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From the mysteries of enchantment animation to the facts about Spider-Man; The best of art and cinema

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>mysteries</b> of <b>enchantment</b> <b>animation</b> to the <b>facts</b> <b>about</b> <b>Spider-Man;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

If you do not have the opportunity to read important literary, artistic and cinematic news and articles, you can get a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos in the world of film and series. Find books, music and visual arts at BingMag. In the series of the best articles in art, cinema and literature, every Monday, we provide you with 10 articles, interesting and popular news and videos of the past week in a collection together.

Charm; 12 Interesting Hidden Hints in Disney New animation

"Disney", the Disney family adventure animation, tells an original and enchanting story and at the same time refers to the history and age of Disney Studio in the form of a collection of hidden hints. . "Charm" certainly does not rely on Disney's past films, but it is a good indication of the studio's past legacy. Sharp viewers can see familiar signs and messages throughout the film. Watch the exciting trailer for the new Illumination animation

Illumination has released a new teaser for its upcoming movie "Minions: The Rise of Gru", which is expected to be released in cinemas on July 1, 2022. And audiences for a different entry into the Minions franchise, and more importantly; Pledge with hair! Prepare. The story follows a twelve-year-old Grove in the 1970s, who aspires to be the next big villain. His role models include a supervillain group called the "6 Evil Ones" and Grove plans to join the group and bring their level of evil to them.

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10 Anime characters whose power is constantly increasing

In the world of anime, there are hundreds of characters that become stronger each time throughout the story. This strength can be due to a variety of reasons, From hard training to learning a new skill or acquiring a new spell or spell that increases their strength in battle. Schonen and Sinen animes are especially famous in this field. There is no exception in this regard, and From all the characters in an anime, From the hero and the villain to the anti-heroes, everyone has an equal chance of achieving this growing and continuous power. Some characters only get stronger once, but others continue to do so. It seems that these characters have become stronger every time they appear on stage. Who are these anime characters, and what can they do?

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From Dumbo to Charm; How do Disney animations distort other cultures?

Disney's new film, Encanto, tells the story of a family of Xeno natives. Disney has often been accused of appropriating, distorting, and self-indulging in other indigenous and ethnic cultures. The question that arises is, what is really behind the story? Deutsche Welle has recently covered this issue in a report under the pretext of the release of "Enchantment".

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It's almost impossible to spend a day without hearing Netflix's name. The streaming giant has grown From a DVD distribution and rental service to one of the largest video content production and distribution platforms, and today millions of people around the world spend a significant portion of their free time watching Netflix movies and series. New content is added to this service every day; From contemporary comedies to nostalgic works, but in addition to all this first-rate content, Netflix also produces its own proprietary works known as Netflix Originals, which are now being produced and released with incredible speed. The quality of these works varies From awful to excellent, but thanks to Netflix's extensive library, you can find first-class original content whenever you want.

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All "Karate Kid" films From the worst to the best

After Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okomoto), John Chris (Martin Cove) and the old gangster Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), another classic villain The "Karate Kid" movies are set to appear in the Cobra Kai series. In the fourth season of Netflix, which begins airing on Netflix on December 31, Thomas Ian Griffith will once again play the role of millionaire entrepreneur, Terry Silver, Chris's longtime friend and true anti-hero of "Karate Kid 3." Fans have been waiting for him to return for a long time, as the series is almost flawless in bringing the characters of the franchise's original films back to the storyline. This return will definitely make viewers think about the future of the story.

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4 Iranian films that you should not miss in January 1400

This article introduces the best Iranian movies of D1400 that are currently being screened and you should not miss the opportunity to watch them on the big screen. Read the full article

12 facts Not to mention the Amazing Spider-Man movies

Spider-Man actors have been changed three times in the last 20 years. After Toby Maguire played Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sam Remy trilogy, it was not long before the news of Spider-Man reboots and remakes was announced, and this time Andrew Garfield was cast. Unfortunately, Andrew Garfield's time was short and he did not even make it to the third film to form a trilogy, and a few years later Marvel Spider-Man was introduced, starring Tom Holland. The Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield was not delivered as it should have been in its time, but over time, Spider-Man fans became more interested in it and realized its value by reviewing his films. In this article, we want to tell a few unspoken facts about this film and tell some points that many may be unaware of.

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14 Korean films that must be See Destroyed by an American Reconstruction

Parasite director Bong Joon-ho once said, " When you cross the one-inch-long subtitle barrier, you'll get to know a lot more amazing movies." Fortunately, with the advent of streaming space, it's easier than ever to access so many of those amazing movies - certainly not the same as the one-click Bong Joon Ho movies. Complaining about the lack of originality in popular film culture is easy (very easy) - but a large world of films with striking and distinctive genres and perspectives awaits release. Naturally, American producers are aware of all of these films, and as you are reading this article, they are planning to remake these films From any language into English so that they are more easily accessible to English-speaking audiences, followed by global audiences. But this remake usually means removing any features that make these films unique cultural works and replacing them with "Chris Pert".

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26 films And Marvel and Disney Plus series for 2022 and after (with release date)

In this article, we named 26 promised movies, series and projects of Marvel and Disney Plus studio that have been released and released. Some are scheduled for 2022 and some are scheduled for release in 2023. Marvel Studios released nine titles in cinemas and Disney Plus in 2021 after a long year of blackout due to the Corona epidemic. One of the company's first billion-dollar films was "Spider-Man: No Way Home." Marvel Studios's first animated series, "What if?" (What If?); And the studio's first nominees and Emmy winners were WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Read the full story to access the latest news, articles and videos at Visit the art & cinema section of BingMag.

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