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Portrait of an actor; James Dean, the eternal image of a rebel

BingMag.com Portrait of an actor; James Dean, the eternal image of a rebel

Upon hearing the name of James Dean, many immediately remembered the eternal image of the immortal young man who died rebellious against the values of his previous generation but ultimately failed. And promised. His untimely death, when he was just 24 years old, left him with the same young, rebellious persona, and a moviegoer accepted him as a representative of American values that had grown up after World War II. In this article, we will review all three James Dean films.

Many believe that if he survived, the fate of some Hollywood actors such as Paul Newman would change forever; Because James Dean was the main choice to play in the early roles that this great actor in the history of cinema has played. Some see him as a follower of Marlon Brando in cinema, but there is no denying that James Dean's character is far more fragile and oppressed than the image that Marlon Brando portrays as a chaste human being of a young American; Brando's influence on James Dean is undeniable, though. AD began his career in television and was instrumental in the development of this new style of illustration. Coming by bus to California and Los Angeles in 1949 to become an actor, he began his career in 1950 playing the role of a Pepsi-Cola drink and immediately appeared in the drama of the number one hill as an apostle of Christ.>

In 1951, James Dean made his feature film debut in the movie Bayonets, but the same short dialogue line was removed from the final version of the film, and he traveled to New York to appear on Broadway and attend a famous school. Acting Studio Register. See it in 1952 in a play called Leopard! He appeared, but due to the audience's lack of acceptance of the performance, his work did not last more than three days and James Dean returned to television.

In 1953, he had short roles in a number of television series, the most famous of which can be He referred to the sentence of death and harvest. But on another trip, he joins Broadway and appears in the show, and many times, the star of Iqbal turns to him and signs a contract to play the main role in Elia Kazan's new film, East of Heaven.

So until the moment of his death in late 1955, he was riding in the clouds and his lucky star was shining brightly. Nothing and no one seems to be able to stop him from becoming the biggest star of his generation, but that deadly accident with his new car immortalized his image forever; A crumpled human being drowns in the storm of life that drowns more and more as he walks.

James Dean brought something new to cinema, but it was only new in the world of cinema and motion pictures, and millions of young Americans They were living it every day. So everyone reacted to that real and empathetic image that did not show itself in the mirror, and praised James Dean on the big screen. Now he was going to represent their generation on the silver screen.

1. East of Eden

BingMag.com Portrait of an actor; James Dean, the eternal image of a rebel

  • Director: Elia Kazan
  • Other Actors: Julie Harris, Raymond Macy
  • Product: 1955, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.9 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz movie rating: 85%

From the very first image of James Dean appearing on the screen trying to protect himself from the wind and cold of the surroundings on top of that so-called train, one could guess that we are dealing with a different actor in the history of cinema who does not shy away from The show has no fuss or fidelity. If Marlon Brando had changed the shape of American stars forever and proved that he could not be ironed but still conquer hearts, he would now have found a young man who would do so by exposing himself to all kinds of injuries.

Elia Kazan was considered the director of the actors and many of them did their best roles for him; Suffice it to note that Elia Kazan played both the role of historian Marlon Brando before The Godfather, as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, and on the waterfront. Directed. So the fact that an actor like James Dean got his first experience of starring in an important film in a film directed by him is definitely a testament to the actor's happiness. Religion became. A young man who grew up in a newer and darker world than World War II and could not live up to his father's expectations and is constantly reprimanded and thinks only of proving himself to his father, who represents the values of the past. Elia Kazan has created this world with a sad look at his main character and well depicts the lonely cocoon of this unfortunate young man.

It is true that the story of the film takes place during the First World War, but Kazan describes it that way Made as if it belongs to the same period of showing the film. Young Americans across the United States see themselves in the role of James Dean, and in the blink of an eye he becomes their idol. Certainly the presence of James Dean alone in this form and as the son of a farmer could not immortalize him forever. James Dean still had to experience something else for all the people who rose to prominence on American soil after World War II to believe and praise him, so playing the lead role in Nicholas Ray's Rebellion Without Reason is another boon. The East of Heaven is adapted from the novel of the same name by John Steinbeck. James Dean is set to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role as Cal Coward, but won the Academy Award for Ernest Burgundy for his role in "Marty," directed by Dilber. Mann loses.

