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The new trailer of Batman movie shows Bruce Wayne confronting a cat woman, Ridler and a penguin

In the new trailer for "The Batman," we see the Gotham Knights clash with street thugs, penguins, Riddler, and feline women.

The Vanner Brothers, as promised during the DC Event FanDome has released a new trailer for the Batman movie. In this trailer, we can finally take a look at the appearance of Ridler as the main enemy of Batman in this film, and scenes of Gotham's savior clashing with thugs and his conversations with a cat woman are also included in this fascinating and spectacular video.

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The trailer also shows Andy Sarkis as Alfred Pennyworth as Batman's loyal and tireless servant. In addition, if you are interested in Batman's car, Batman's special and attractive car, in the third trailer of Batman Matt Reeves movie, you can take a look at its appearance and thrust on the streets of Gotham.

Batman sees a dark knight face some His famous enemies will be Riedler, played by Paul Dino, Penguin, played by Colin Farrell, and Black Musk, played by Peter Sarsgaard. Jeffrey Wright, Andy Sarkis and Zoe Kravitz have been cast as James Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth and Catwoman (Selena Kyle), respectively. Batman's new film is Robert Pattinson's first portrayal of Bruce Wayne, and many fans are waiting to see the young and happy Pattinson in the role.

According to some news and rumors, Matthew Reeves is a trilogy. The new one will create a dark knight with a darker theme and atmosphere than the previous films of this character, and Batman is supposed to be the first part of this trilogy. Based on what we've seen in Batman trailers to date, the film begins with a dramatic increase in crime in Gotham City, and the young Bruce Wayne decides in the form of a dark knight to save his city from the clutches of murderers and criminals. Take to the streets. Batman marks about two years from the earliest days of Batman's formation and Bruce Wayne's transformation. Has been postponed until March 4, 2014.

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