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From powerful Disney women to top horror film directors; The best of art and cinema

BingMag.com From powerful Disney women to top horror film directors; The best of art and cinema

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There are 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be our role models in life

From princesses to superheroes and older sisters, there are many prominent and beautiful female characters in the world of Disney animation. In this article, we have named 15 of their best. When you think of a "powerful female character," it's hard not to see at least one Disney princess. Certainly some of them are a bit old and have poor decision making skills. Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid, but many of them are exactly the patterns we need in life. It is true that they are compassionate and kind, but they know exactly what they want and how they want to achieve it. Of course, not all Disney female characters are princes. There are several queens in the stories, but many of them are not from the royal family. They are a warrior, a policeman, or a cook. They are literally what they want and want to be. Over the years, Disney has improved in writing the stories of these female characters. Increasingly, we are seeing these women demonstrate the qualities we need to teach young girls. Things like self-confidence, independence and more.

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10 anime characters with the strangest habits

Animes are sometimes very unusual They are, and it is the characters in these anime that cause this to happen. It's not just the unusual appearance of the characters. The anime industry, with so many different stories, movies and series, has become an opportunity for the emergence of characters who have completely strange behaviors and habits, and this has made them completely different. Strange is not a bad thing at all. Being ordinary is something that is taken very seriously, everyone is special and different in their own way. But some of the anime characters have a very high concentration of weirdness. Everything is found in these characters. From unusual desires and habits to strange obsessions, we have no limits and everything you can think of is there. For this reason, in this article, we did not hesitate to go to 10 anime characters who have strange morals and habits. There are many of these characters in the anime world, but these 10 are their flagships!

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10 scary movies about weird physical and mental metamorphosis

What better way than to change the anatomy of the human body to cause panic and tremor in the human body and soul? Since Kafka's acclaimed short novel in 1915, transformation has always been one of the thematic contexts for exciting storytelling. As a concept, deformation operates on several levels, from the body's horrific and wonderful actions to signs of sadness and depression. This concept speaks volumes about the human condition and reminds us of the fact that although we may not care enough to accept it, we are all slowly falling apart, bound by our endless and perpetual daily problems. . In this list, we will take a look at some of the top films that depict this process of decline and many other ways and things that have taken advantage of Kafka's classic story.

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The top 11 horror film directors of the last decade

The 2010 decade was a time of revival of the horror genre. The films no longer insisted on excessive killing and bloodshed or superficial horror scenes. Filmmakers found unique and creative ways to scare audiences, while also creating films with great characters and compelling stories. Many directors made a name for themselves in the horror world during this decade, and many of them directed several films over the decade. Fans of the horror genre should be excited, as new directors have joined the ranks of prominent figures in the genre. The 2010s were full of extraordinary horror films, and the appeal of these works is usually related to their directors. So it's not bad to get to know more of these skilled horror directors in the last decade.

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25 good horror movies with awful endings

In this article, we have named 25 good horror movies that ended up with bad endings. This feeling is familiar to all those who watch and love horror movies; You are watching a horror movie and you are enjoying it, you go up and down in your place from the intensity of excitement and apprehension and you are waiting for the next horrible moment and you say to yourself: "We are going to have a stroke at the end!" But this is not always the case. Maybe it's a personal and difficult choice, like a sudden change in tone, or like walking instead of running and peaking at the scariest moment, and maybe a silly plot twist that makes no other part of the film be taken seriously. Collective confidence in a horror film is that nothing should get out of hand and the viewer does not expect to reach such disappointing moments. Some of the movies on this list are still very good, and there are even two masterpieces in between. But the bad ending of some of them blows our minds! Others add bad taste to our mouths by adding things in the last seconds, turning the pleasure of watching a good movie into a bad experience.

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16 Durable dance sequence in post-revolutionary Iranian films

Dancing is an integral part of cinema in many countries, such as India. There are many works made and done in Hollywood that are full of dance scenes. Dancing in movies is sometimes not just to soften the atmosphere, but is part of the story and even conveys a concept of the story. Throughout the history of Iranian cinema, most of the dance and joy scenes are related to comedy and commercial cinema, and in social works and in festival-friendly terms, less dance is used as an element in the script. But there are also films made in Iranian cinema that have taken advantage of the second function of dance in cinema, which is the transmission of concepts. Dancing in these films has sometimes been as short as a few seconds, but it has remained in the minds of cinema audiences. Here we review 16 effective and lasting dance sequences in Iranian cinema. Dennis Villeneuve's remake of Frank Herbert's popular science fiction novel, The Talmise, has now established itself as a future classic in the genre. Villeneuve had previously shown with its masterpiece, Blade Runner 2049, that it could recreate popular science fiction works for the new generation, and that the dune had an epic, complex global scale. The story of the dungeon takes place in the distant future, where hostile tribes compete for valuable resources. Young Paul (Timothy Shalami) is on the verge of becoming the leader of the Atridis family. His father, Duke Leto Atrides (Oscar Isaac), leads this noble family in a battle on the desert planet Arakis, which is conquered by the warring tribes of Ferman and Harken. Paul has a mystical power that he inherited from his mother, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson). The dungeon is a combination of the political sedition of the Game of Thrones, the science fiction and fantasy films of Star Wars, and the unparalleled greatness of the Lord of the Rings. So if you liked the movie Dune, you will probably like 12 similar works. Of course, before getting acquainted with these works, review a documentary about the dune briefly.

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10 reasons that have special computer effects in cinema It's getting worse, not better!

It seems that in recent years, computer and digital special effects have become less quality, and we are no longer on the side of bright and deeply believable images. Of course, every now and then we see examples of violations such as "gravity" or "interstellar", but in general the quality of digital visual effects and computer images seems to be declining. Are digital technologies and images really of lower quality? Or did the audience expect more? Join us as we take a look at the state of computer special effects over the years and see why the quality of computer and digital images in movies seems to be declining.

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10 times that Christopher Nolan has proven to be the best live director in the world

In recent years, Christopher Nolan has always proven himself to be one of the best live directors in the world. Undoubtedly, filmmaking is one of the forms of art, and the best artists are those who are steadfast and always remain at the highest level. Regardless of the time Nolan works, there are few directors in history who have been able to attract as much critical acclaim and admiration as he did. Nolan's films have won both box office and awards seasons, but when it comes to solo awards, everyone knows that ambitious people have always had short prizes. Nolan does not have much to prove, as the English filmmaker has already proven his brilliance; Always exceptional and stunning. Here are 10 times that Nolan has proven himself to be the best living director in the world.

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The artist creates the work of art with both instinct and technique. The best works of art are formed when instinct and technique are in balance with each other (and not necessarily at the peak). These works become films and paintings and masterpieces of music. A film that is made only by instinct is appealing, but technical inaccuracies prevent it from being called a masterpiece, and a film in which technique is ahead of instinct eventually becomes a mediocre professional work that leaves the viewer after leaving the hall. he does. You can read Asghar Farhadi's movie "Hero".

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