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Parinaz Izdiyar; Hasan Fathi's star on TV and Saeed Raushi in the cinema (portrait of an actor)

BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Before appearing in the series "Zamane" by Hasan Fathi, few people knew Parinaz Izdiyar and her acting record was limited to a few minor roles in movies. And the series that did not increase his attention. But Izdiyar played the role of a suffering girl in this TV series with that innocent face and her piercing face so perfectly that after that everyone talked about Arghovan Azarnia for a while. From this point, it was not much distance to get the Crystal Simorgh for the best leading actress for playing in the movie "Ever and One Day" directed by Saeed Raushi.

  • Sahr Dolatshahi; Smart choices on the line of luck (actor's portrait)

Prinaz Izdiyar, born on September 8, 1364 in Babol, is an Iranian TV actor and voice actor. His father is from Sari and a basic lawyer, his mother was born in Babylon and is a housewife. He is the last child in their family of 5 and has a sister and a brother older than him, both of whom have studied medicine and are working in their fields of study. He has full command of the Mazandarani dialect and speaks it well. He spent his childhood in Babol and after the end of elementary school, he migrated to Tehran with his family, he finished middle school in Tehran, and when he was 14 years old, they returned to Babol again because of his father's job. She loved acting and being in front of the camera since she was a child, and when she took the entrance exam after finishing high school, she was accepted in her favorite field of acting, but her family, who had two doctors before her, were against her studying in this field, but Parinaz loved art and That's why he went to the second priority he had chosen, which is graphic design, and got a bachelor's degree in this field. "Man, One City" directed by Hassan Hedayat was introduced and he won the role after auditioning. But the first time, when everyone got to know his face and probably pointed at him in the street, it was because of his role in the series called "Zamane". Although he entered the world of acting at the age of 22, he did not get the opportunity to fully present himself and his abilities until he was 91 and 26 years old, until Hassan Fathi, who had seen Izdiyar in Alireza Afkhami's "Five Kilometers to Heaven", trusted him and cast him as the lead role. He entrusted his series to a young girl who had never had the experience of being the leading role.

She played this role with great skill and artistry at a young age and appreciated the opportunity with all her heart. . In "Zamane", she believably performed the process of transforming a cheerful girl who is successful in her work and has a happy family into a cold-hearted and unfeeling woman, so that for a long time everyone knew her by the name of Arghavan. But who was this new face who was so dominant in his work and played with confidence? The covers of magazines were filled with his picture and his opposite role, Hamid Guderzi, and the yellow magazines fueled rumors that if he did not have the ability to manage them, he would definitely lose all the credibility and identity that he had worked for.

At the beginning of his career, Izdiyar had an important movie experience called "Gentlemen's Entry is Prohibited" directed by Rambad Javan and he acted alongside greats such as Reza Attaran and Vishka Asayesh. He didn't play a few more scenes in this movie and he couldn't show off his abilities as much as he should, and as mentioned, finally, in 1991, the bird of fortune sat on his shoulders and he was able to get the lead role in Hassan Fathi's series. He became famous by playing in the series "Zamane", directed by Hassan Fathi, which was broadcast on the third channel of Sima in November 2019, and he proved himself as an actor who can be trusted. In this series, Izdiyar played the role of a character named Arghvan who is betrayed in love. His very dominant and wonderful acting made him get the chance to work with great directors such as Siros Alvand, Homayun Asadian, Saman Salwar and Mani Haghighi. In 2014, Izdiyar won the Crystal Simorgh Award for Best Actress in the 34th Fajr Film Festival for her brilliant performance in the movie "Ever and One Day". Social and cultural day reacts on his personal page on Instagram. One of his most prominent activities in this field was his participation in the play reading "Journey to the Farthest Distance" written and directed by Mohammad Mir Ali Akbari, who was accompanied by Kamran Tafti and Farzad Hosni in this performance. He spent all the money from this performance to help the "Mehak" institute, which works in the field of helping children with cancer. Iranian cinema, which is the first choice of many directors to act in their films.

1. Six and a half meters

BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Saeed Raushit
  • Actors: Peyman Maadi, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Parinaz Izdiyar
  • Release date: 1397

So From the first film of Saeed Raushi and all the amazing things that happened to him, everyone was waiting impatiently to see what his next masterpiece would be after a three-year hiatus and not making films. Everyone was waiting for the movie to be released and considering the good memories they had of the first movie, Village, to see if they can make memories with it again. At first, the name of the film was "Metri Shish and Nim", which caused many speculations about the content of the film and raised questions such as what is the meaning of this name in the village. Nasser Khakzad is chosen to give a definition to the judge. In that memory, he says that his brother's shroud was bought for only six and a half thousand tomans per meter.

