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7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world

BingMag.com 7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world

Marvel's cinematic world continues to grow with each new DisneyPlus movie and series, adding more powerful Avengers to its list of heroes.

However, despite the new anti-heroes who threaten to wreak havoc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4, even the strongest avengers may need support. There are some very powerful heroes in the team right now, and many more are on the way, but some of the strongest Avengers of Marvel Comics are not yet in Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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So in the hope that future projects will bring some new and boosting power to Marvel's cinematic world, it's time to look back at comic book history to identify seven of the most powerful Avengers still in Marvel's cinematic world. Do not have to check. In this list, in addition to mentioning the names of some of Marvel's most prominent forces, we will briefly look at them under a magnifying glass and discuss the possibility of them joining Marvel's cinematic world in the near future. It's time to assemble another new team that, of course, has no place in Marvel's cinematic world right now.

7. ( Nova )

BingMag.com 7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world In comic books, the Nova Corps is an intergalactic police force whose members can use the Nova Force, a cosmic energy possessed by extraordinary power, superhuman resistance, and the ability to fly and roam. They have to hit space without a protective force. Of course, the Nova Corps has already appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy films as an ordinary, superpowerless police force. Using the power of Nova in the Marvel movie world is not difficult. Extraordinary members of this team are elite people. With the destruction of the gendarme by Tanus during the events of the Avengers: The Final Game, there is ample opportunity (due to this grief and trauma) to discover the roots of a new intergalactic hero.

If Marvel's cinematic world decides Introducing Nova as a new avenger, they can use two different versions of this character. The first is Richard Ryder, created by Maro Wolfman and John Romita in 1976 for the No. 1 comic of a man named Nova. Richard takes power from the last survivor of the Nova Corps and soon becomes one of the strongest avengers of all time. The second version of this character is Sam Alexander, which was made by Jeff Loeb and Ed McGuinness for the number 1 Marvel Point comic in 2011. Sam finds the old hat of a member of the Nova Corps, whose perpetual drunken father kept it a secret, and draws his strength from it.

But which Nova becomes part of Marvel's cinematic world? Why not make them both new members of the Avengers? Marvel CEO Kevin Faigy has previously said he plans to introduce two different versions of the Nova. So sooner or later we will see Nova in cinemas.

6. ( Namor )

BingMag.com 7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world

Nimour, created by Bill Everett for Marvel Comics No. 1 in 1939, is a classic character who, along with Captain America and the Human Torch, helped Marvel to build his comic book empire. Make. So why has Neymour not yet appeared in Marvel's cinematic world? Well, the answer is that Marvel sold Neymour's rights to Universal in the 1990s, just like the Amazing Hulk. And this case has led to the non-production of Hulk and Neymour exclusive films. However, now that Marvel's cinematic world is rooted in DisneyPlus, the studio can actually arrange a series with the sailor. So introducing Nimour to Marvel's cinematic world is probably just a simple matter that will be solved over time. Slowly Nimour as an underwater king can add a new layer to Marvel's cinematic world, especially since the character is portrayed in the comics as an anti-hero. Neymar often engages with other nations, such as the Wakanda and the United States.

This means that he is not only influential in his powers, but also politically influential. Finally, Neymour is one of the characters who started the superhero comic book industry and two years after starting his career, he inspired the creation of Aquaman DC. Kevin Faigy must bring the sailor to the playground as soon as possible, otherwise he may face the wrath of the ocean.

5. Wonder Man

Another unlikely item on Marvel's new Avengers list is the Superman version of Marvel. Hyperion was created as a villain by Roy Thomas and Sal Bosma for the 1969 Avengers comic book number 69, and later appeared as a hero in several storylines. Each version of Hyperion is rooted in an alternating timeline, and each often leads a team of heroes or villains. Hyperion often appears in stories with an element of time manipulation, and is sometimes a powerful ally of the Avengers, and at other times their greatest threat. Hyperion's first appearance in the comics was when he was summoned by Kong Conqueror to defeat the Avengers for the Grand Master's entertainment. So now that the organization of time variance is part of Marvel's cinematic world, bringing hyperion to future movies and series will not be a difficult task.

