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9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

Long before Marvel Studios began producing television shows with Marvel movie stars, Netflix created a shared world with street superheroes. Marvel included Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Iron Fist. Made it difficult for the builders. However, Marvel series were successful on Netflix, and when Marvel TV shut down in 2019, many of the characters were cast. Marvel Studios continued the unfinished business of those series, and so the Marvel series disappeared on Netflix. But what if we could bring them back?
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Phase 4 Marvel's cinematic world focuses on expanding concepts such as the parallel dimension and the alternative timeline. This means that with the formation of multi-worlds, new opportunities arise for the use of actors and characters outside of Marvel Cinematic Productions. However, if the villains of the previous versions of Spider-Man are present in the new Spider-Man movie: There is no way home, then it is also possible that several characters from the Marvel series on Netflix will also appear in the Marvel movie world. Many audiences are hoping for the return of these characters and would love to see their favorite heroes again. But which of these heroes are most popular with fans?

1. Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch or Daredevil

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

Daredevil released in 2015 And he started the Marvel series on Netflix and set the tone for the next superhero adaptations of the two companies. Marvel made subtle films for cinemas, but Daredevil was a heavy, dark, adult adaptation of Hell's Kitchen Devil. Daredevil had some of the best action sequences in television history. Charlie Cox's brilliant performance as a blind ninja master is at the heart of the series, as he fights crime in court for days and chases criminals on deserted streets at night. Spider-Man: Homecoming has already proven that Marvel's cinematic world can accommodate intriguing, non-threatening stories at the Avengers level, and Daredevil with Cox will be a great option for showing the more fundamental aspects of the superhero world, and many fans are eager to See those fascinating fight scenes with Daredevil again.

2. Vincent Donofrio as Kingpin

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

A great hero can only shine if Have a great villain to fight. Matt Murdoch is a brilliant character with Cox alone, but part of Daredevil's fascination with Vincent Donofrio as Kingpin is a thinker with a lot of personality problems. Daredevil moved away from the classic superhero formula in which everything is black and white, giving heroes and villains a gray character. Kingpin is undoubtedly an anti-hero, but the series allows viewers to understand his motives and even care about his personal struggles. Donofrio works wonders throughout his game, making him one of the most intriguing villains to be adapted from comic books. The villains of the Marvel movie world are not so good and they are soon forgotten and if they are good, they are killed. So Kingpin can be a great option as a new evil thinker and shake the moral standards of heroes.

3. Scott Glenn in the role of Stick

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

Matt Murdoch's martial arts are the result of his tough training in It is under the steak boots. He is a man who is so concerned about his own self-interest that he does not regret a single bit of child abuse. There may be more grumpy and grumpy superhero characters than Scott Glenn in the role of Stick, but they're certainly hard to find. Stick may be a perfect example of how character-rich Marvel's world is on Netflix, because this blind killer is out of any possible classification. Stick tries to stop an organization called Dast and considers them evil groups. However, his methods are so brutal that there is no doubt about his evil. Marvel's cinematic world desperately needs more complex storylines to allow their characters to grow further. So stick will be a great tool to get superheroes to think about their actions.

4. Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

We are not done with Daredevil yet ! This series is undoubtedly a masterpiece and was able to introduce a number of unforgettable characters in its very first season. Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson, can not be considered the only character in the series Daredevil, because this night nurse also appeared in other works such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Dawson plays a nurse who goes out of her way to help those in need, and those in need include superheroes who are in dire need of medical help. He portrayed a vague comic book character. In Phase 1 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) was the common element of each film, and here Claire Temple, like him, connects Marvel narratives on Netflix and goes from one series to another. Claire Temple shows how vital the sub-characters can be, and for that reason, it is enough to give Dawson another chance to bring the character of this night nurse to life.

