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Parsa Pirozfar's professional path; A minor actor who is popular among Iranian audiences (portrait of an actor)

BingMag.com <b>Parsa</b> <b>Pirozfar's</b> <b>professional</b> <b>path;</b> A <b>minor</b> <b>actor</b> <b>who</b> is <b>popular</b> <b>among</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>audiences</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Parsa Pirouzfar in 1373 might not have thought that one day he would become the favorite of many Iranians and those interested in cinema and art. Pirozfar studied painting at Tehran University's Faculty of Fine Arts, but he also studied acting, theater directing and playwriting.

Parsa Pirozfar has been active in acting and art for nearly thirty years The popularity of this actor increased over time. The movies "Mom's Guest", "Many Women", and "The Horse is a Noble Animal" are among the most important works of this actor. Even though Parsa Pirouzfar learned the profession of acting in a principled way and from famous people like Hamid Thargyan and Mahin Eskoui, the activity of this actor decreased in the 1390s due to some reasons. However, in the last few years, Pirozfar has been able to revive his name again with two films "Drunk on Love" and "TT". He will appear in front of the camera as Rumi in the much awaited film Mast Eshgh. On the other hand, Pirouzfar's performance in the role of "Bahman Kazemi" in the series "Yaghi" attracted the attention of many audiences. In fact, Parsa Pirozfar's attractive, unique and spectacular performance in the "Yaghi" series, which is aired on the home television network, was one of the reasons why we are going to have a look at Pirozfar's almost thirty-year career.

The beginning of the path

If we want to look closely at Parsa Pirouzfar's artistic career, he started his career in the field of art in 1373. He appears in front of the camera in the movie "Fairy", a work directed and written by Dariush Mehrjooi as an ascetic man. Even though the movie "Fairy" did not make as much noise in its time, this work is considered the first important movie of Parsa Pirouzfar in his artistic career.

Parsa Pirouzfar's collaboration at the beginning of his career was not only with Mehrjooi. . In 1374, he collaborated with Masoud Kimiaei by acting in the movie "Diyaft". In this project, Pirozfar co-stars with important people such as Fariborz Arabnia, Hassan Joharchi, and Ramin Parchami, and even though the movie "Diafat" could not become one of the strongest alchemy films, Parsa Pirozfar's performance was seen on par with other important actors of the film. Pirouzfar's interaction with Masoud Kimiaei continued with this director's next film, and this actor appeared in front of the cinema camera in the movie "Mercedes". Once he played in the movie "Shida" directed by Kamal Tabrizi, his name became popular. In 1377, Tabrizi released a romantic movie in collaboration with Sore Cinematography Development Organization and Shiraz Film. The list of powerful actors is visible in this project. Parsa Pirozfer plays beautifully in front of the camera next to Leila Hatami. The combination of the themes of war, religion and love in the movie "Shida" along with the plot of a popular narrative are other factors that caused Parsa Pirouzfar's reputation to increase significantly. Although Pirouzfar managed to perform well in the movie "Shida", the main brilliance of this actor is due to his work in the world of television at the beginning of his career in the 1370s.

It was in 1374 that Parsa Pirouzfar was able to play one of the most important roles in her career alongside the late Hassan Joharchi, Laia Zanganeh, Saeed Pour Samimi and other famous actors. A long list of Iran's current prominent artists can be seen in the series "Der Panah To" and with this account, Pirozfer has been able to remain in the memory of the audience by playing the role of Parsa Farzinpour.

Also. Pirouzfar's important television works in the 1370s include the series "Dar Qalb Man", which was also the result of the hard work of Hamid Emileh, the director of the "Dar Panah To" series. This series attracted the favorable opinion of many TV audiences and became one of the most watched TV series of that time. In this series, which depicts the lives of two rich and poor families, Parsa Pirozfar plays the role of a person named Reza Toloi in front of the camera. Despite the stronger acting of Pyrozfer in the series "Der Qalb Man", his acting in the series "Der Panah To" seems more lovable; Maybe because the characterization of Pirozfer in the series "Dar Panah To" is more acceptable to the audience.

1380s; A year full of achievements and important events in Parsa Pirozfer's artistic career

Without any doubts, Pirozfer's performance in the movie "Mother's Guest" was the most important event that happened to this artist; Because this comedy work was able to have important achievements for Mehrjoei and on the other hand, the performance of the artists was highly welcomed by the public. The spectacular and fascinating interaction of Parsa Pirozfar, Gulab Adine and Amin Hayai creates extremely fun and lasting moments for the audience. The success of the movie "Mother's Guest" was not only aimed at the country, and this work will be released in Australia and Sweden for a short period of time. "Mom's Guest" movie to download He was nominated for various awards, and Parsa Pirouzfar, by playing the role of Yousef, was nominated for the best supporting actor in Simorgh Crystal Festival. Pirozfar did not get an award at the festival, but winning such a title is considered an important achievement for this artist.