"Cal Coward is the son of a California farmer. His father told him years ago that his mother had died, but he was skeptical. In the meantime, all the father's attention is on his brother, who is more successful in life, and this factor causes Cal to try to prove himself to his father. But every time he fails and is blamed and

2. Rebel without a Cause

BingMag.com Portrait of an actor; James Dean, the eternal image of a rebel

  • Director:
  • Other Actors: Natalie Wood, Sal Mino.
  • Product: 1955, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.7 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 92.

The lead role in Rebellion for No Reason was a major difference from the role in East Paradise, and this time James Dean played a teenager from the affluent class of American society. A young man who has nothing to lose in appearance and has kind and compassionate families, but eats something from the psyche of this chaste man; A subject that itself does not know the source of this spiritual torment; It is the approaching voice of a new way of thinking that shakes the foundations of the established patriarchal system in American society. Especially since the film presents a picture of a father who, no matter how hard he tries, cannot be a good and, of course, powerful father to his son. They seek a home, a suitable environment for raising a generation that is disillusioned and disillusioned and unable to cleanse its head, which creates disaster. Nicholas Ray's sad and empathetic look at the teenage characters in his film can be seen even in the film's violent sequences, and the filmmaker explores even the roots of the uneducated generation's troubles somewhere outside their minds. In such a context, the Reasonless Rebellion can be considered a forerunner of the undermining of the values of American youth in the 1960s and 1970s. And even in a country like the United Kingdom, due to the fear of young people accompanying the characters and resorting to violence, they go to the cinema screens with injuries and adjustments. Contrasting colors, lighting with an emphasis on light shades, the crooked stature of James Dean and Minoo, wet streets and dark houses, Nicholas Ray furniture to achieve that bitter feeling in the frame, and of course the emphasis on red is reminiscent of violence. It is repressed in the characters and also shows the complexities ingrained in the psyche of individuals, even families and elders. The fight with the knife and that deadly sequence with the car, the filmmaker's view with concern about the carelessness of the society and what his footsteps are heard are quite clear; Nicholas Ray is also saddened by the previous generation of people and sometimes only ignores those whose role in building hell around them is due to this ignorance. It is in such a context and with such a payment that the name of the film makes sense. There was no cinema history left.

James Dean died a month after the film was introduced, and the sale of the T-shirts he wore in the film skyrocketed.

"Two boys And a teenage girl, out of frustration with the home environment and proving herself in the school environment, enters a contest that leads to the death of a friend. Now the police are looking to solve the case and

3. Giant

BingMag.com Portrait of an actor; James Dean, the eternal image of a rebel

  • Director: George Stevens
  • Other Actors: Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor
  • Product: 1956, USA
  • strong> IMDb movie rating: 7.6 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 93.

Alan Ladd was supposed to play the role played by James Dean in the film, but was prevented from doing so by James Dean in 1955. Unfortunately, James Dean was in the middle of producing the same film when he crashed and was killed and never saw the end of it, and even some of his dialogues were dubbed by Nick Adams in his absence.

starring in another George Stevens film It was a chance that a novice actor like James Dean could face. He had only been in Hollywood for a year, but so far in one year he had worked with three of the giants of cinema history: George Stevens, Elia Kazan and Nicholas Ray, and now he had the chance to star alongside two stars. Great means Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor to work. It is not unreasonable in such a context that if we imagine that James Dean survived, he would be at the top of the list of most popular stars in American cinema in the very first year; An action that officially happened with his accident and youthfulness, not only with his good presence on the cinema screen. There are two different perspectives on life. But in addition, in this film, there is no news about the young and raw James Dean, but here is a man who is on the way to maturity. This is the most important difference between the role of James Dean in this film and his presence in the form of the characters of the previous two films, and his reason for appearing in this role was that he no longer wanted to appear in the form of those problematic young people. George Stevens was a master of creating drama on the American frontier with backgrounds similar to Western films, and by making films such as A Place in the Sun and Shane, he showed that Has a great ability to create tragedies based on people's emotional relationships. His lineage of good and evil in space is different from the classic American stories of cinema, and what the evil of the story cannot be blamed or hated at all. Because the filmmaker correctly speaks of the understandable motives within his people and tries to make them understandable to the audience. So such a gathering is a good opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their abilities to inject blood into the veins of the map written on a piece of paper. It seems. Because it's as if predicting the death of this actor. In order to reach the same sentence, you have to watch the movie. James Dean was nominated for an Academy Award for his role; After his death.

"A wealthy herdsman named Beck marries a woman named Leslie. Meanwhile, a man in the same neighborhood who owns an oil well is also interested in that woman. Such a field and competition is conceiving many events and the problems of these three people start from here

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