Without all the advantages and charms that the film has, it cannot be easily passed by the mature and masterful Parinaz Izidiar. In this film full of stress, she plays the role of a girl who used to be engaged to a criminal who Samad, played by Peyman Maadi, is trying to find. He was called to the information department to answer Samad's questions. The confrontation between these two people and their chemistry is one of the most memorable moments of the movie. When the movie police throws everyone out of the room, Izadiyar's actions are perfect in showing the stress he has, he tries to appear cool and indifferent, but when he is faced with Samad and his threats, he shows helplessness about his relationship with Naser Khakzad. He says, his trembling voice and tears in his eyes are the turning points of his game. Also, when he cries in front of Samad's ping pong questions, I personally think that those moments are the peak of his performance in this movie. Helplessly and desperately to save himself, Elham exposes Nasser and cries and pleads with him to stop because he no longer has a role in the life of Nasser Khakzad, who is introduced in the story of the first criminal of the film.

When he falls from crying to sobbing while returning home in a taxi, we realize that he really loved Nasser, but the police officer puts Nasser and his life on both sides of the scale and forces him to choose. The process that Izadiyar goes through, from showing a coolness and a girl who doesn't know anything to a girl who is crying profusely and begging for her life, is very spectacular and effective. This short role is very important and influential in Izadiyar's career, and without underselling, he presents all of himself in these few minutes and leaves his inspiration and wedding yellow hair in the viewer's memory.

The girl who one day The first criminal of the city, Nasser Khakzad, had an emotional relationship, now for some reason, he has separated from her, and worst of all, he has to betray his love and reveal what he did and did not do. With her penetrating eyes, Parinaz Izdiyar shows the depth of her heart and emotions in a way that assures the viewer of her continued love for Nasser without being accused of exaggeration. "Six and a Half Meters" received its merits by being selected as the best film by the audience in the 37th Fajr Festival and was also nominated for the Csar Award for the best foreign language film of 2022 in France.

2. Forever and one day

BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Saeed Raushit
  • Actors: Peyman Maadi, Parinaz Izdiyar, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Shabnam Moghadami
  • Release date: 1394

One of the masterpieces of Parinaz Izdiyar, which was considered a turning point in the artistic and cinematic career of this 29-year-old actor at that time. This Iranian drama was the first film of its director Saeed Raushi, who turned all eyes on himself with his production. The film narrates the life of a densely populated family in the city with the common problems of this class, which are involved in problems such as addiction, poverty, unemployment and many family challenges. The only link connecting the members of this family to each other is their mother and a sister named Samia, who Izadiyar plays beyond imagination as this character. In the 34th Fajr Film Festival, this film was nominated for 11 Crystal Simorghs, of which it won 9 such as Best Film and Best Supporting Actor. Also, Parinaz Izdiyar won the Crystal Simorgh for the best actress for her excellent performance in this movie.

She was so good in this movie that she competed with actors like Sara Bayat, Mina Sadati, Tanaz. Tabatabai and Elham Korda, who had a powerful presence in that period of the festival, won the Simorgh without any words or hadiths to show off their abilities even more to the actors and audiences of the cinema. As we said, Parinaz Izdiyar plays the role of a suffering girl in this film, and with the right knowledge and understanding of the role, the director's guidance and the little things that she added to the character of Samia, she sank into the role as if she were a girl from the same class and the same life experience. plays the role. His sympathies for his family members have made him even stop living Stay at home and cook, cook, and travel. The relationship between him and Mehdi Ghorbani in the film goes beyond the sibling relationship and the chemistry between these two people is like a mother who always worries and a little boy who, despite having two brothers, considers his sister the hero of his life.

Izdiar With this film, she got the opportunity she had been looking for for years, and she proved herself with a multi-faceted character that had to show both sadness and hope, and she was rewarded with a crystal Simorgh and the award for the best actress in the 16th festival. Hafez took He is the focal point of the drama "Forever and One Day" and the events of the film revolve around him. From taking care of his mother, cooking and washing clothes for his younger brother (Navid Mohammadzadeh), providing ingredients for his older brother's falafel, helping his obsessive little sister who takes care of cats to earn money, and finally worrying about her two other sisters, one of whom She lost her husband and the other one took refuge with his wife in their house after the violence.. You see, Izidiar takes all these situations without even a single frown and the purity of his role puts him in a situation. It allows him to show all his abilities.