Hyperion has another point of connection with phase 4 of Marvel's cinematic world. This evil character or hero is an immortal, alien race created by celestials. Hyperion, like all immortals, has superhuman strength, endurance and durability. In addition, Hyperion can fly and has an extremely fast speed and strong breath, and laser beams come out of its eyes. On the other hand, Hyperion was created to allow the Avengers to fight the Justice League without violating copyright laws. There will probably never be an official crossover with Marvel and Desi, but Marvel's cinematic world has plenty of opportunities to bring Hyperion into the world, both as a threat and as a superhero.

3. Blue Marvel ( Blue Marvel )

BingMag.com 7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world

There is absolutely nothing to indicate that Marvel intends to use Blue Marvel, but it would be better for Marvel to reconsider its decision. Blue Marvel, created by Kevin Greaves for No. 1 Comic Adam: The Legend of the Blue Marvel, has tremendous power, endurance, speed, and endurance, and can manipulate energy, light, and antimatter, as well as hand-to-hand combat. He is a very skilled engineer and physicist. Blue Marvel is a complete package of mental and physical abilities and has a sense of invincibility and high self-esteem and fights for those who can not defend themselves. There is no doubt that Blue Marvel is one of the most powerful avengers ever presented by Marvel Comics, but the fascinating aspect of his character is his background story.

In Comics, Blue Marvel is forced to retire in the 1960s. His secret identity is revealed and the public realizes that this hero is in fact Adam Bernard Brescher, a black man. In fact, the very people who cheered Marvel Blue could not have imagined that a black man would be the brightest symbol of American hope. Marvel's cinematic world finally explored the history of racism in the United States in the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So bringing Blue Marvel to the screens can help Marvel find the root of the problem. Marvel Blue Marvel Cinematic world can be added to this world from an alternating timeline, and in addition, this version of this character can be a hero like Black America Captain (Carl Family) that is erased from people's memory and returns to the squares. .

2. Sentry ( Sentry )

BingMag.com 7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world

Centri is the best friend of the leader of the Wonderful Four, Mr. Wonderful and inspiring Peter Parker. He also made the mutant angel put aside his fear of heights so that he could fly in the sky, and even persuaded the Hulk to use his power for good purposes. In addition to supporting the original letters of Marvel history, Centri is probably omnipotent. He has incredible physical strength and telepathic abilities and is practically invulnerable. So why is no one talking about a center? Because he has erased himself from the memory of the whole world.

This hero, created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee with the conceptual collaboration of Rick Witch, first appeared in the 2000 mini-series Center. The sad story of Robert Reynolds is the story of the most powerful good force in the whole world that has to sacrifice its identity to save everyone. This is because Sentry is only half a powerful creature, and the more he uses his power, the stronger his evil character, Wade. So to stop Wade, Centri decides to remove himself from history in one of the best miniseries released by Marvel. From Santeri's story, it will not be difficult. Centri can be a part of Marvel's cinematic world, while providing an independent narrative that creates the least disruption in future episodes and, of course, has a great story. Marvel's cinematic world is diversifying its stories and genres, and it can be hoped that a very powerful and special avenger like a worthy center will be in the spotlight.

1. Squirrel Girl ( Squirrel Girl )

BingMag.com 7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world

The squirrel girl is a mutant that can communicate with squirrels. If you do not think this superhero should be on the list of the most powerful avengers of all time, then you have not read enough comic books. The squirrel girl is known for being invincible. He has even defeated Dr. II, Tanus, Deadpool, and even Galactus alone. The squirrel girl was introduced as a gentle and humorous character who made the superhero stories very entertaining and more entertaining. However, it was in 2015 that the character became a phenomenon after appearing in her own series, Invincible Squirrel Girl. The Squirrel Girl overcomes Marvel's greatest threats on her own adventures and is always at the forefront.

While Marvel TV was still part of the main project, the Squirrel Girl was almost a part of Marvel's cinematic world. Milana Wintrob was set to star as a squirrel in a TV series called New Warriors, who was sadly killed before she had a chance to enter the world. Kevin Beagle, the producer of the New Warriors series, recently claimed that the series was canceled because it was too bizarre, but Marvel has publicly denied the claim. However, canceling the New Warriors project is a mistake that Marvel must make up for immediately and allow the squirrel girl and the rest of the team to become part of DisneyPlus.

Source: Collider

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