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Oscar-winning composer Wangelis died of coronation

Oscar-winning composer and composer of soundtracks for films such as "Chariots of Fire" and "Blade Runner" has died at the age of 79. Vangelis, an electronic music pioneer who won an Oscar for his soundtrack to "Fire Chariots," has died at the age of 79, according to Greek media reports. France hospitalized, dies "Vangelis Papatanasio is no longer with us The world of music has lost the international Vangelis (artist)."

This self-taught musician and musician with a long history of making music In Europe, he became known for the magical textures and colors of his solo albums, and one of the songs on his 1975 album, Hell and Heaven, was released in 1980. Used for the "Galaxy" series, PBS also introduced him to the Americans. But it was the soundtrack to "Wheelchairs of Fire" that made his name universal. The memorable song of this film not only gave a special color and smell to this film, but also the music album of this film reached the first place on the billboard and he was nominated for a Grammy Award.

However, this Greek composer in In March 1982, when he won the Oscar, he refused to attend the ceremony and said in an interview with a British journalist: "They put a lot of pressure on me to go to the United States to attend the Oscars, but I do not like to work under pressure and hate competition."

Winning an Oscar for "Chariots of Fire" immediately caught the attention of American directors, and Ridley Scott hired him to write the soundtrack for the sci-fi film Blade Runner, and Costa Gauras cast him for a drama. Jack Lemon was cast in 1982 as "Lost," and both films were nominated for BAFTA Awards. R. Oliver Stone in 2004 and Roman Polanski in The Bitter Moon in 1992. Evangelos Odysseas Papatanassio, also known as Henry Vangelis, was born in March 1943 in the Greek city of Wolves and grew up in Athens.

He started making pop music with a rock band in 1963, and emigrated to Paris in 1968 to form a progressive rock quartet of Greek immigrants, including Demis Ross. After the band's dissolution, he focused on solo work and film music, and after moving to London in 1975, he expanded his career to release four albums in the 1980s, including one of the top five British albums.

This musician was very withdrawn and did a few interviews throughout his life; However, he said in an interview in the 1980s: "People say a synthesizer is a machine, not a natural sound." Everything is normal. Conventional acoustic instruments are great but limited and always produce the same sound, but the electronic instrument produces a wide range of sounds with endless variations.

Although electronic music existed before Wangelis became famous, it was a huge success. "Chariots of Fire" and "Blade Runner" secured the future of such composition in the film and television industry.

He composed the music for Stephen Hawking's Funeral Home in 2018, and also produced the music for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the official anthem for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

His latest studio album, "Juno to Jupiter" was created in 2021 and was inspired by NASA's Juno space probe.

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