3. Villas

BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Mounir Ghadi
  • ParinazIzdiyar, Tanaz Tabatabai, Ali Shadman Release date: 2016 It was that by participating in it, Izdiyar was able to bring another level of his abilities to the field of emergence. Well, he showed that he appreciates the opportunities that come to him by playing a powerful role and performing the mise-en-scenes correctly. The character who plays in this movie is called "Khanem Khairi" and she is the commander of a group of women who live in a workshop complex that has now been converted into a place for women fighters. They have come to the back of the front to be close to their husbands who are fighting for the country on the front line, to do whatever they can, such as break sugar, sew and sew clothes, prepare masks, etc. for the warriors. The impenetrable and strong character that Izdiyar displays in this character and the nature that he gave to him as a serious commander is very believable and shows the viewer a character that is also believable without the slightest pretense or trying to approach the type of women of the sixties. And at times, it arouses his identification.

    If you have seen the scene where the news of his wife's martyrdom is brought, you will understand the depth of his art. In the desired sequence, when they bring the news of his wife's martyrdom, he still goes to the room with the same firmness that controls the camp and prepares his black dress for the mourning of his martyred wife. The words of her mother and daughter with her twins, when she talks with a trembling voice about being ready, strong and not crying and tries not to be angry in front of the women of the camp, is one of Izidiar's memorable sequences in recent years. He has an ideal that he wants his daughters to lead and protect. She is a woman who loves her husband, a mother who gives her life for her daughters and a commander who is still loving and kind despite all his inherent selfishness. Izdiyar plays the multifaceted and relatively complex character of "Khanem Khairi" so smoothly and well that she becomes a symbol of a war-torn woman, with all the challenges and problems these women faced in those years. Without a single slogan.

    4. Hattrick

    BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

    • Director: Ramtin Labafi
    • ParinazIzdiyar, Amir Jadidi, Saber Abar Release date: 2015 In this film, he is associated with the current atmosphere in the work and coordinated his acting with the current spirit in the script. It is completely at the service of the film and performs whatever the director wants. We have to say that "Hatrick" is a simple and relatively silent film, in which Izadiar plays a simple and smooth game. This movie has put four prominent actors and faces together and tried to use them equally to make the movie attractive. These experienced stars were also aware of the director's point, and none of them tried to steal the scene from the other with additional movements or try to be more in the eye, they only helped in the direction of the film's goals and in making it better. After the first scenes of the film, which introduces the characters and creates story nodes (however weak), we are faced with only four characters: Lida, Farzad, Kivan and Raha, and this is the art of scriptwriting, which should keep the audience with these four people until the end. It is.

      In this article, we are only considering Izadiyar's performance and we must say that he has succeeded in fulfilling the director's wishes. It would be unfair to say that he just repeated himself in this movie and usually has the same and predictable reaction to the different situations in which he is placed. With her special facial expression, she plays the role of a seemingly strong woman And he plays the self-made man well, although the passivity he shows in relation to Farzad disturbs the audience's nerves in some parts of the film. In "Hatrick", she presents a prominent feature of herself, a woman with a constant sense of insecurity that originates from within and from her past and shows its result in a love that is always accompanied by disappointment and discouragement. Parinaz Izdiyar is a master of playing with her face and eyes and conveys this inner turmoil to the viewer with her look. In general, the acting team of the film has an average to high performance, but Parinaz Izdiyar is a head above all of them with the great effort that she shows in all her works, even if Mahor Alvand won the award for the leading actress of the Fajr International Festival. .

      5. Indian

      BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

      • Director: Nima Javadi
      • ParinazIzdiyar, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Habib Rezaei Release date: 2017 The best performances of ParinazIzdiyar, who, according to the author, were ignored by the judges of the 37th Fajr Film Festival, and they rudely kept him away from his second Simorgh of his career. This romantic mystery drama, with the presence of Izdiyar Mohammadzadeh couple, who had previously worked together in "Ever and One Day", was able to attract the opinion of critics and audiences and won the special prize of the jury of Fajr Festival of that period. If we leave aside Mohammadzadeh's wonderful acting and surpassing Iranian cinema, Izdiyar also follows in the footsteps of this powerful phenomenon and in many moments of his acting, he beats Navid Mohammadzade's body to body. They complement each other and the chemistry between them makes the overall appeal of the film. Contrary to what it seems, the character of Susan in the Indian is a complex character and the viewer must look for other aspects in different layers. For example, on a superficial and specific level, he is a simple prison social worker who helps them to ease the suffering of imprisonment, buys them cigarettes and facilitates the process of meeting their families. But a little while after the movie and the viewer gets deeper into the story, he meets a beautiful and seductive woman who is the other side of Sosan's character and is deliberately trying to mislead and marginalize Major Nemat Jahid to achieve his goal. With all these interpretations, Susan, the beautiful woman in the story, has a healthy and moral nature, and in the struggle of the events that happen to her, she falls in love with the head of the prison, who is also in love with her, but both of them have hidden their feelings behind their duties.

