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One of the main characters of "Alone at Home" is present in the remake of this film

BingMag.com One of the main characters of 'Alone at Home' is present in the remake of this film

Home Alone Movie Trailer: Nowhere Does Your Home Become One of the most important characters in the original Home Alone movie, and cleverly from Take advantage of his presence.

Disney announced the construction of a complete set of remakes and spin-offs with the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, and the popular holiday classic was just one of the most anticipated remake projects at home. The original film, starring 10-year-old Kevin McCulster, starring Macaulay Culkin (American horror film actor) in 1990, is the story of a naughty and clever kid who is accidentally left at home and his family goes to France for the Christmas holidays. Quinn then takes on the task of defending his own house, as two thieves try to rob his house.

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The first two films of the franchise starring the cast are still in vogue today, but Fox made three other failed sequels that were not well received by audiences. After their last fruitless attempt to remake the movie Home Alone in 2012, it seemed that the franchise had come to an end, but this hypothesis did not last long, and Disney Plus announced in 2019 another remake starring Archie Yates ( Actor Jojo Rabbit is set to play the lead role in which the child's parents leave him at home during the Christmas holidays.

This story culminates when a married couple (playing Rob Delaney and Elie Kemper decide to steal the family's worthless legacy. This remake has a similar plot to several recent films, but with some fundamental changes: Familiar actors and the brief presence of one of the main film actors alone at home.

BingMag.com One of the main characters of 'Alone at Home' is present in the remake of this film

It has now been confirmed that Macaulay Calkin will not play his role as Kevin McCulster in" Home Alone: Nowhere. " However, the trailer of this remake found another way to excite the fans and unveiled a familiar face, Devin Retri in the role of McCulster. Kevin, the heart and core of the first two films, was alone at home, and again played a very important role as the bully's older brother, whose brotherly conflict and love with Kevin's double wrath and love for his extended family was an interesting combination, and for that reason. His return is amusing. The home-remodeling trailer shows 30-year-old McColster recalled as a police officer investigating suspects in a wealthy neighborhood. , Now grown up and has become a Chicago police officer. Again, he was a troublemaker who struggled with those around him, especially Kevin, and liked to get into trouble with others, and it is strange that he now works in a profession that helps people not to get into trouble. At the same time, on the other hand, it is not surprising to see him in this job, because he was again a person who enjoyed dictating his authority over his younger siblings and family members.

He has been on television for a long time. And in the movies, we see characters who were bullied as children and become police officers in adulthood in order to maintain their dominance over others. Interestingly, he again plays the role of a cop in the reconstruction, alone at home, who did nothing to help Quinn in the original film and did not stop the criminals. Again he had to leave his brother alone to defend himself against thieves, not once but twice at Christmas. Again, it is likely to play a more useful role in deterring criminals in this reconstruction. In the end, it would definitely be fun to see Devin Retri and his interesting character in Home Alone: Nowhere Does Your Home Become.

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