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Pejman Jamshidi's tortuous path in the world of acting; From carpet to throne

BingMag.com <b>Pejman</b> <b>Jamshidi's</b> <b>tortuous</b> <b>path</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>acting;</b> <b>From</b> <b>carpet</b> to throne

In the early nineties, during the opening of a play in one of the theaters of Tehran, one of the famous and veteran actors of theater and The cinema - now deceased - stood behind the microphone and harshly criticized the presence of footballers on the stage. At the time, the criticism was not limited to the veteran actor, and others criticized the presence of non-theatrical figures, especially footballers, in the small world of theater.

He noticed a face named Pejman Jamshidi. A footballer who, after playing in a series, stepped into the realm of theater and aroused the sensitivity of the people of this profession. The media also occasionally criticized Jamshidi, asking with a big sign what the former Persepolis player wants in the world of theater.

Critics believe Was Jamshidi does not have a good voice for the theater, his movements are delicate and soft, and his face is not useful for acting. This confrontation lasted for several years and Jamshidi, despite all the criticism, never gave up and continued his work with determination.

Sibeli named Jamshidi

BingMag.com <b>Pejman</b> <b>Jamshidi's</b> <b>tortuous</b> <b>path</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>acting;</b> <b>From</b> <b>carpet</b> to throne

Jamshidi had only acted in the series" Pejman "at that time and had no other experience to play in plays. Criticism seemed natural. At the same time, the names of some non-theatrical figures were seen because of their popularity among the cast of the plays. The directors did their best to sell more of their plays, and this businesslike and commercial look made the theater people happy. One day he was performing in a famous song show, in another play an actor From the cinema went on stage without any experience From the theater, TV personalities and presenters gradually opened their feet to the plays, and when he became angry, the stand-up comedians and makers of his dubbed clips Instagram became a theater actor. In the meantime, the former Persepolis player had become the most famous.

Most of them considered Pejman Jamshidi's presence in the plays for money and fame. Especially since Jamshidi had not yet acted in a proper performance and his plays were ordinary works with a commercial atmosphere whose first goal was to conquer the box office.

Former football player only in the series Peyman Qasemkhani played and this collaboration was the founder of a friendship with one of the most talented screenwriters in Iranian cinema. Maybe this friendship worked for him.

Getting to know Qasemkhani was a privilege for Jamshidi. The screenwriter had many friends in theater and cinema, and Jamshidi was introduced to theatrical groups through his friendship with Qasemkhani. Peyman Ghasemkhani was standing behind Pejman Jamshidi and had his air. Supporting Jamshidi was like a double game. They played this football player and the spectators came to the hall because of him.

Jamshidi If at that time he was criticized by the media and prominent figures, but the general public, especially girls. Teenagers and young adults loved him. After the performances, many people stayed behind in the halls to take selfies and photos with Jamshidi. For the creators of the plays, Jamshidi's play brought money, and they knew that some of the spectators would come to the hall because of Pejman Jamshidi.

This unwritten contract lasted for several years. . Qasemkhani, who had seen the sweet fruit of working with Jamshidi, had other ideas for working with Jamshidi and Derakhshani. Although Ghasemkhani had a commercial and lucrative view of working with Jamshidi in the first place, his films were not bad films in their genre, and people interacted with his films. "text-align: justify;"> After shining in "Good, Bad, Kitty", other directors came to the footballer and asked him to repeat Ghasemkhani's formula. For example, Borzoo Niknejad used the couple of Mohsen Kiai and Jamshidi in "Looneh Zanbour" and tried to make his audience laugh with the same tricks of Qasemkhani.

These works Unceasingly, although it was good for the novice Jamshidi, it endangered him in the form of repetitive stereotypes. But this footballer was smarter than giving in to repetitive forms. He soon made his way to the cinema and sought to test himself in other genres.

After starring in the 1996 comedy Texas, Jamshidi starred in six films the following year, a record for an actor. Jamshidi came up with these suggestions while many professional actors do not yet have such statistics in their acting careers. After that, TV directors came to Jamshidi and he also acted in TV works.

