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The new animated trailer of "Minions; The emergence of the pawn "; Funny sabotage of funny yellow creatures

The Illumination Company recently released a new trailer for the "Minions; Minions: The Rise of Gru has been published. Episode 5 of the Despicable Me movie series looks a lot of fun; The story of the cute little yellow creatures who rescue their new "little boss", Grove, voiced by Steve Carl.
  • Everything we know about the "Minions: Grove Rise" animation; From the release date to the cast

The new trailer is full of the usual and hilarious sabotage, showing minions flying by plane to San Francisco in the 1970s. I also see minions learning kung fu from Master Chao, a rude acupuncturist with insane skills. In addition, we see a new group called the "Six Evils" (Vicious 6) fighting our beloved minions.

The story revolves around a 12-year-old group around the 1970s, plotting to reach the world. To capture, which obviously does not go as well as usual. He unexpectedly joins a group of minions including Kevin, Stewart, Bob and Otto. Together they design their first weapons and look forward to the start of their first missions. Wilde's's fired, and Grove interviews to become their newest member, but fails. However, the pawn finds a way to overtake and anger them and becomes their main target.

He is constantly on the run, while the minions try to dominate the art of kung fu so that he To save. In this film, Russell Brand plays the role of Dr. Nefario Young, a mad scientist, Michelle Yue plays Master Chao, and Julie Andrews plays the mother of Garrow.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>animated</b> <b>trailer</b> of 'Minions; The <b>emergence</b> of the <b>pawn</b> '; <b>Funny</b> <b>sabotage</b> of <b>Funny</b> <b>yellow</b> creatures

" Minions; The Rise of the Grove also introduces a whole new set of actors who are members of the Six Evils; Tragi P. Hanson as the cool and confident leader of Bell Batem, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean-Claude Nihil, armed with a giant robotic claw. In addition, Lucy Lawles as Nanchak is the voice of a traditional nun who hides her deadly powers under her own guise, Dolph Lundgren plays Swedish skating champion Sonjens, and Danny Tarkho plays Strong Hold. In addition to being a threat to others, his giant iron rods are a heavy burden to him!

  • "Minions: The Rise of the Paws"; Watch the intriguing trailer for the new Illumination animation. The film is directed by Kyle Balda, who also directed "Despicable Me 3" and "Minions." Brad Abelson and Jonathan Del Wall are the film's assistant directors, and they feature the iconic voice of Pierre Caffein as the Minions./p>

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