Another important film of Parsa Pirozfar is "Zen Zaidi" directed by Tehmina Milani, in which Pirozfar plays a role. It plays an important and almost difficult role. Despite the efforts that Pirouzfar shows in this project, the performance of Amin Hayai as the male lead and Maryla Zarei, the female lead, received more attention from the audience. However, "many women" was also auspicious for Parsa Pirozfar; Because he was present in the competition section at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts in America. This film was also participated in the 29th edition of the Montreal International Film Festival in Canada.

Despite the fact that Pirozfar's performance in the movie "The horse is a noble animal" directed by Abdolreza Kahani was acceptable, Pirozfar's role in the movie "Here Without "I" appeared more; Because in Abdulreza Kahani's movie, the exceptional performance of Reza Attaran and Mehtab Karamati is more in the focus of public and critics' attention and playing the role of Pirozfar was officially buried under the heavy shadow of the power of these two actors. is" directed by Abdolreza Kahani was acceptable, playing the role of Pirouzfar in the movie "Here Without Me" was more noticeable; Because in Abdul Reza Kahani's movie, the exceptional performances of Reza Attaran and Mehtab Karamati have been in the focus of public and critics' attention, and the role of Pirouzfar was officially buried under the heavy shadow of the power of these two actors. Pirozfer's role in the movie "Here Without Me" demanded a different performance from him, and Pirozfer was able to cope with his role successfully. The movie "Here Without Me" is another of Pyrozfer's works that was seen internationally. This work was shown at the 11th Tiburon International Film Festival in America, the 35th Montreal Canadian Film Festival, the 2nd Iranian Film Festival in Australia, and the 36th International Film Festival in Cleveland. Two serials appear in front of the camera. "Green Journey" was the third series of Henry Pirozfer's career, in which he played the role of a person named Daniel Wesberg in the story. Apparently, in the beginning, the main role of the story was supposed to be played by another person, but due to some reasons, the main role of the story went to Pyrozfer. Sefer Sabz, directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi and written by Hossein Pakdel, became another of the most watched television works, which had only 15 episodes. Pirozfer as Daniel Wesberg was pursuing only one goal in the story. He was adopted by a German family when he was a child. After growing up, he returns to his hometown, Iran, to find his original family. In this series, Pirozfar plays a role alongside people like Amin Tarikh, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia and Gohar Khairandish. Fortunately, Pirozfer shines in this series as well as in several previous TV series.

The series "Der Chesh Bad" was the second series that Pirozfer acted in front of the camera in the 1380s. This historical series, which was produced by Sima Film Center, is considered one of the best TV series by Iranian viewers. The series "Dar Cheshm Bad" written and directed by Masoud Jafari Jozani was a guest of Iranian television for five years. Parsa Pirouzfar appears as the main character of this series as a person named Bijan Irani in the story. The series "Dar Cheshm Bad" narrates the life of a family from the time of Mirza Kochuk Khan Jangli's uprising to the liberation of Khorramshahr. Pirozfer acts as "Bijan", one of the sons of this family and in the role of a pilot in the story. "In the Eye of the Wind" is one of the most expensive Iranian TV series, whose production budget is estimated at 12 billion Tomans.

1390s; The period when Parsa Pirozfer's activity decreased He took it and worked in this job for a short time. On the other hand, Pirozfer had other interests such as making teasers and sculpture. Despite the fact that Pirouzfer was not very fond of interviews and chats with the media, it seems that he is more interested in playwriting. At least this is the perception that can be expressed regarding his activities in the 1390s. He didn't even accept many film projects and the number of his film works since 2010 does not exceed the number of fingers on one hand. Despite the fact that Pirozfer's popularity and fame increased significantly during this period, he could not shine in the field of cinema and television in the domestic and international arenas like in the 70s. It seems that Pirozfer self-consciously distanced himself from this space and instead went to something that he was more interested in. 1380 to the field of theater and playwriting He shows interest. He directed a play titled "Art" written by Yasmina Reza and translated by Bahman Kiarostami, and based on this, he performed his first theater. Pirozfer's involvement with various works from the world of cinema and television caused him to distance himself from the field of theater for a few years, but finally, in 2013, Pirozfer was able to direct his second theater under the title "Glen Gray Glen Ross". A well-known play written by David Mamet, which won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1984.

In addition to directing and acting in the play "Glen Gray Glen Ross", Pirozfer also made several other works after this project. stage of performance, but the project that made Parsa Pirouzfar attract the attention of the audience in the field of theater was the "Matryoshka" theater. Pirozfer's interest in the short stories of Anton Chekhov, a famous Russian writer, doctor and storyteller, led him to translate eight stories of this author. Pirozfer both directs this show and plays all the roles.

The play "Matrioshka" has more than 30 roles and Pirozfer appeared alone in the role of all the characters. The result of Pirouzfar's hard work in this project led to heartwarming achievements for this artist. "Matryoshka" was able to participate in the 35th Fajr Theater Festival, and on the other hand, Pirozfar won the Golden Statue Award for the best male actor in the international section for playing in this show. "Matryoshka" has not only achieved domestic success for Pirouzfer, and this show has appeared in the international arena as well. "Matryoshka" was performed four times in America and Canada. After the "Matryoshka" show, Pirozfer was involved in several other theaters, and the last theater of this artist was a work called "Meetings" written by Friedrich Durnmatt, in which Pirozfer worked as a translator and director in this project.

