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Nicholas Cage says he has no plans to retire

BingMag.com Nicholas Cage says he has no plans to retire

Nicolas Cage says he has no plans to retire from acting. One of the most well-known actors of his time, he spent three decades of his career starring in such brilliant films as Adaptation, National Treasure, Face/Off and Leaving Las Vegas. He won the Kurdish Academy Award.

He has a special and strange personality, and this is reflected in his career. Among the things that Cage has incorporated into his life habits are a long-term meat steak diet, tooth extraction without anesthesia, and the use of artificial sugar instead of drugs as an addict. The star's bizarre acting style has also had an impact on his personal life. Cage's engaging performance in the thriller Pig as one of his best roles has been widely praised and has somewhat covered the film's shortcomings. Cage will determine how long he stays in his career.

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Cage told Entertainment Weekly that he has no plans to retire. Referring to his new film Prisoners of the Ghostland, he said that when he works on a role, he has a healthier and more positive life. He intends to stay in the industry for the rest of his life. Referring to 117 films, Cage said he had never felt overworked, but admitted that he might be out of work for a while and regain energy.

BingMag.com Nicholas Cage says he has no plans to retire

Read Cage's description of his retirement below:

" No, no, it will never happen. Cinema is like a guardian angel to me and I need it and I am healthier when I play. I need a positive atmosphere to express my life experiences, and acting has given me that, so I will never retire. I have acted in 117 films and in response to people who say you work too hard, I say I like acting because it is a healthy job and it makes me happy. "Actors like Cagney and Bogart have starred in hundreds of films, and I always say it's better to look at the roles." After admitting his fear of appearing in Hollywood, he said he would continue to act in independent films. Of course, Cage will soon unveil a new range of creative acting in his upcoming drama film The Unbearable Weight of the Great Talents he plays. Known as the star of the film industry, he has certainly experienced some setbacks, but he is an integral part of the entertainment world and still has a long way to go in his career.

There have certainly been ups and downs during Cage's career, but he Definitely looking for your next position to shine more. The actor constantly surprises his audience and it seems that he still has a lot of room to convey the details of his personal life to his characters. It should be noted that Nicholas Cage includes several other titles in his career. He deserves to be praised as an actor who never retired.

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