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"Our flag means death" against "black sails"; Which series about pirates is more historically accurate?

BingMag.com 'Our <b>flag</b> <b>means</b> death' <b>against</b> 'black sails'; <b>Which</b> <b>series</b> <b>about</b> <b>pirates</b> is <b>more</b> <b>historically</b> accurate?

Let's think about the fact that two series about pirates called "Our flag is death" and "black Sails" in terms of How accurate are the histories?

While both of these series have been largely free to portray reality, it can still be seen that many of the stories in them are based on algebra and colonization. The period from riots to riots is rooted in reality. Although "Our flag of death" and "black Sails" are different in many ways, the struggle for liberation from an oppressive socio-political system forms the beating heart of both stories.

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pirates have long been known as a symbol of fighting the status quo and striving for freedom, and this can be clearly seen in series such as "Flag We mean "death" and "black sails" observed. Of course, there is no doubt that these series have adapted a bit to the modern style. , "Our flag means death" depicts the golden age of the Caribbean pirates with its unique humorous tone. While the series does not shy away from depicting the more terrifying aspects of life on a ship in the mid-eighteenth century, it can be seen that "Our flag means death" looks at the life of pirates from an emotional perspective and the idealism, curiosity and passion of the main character That is, it portrays Steve Bount. However, even in the historical veracity of this issue, there are many doubts.

"black Sails" takes a more serious approach to showing life. It is used in the high seas, Which in some respects seems more accurate, but in other respects it is not very authentic. The series, Which is a prequel to Robert Lewis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island novel, blends reality and story to make it more audience-friendly. "black Sails" honors the history of pirates and adds more heroes to its stories by employing famous fictional characters such as Captain Flint and Long John Silver and bringing them to life alongside real-time characters such as Jack Rockham and Charles Wayne. Has provided. So in this article we want to compare "Our flag means death" and "black sails" to see Which one is more historically accurate.

The characters "Our flag means death" and " "black Sails"

BingMag.com 'Our <b>flag</b> <b>means</b> death' <b>against</b> 'black sails'; <b>Which</b> <b>series</b> <b>about</b> <b>pirates</b> is <b>more</b> <b>historically</b> accurate?

"Our flag means death" from the real pirates in his story Uses, including Stead Bount, Edward Touch (aka Black Beard), Israel Hands, and Calico Jack Rockham. Plus Bounty and Touch actually traveled together for a while. However, after taking control of Bount's ship, Tech abandoned him and looted his ship. He kidnapped or killed many of Bunt's crew. While Stead and Blackbeard have an emotional relationship in the series, this kind of relationship is undoubtedly formed between them because of the story of the series, because the real narratives show that Tech considered Bunt an incompetent person.

Israel Hands, also known as Easy, was in fact the second commander of Tech and lived in popular culture as one of the characters of Treasure Island in this area. Of course, the image shown in the series of the fraternal relationship between Black Beard and Calico Jack is completely imaginary. It is unlikely that Touch and Rockham met even in real life, because Rockham started the piracy right around the time of Touch's death.

Jack Rockham played a much bigger role among the actors. "black Sails" plays, because he is associated with a version of the character with a black beard in this series. However, Jack in "black Sails" is much more lovable than his real version or his character in "Our flag is Death." Her collaboration with one of the most well-known female pirates in history was the cornerstone of the series and helped shape the characters of both of them.

The real pirate, Captain Charles Wayne. He played an important role in "black Sails" because he was one of Jack and Anne's sworn allies and a rival to fictional characters such as Captain Flint and Eleanor Guthrie. In addition, we saw other historical figures and Nassau residents during the Golden Age of pirates in the series "black Sails", including Governor Woods Rogers, who was tasked with getting the pirates to surrender, and Captain Hornigeld, one of the pirates. The former who assumed a royal position and included a government amnesty to the brothers His ex had turned his back. Hornigold does not appear in "Our flag means Death," but his name is occasionally mentioned.>

BingMag.com 'Our <b>flag</b> <b>means</b> death' <b>against</b> 'black sails'; <b>Which</b> <b>series</b> <b>about</b> <b>pirates</b> is <b>more</b> <b>historically</b> accurate?