The best movies of Parsa Pirouzfer

While examining the career path of Pirouzfer, this artist has almost a variety of films in his portfolio and we have shown some examples of his works in the past. Next, the best movies of Parsa Pirozfar will be introduced. It should be noted that the criterion and touchstone in this regard is the author's only opinion and some of the films that are introduced are not the opinion of the members of the editorial team of Digi Kala Mag.

1. Mom's guest

BingMag.com <b>Parsa</b> <b>Pirozfar's</b> <b>professional</b> <b>path;</b> A <b>minor</b> <b>actor</b> <b>who</b> is <b>popular</b> <b>among</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>audiences</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Dariush Mehrjoui
  • Actors: Glob Adina, Parsa Pirouzfar, Amin Hayai
  • Year of release: 1382

Movie "Mother's Guest" is directed by Dariush Mehrjooi, a prominent Iranian filmmaker. This work was highly appreciated by audience and critics. The story of the movie "Maman's Guest" is told about an uninvited guest that the host family tries to maintain its reputation in welcoming the guest with the help of the people around and neighbors despite the not so favorable financial situation. Parsa Pirouzfar plays the role of an addicted person in front of the Mehrjooi camera.

2. Shida

BingMag.com <b>Parsa</b> <b>Pirozfar's</b> <b>professional</b> <b>path;</b> A <b>minor</b> <b>actor</b> <b>who</b> is <b>popular</b> <b>among</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>audiences</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Kamal Tabrizi
  • ParsaPirouzfar, Behzad Farahani Release year: 1377 Movie "Shida" is one of the few romantic genre works of the 1370s, whose screenplay was written by Reza Maqsoudi and directed by Kamal Tabrizi. The story of the film "Shida" is about a young man named Farhad whowas injured during the war and temporarily lost his sight. Farhad, whose role is played by ParsaPirozfar, is transferred to a field hospital for treatment. Ironically, a nurse named Shida (Lila Hatami) treats him. The interaction of this person ultimately creates an emotional relationship between these two characters; The relationship that is the beginning of the spectacular events of the film.

    3. Here without me

    BingMag.com <b>Parsa</b> <b>Pirozfar's</b> <b>professional</b> <b>path;</b> A <b>minor</b> <b>actor</b> <b>who</b> is <b>popular</b> <b>among</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>audiences</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

    • Director: Bahram Tavakli
    • Actors: Fateme Motamed Arya, Parsa Pirouzfar, Negar Javaherian
    • Year of release: 1390

    The movie "Here Without Me" directed by Bahram Tavakoli was praised by critics and writers of Iranian cinema at that time. "Here Without Me", which is made in the genre of drama, tells the story of the life of a mother with her two children in an old house, and when Parsa Pirozfar enters this family's life, their life undergoes great changes and transformations. The disability of one of the family's children, whose name is Yalda, is an important element in the story that revolves around this character.

    4. The series "Rebel" and the movie "Drunk on Love; Two important works of Parsa Pirozfar at present

    BingMag.com <b>Parsa</b> <b>Pirozfar's</b> <b>professional</b> <b>path;</b> A <b>minor</b> <b>actor</b> <b>who</b> is <b>popular</b> <b>among</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>audiences</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

    Parsa Pirozfar in the movie "Drunk on Love" directed by Hassan Fathi He is supposed to appear in the role of Rumi. At the time of writing this article, the movie "Drunk on Love" has not yet been released, but Pirozfar will act alongside Shahab Hosseini (as Shams Tabrizi). This project, which is a joint product of Iran and Turkey, faced various problems inside Iran; Because some authorities consider this film to promote the Sufi sect.

    Parsa Pirozfar is the actor who plays the role of Bahman in the series "Yaghi" which is directed by Mohammad Kart. Pirozfer plays the role of a criminal and a capitalist in front of the camera in the series "Yaghi" who after a few years of being away from crime gets involved in a chain of horrible events. Pirozfer's interaction with Tanaz Tabatabai and Ali Shadman has been able to create spectacular and attractive moments for the viewers. According to many audiences and critics, one of the extremely positive factors of the "Yaghi" series is the performance of Parsa Pirozfar in the role of Bahman Khan. However, other actors such as Amir Jafari in the role of Esi Qalak and of course Abbas Jamshidifar have shined in this series. Today, he shows a lot of experience in the field of acting and playwriting. Most importantly, this actor is a well-known, popular and lovable person by many audiences of Iranian cinema and television; Because in all these years he has tried to stay away from various controversies. In the era and time when celebrities don't have the same value and respect as they used to, Parsa Pirozfar is one of those prominent people in cinema that you can hardly find anyone who doesn't like him.

Source: screenrant

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