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Netflix has officially confirmed the making of Extraction 2

BingMag.com Netflix has officially confirmed the making of Extraction 2

The movie "Extraction 2" directed by Sam Hargreave and starring Chris Hamsworth will be broadcast on Netflix in 2022.


The action film "Extraction," directed by Sam Hargreave and written and produced by the Rousseau brothers, aired on Netflix in the spring of 2020. The costly film, starring Chris Hamsworth, David Harber and Golshifteh Farahani, was more than expected due to quarantine and housewarming around the world, reaching a record 99 million views in the first four weeks of its release on Netflix. To this day.

  • Netflix will make a cinematic world based on the movie Extraction

Netflix finally made the news of the extraction movie 2 during the Netflix Tudum event Dad. No information has been released yet about the details of the story or the cast of this film, and we do not know whether Golshifteh Farahani will be present in the extraction sequence or not. Netflix has only confirmed the return of Chris Hamsworth as Tyler Rick and the presence of Sam Hargreaves in the director's chair. To save him, he hires a mercenary named Rock (Chris Hamsworth). In the context of this action story, superficial interests are formed between the boy and the mercenary in order to add emotional elements to the film. The emerging IMDb site was launched in 2020. Every year, IMDb publishes a list of the most popular stars and the most popular emerging stars, based on the number of visits to the cast's page. This list shows very well what actors have been of interest to moviegoers around the world and what actors can grow and be seen. Farahani was ranked eighth on the list of the most popular rising movie stars of 2020, so if the world of extraction cinema is formed, we may see the production of a film dedicated to his character.

Source: Polygon

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