        Just remember the scene in the prison warden's room and when Sosan tells Major Jahid that he is going to be married and the major's confusion and his question to him about who he is dating. Or when he says to the major, I didn't think you were so shy and he hears in response, you were wrong, I'm very shy, see Izdiyar's reaction! Juri portrays modesty with his face that you enjoy and get excited by all this talent and maturity. He has displayed the most mature Parinaz Izadiyar of his career in this work. Watch the movie carefully once again, you will definitely be excited.

        6. Letian

        BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

        • Director: Ali Timuri
        • ParinazIzdiyar, Amir Jadidi, Sara Bahrami Release date: 2017 It can be said that one of Izadiyar's outstanding abilities is to bring to life the roles and characters that seem very simple and superficial on the surface, and every novice thinks that he can handle it, but when it comes to performing, that's when Izadiyar's art is visible. It is possible and the experiences he has gained from years of being in the cinemawill also help him. He shows such inner and mental layers of his character with his smooth acting without overtime that few people in Iranian cinemahave such a decisive ability. The character he plays in "Lethian" also has the same traits. Layered but simple at the same time. She is a woman who lies but is not a deceiver and has the right nature. He thinks about his personal interests, but his conscience does not allow him to easily make others a victim of his desires, and this is what distinguishes his character from his other films. And those around us have it, but because of the film and the boldness of this behavior, we judge and judge Salma's character. These behavioral characteristics have been cultivated and matured in Salma with Izadiyar's acting. Now, by watching this movie, it is probably easier to identify the people around us who have these characteristics. Salma is a representation of people in the society who easily communicate with others and start laughing, but when it comes time to introduce themselves, suddenly we encounter a person whose smile dries up and becomes an impenetrable barrier that does not in any way separate himself and his inner self. does not reveal to others. By playing in this movie, ParinazIzdiyar showed that he knows how to play multi-layered roles He can play them in such a way that they come out completely believable and real.

          7. Shahrazad

          BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

          • Director: Hassan Fathi
          • ParinazIzdiyar, Taneh Alidousti Release date: 2014

          He also has a powerful voice and he makes the most of his ability to present his characters better. Takes. Izdiyar, who is one of Hasan Fathi's favorite actors and has appeared in almost all of his works since last year, is experiencing a three-season presence in Shahrazad. In every season, he is fully justified in relation to his role and duty in the series and he adjusts himself and his performance accordingly. In the end, we have to say that Izdiyar, who at that time had turned from a young man who was thirsty and eager to learn, who was looking to be seen, into a stable and reliable actor who followed in the footsteps of the greats like Shahab Hosseini and Taneh Alidosti and left his signature on the character of Shirin. records.

          8. Special Line

          BingMag.com <b>Parinaz</b> <b>Izdiyar;</b> <b>Hasan</b> <b>Fathi's</b> <b>star</b> on TV and <b>Saeed</b> <b>Raushi</b> in the <b>cinema</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

          • Director: Mustafa Kiai
          • Actors: Mostafa Zamani, Haniye Tosli, Parinaz Izdiyar
          • Release date 1392

          "Khat "Special" is another successful film of Parinaz Izdiyar, which was very influential despite its relatively short appearance and completely changed the fate of one of the characters in the film. This movie, which was released in 2012, was written and directed by Mustafa Kiaei, and in addition to Izdiyar, actors such as Mohsen Kiaei, Milad Kimaram, Mitra Hajjar and Homan Sidi also played roles in it. The film has a very strong and well-known acting team, each of them tries their best to make the work smooth and better. The film received mostly positive reviews and was praised by critics. They believed that this film has been able to portray the class gap beautifully and communicates well with the audience with the honesty it shows in this way. Attracting a large audience, it was able to sell about 2.4 billion tomans at the box office, which was considered a huge figure in those years. Izdiyar's performance in this film is good and consistent and is completely in the service of the film. He performs all the things that the director asks of him and does not fall into clichs and slogans in giving life to a character who is worried about the future of himself and his fiancee and portrays a unique engagement. The moments that he and his opposite, Mohsen Kiaei, have together in the movie are one of the strong points of the movie and make the audience laugh. Although this laughter is mostly due to the misery and desperation that the characters are trapped in, and the concrete example of the stanza is my bitter laughter is more sad than crying.

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