Gradually the bird of luck He sat on the footballer's shoulders and made the directors trust him. In the mid-1990s, and within a few years, Jamshidi was able to free himself From playing in low-level comedies and step into other genres.

Of the six Jamshidi's film In 1397, the two films "Texas 2" and "Dynamite" were made in the same style and context of low-level comedies, but the rest of the films had something to say. Leaving aside the tumultuous film "We Are All Together", Jamshidi showed another part of his abilities in "Labyrinth", "The Original Idea" and "The world Dancing with Me", and it became clear that more different roles could be played. He gave up.

These films were Jamshidi's greatest test in acting, and he came out of these films with pride. "Original Idea" and "Labyrinth" are acceptable films in Iranian cinema. A good suspense, along with the formation of a compelling drama, gives these films an acceptable score. Soroush Sehat's well-made and compelling film had a large audience, and many moviegoers liked it. Jamshidi shone with the same face and cold expression along with other actors and distanced himself From that repetitive character of comedy films.

It turned out and it became clear what a great ability Pejman Jamshidi has in acting. No one else cared about the sound and form of the actor's face, but all of these features were considered part of his personality traits in acting. With the same voice and face, he even experienced acting on the home theater network.

Jamshidi gained valuable experience of acting in various films during these few years. Once faced with sharp media criticism of his presence in the theater, he was once again met with indifference. But he showed very well that From the heart of any difficulty, he builds a high bridge for himself and does not pay much attention to professionalism and ridicule.

Proving an actor

BingMag.com <b>Pejman</b> <b>Jamshidi's</b> <b>tortuous</b> <b>path</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>acting;</b> <b>From</b> <b>carpet</b> to throne

The 39th Fajr Film Festival created strange situations for this actor, and if it were not for the leadership and professionalism of Gari Jamshidi , There were a lot of margins for him. For the first time in the press conference of the movie "Hypothetical Line", a journalist challenged Jamshidi with an ugly question.

The reporter asked Jamshidi this question. You haven't gotten anywhere in football, don't you think there are better ways to be seen? And isn't being seen just by getting into acting? Jamshidi was expected to respond quickly, but the actor's sensible reaction showed his maturity and professionalism. His answer was blue on fire.

Once again, when Jamshidi was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, the audience laughed out loud. Jamshidi was ridiculed and he remained silent again and did not show any particular reaction to these ridiculous laughter.

Jamshidi knew that one day the answer to these ridicule and laughter would finally come Will give. He did not wait long to answer. In the 40th edition of the Fajr Film Festival, he shone so brightly with the film "Alfazar" that he left no room for laughter.

Pejman Jamshidi in " "Alfazar" in the role of the case investigator, has an important role in the film and bears the main burden of the story. Jamshidi's performance in "Alfuzar" is so good and flawless that everyone opened his mouth to admire and praise him. This time, everything changed for this actor and Pejman was getting his patience rewarded.

Prepare yourself for Simorgh at the closing ceremony. When his name was announced as the nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role, no one laughed at the news and everyone was waiting to receive the award.

Although Crystal Simorgh It came to Amin Hayaei for "The Last Snow", but many thought that Simorgh would rest in Jamshidi's hands. His performance in "Grassland" is admirable and shows the ability and talent of this actor.

It seems that with "Grassland" a new period in Jamshidi's acting activities it is arrived. Gone are the days of criticism and ridicule, and everyone knows Pejman Jamshidi as a capable actor. Now is the peak of Pejman Jamshidi's prosperity in cinema and he behaved so professionally and correctly during these years that he left no criticism.

The period of Jamshidi's presence in cinema was not long though. But it has had many difficulties. During his acting years, he bought every word and criticism to be present only in this field and now he is getting the reward of his interest in the field of art. Pejman Jamshidi loves acting and cinema and appears in front of the camera with love. He did not give up, he paid a high price for participating in this profession, and now he is proving his ability His interest continues to be lighter.

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