Pixar’s “Lighthouse” Freefall in its First Week of Release (Box Office of the Week)

To infinity and beyond? The Toy Story spin-off of "Lightyear" is unlikely . Took second place at the box office table; This is a complete failure for Pixar, which is accustomed to the presidency.

BingMag.com Pixar’s “Lighthouse” Freefall in its First Week of Release (Box Office of the Week)

To infinity and beyond? The Toy Story spin-off of "Lightyear" is unlikely . Took second place at the box office table; This is a complete failure for Pixar, which is accustomed to the presidency.

Most of the target audience is Pixar's latest animation of children and their families, which shows its poor performance at the box office from the time of the Corona epidemic to So far, families have not been persuaded to return to theaters, preferring to watch their favorite work through streaming services. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average Pixar brand, with sales of $ 51 million, including works such as The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and Up. It is a bad result in the record. This becomes even more frustrating when you know that Lighter cost $ 200 million to make and tens of millions of dollars in advertising costs, and that the film has not yet been able to repay its original budget, let alone profitability.

  • Why did Pixar prefer Lightyear to Toy Story 5? Jurassic World Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick became Paramount's ambitious sequel and failed to be seen as they should have been. Add to that the low-key charm of Lightair's open character. Most child audiences prefer to mess with the same cute and delusional doll instead of watching a space ranger; As a result, "Lighthire" in a rare event in the history of Pixar gave the first place at the box office to the dinosaurs of "Jurassic World 3".

    43 countries sold only $ 34.6 million. On this account, Pixar Space Ranger Adventures has sold a total of $ 85.6 million so far. It should be noted, however, that the film has been banned in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates due to its unconventional sex scenes. It will be given. Before that, "Onward" was the product of 2020, the last film to be released in cinemas. During the Corona epidemic, the studio decided to release popular animations such as "Soul", "Luca" and "Turning Red" live from Disney Plus. Some film analysts believe that this decision has led to low sales of the "Toy Story" spin-off; Because Pixar audiences have somehow become accustomed to watching the studio's films at home, and their return to two years ago will definitely require more patience. Another theory about Lightshire's low sales is that Disney's focus is too much on branding rather than on implementing ideas.

    Characters such as Chris Evans, Kike Palmer, Dale Souls, Taika Waititi, Peter Son and Ozu Aduba are the voice actors of various characters. The action-science-fiction film follows the story of a space ranger named Baz Lighthire (Chris Evans), who later inspired a puppet of the same name in the "Toy Story" franchise. Baz and his colleagues are trapped on a planet 4 million light-years from Earth and must return home with mind-boggling plans. As of this writing, Raton Tomitoz has a score of 76 out of 100 and a Metacritic score of 61 out of 100, indicating that critics have generally been positive about it.

    BingMag.com Pixar’s “Lighthouse” Freefall in its First Week of Release (Box Office of the Week)

    But this week 's big surprise was" Jurassic World: Territory ", which, despite a 60% drop in its second week of release, managed to maintain its number one spot at the box office. Pixar will continue to rule over Lightair. With 4,697 North American theaters, the film grossed $ 58.66 million this week, compared to international sales of $ 372.39 million and currently grossed $ 622.18 million. It is important to note that much of the film's revenue comes from advanced formats such as iMax and 3D.

    Colin Truro, who directed the first part of the Jurassic World trilogy Jurassic: Realm "starring Chris Pert, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neal, Buddy Wong, Omar C. and Isabella Sarmon narrates a new epic in the world of dinosaurs. The adventures of this episode take place four years after the destruction of Isla Nabur; Dinosaurs live completely freely with humans and hunt But this seemingly peaceful coexistence threatens the future of the world. The last installment of this exciting and popular trilogy has received a Raton Tomitoz score of 30 out of 100 and a metacritic score of 38 out of 100 as of this writing, indicating that it has not been to the liking of critics, unlike Pixar Lighter.

