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The new trailer of the second season of Witcher Geralt and Wazmir shows

Netflix has released new information about the continuation of Geralt's adventures with the release of a new trailer for the second season of "The Witcher" series.

The new trailer of "The Witcher" series is very interesting and spectacular. In this two-minute video, Netflix shows us some important and exciting events from the second season, depicts a number of Geralt's human and supernatural enemies, and also deals with the White Wolf's relationship with Jennifer and Siri. In the second season, Siri will begin his combat training, Jennifer escapes from the clutches of his enemies, and Wazmir is happy, at least in this trailer, that Geralt returns to Kaer Morhen Fortress. Vazmir is considered to be the oldest and most experienced witcher in Kair Morhan and is considered a father to Geralt and other witches.

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From the first trailer of the second season of Witcher, we learned that in the continuation of the story, Geralt makes every effort to take Siri to the safest place in the world for him, namely the fortress of Kair Morhan. Bring the place of training of dragon hunters. Geralt depicts Jennifer losing his life in the Battle of Sodden, so he devotes all his energy and attention to the care of Prince Siri to save him from the danger of humans and rebellious demons. Learn how to control and nurture his inner strengths.

Witcher's first season had more than 76 million viewers during its first month on Netflix. An incredible number that made it one of the most watched collections released in 2019 on all available platforms. Witcher tells the story of a dragon hunter named Geralt who tries to find his place in a world full of oppression and darkness. This handsome but poor warrior gets involved in a war between two vicious human nations called the Nilfgardin Empire and the Northern Kingdom, and in the meantime he must protect his friends and relatives.

In addition, during the Netflix Tudum event. The production of the third season of the Witcher series has also been officially confirmed.

The second season of the Witcher series, starring Henry Coyle, Anya Chalatra, Freya Allen and Anna Schaefer, is scheduled to air on December 17th.

Source: Screenrant

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