5. John Brentall as Frank Kessel or Punisher

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

They disagree, but John Brentall is the definitive punisher. After appearing in Season 2 of Daredevil, he appeared in his own special spin-off, in which Brentall was able to express all his anger in his own sad story. He was a veteran who was betrayed by a country he had sworn to protect. The Punisher series never softens the bitter facts, and in any case, Frank Kessel is not a good man, and perhaps this anti-hero is worse than a good person in his blind attempts at revenge. However, the series is so thoughtfully designed that it is impossible not to encourage Frank Kessel. The Marvel movie world has rarely used Marvel anti-heroes, but if a punisher is included in the Marvel movie world, no one but Brenthal should play the character.

6. Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

Matt Murdoch with Cox Maybe Creator of the World Marvel is on Netflix, but Jessica Jones, played by Kristen Ritter, is also vying for the title. Jessica Jones series deals with sensitive topics such as alcohol and sexual violence. However, instead of covering up the bitter reality of the world in which we live, the series covers this darkness and bitterness and allows Ritter to be a very chaotic character and, like the few female superheroes of various works, have little human face. Gives him. Jessica Jones is not present in that series to look beautiful only with a special outfit, but it shows that we are all people who have been damaged by our struggles and mental conflicts and we have to fight every day to distance ourselves from our self-destructive behaviors. Daredevil may be the most exciting Marvel series on Netflix, but Jessica Jones is the most emotionally mature series, and that's reason enough for Ritter to return to the new world of the DisneyPlus series.

7. David Tennant in the role of the purple man

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

Only two real rivals in the competition for the best villain There are Marvel on Netflix: Kingpin played by Vicente Donofrio and Purple Man played by David Tennant. This villain is able to control the minds of everyone around him and has a self-centered and abusive personality. However, unlike Kingpin, it is not easy to justify the actions of the purple man, because this villain destroys the lives of others to satisfy his personal needs, and no one cares about his well-being except himself. The purple man also has a sick relationship with Jessica Jones and confuses her control with true love. Few villains are as powerful and sick as a purple man, and Tennant's extraordinary acting skills give this villain a vivid and painful character. Marvel's cinematic world needs a good villain, and we should not let the purple man be forgotten by Tennant.

8. Mike Coulter as Luke Cage

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

Luke Cage Chapter One, Harlem Black Culture And it showed the intricacies of the neighborhood's nightlife well (at least until the series turned into a shameless action show and all the basic differences were forgotten). Luckily, Luke Cage was forced into the second season of Mike Coulter as Harlem's real bodyguard. He is a person who wants to put aside his bad morals in order to maintain peace in the neighborhood where he grew up. Luke Cage has an impenetrable power that protects him from almost any injury and is the most powerful member of the defense team. So the only vulnerabilities of this hero are the people around him who he loves and has promised to protect. This feature of Luke Cage creates many creative stories about this man that can not be defeated, but his soul and psyche can be defeated. Coulter plays the role of the superhero, and now the Marvel movie world has a great excuse to portray a black superhero who lives among us, and the studio can use this hero in its story instead of building an imaginary distant country.>

9. Jessica Hanwick as Colin Wing

BingMag.com 9 Netflix characters that we would like to return to the Marvel movie world

Almost all Marvel headlines on Netflix The reason for the amazing work of the actors and the production team is mentioned in this list, but at the moment we have nothing to do with Finn Jones in the series Iron Fist and we leave him out. This series is undoubtedly the worst Marvel series on Netflix, but Jones is not to blame for this, because the actor played his role in this series in a decent way. The story of a wealthy white boy who masters the martial arts is flawed from the start, and for this reason, the creators of Season 2 of Iron Fist tried to correct the storyline, and Colin Wing, played by Jessica Hanwick, became the protagonist. Become the original. Hanwick has previously performed better in his fight scenes, and Colin Wing is one of the few positive reasons to remember the Iron Fist series. Colin Wing deserves to be in the spotlight again, especially since his character was at its peak at the time of the series' cancellation.

Source: Screenrant

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