The stories of "Our flag is death" and "black Sails" took place at almost the same time, that is, the events of the series. The first occurs in 1717 and the second in 1715. The Golden Age of Pirates, on the other hand, refers to an almost broad period between 1680 and 1730. But some of the famous pirate characters only appeared in the 1710s and 1720s. Thus, both "Our flag means death" and "black Sails" fit into this time frame, although they deal with more brief events from those two decades and have much shorter, action-packed time periods that fit the episodic format of television. As we have seen in "Our flag means Death," Edward Touch and Steed Bount actually met in 1717, although they parted ways later that year. . In 1718, Touch and Bount were killed a month apart. In fact, Touch encouraged Bunt to pardon him over the years and used him as his puppet before betraying him. But none of them finally gave up and returned to the ship before his death. How his characters function in a historical timeline. For example, in "black Sails", Black Beard and Jack Rockham seek revenge for the death of Charles Wayne. However, Touch died in 1718 while Wayne was alive until 1721, and Calico Jack Rockham only served as a pirate from 1718 to 1720, after Which he was assassinated.

BingMag.com 'Our <b>flag</b> <b>means</b> death' <b>against</b> 'black sails'; <b>Which</b> <b>series</b> <b>about</b> <b>pirates</b> is <b>more</b> <b>historically</b> accurate?

"Our flag means death" shows the audience several memorable scenes in Which the dangers and problems of a pirate's life are depicted. In one of these scenes, one crew gradually loses its teeth due to scurvy, while the other becomes infected with a finger so that he has to remove the appendage from his finger. However, in both of these scenes, there are also humorous points. At the same time, the ship called Revenge is much more beautiful and newer than real pirate ships, so the living environment on this ship can not reflect the lifestyle of a real pirate.

In addition, pirates They were usually made up of merchants and sailors from the navy who had been wronged, and this made them want to establish democracy on their ship. The crew voted on any decision, and the captain was in full command of the ship only in the event of a battle. This aspect of the pirate lifestyle is not shown at all in "Our flag is Death", because in this series, Steadbont and the Black Beard were the main decision makers of their ships, and the crew's doubts, not through voting, but through Forcing them to do their homework was solved.

On the contrary, we saw in "black Sails" that great importance was given to rules that could make a captain popular or destroy him, just as When the famous Captain Flint tries to give a democratic nature to his pirate ship. In addition, "black Sails" imagines much more realistic conditions for pirates and skillfully depicts the complex life of the crew and the brutal violence that was common on these types of ships. For example, John Silver amputated his leg after being injured in an accident, and we often see throughout the series that brutal attacks are used to suppress enemies.

Events "Our flag Is death" against Historical Events "black Sails"

BingMag.com 'Our <b>flag</b> <b>means</b> death' <b>against</b> 'black sails'; <b>Which</b> <b>series</b> <b>about</b> <b>pirates</b> is <b>more</b> <b>historically</b> accurate?

So far, only one season of the series "Our flag means death" has been aired, and its short story has been quite accurate in terms of historical events so far. Among the real cases mentioned are the partnership between Touch and Bount. If "Our flag is death" has a second chapter, we will certainly be looking at the question of how close the second chapter of this romantic comedy will be to the truth. Of course, assuming that Stead and Blackbeard meet again, the next seasons will not start well, because the real Bount sought revenge on Tech for a long time, but could never find him.

"black Sails" has far more historical characters and events than "Our flag is Death," so many parts of the series do not correspond to reality. One of the most memorable parts of this series that has no historical evidence is the death of a black beard. While Edward Touch The real one (nicknamed Black Beard) was killed in a long battle by Lieutenant Robert Maynard, you saw in the series "black Sails" that Black Beard was captured. Both "Our flag is death" and "black Sails" are based largely on historical facts, but many of their episodes also correspond to historical events. In general, "Our flag of death" has so far depicted historical events more accurately, while "black Sails" has reconstructed life in eighteenth-century Caribbean in fictional ways.

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