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My Car Wins Best Picture at the 2021 Los Angeles Critics Association Awards

BingMag.com My <b>Car</b> <b>Wins</b> <b>Best</b> <b>Picture</b> at the <b>2021</b> <b>Los</b> <b>Angeles</b> <b>Critics</b> <b>Association</b> Awards

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association selected the Best works of 2021 this Saturday after a vote among its members, and the film "Drive My Car" (Drive My Car) by Ryosuki Hamaguchi was named the Best film of the year. They will vote that year. In each category, in addition to the first place, the second place will also be selected.

Jane Campion came in second.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association awarded Best Picture in the Best Director category; They chose Jane Campion as the Best director, while Ryosuki Hamaguchi took second place in this category. The film is considered the Best film of the year by both the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the New York Film Critics Circle. Critics of the two famous associations have already shown such an agreement for the movie "Roma". But a review of film selection in recent years shows that New Yorkers are more inclined towards mainstream cinema, or at least English-language directorial films, and as noted, Los Angeles Critics sometimes show bolder leanings.

The top winners of this year were the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Simon Rex, who was nominated for Best Actor for "Red Rocket." Penelope Cruz won Best Actress for "Parallel Mothers." (Parallel Mothers) took over. Best Supporting Actor went to Cody Smith-McPhee and Vincent London for "Dog Power" and "Titane," respectively, while Ariana Debussy won Best Supporting Actor for "West Side Story," respectively. Won the woman.

BingMag.com My <b>Car</b> <b>Wins</b> <b>Best</b> <b>Picture</b> at the <b>2021</b> <b>Los</b> <b>Angeles</b> <b>Critics</b> <b>Association</b> Awards

As previously announced, the Professional Achievement Award Mel Brooks arrived. This year's winners will be honored alongside Brooks at the 2022 Ceremony. Chosen as the Best work of the year. They named Keloi Zhao, director of "Nomadland," as the Best director of 2020. The Land of the House's Two Shows later won Best Director and Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Last year's Best Actor and Best Actress awards went to Chadwick Bozeman for "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" and Carrie Mulligan for "Promising Young Woman."

  • The Best Cinema in 2020 from the Perspective of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association

A few weeks ago, the New York Film Critics Circle presented the Best Actress of 2021 to Lady Gaga for "House of Gucci" ) And Benedict Cumberbatch for Dog Power. Of course, as mentioned earlier, their selection in the Best Picture category was the same as that of the Angels; The New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Picture went to My Car, and the Best Director award went to Jane Campion, director of Dog Power. However, the chances of these two films at the Oscars seem to be high. "Where are you going, Aida?" (Quo Vadis, Aida?) Directed by Jasmila Zbanic came in second in this category. The New York Film Critics Circle had previously selected Joachim Trier, The Worst Person in the World, as the Best non-English-language film.

  • "Drive My Car" Best The film of the year was nominated by the New York Film Critics Circle

The list of the Best Los Angeles Film Critics Association for 2021 is as follows:

Best Film

  • Drive My Car
  • Second Place: Dog Power

Best Director

  • Jane Campion for Dog Power
  • Second place: Ryosuki Hamaguchi for my Car

Best Actress

  • Penelope Cruz for Parallel Moms
  • Second Place: Renate Rinso for Worst Person in the World

Best Actor

  • Simon Rex for Red Rocket
  • Second place: Benedict Cumberbatch for Dog Power li>

Best Supporting Actor

  • Vincent London for Dog Power and Cody Smith-Enough for Titan
  • Second place: -

Best Supporting Actress

  • Ariana Debussy for West Side Story
  • Second Place: Anjano Ellis for King Richard

Best Animated Film

  • Escape by Jonas Poohr Rasmussen
  • Second place: Bell by Mamuro Hosoda

Best Documentary

  • Summer of Soul
  • Second Rank: Procession

Best Foreign Language Film

  • Little Mom by Celine Siam
  • Second place: Where are you going Aida? By Jasmila Zbanic

Best Screenplay

  • My Car Drive by Ryosuke Hamaguchi and Takamasa Oe
  • Second: Likirish Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson

Best Cinematography

  • Eri Wenger for Dog Power

Best Music

  • Alberto Iglesias for Parallel Moms

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