plans and plans for the Marvel movie world have become more ambitious in recent years, and Marvel Studios Has increased its production and is currently making at least four movies and several series for DisneyPlus a year.

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Now that Phase 4 is well underway, Marvel Studios continues to excite its fans with more shows. DisneyPlus broadcast schedules are not very clear at this time, and fans have only seen two of the ten Phase 4 approved films so far. The Black Widow and Shanghai and the Legend of the Ten Rings were both well-received and performed well at the box office. Immortals and Spider-Man: No Way Home, the remaining 2021 films are set to hit theaters, and there are a few other shows to be released on DisneyPlus. All of this is just the beginning of the widespread release of Marvel's upcoming films. The 2022 plans include four highly anticipated sequels: Dr. Strange in Multi-World Madness in March, Thor: Love and Thunder in May, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in July, and Marvels in November.

7. Blade ( Blade ) - July 2023

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

When we look at the films that are likely to be released in July 2023, Blade stands out the most. The development of the film started slowly, but now, the writer of the series Guardians, Stacy Osi Kofur, and Bassam Tariq, the director of the Mughal Mongols, are working on this project. Marvel Studios had previously announced in 2019 that Mahershala Ali would play the role of the famous blade vampire in the Marvel movie world. So Blade is the only film without a release date in development in Marvel's cinematic world that has a definite main actor, writer and director. There are even reports of production starting in July 2022. This news could mean the release of the film on July 28, 2023, because in the course of Marvel's usual production, filming begins almost a year before the release.

6. Deadpool 3 ( Deadpool 3 ) - October 2023

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

It is still possible that the blade will be released on a date close to Halloween It will be released as of October, but according to reports, the probability of this happening is very low, but Deadpool 3 could be the film of choice for the release date of October 6, 2023 in the Marvel list. Ryan Reynolds has officially announced his readiness to star in Deadpool, an R-rated film, and this time Marvel hired burger writers Bob, Lizzie and Wendy Molinox to co-write the Deadpool screenplay with Reynolds. Deadpool 3 has no director yet, but Faigy and Reynolds have said filming is likely to begin in 2022. According to this schedule, the film could be released in 2023, and October is the best possible time for it. Faigi said he also knew the release date of the film. If he does not want to wait until 2024, October 2023 is the best time to release Deadpool 3.

5. Fantastic 4 - November 2023

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

The mysterious film, which is likely to be released in November 2023, is the first of four amazing films in Marvel Cinematic Universe. John Watts also officially directed the film after directing all three of Tom Holland's Spider-Man films. He may or may not have been working on the film right now, but Marvel Studios is in no hurry and does not want any mistakes to be made in the process of making the first Marvel family film. Spider-Man Possible Release: No Way Home December 2021 means Watts will not be able to focus on the Big Four until 2022. If the film is released on November 10, 2023, Watts will have plenty of time to prepare for the film and cast Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. Many people expected the Wonderful Four to be released in a summer month, but November 2023 is close to Thanksgiving, and the film, with its wide theatrical release on this date, could become a strong and best-selling contender, as families are on vacation. They will see it for themselves.

4. Captain America 4 ( Captain America 4 ) - February 2024

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

The rapid development of Marvel Studios in the production process of Captain America 4 must This means that the film will be released earlier and February 2024 is one of the possible dates. It has been officially announced that Anthony Mackey will appear in the role of Sam Wilson or the new Captain America, but Captain America 4 does not yet have a director. During the airing of the last episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it was announced that Malcolm Spelman is the lead writer and Dalan Mason is the co-writer of the script. With the release of Captain America 4 on February 16, 2024, it can follow in the footsteps of the Black Panther and be released in the historic month of blacks, which certainly has a great impact on its success, considering the main character of the film. Depending on the release schedule of the rest of the works, this film could even be a work in which the Dark Avengers or the Lightning Band are introduced and arrangements are made for their presence in future films.

3. A-Force ( A-Force ) - May 2024

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

Marvel Studios has not released any of their blockbusters in May, so wait longer. Will not and force is one of the possible works to be released in May 2024. Group films such as The Dark Avengers, The Lightning, and The Young Avengers are best shown at DisneyPlus, but the film that brings together the greatest female heroes of Marvel's cinematic world will definitely be shown in cinemas. Marvel has not yet confirmed the production and development of Force Film. If the film is made, its possible characters are Captain Marvel (Barry Larson), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Mitty Thor (Natalie Portman), Valkyrie (Theza Thompson), Bee (Evangeline Lily), Monica Rambio (Tuna Paris). Schiehalk (Tatiana Maslani), Mrs. Marvel (Iman Velani), Shuri (Letitia Wright) and Ironhart (Dominic Thorne). With the release of the film on May 3, 2024, Marvel Studios will have a few more months to look for a suitable writer and director and enter the main production phase.

2. Shang-Chi 2 ( Shang-Chi 2 ) - July 2024

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

After significant success Shanghai and The Legend of the Ten Rings can already be thought of as the release date for the sequel. July 2024 seems to be a great time on the Marvel calendar for Shanghai 2. This sequel can make a fascinating change in the story by bringing Fin Fang Foam or introducing Iron Fist to Marvel Cinematic World. The story should also focus on the relationship between Shanghai (Simo Liu) and Xialing (Menger Zhang), and at the same time restore the ten-circle organization. This date gives Marvel Studios two years to plan and proceed with the production of the film, write the script, and sign a new contract with the film's director, Daniel Dastin Creighton, among others. Three years is also the standard time to make a sequel in the Marvel movie world, and it seems ideal for a popular movie like Shanghai. The release of Shanghai 2 on July 26, 2024 will also affect the success of the film at the box office, as it is the end of the summer season.

1. Captain Britain ( Captain Britain ) - November 2024

BingMag.com Predict the release date and details of 7 future Marvel movies by 2024

One of the new heroes that the Marvel movie world will surely introduce soon is Captain Britain, and rumors have been circulating for several years that An exclusive film of this hero goes hand in hand. It was even rumored that Henry Coyle had met with Marvel bosses about playing Brian Braddock, but these speculations have not been confirmed. However, Captain Britain is one of the possible works to be released on November 8, 2024. In Avengers: The Final Game, there is a reference to the character of Captain Britain, and Captain Britain can even be linked to the vast programming of Marvel in the world of cinema. In the comics, the idea was raised that Captain Britain could be a multi-faceted person with many copies in the multi-world. The idea could be incorporated into Captain Britain and pave the way for Captain Carter to enter the Marvel live-action world if he's voiced by Haley Atoll in animation. Even if there is no multi-world aspect to the film, the addition of a British-based hero opens up a whole new world of Marvel cinematic story that Marvel has not dealt with before.

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