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Peter Bagdanovich, one of Hollywood's first New Wave directors, has died

BingMag.com <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich,</b> <b>one</b> of <b>Hollywood's</b> <b>first</b> <b>New</b> <b>Wave</b> <b>directors,</b> has died

Peter Pagdanovich, creator of enduring works such as "The Last Movie" and "Paper Moon", has died.

Always regarded as one of Hollywood's New Wave filmmakers, he established himself as an author director from the beginning. He was best known for his ability to act as a link between old and New Hollywood. He first started his career as a critic and then entered filmmaking. He shone brightly with "The Last Screening," his first film, and was nominated for eight Academy Awards. "It's so funny" was his last film to be released in 2014.

Bagdanovich 's death provoked a widespread reaction from cinemagoers in the virtual media. Francis Ford Coppola, one of Bagdanovich's constant companions in the 1970s, wrote of his death: "My God, what a shock. I was devastated. He was an amazing artist. "I will never forget the first screening of 'The Last Movie,' when the audience cheered him on for 15 minutes." "Paper Moon" star Tom O'Neill wrote on Instagram: " Peter was my earth and sky. A spiritual father. A friend of hers always made me feel safe. I love you Peter. "" He was a dear friend to me, and a movie hero, "wrote Guillermo Deltoro on Twitter. As a director, he created many masterpieces and was an extremely well-mannered person. He became my best friend and remained so until the end. He was working on a New script and it was a pleasure to talk about his ideas. It was a real elephant It made me proud to meet Peter and spend time with him. If you are familiar with his work, please be grateful. And if you do not know, please go to them right now. "Director Rod Lowry also tweeted about Bagdanovich on Twitter:" He was a great director. In addition, he was an amazing critic and author. In every way I look, he was the pole star of my career. His soul is at peace. "

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