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"Night of Song"; A vacuum cleaner whose jokes have gone viral

BingMag.com 'Night of Song'; A <b>vacuum</b> <b>cleaner</b> <b>whose</b> <b>jokes</b> <b>have</b> <b>gone</b> viral

These days, one of the best ways to see the programs and serials produced is to viralize parts of it in cyberspace, to advertise the face program for free. And encourage the audience to see them. If you look at Instagram, you will surely see some corners of talk-based apps where the jokes and sometimes the emotional professions of the guests are shared for a while with a lot of feedback on different pages. One of the most popular tricks these days is the program "Shabe Ahangi" performed by Hamed Ahangi, on your film platform. Currently, the show is the only talk show on the home theater network, but from the earliest days of production and broadcast, "Song Night" had significant competitors. The ideas and structure of this Takshoo are not new and it is a copy of foreign examples, but Hamed Ahangi as its presenter and director has been able to satisfy his audience to some extent. This program has major weaknesses and strengths that we will review in the following.

Structure and Background

In the last two years, home theater network platforms have become one It has become an integral part of the cultural portfolio of Iranian families, and in addition to serials, reality shows and talk shows, they have also become more in the spotlight. Since the fall of 1999, when the two main platforms, Filimo and Namawa, broke up and entered a competitive phase, one of their main goals has been to invest in well-known and money-making figures to build conversational programs. Of course, these efforts ultimately resulted in copying foreign examples and combining the structure and appearance of several world-class successful television programs.

It was created in the media in those days, it still remains in the minds of the audience. After that, other programs called "Pishgoo" were made with money-making figures such as Pejman Jamshidi. Of course, the main background of such programs dates back to years ago in television and the style that Reza Rashidpour introduced in programming, but the platforms, because they had fewer restrictions than the national media in selecting guests and audits, created more favorable conditions for hosts and guests. In these rallies, it was usually tried not to ask repetitive questions, and to play and joke with the guest, who was a well-known figure, so as not to make the atmosphere of the program boring.

And Namawa had started its official work, entering the competitive market in 1400. Of course, this platform still does not have the insistence and capacity to produce a series of series and programs, but its second independent production was called "Shab-e Ahangi" at the beginning of last year, when "Hamorfiq" was coming to an end and "Pishgoo" had just started. It started airing in the form of a comedy Takoshu. The presence of such a program with a humorous structure that jokes with the guests was strongly felt among the platform programs. On the other hand, the hilarious pause in a period of time and the end of the periodic TV show, which was made with a similar structure for the audience's entertainment, made "Song Night" the center of attention with its comedy and jokes. It should not be forgotten that, while all programs and series on the platform are visible with the right to subscribe and at a cost, free "song night" is available on both Filament and YouTube.

Now Two chapters and 18 episodes of this program have been published, and even if you are not the audience, you must have seen short parts of it on Instagram or been aware of its margins. "Shab Ahangi" is performed and directed by Hamed Ahagi. The song started its activities in the field of performance from the beginning of the nineties and in live programs and famous stages of Kish Island, and became famous as a stand-up comedian by appearing in Khandavoneh program. In the market of competition between Pejman Jamshidi and Shahab Hosseini, he entered the arena of Takshoo while he was not well known. Of course, he has Mehdi Mazloumi with him as a TV director, who was one of the most prolific TV directors many years ago, and this collaboration has been able to benefit Hamed Ahangi's program on the film platform.

BingMag.com 'Night of Song'; A <b>vacuum</b> <b>cleaner</b> <b>whose</b> <b>jokes</b> <b>have</b> <b>gone</b> viral


It is one of the events that the distance between the audience and the actors and well-known figures is broken due to their live presence in a talk show. Positive in the world of cinema and television. The method is used in all popular and popular networks in the world and is very much welcomed. In the meantime, if humor and play are the spice of this conversation, it will help a lot in attracting the audience. Some of the guests who have been sitting in front of Hamed Ahanaki in this program have come to terms with the wave of very good jokes of the presenter and have made this program attractive. jokes like dubbing a movie at the same time, asking general information questions, analyzing a guest's Instagram page, and drinking or eating a fancy snack to punish them for losing the game. Music and program room, They have copied each of these episodes from famous foreign TV programs and are successful in using them. Another of the strengths of the "night song". Of course, this program leads the interaction to jokes and games in which the participant and the audience inside the house, in addition to entertainment, sometimes experience intense laughter and joy. Usually, the melodic reactions to the confusion of the participants's games are also very noticeable. Hamed Ahangi's fragmentation and verbal jokes in contrast to the participant also make the audience's presence on the stage more spectacular.


Absolutely copied without any creativity, let's face it, the fact is that Hamed Ahangi can not be considered a top comedian. He is mostly trying to create humorous situations, which sometimes fail due to the non-cooperation of some guests. If you consider a song on the stage of a live program on Kish Island that does the same jokes with sometimes famous and sometimes lesser-known guests, the audience may laugh at his work in those circumstances, but that in a time of about 70 to 80 minutes. It is difficult for the audience to laugh at all the works of this comedian from inside the house. Hamed Ahangi actually sometimes blurs the line between sarcasm and humor, and this usually affects the rhythm of the program as well.

Perhaps the previous weakness that we mentioned has a big reason, and that is the wrong choice of some guests. Is. For example, there are people like Siavash Tahmourth, Mohammad Motamedi, Maryam Amirjalali and figures with whom joking does not work. But Ahangi still insists that he go along with these figures in the same way that he did with Naeema Nezamdoost. Of course, the country is first asked to what extent it is, but some people are inherently impenetrable in terms of cooperating in the joke. Therefore, choosing the wrong guests in these broadcast episodes has sometimes dealt a big blow to the body of the program. On the other hand, controversial figures who are less present in Takshoo programs have not been invited to this program yet. This greatly lowers the audience's level of expectation and turns "Song Night" into a normal tackle.

It is a singing that takes place among the participants. Three spectators are randomly selected and at the end of the program, they perform the text of a poem they have rehearsed for a short time with the band in the hall. Maybe if we look at this part from a comedic point of view, it is an interesting event and sometimes it gets a lot of attention, but this part, more than anything, brings to life the memory of Mehran Modiri's ridicule in the Durhami series. The manager raises the audience, asks general public questions, and then mocks them for not reading the book. Now Hamed Ahangi usually brings middle-aged men from the city to the stage and asks them to sing a song. The song itself, with sometimes exaggerated gestures, shows reactions to their performances and mocks their catastrophic singing. Finally, he apologizes to them and gives them about 500,000 to one million tomans from the sponsor of the program. This may be interesting and funny for some media and audiences, but if you look more closely at the faces of the participants, you will see an absurd opportunity to win a prize that is not funny at all. When this issue gets worse, the singing of these people usually goes viral.

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