    • 7 films similar to "Jurassic World: Domination" with adventure stories

    "Top Gun: Maverick" occupies the third place in the box office table with 4035 cinemas North America sold $ 44 million in its fourth week of release, down 15 percent from the previous week. The second installment of "Top Gun" has grossed $ 419 million internationally so far, grossing a total of $ 885.16 million, making it the best-selling feature film by Tom Cruise.

    "Top Gun Directed by Joseph Kushinski, Tom Maurice stars Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, John Hamm, Glenn Powell, Louis Pullman, Ed Harris, Monica Barbaro and Val Kilmer. The adventures of the second part 36 take place after the main film and follow Captain Maverick (Tom Cruise) who has returned to train a group of young and rebellious pilots.

    BingMag.com Pixar’s “Lighthouse” Freefall in its First Week of Release (Box Office of the Week)

    Marvel Wizard's fourth on the box office chart is with" Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, "which grossed $ 4.2 million domestically. It has dropped one step compared to last week. New Adventures of Marvel's cinematic world has sold a total of $ 942.48 million, up from its seventh week of release, grossing international sales of $ 537.4 million.

    "World of Madness" is also in charge. The story is about a neurosurgeon named Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) who, after performing a dangerous spell, travels to multiple worlds to face a mysterious new enemy and other versions of himself. In addition to Cumberbatch, there are other actors such as Chivitel Ajiofor as Carl Murdo, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximov or Scarlett Witch, and Khuchitel Gomez as America Chavez (a teenager who can travel to multiple worlds).

    BingMag.com Pixar’s “Lighthouse” Freefall in its First Week of Release (Box Office of the Week)

    " The Bad Guys "came in sixth with $ 980,000 in domestic sales in its ninth week of release. The story of this animation takes place in an imaginary land where humans and animals live together. A group of delinquent animals, who by their actions created difficult conditions for other citizens, suddenly change and decide to put their lives in a new direction, but this change causes strange troubles. Leading figures such as Sam Rockwell, Mark Maron, Anthony Ramos, Craig Robinson and Aquafina are the voice actors of various characters and the film is directed by Pierre Prefel.

    But one of the films that will be stable until the thirteenth week of release. It's good at the box office and has always held its place in the top one to the top ten. The film also ranked seventh at the box office this week with domestic sales of $ 959.63 thousand. The film tells the story of a Chinese immigrant who finds the ability to travel between different worlds and meet different versions of himself.

    "Downton Abbey: A New Era" in its fifth week of release It fell eight places to eighth place with $ 830,000 in domestic sales. Danton Abbey creator Julien Floss wrote the screenplay for Part II, directed by Simon Curtis. And the Queen of Britain is leaving. The cast includes Hugh Bonville, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dakry, Jim Carter, Young Frogat, and Brendan Coyle. Sonic the Hedgehog 2) is dedicated. Paramount grossed $ 228.39,000 in its 11th week of release. Directed by Jeff Fowler and starring Jim Carrey, Idris Alba, Ben Schwartz, the film explores the recent adventures of Sonic and his friend Tails. It follows.

    Finally, an English comedy film topped the box office charts in its first week of release with sales of $ 198,000. Directed by Jim Archer and starring David Earl, Chris Howard, Louise Brillie and Jimmy Michie, Brian and Charles narrates the life of an isolated inventor named Brian, who lived alone in a valley in Wales until He accidentally finds a mannequin and decides to turn it into a robot named Charles, which completely changes his life.

    Jurassic World Dominion 2 58.66 249.79 Lightyear
    Lightyear 1 51 51 Top Guns: Maverick
    Top Gun: Maverick 4 44 466.16 Dr. Strange in Multiple Worlds of Madness
    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 7 4.20 405.08 The Bob's Burgers Movie
    The Bob's Burgers Movie 4 1.10 29.76 The Bad Guys
    The Bad Guys 9 0.980 94.23 Everything Suddenly Everywhere
    Everything Everywhere All at Once 13 0.959 64.92 Danton Abbey: A New Era
    Downton Abbey: A New Era 5 0.830 42.19 Sonic The Hedgehog 2
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2 11 0.228 190.47 Brian and Charles
    Brian and Charles 1.198 0.198

    * Sales figure is in million dollars.

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